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Matlock, Matlock Bath & Bonsall : Pigot's Directory, 1831
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Matlock and Matlock Bath
with the village of Bonsall and neighbourhoods

is a village and parish, in the hundred of Wirksworth; 144 miles from London, 42 S.S.E. from Manchester, 34 N.W. from Nottingham, 18 N.W. by N, from Derby 14 N. N. E. from Ashbourn, and rather more than 3 N. from Wirksworth. The village is most delightfully situate, partly in a valley, and partly on the side of a hill, on the eastern banks of the river Derwent, and at a short distance from the main road: it is chiefly built of stone and at its entrance is a neat stone bridge; at some distance from which, on the verge of a most romantic rock, and upon a precipice almost perpendicular, stands the church, dedicated to St. Giles, shrouded amidst trees whose luxuriant foliage spreads over the face of the grey rock. The building is an ancient erection, with a square tower and arched roof, the interior of which is covered with paintings, taken from various scriptural subjects. In many parts of the churchyard the graves are cut out of the solid rock: the dean of Lincoln is patron of the living, which is a rectory. Fairs for cattle are held here on February 25th, April 2nd. May 9th, and October 24th. The parish of Matlock contained, in 1821 2,920 inhabitants, and in 1831 3,262.

MATLOCK BATH, about a mile and a half S.S.W. from the village, is seated in a valley, amidst scenery of unparalleled grandeur and variety. The appendages of picturesque beauty are here so happily united, that they cannot fail in raising those indescribable associations invariably attending a mind attuned to the contemplation of such sublime scenes - which to delineate, the powers and variations of the pencil must be employed, as alone adequate. To enter into a particular description of the petrifying wells, the numerous caverns, and the variety of fancy articles manufactured and produced here, and to do justice to the general interest, would form a little volume. The Royal Museums, where articles fabricated at this place (with a variety of other fancy goods,) are constantly on exhibition and sale, and open to the public daily, free of expense, from ten in the morning till nine at night, under the management of Mr. Vallance & Mr. Abbott: a library and news-room has been added to the museum of Mrs. Mawe's. The diseases to which the Matlock waters are peculiarly applicable are, rheumatism, and all those complaints that are increased by a relaxed state of the muscular powers. The fountain bath is situate at the foot of the towering eminence, called the 'Heights of Abraham,' to which lofty altitude there is an easy ascent by a zigzag path, embellished with plants and flowers. The two principal hotels have baths attached to them, the 'Old Bath Hotel,' and the 'New Bath Hotel,' where very superior accommodations are afforded to the visiters <sic> resorting to this delightful region; in the former are an elegant concert or assembly room, a spacious dining-room, and a billiard-table. Numerous boarding and lodging houses, also, are adapted by their conductors to the comfort and convenience of the inmates. Boats are constantly ready, at a spot nearly opposite the old bath, to convey the visiters <sic> to the other side of the river, or to enable them to view the magnificent scenery, as they glide upon the surface of the transparent stream. Torr Cottage, the late residence of Colonel Payne, and now in the occupation of H. Collingwood, Esq. is a neat gothic building, placed in perhaps the most delightful and romantic situation in the county; it commands the finest view of the High Torr (a perpendicular rock. rising from the bed of the river Derwent to the height of about 300 feet), and a bird's eye view of the variegated, wide and rich valley, hills, rocks, and woodlands, for several miles: the river Derwent, which abounds with fish, washes the garden grounds and premises. Amongst the natural curiosities are lunar rainbows, which are not infrequent here; and the other eminences deserving attention are Masson hill, and the romantic cliff forming the boundary of the dale. There is a commodious chapel here for the independent denomination of dissenters; and at Cromford Bridge is the episcopal chapel, begun by Sir Richard Arkwright, and completed by his son, to which there is access by the beautiful grounds of Willersley Castle ; the Rev. Richard Ward is the incumbent.

BONSALL is a parish, containing a village which was once a market town, and the market cross, consisting of a pillar, bearing the date of 1681, resting on a base formed by an ascent of fifteen steps, still remains. The houses which form the village are scattered over a considerable plot of ground, the centre of which is between three & four miles N.W. from Wirksworth, and about one mile and a half from Cromford: the approach to it from the latter place being by the Via Gellia, a singularly romantic ravine. The vicinity is diversified with hills and dales; among the latter, the dale of Bonsall is highly pleasing, and several situations around present views eminently interesting to the artist. Here are several colour-works, and a manufactory for tortoiseshell combs. The church, which s dedicated to St. James, is a venerable embattled edifice supporting an octagonal spire, curiously ornamented. The living is a rectory, in the patronage of the dean of Lincoln : there is also a place of worship for general Baptists. The free grammar school here, was originally endowed in 1704, and further enriched in 1763. The parish contained, in 1821, 1,396 inhabitants, but at the last census (1831) the number returned was 1,315 only.

POST OFFICE, MATLOCK, Samuel Hodgkinson, Postmaster. - Letters from BAKEWELL arrive every morning at half-past five, and are dispatched every afternoon at three. Letters from WIRKSWORTH arrive every afternoon at three, and are dispatched every morning at half-past five.

POST OFFICE. MATLOCK BATH. Frances Shore, Post Mistress.- Letters from WIRKSWORTH arrive every afternoon at half-past one, and are dispatched every morning at half-past past five.

Barlow Rev. Henry, Matlock
Clarke Charles, esq. Matlock Bath
Contest Mr. Thomas Bonsall
Collingwood H. S. J. esq. Torr cottage Matlock Bath
Greville Rev. Septimus, Bonsall rectory
Harding Mr. John, Bonsall
Harwood Rev. Wm. Matlock Bath
Leacroft Mrs. Jane, Cliff house, Matlock Bath
Littler Rev. Robert, Matlock Bath
Milnes James, esq. Wood end, Matlock
Radford Mr. Edward, Tansley
Sellars Mr. Henry, Bonsall
Sim Rev. Henry, Matlock
Smith Mr. Joshua, Matlock Bath
Twigg Mr. John, Bonsall
Ward Rev. Richard, Matlock Bath

Allen John (gent.'s brdg) Bonsall
Barlow Rev. Henry (classical and commercial brdg. & day) Matlock
Cox Sarah & Jemima (ladies boarding) Villa. Matlock Bath
Drabble --- (day) Matlock
FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Bonsall -Abraham Frost, master
Saxtons Alice & Mary Ann (ladies' boarding) Matlock

Bird Edward (engraver on marble) Masson Cottage, Matlock Bath
Rawlinson James (portrait& historical painter) Belle view, Matlock Bath

Brittlebank Thomas, Bonsall
Gilbert Samuel, the Tower, Heights of Abraham, Matlock Bath
Milnes James, Wood end, Matlock

Allwood Samuel, Matlock
Boden Anthony and Son Matlock Bath
Boden Thomas, Matlock Bath
Wheatcroft William, Matlock Bath

Cumming Mary (& billiard rooms) Matlock Old Bath Hotel
Gilbert Samuel, Foot of the Heights of Abraham
Saxton George, New Bath Hotel

Baines Job, Matlock
Briddon George, Matlock Bath
Bunting John, Bonsall
Cowley Samuel, Matlock
Hawley George, Matlock Bridge
Turner John, Bonsall
Whyle Henry, Matlock

Farnsworth John, Lumsdale
Garton John, Lumsdale

Ballington George, Matlock Bath
Bryan Benjamin, Matlock Bath
Buxton William Matlock
Fox Samuel, Matlock
Holmes Benjamin, Matlock
Knowles Peter, Matlock
Marshall George, Matlock Bath
Rolley William, Matlock Bath
Statham George, Matlock
Swift Charles, Matlock Bath
Walker Richard, Bonsall
Wild Peter, Matlock Bath
Winson George, Matlock Bath

Hardy Joseph, Matlock
Knowles Bethney Matlock Bath
Sibery James, Matlock
Spencer Timothy, Matlock
Statham Joseph, Bonsall
Taylor John, Matlock

Ball John, Bonsall
Carden Solomon, Bonsall
Goodale John & William Bonsall, and at Derby
Tomison Joshua, Bonsall

Hartle Robert, Matlock Bath
Ward George Samuel, Bonsall

Derbyshire William, Matlock Bath
Robinson Robert, (and Fruitier) Matlock Bath

Abell John, Bonsall
Brailsford Sarah, Matlock
Bramley Robert, Matlock
Carline Joseph, Matlock
Chadwick Robert, Bonsall
Daffin Abanaten Matlock
Dakeyne Mary Matlock
Derbyshire William, (and sister) Matlock Bath
Frith Rosannah Matlock
Hodgkinson Samuel, Matlock
Kirk Thomas, Bonsall
Lees Anthony, Matlock
Merchant George, Matlock Bath
Pearson Henry, Matlock
Pearson William, Bonsall
Pickering Wm.(& druggist) Matlock
Skidmore John, Matlock Bath
Yeoman John, Matlock

Britland Joseph, Matlock Bath
Carline Joseph, Matlock
Fentem George Matlock bridge
Pearson Joseph, Matlock
Smith Stephen, Matlock
Walker John, Stark'ems
Woodward Anthony, Stark'ems

Hodgkinson's Hotel, Job Hodgkinson, Museum parade
New Bath Hotel (& posting house) George Saxton
Old Bath Family Hotel (& posting house) Mary Cumming

Buxton John, Matlock Bath
Ellis George, Matlock
Ellis William Matlock
Raynes Isaac, Bonsall
Robinson George, Matlock
Smith Francis, Matlock Bath
Wragg Peter, Bonsall

Pearson Joseph, Matlock Bath
Poundall Thomas, Matlock Bath


Beeston William |
Pearson Joseph
Britland Joseph Robinson Thos.
Broadfoot Eliz Shore Frances
Derbyshire Mary Smedley Peter
Evans Esther Walker George
Howard Thomas Walker Richard

Biddulph Isaac, Bonsall
Clay Robert, Bonsall
Higgot George Matlock
Ward Samuel, Matlock

Howell Sarah, Matlock bridge
Derbyshire Mary, Matlock Bath
Wheeldon Ann, Matlock
Wright Rebecca, Matlock

Bennett Joseph (and paperhanger) Matlock Bath
Greaves James, Matlock Bath

Cave Thomas, Hall dale
Skidmore John, Matlock Bath

Bowden Joseph, Matlock Bath
Buxton William, Matlock Bath
Martin George, Matlock Bath
Mawe Mrs. (and Royal museum) Matlock Bath
Pearson Joseph, Matlock Bath
Smedley John, Matlock Bath
Smedley Peter, Matlock Bath
Vallance John (Royal centre Museum, repository & manufactory of Derbyshire black & Italian marble, alabaster vases, obelisks, figures, ornaments, &c. Matlock Bath, & at 232 Regent-St, London
Walker Rd. (& turner) Matlock Bath

Adams Robert, Matlock
Marsden Samuel, Matlock

Pearson James, Matlock Bath
Pickard George, Bonsall

Adams John, Matlock
Blunden William, Matlock Bath
Chinery William, Matlock Bath

King John, Matlock
King Thomas, Matlock Bath
King William, Matlock Bath

Barley Mow, Thomas Millward, Bonsall
Blue Ball, William Oakley, Matlock
Boat House, William Adin Matlock
Brittania William Batty, Bonsall
Crown, Jaime Bowen, Matlock bridge
Devonshire Arms, Thomas Smedley Matlock Bath
Duke William, John Knowles, Matlock
George IV, Luke Wilson, Matlock Bath
Horse & Jockey, George Smith, Matlock
Horse Shoe, William Bowes, Matlock
King's Head. James Abell, Bonsall
King's Head, Joseph Bennett, Matlock
Miners' Standard, Wm. Wheeldon, Bonsall
Pig of Lead, James Briddon, Bonsall
Queen's Head, James Mather, Bonsall
Queen's Head, Timothy Spencer, Matlock
Queen's Head, Anthony Walton, Bonsall
Red Lion, Charles Else, Matlock
Wheat Sheaf, Jane Lowe,Matlock

Carline Thomas B, Matlock
Fox Joseph, Matlock
Fox William, Matlock
Knowles John, Matlock
Poundall Thomas, Matlock Bath
Smedley John, Matlock Bath
Wright Charles, Matlock

Hawley William, Matlock Bath
Peat William Bonsall
Potter John, Matlock
Statham John, Matlock
Trickett Samuel, Matlock

Adam William, agent to Mrs Mawe's museum, Matlock Bath
Alsop John lead merchant, Bonsall
Boothman & Brisco, mining proprietors, Matlock Bath
Bowen, James, watch &c. maker, Matlock
Bowen Sarah, linen draper, Matlock
Brown Thomas, cooper, Bonsall
Fearne Joe. hair dresser, Matlock bridge
Beckett & German, lace manufacturers. Tansley mills, and at Derby
Hackett John, smallware manufacturer, Tansley mill, and at Derby
Hackett John, excise officer Matlock
Hepworth Geo, tallow chandler, Matlock
Hodgekinson -- , glass &c. dealer, Matlock
Kirk Thomas, rope maker, Bonsall
Kirkland Charles, agent, Bonsall
Lowe George, lime burner, Matlock
Ludlam Henry, maltster Matlock
News Room and LIBRARY, Matlock Bath-Mrs Mawe, proprietor
Nuttall George, land surveyor, Matlock
Ogdin Francis, fishing tackle maker,
Pickard George Hopton stone merchant, Bonsall
Poundall Thos. keeper of horses for hire, Matlock
Radford John and Sons, linen & cotton candle wick manufacturers, Tansley mill, Higham
ROYAL CENTRE MUSEUM, Matlock Bath -John Vallance, proprietor
ROYAL MUSEUM, Matlock Bath - Mrs.Mawe, proprietor
Smith George, nursery and seedsman, Matlock
Townsend Eric and Frederick, corn dealers, Matlock
Walters, Jos. Linen &c. draper, Matlock bridge
WEIGHING MACHINE, Old Bath hotel - Mary Cumming, keeper
Wheatcroft Wm. currier, Matlock Bath

To & from LONDON, BIRMINGHAM, BUXTON, MANCHESTER, NOTTINGHAM and SHEFFIELD, pass through Matlock Bath, daily.
To CHESTERFIELD, Thomas Rouse from his house, Matlock, every Wednesday and Saturday.
To DERBY, Elizabeth Brinsley from her house, Matlock Bath, every Tues
To SHEFFIELD, Elizabeth Brinsley from Matlock Bath, every Friday; returns on Saturday
To WIRKSWORTH, Thomas Rouse, from Matlock, every Mon. and Thurs.

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