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Matlock & Matlock Bath Strays
People who were born in Matlock, Matlock Bath, Riber or Starkholmes but found in non-Matlock records
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VAINS, Esther [c1881] RG11/3449 f 52 p 3; Hackney Lane "Fo[u]ntain Cottage" Darley, DBY. Wife (of Job 38 Head Mason) mar 36 Matlock DBY (AA)
VALANCE, Henry C 1814 Jan 16 son John and Mary of Matlock (b. 1813 Feb 16) Wirksworth (JP)
VALEANCE, Henry [c1881] RG11/0018 f112 p17 s60; 3 Porchester Ter., Paddington, London, MDX. Head Solicitor In Practice W 67 M b. DBY Matlock. With 2 daughters, visitor and servants (AA)
VALLANCE, Alberta [c1901] RG13/3231 f18 p28 s185; Prospect Terrace, Crich, DBY. Wife Mar 28 b. DBY Matlock (AA)
VALLANCE, Henry [c1891] RG12/729 f21 p35 s255 2 rooms; 16 Clifton Terrace, Margate, KEN. h m 68 m Solicitor Er b. Matlock DBY
VALLANCE, Henry [1901] RG13/127 f125 p27 s171; Flat No.2, Lyncroft House, Hampstead, London. Head mar 88 Retired Solicitor b. DBY Matlock
VALLANCE, John [c1881] RG11/0024 f96 p43; 9 Palace Gdns Ter., Kensington, London, MDX. Head W 60 M Solicitor b. Matlock Bath DBY. With 1 son and servants. (AA)
VALLANCE, John [c1901] RG13/1191 f44 p6 s25; 2 North Common Road, Ealing, MDX. head wid 79 Solicitor b. DBY Matlock
VALLENCE, Henry [c1851] HO107/1467 f824 p21 s45; 1 Porchester Terrace, Paddington, London. Head mar 38 Solicitor b. Matlock DBY
VARDY, Elizabeth S [c1881] RG11/3315 f123 p43; New Cross, Sutton In Ashfield, NTT. Wife M 28 F b. Matlock DBY. Living with husband, 2 children and lodger. (AA)
VARDY, Elizabeth S J [c1891] RG12/2758 f147 p41 s202; Elm Row, Pilsley, DBY. Wife (of Walter) m 38 b. Matlock DBY
VARDY, Jane [c1901] RG13/3244 f34 p19 s114; Elm Cottages, Pilsley, DBY. Wife (of Walt) M 49 b. Matlock DBY (AA)
VARLEY, Arthur [c1901] 3 Derbyshire Matlock living Derbyshire S Wingfield (AA)
VARLEY, Harriett [c1901] 7 Derbyshire Matlock living Derbyshire S Wingfield (AA)
VASAY, Sarah [c1861] RG09/2454 f59 p31 s140; Shakespere St, Nottingham, NTT. Servant [of Thomas A Newball] w 62 General Serv b. Matlock DBY
VEARNALS, William [c1891] RG12/2072 f59 p18 s119; 62, Etnam Street, Leominster Borough, Leominster, HEF. bd 14 m Merchants Clerk Ed b. Matlock Bath DBY
VERNON, Sarah [c1881] RG11/4017 f53 p36; 5 Milton St., Bradford, LAN. Wife M 36 F b. Matlock. With husb Robert 30 Labourer, 3 children (AA)
VERNON, Sarah [c1891] RG12/3168 f62 p30 s164 2 rooms; 14 Mallonson St, Ardwick, LAN. w m 43 f b. Matlock DBY
VICCARS, Elizabeth [c1901] 55 Matlock Derby living Derbyshire Elvaston Domestic (AA)
VICKERS, Sarah Ellen [c1861] RG09/2887 f42 p26 s311; 2 Caton St, Hulme, LAN. sv un 16 f Domestic Servant b. Matlock DBY
VICKERSTAFF, Mary Ann [c1871] RG10/4018 f21 p268 s13; 16 Bond St, Salford, LAN. Head wid 68 b. Matlock DBY (AA)
VIGERSTAFF, Walter [c1891] RG12/2798 f99 p41 s266; 7 Cross St, Stockport, CHS. Head mar 19 m Coal Carter Ed b. Matlock DBY
VIGERSTAFFE, Agnes [c1881] RG11/3481 f87 p29; 64, Churchgate, Stockport, CHS. Daur (of Eli) 12 Hat Trimmer b. Matlock DBY
VIGERSTAFFE, Walter [c1881] RG11/3481 f87 p29; 64, Churchgate, Stockport, CHS. Son (of Eli) 10 Scholar b. Matlock DBY
VINE, Mary [c1871] RG10/2039 f69 p25 s155; Higher Street, St Saviour, Dartmouth s, DEV h m 27 f Seamans Wife b. Matlock DBY
VINE, Mary [c1881] RG11/1753 f 71 p 51; 8 Rose Bank Grays Thurrock, ESS. M 37 F Wife (Head) Seamans Wife b. DBY Matlock. With 4 children (AA)
VINE, Mary [c1891] RG12/1376 f22 p38 s240; 39 Hampden Road, Grays Thurrock, ESS. w m 47 f b. Matlock DBY
VINE, Mary [c1901] RG13/1659 f2926 p9 s57; 5 Orsett Rd, Grays Thurrock, ESS. Wife mar 57 b. Matlock Bath DBY (TNA)