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Commemorating Matlock's and Matlock Bath's War Casualties


To acknowledge the service to their country of those who had given their lives and to help future generations remember their sacrifice, two large war memorials were constructed in Matlock and Matlock Bath at the end of the First War.
Memorials were also built at Scarthin and Starkholmes.
After the Second World War the names of the Casualties were added.
A smaller Memorial has been placed on the Hall Leys in more recent times.

We will remember them

Remembering the Dead:   Names and further information:
Surnames Index - Locate the Memorial and information about the War Casualties
Matlock's War Memorial, WW1, names A - J
Matlock's War Memorial, WW1, names K - W
Matlock's WW1 Casualties Not on the Pic Tor Memorial
Matlock's War Memorial, names WW2
Matlock Bath's War Memorial, names
Scarthin War Memorial, names
Starkholmes War Memorial, names
About the Memorials
Matlock Memorial shortly after the unveiling
Unveiling Matlock Bath's Memorial
Remembrance Day, about 1930
"The Matlock Guide": Matlock Bath War Memorial
Peace Day, 19 July 1919
Scarthin War Memorial, unveiling programme
Commemorative Souvenirs
Before & during WW1:
Matlock's National Reservists & Call-up Card
A Christmas Card from the King & Queen in 1914


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