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Scarthin Nick From Allen's Hill, 1892
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Cromford Market Place and Scarthin in 1892
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The Southern Entrance to the Dale, 1900-1910
(Scarthin Rock)

Scarthin Nick and the Greyhound Pond, about 1905

Staffordshire Row, 1905

Arkwright & His Cotton Mill

Prominent in the foreground is the Georgian Greyhound Hotel in Cromford's Market Place, built in 1778[1]; when this picture was taken over 100 years later Matthew Hill was running the hotel[2]. Behind the Inn is the Greyhound Pond, at times also known as the Mill Pond or Cromford Pond. It was made by Sir Richard Arkwright about 1785 when he dammed the Cromford Sough to supply his mills with water[3].

The road to the left of the pond is Water Lane, Cromford. To the right of the pond is the hamlet of Scarthin which was for many years part of Matlock Bath. The ancient parish boundary went along the edge of the pond[4]. In 1892 Scarthin consisted of the row on the waterfront and the three or four rows of houses further back and was quite densely populated[5].

Postcard described as the "Village of Cromford" published by Francis Frith, No. 31290A, reprinted by Aurora Enterprises
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews Intended for personal use only

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