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Scarthin Nick & the Greyhound Pond, about 1905
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Scarthin is on the far side of the pond
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Scarthin Nick
From Allen's Hill, 1892

An Edwardian photograph of the Greyhound Pond, looking from the lower slopes of Cromford Hill across Water Lane, where the pony and trap is, to the houses and cottages of the hamlet of Scarthin on the far side. Such a large pond is a wonderful asset for any community but during the nineteenth century Scarthin's residents faced some public health issues because of the pond. It was contaminated by Bonsall sewage, which drained into it.

In 1872 the Inspector of Nuisances, Mr. Sharp, stated that the drainage in the district of Scarthin Nick was in a most imperfect state.[1] Then, in a report to the Bakewell Rural Sanitary Authority in 1887, Dr. Knox said that he had "frequently complained of the filthy pond in that village, surrounded as it is by cottages. Miasma is constantly given off, and the pond is largely contributed to by the Scarthen [sic] portion of the Matlock Local Board, who should at once be prohibited from making this pond foul with their sewage"[2].

A public meeting, chaired by Mr. Arkwright, was held in 1890; it was suggested that, if Matlock Bath Local Board desired, Scarthin could be included in the Cromford Meadows sewerage scheme that was proposed for Cromford village[3]. The scheme went ahead, but Matlock Bath's Local Board were then refused a grant that they'd hoped would cover the cost and in 1894 Arkwright's steward, Mr. Parkin, wrote that "no notice had been taken by the Board of his request for payment by his superior in the Scarthin sewage scheme"[4].

"Scarthin, Cromford". Postcard, no. 2673, in the collection of and provided by and © Ken Smith.
Researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

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