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Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (5)
Matlock : Twentieth Century Photographs, Postcards, Engravings & Etchings

A series of letterheads found on stationery used by Matlock and Matlock Bath businesses from 1900 to the shortly after the Second World War that range from very simple to more ornate designs. They cover a wide range of local commercial enterprises, from hydros and hotels, to architects, banks, builders, butchers, chartered accountants, chemists, the Co-op, decorators, doctors, estate agents, garages, a gas company, grocers, greengrocers, hair preparations, insurance agents, jewellers, laundrys, manufacturing (hosiery), masons, mills, opticians, plumbers, poulterers, pubs, quarry owners, registrars, solicitors, surveyors, timber merchants, undertakers, valuers and wine merchants. In other words, everything you would expect to find in a Derbyshire country town and village at that time.

There are estimates, invoices, letters, memos, notes, receipts and statements, although only the letter heading is shown here. Amongst the collection are also three unused cheques, a shopping reminder and a returns list for bottles. The full sheet has been provided in a few instances, but the body is blank.

The images are almost exclusively from Glynn Waite's collection, with the exception of Matlock 1950-69 where they are all from the Maureen Smith' collection. There is also one letterhead from Mrs. Smith's collection below.

Some names, but not all, are listed in the on site Twentieth Century Trade Directories

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James Howard Scholes Limited, 1929 - India, Egyptian, Star, Linen and Dynamo Tapes,
Webs, Galloons, Corset and Hosiery Bindings etc
A Memo.
In November 1929, following Mr. Scholes' death, the auctioneer W H Marriott
offered Tansley Mills for sale, but the lot was withdrawn. The Derby Daily Telegraph's
report said the mills' power was generated by two gigantic water wheels, one of which
was built into the mill. The water they needed came from four dams.
See Lumsdale Ponds.

J. H. Scholes Limited, 1929.
A slightly different letterhead.

Thomas Shaw & Son, 1927 - Quarry Owners
See Stone Quarrying
Sheffield and District Gas Co

Sheffield and District Gas Company, 1939
As well as the Bank Road showrooms, the company also managed the Gas Works on
Bakewell Road

John Simpson, 1928 - Architect & Surveyor
The Matlocks U.D.C. Housing Scheme - see Lynholmes

John Simpson, 1935 - Architect & Surveyor

S. Skidmore & Son, 1932 - Hand-Wrought Hosiery Manufacturers and General Hosiery
(S. W. Turner, proprietor)
See Matlock Bath

Frederick Hawley Slater, 1903 - Plumber, Glazier, Gas, Water, and Electric Bell Fitter,
Painter, Paperhanger, etc.
See 1891 census | 1901 census

F. H. Slater, 1905?

Fred H. Slater & Sons, 1925 - Automobile Engineers

Smedley's Hydropathic Establishment, 1906.
The hydro's crossing out of "Bridge" tells us that the station had changed its name
and was known as just Matlock station.
There are many pages about the hydro on this website so begin with
Smedley's Hydro, Matlock, 1900-5

Smedley's Hydropathic Establishment, 1915

Smedley's Hydropathic Establishment [March, 1918]

Smedley's Hydropathic Establishment, 1920

Smedley's Hydropathic Co. Ltd, 1923

Smedley's Hydro, 1926

Smedley's Hydro, 1934

Smedley's Hydro, 1936

Smedley's Hydropathic Co. Limited, 1939
Dr. Soutter

Dr. William Robert Souter, 1940s note to patient.
He had worked in North China before coming to Matlock.
Dr. Souter had a surgery in his home on Chesterfield Road. He was in general practise
in Matlock in from the early 1940s (there are references to him in 1942) until he retired
to Scotland in 1962.
He passsed way in Dunfermline in 1987, aged 89.
Sparks and Meachim

Sparks and Meachim, 1939
George Leslie Meachim was in a medical practice on Dale Road with Clifford William Sparks

H. Hamilton Speakman, 1921 - Solicitor

George Statham, 190-
Pork Butcher, Baker, Confectioner &c

F. Stevenson & Co., 1904 - Dyers and Dry Cleaners.
Ostrich Feather Dyers & Dressers.

Charles Oscar Sweeting, 1934 - Painter, Decorator, etc
He was using paper advertising O-Cedar
See the 1901 census

C. O. Sweeting, 1935 - Painter, Decorator, etc
Advertising Volker gas mantles

Benjamin Swift, 1903 - Plumber, Gas & Hot-Water Fitter.
Maker of Rain and other Hydropathic Baths.
For examples of Hydropathic Baths see Water Cures, Mr. Smedley's Baths, Boxes & Douches.
He lived on Wellington Street - 1881 census | 1891 census | 1901 census

B. Swift, 1904 - Plumber, Gas & Hot-Water Fitter

Ernest William Taylor, 1919 - Builder, Contractor & Cabinet Maker
See the 1901 census
Matlock Club

The Matlock Club, 1932.
The Matlock Club was on Dale Road and in 1932 G. Law was the secretary,
replaced by G. E. Lowe in 1941.
The Matlock Club is mentioned on: Matlock Bridge, Pic Tor Walk, 1909

Arthur Marshall Tookey, 1927 - Fish & Poultry Salesman.
He replaced Harriet, widow of William Pride. She was his aunt.
William Pride's MI | A nephew's MI

T. Twigg & Sons, 1940
Building, Slating and Tiling Contractors.
They were based on Causeway Lane.

William Twigg, 1937 - Engineer and General Merchant.
In 1912 he had been a machinery merchant in Station Yard and in 1925 he advertised
"secondhand machinery of all descriptions & iron & steel merchant".

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