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Matlock & Matlock Bath Strays
People who were born in Matlock, Matlock Bath, Riber or Starkholmes but found in non-Matlock records
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Z., E Prisoner [c1861] RG09/2296 f26 p10 s35; Gaol, 57 High Cross St, Leicester, LEI. m 31 f Hawker b. Matlock DBY
[Note: inmates in institutions were often only identified by their initials] (AA)
ZACKARY, Martha [c1871] RG10/3529 f14 p 22 s127; 4 Elland St, Nottingham. Wife (of Thomas) mar 32 b. Matlock DBY
ZACKERY, Martha [c1881] RG11/3365 f14 p21 s99; 4 Page St, Nottingham St Nicholas, NTT. M 43 F Wife (of Thomas 58 Labourer) b. Matlock DBY (AA)
ZACKARY, Martha [c1891] RG12/2684 f15 p21 s130 3 rooms; 2 Page St, Nottingham St Nicholas, NTT. w m 64 f b. Matlock DBY