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Matlock Bath: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1955
Matlock Bath : Twentieth Century Photographs, Postcards, Engravings & Etchings

A series of letterheads found on stationery used by Matlock and Matlock Bath businesses from 1900 to the shortly after the Second World War that range from very simple to more ornate designs. They cover a wide range of local commercial enterprises, from hydros and hotels, to architects, banks, builders, butchers, chartered accountants, chemists, the Co-op, decorators, doctors, estate agents, garages, a gas company, grocers, greengrocers, hair preparations, insurance agents, jewellers, laundrys, manufacturing (hosiery), masons, mills, opticians, plumbers, poulterers, pubs, quarry owners, registrars, solicitors, surveyors, timber merchants, undertakers, valuers and wine merchants. In other words, everything you would expect to find in a Derbyshire country town and village at that time.

There are estimates, invoices, letters, memos, notes, receipts and statements, although only the letter heading is shown here. Amongst the collection are also three unused cheques, a shopping reminder and a returns list for bottles. The full sheet has been provided in a few instances, but the body is blank.

The images are almost exclusively from Glynn Waite's collection, with the exception of Matlock 1950-69 where they are all from the Maureen Smith' collection.

Some names, but not all, are listed in the on site Twentieth Century Trade Directories

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Bonsall UDC | Butterworth | Chaplain | Clay | County & Station (2)
Crompton and Evans Bank | Daykin | Donegani | Godfrey (2) | Goldstraw | Hodgkinson's Hotel
Jaffrey | Lymn | Mortimer | New Bath Hotel (2) | Parr's Bank | Skidmore
Temple Hotel | Westminster Bank (3)
Lymn - Bonsall UDC

Urban District Council of Bonsall, 189-
The UDC was established in 1894 and F. C. Lymn of Matlock Bath (see below) acted as the
Clerk for Council for a number of years at the end of the nineteenth century

John Partington Butterworth, 1921 - Painter, Grainer, Paper-Hanger & Decorator

Thomas Chaplain, no date - Agent for the Royal Insurance Company.
He lived at 3 Clarence Villas and was there until at least 1925

Frank Clay, 1939 - Painter, Grainer, Sign-writer, Decorator
See Frank Clay
County and Station1

County & Station Hotel, 1934 - Proprietor: J. Simpson, Junior
The image immediately below shows what was on the back.
See more about the County and Station Dale Road.
County and Station2

County & Station Hotel, 1934 (back)
Advertisement for the hotel and the village.
Crompton and Evans

Crompton and Evans' Union Bank, 1922
This had amalgamated with Parr's Bank (see below) although in 1911 Crompton's Bank
was in North Parade, three premises to the south of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

G. S. Daykin, dispensing chemist
Mr. Daykin took over the chemist's shop that used to be next door
to the former Wesleyan Methodist Church following the retirement of Mr. Frank Slawson.

Donegani & Son, 1903 - family butchers
See Biography of Francis Joseph Donegani | Donegani photograph
Matlock Bath from the Heights of Jacob, 1920s - shows the family home

Frederick Godfrey Wholesale Ltd., 1939 - he sold hair products, including pomades,
hair tonics, dandruff lotion and shampoos which were made on his premises.
He was based at the Fountain Baths.

Frederick Godfrey Wholesale Ltd., 1948

F. Goldstraw, 1927 - Joiner, Cabinet Maker & House Furnisher
Hodgkinson's Hotel

Hodgkinson's Hotel, 1926 - Proprietor: Archie R. Rose
See 1863 Advertisement for Hodgkinson's Hotel | Drawing of the Hotel

William Jaffrey, 1907 - Architect & Surveyor (also Matlock)
The first record of him living in Matlock Bath was in Kelly's 1895 Directory

F. C. Lymn, 1906 - Solicitor (also Matlock)
Frederic Charles Lymn was born in Matlock Bath and baptised at Holy Trinity in 1854.
See the 1861 census.
Kelly's 1891 Directory shows him at Fountain Villas, working as both a solicitor
and the Clerk of the Local Board. He was also Clerk for Bonsall UDC (see above).
He died in 1930.

Mortimer's Stores, 1938 - Grocers, Confectioners and Provision Merchants.
William Mortimer and family arrived in Matlock Bath in the early 1920s
and were at the South Parade store throughout World War Two.
The store eventually became the Co-op and is now an amusement arcade
New Bath1

New Bath Hotel, 1919
See New Bath Hotel (the first of several images)
New Bath2

New Bath Hotel, 1922 - Manageress: E. G. Kent
Kelly's Directory for the same year shows John William Barker as the Hotel's Manager.
Parr's Bank

Parr's Bank Limited, 1919 (also Matlock)
Parr's Bank, on North Parade next to the Wesleyan Methodist Church, had a branch
in Matlock Bath before 1900.
See Kelly's 1899 Directory

Samuel Skidmore & Son, 1922 - Hand-wrought hosiery manufacturers.
The firm was established in 1784.
See Eighteenth Century Lists: Court Quarter Sessions, 1773 - 1800
Other historic records, include Census | 19thC Directories
Hatches Matches and Dispatches | Wills

Temple Hotel Meal Receipt, 1953.
It was a bill for dinner for two, with ales and tea; the total cost was just £1 12s 3d for
two people! So just over £1 50p in today's money.
See: Matlock Bath: Temple Hotel
Westminster Bank3

Westminster Bank, 1925
This includes the crest for the National Scheme for Disabled Men.
The bank would have undertaken to employ a number of disabled men in the
aftermath of the First World War (also see Matlock).
Charles H Waghorn was the Bank's Manager.
He also served at Treasurer to Matlock UDC (Kelly's Directory, 1932)
Westminster Bank

Westminster Bank, 1927
Westminster Bank

Westminster Bank, 1937

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