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Matlock & Matlock Bath Strays
People who were born in Matlock, Matlock Bath, Riber or Starkholmes but found in non-Matlock records
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QUARTON, Harriette [c1871] RG10/4750 f88 p1 s3; Danby Ter, York. Wife mar 39 Draper b. Matlock DBY
QUARTON, Harriet [c1881] RG11/4723 f100 p.18. East Parade, York St Saviour, YKS Wife M 49 F b. Matlock DBY. With husband and visitor (AA)
QUESTHEAD, Ann [c1861] RG09/3361 f136 p19 sch99; 4 Brunswick St 8th Court, Holbeck, Leeds, YKS. Daur Wid 26 Flax Mill Spinner b. Matlock DBY. With Lydia Wilson and 2 brothers (AA)
QUICKFALL, Mary Ann [c1881] RG11/3284 f68 p18; Grammar School Road, Wrawby, LIN. Wife M 26 F b. Matlock DBY. Living with Thomas Quickfall and their daughter (AA)
QUICKFALL, Mary Ann [c1891] RG12/3321 f8 p10 s52; 2 Addison's Yard, Royton, LAN. h w 35 f Cotton Reeler Ed b. Matlock DBY
QUICKFALL, Mary A [c1901] RG13/3827 f86 p28 s193; 2 Edge Lane, Royton, LAN. Head wid 45 Cotton Reeler W b. Matlock DBY
QUIGLEY, John [c1901] RG13/3265 f46 p9 s53; Long Row, Tansley, DBY. Head mar 42 Quarryman Labourer W b. Matlock DBY (TNA)