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Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (1)
Matlock : Twentieth Century Photographs, Postcards, Engravings & Etchings

A series of letterheads found on stationery used by Matlock and Matlock Bath businesses from 1900 to the shortly after the Second World War that range from very simple to more ornate designs. They cover a wide range of local commercial enterprises, from hydros and hotels, to architects, banks, builders, butchers, chartered accountants, chemists, the Co-op, decorators, doctors, estate agents, garages, a gas company, grocers, greengrocers, hair preparations, insurance agents, jewellers, laundrys, manufacturing (hosiery), masons, mills, opticians, plumbers, poulterers, pubs, quarry owners, registrars, solicitors, surveyors, timber merchants, undertakers, valuers and wine merchants. In other words, everything you would expect to find in a Derbyshire country town and village at that time.

There are estimates, invoices, letters, memos, notes, receipts and statements, although only the letter heading is shown here. Amongst the collection are also three unused cheques, a shopping reminder and a returns list for bottles. The full sheet has been provided in a few instances, but the body is blank.

The images are almost exclusively from Glynn Waite's collection, with the exception of Matlock 1950-69 where they are all from the Maureen Smith' collection.

Some names, but not all, are listed in the on site Twentieth Century Trade Directories

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Joseph Allen & Sons, 1939 - Motor and Carriage Proprietors
See: The Allen Family of Dimple Farm
Joseph Allen and Sons Garage, Crown Square

Henry Bailey, 1903 - Family and Dispensing Chemist.
The Bailey family were living at and working from Central Buildings at
the time of the 1901 census
Miss Bailey

Miss S. A. Bailey, 1900 - House & Estate Agent
In 1901 Sarah A Bailey, her mother and sister were living at Kingsbridge House, Dale Road
She married Thomas William Chester a few years later

George Ballington, 1920 - Joiner, Builder, Cabinet Maker and Undertaker
He lived on Wellington Street (see, for example, the 1901 census entry)

Ben B Beddington, 1942 - Builder and Contractor
Ben Beddington began his working life as a Stone Waller. See the 1901 census
George Boden

George Boden (T. Boden, Proprietor), 1923 - Stone Merchant and Quarry Owner.
Established 1874
See Stone Quarrying | Monumental Masons, St. Giles' Church
Bonsall UDC

Urban District Council of Bonsall, 1904
C. Granville Heny was a Matlock Solicitor and acted as Clerk for Bonsall UDC
There are more Letterheadings for Heny
Walter Bowler

Walter Bowler & Son, 1939 - Joiners, Builders, Undertakers
British Butchers

British Butchers, Limited, no date (Wm. Jaffrey, secretary)
British Butchers had premises at 2 Crown Buildings and on Smedley Street as well as in two
locations in Matlock Bath in the 1920s. The company was wound up in 1927 and the shops
were taken over by the London Central Meat Company.
Brooke Taylor

Brooke Taylor & Co., 1925 - Solicitors

Wm. Chamberlain, 1903 - Auctioneer, Valuer, Estate Agent and Accountant
The Chamberlains moved to Matlock from Shottle in the late 1890s.
Chapel-en-le-Frith Gas Co1

Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley & District Gas Co., Limited, 1911.
Robert Hall of Matlock was the Secretary and their Registered Office was on Dale Road.
Chapel-en-le-Frith Gas Co2

Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley & District Gas Co., Limited, 1911.
Slightly different Stationery from the same year.
Chapel Gas Co3

Chapel, Whaley & District Gas Company, 1919.
The company name had changed slightly, but they still used Robert Hall's services
F. M. Chapman

Frederick Mark Chapman,1918 - House & Estate Agent & Valuer
He was initially a Draper in Scarthin
F. M. Chapman

F. M. Chapman,1919 - House & Estate Agent & Valuer
F. M. Chapman

F. M. Chapman,1921 - House & Estate Agent & Valuer

Charles Colledge, 1903 - Art Needlework, Wools, Books, Stationery, &c.
Colledge took many photographs of Matlock and District. See Photographers
Crompton & Evans

Crompton & Evans Union Bank Limited, 1913
The bank was wound up in 1921.
Crowder Johnson

T. Crowder Johnson, Midsummer 1093 - Hand-Made Hosiery.
See more about Crowder Johnson
Crown Hotel

Crown Hotel, Matlock, no date but possibly about 1910
An advertisement for the hotel from 1910 uses the same font

W. Dakin & Son, no date - Monumental and Architectural Sculptors
William and Philip Dakin were living in Matlock at the time of the 1901 census
See: Monumental Masons, St. Giles' Church

Mrs. R. W. Davidge, no date - Florist and Fruiterer
Eliza A Davidge was on dale Road in the 1901 census
Derwent Mills

Derwent Mills Ltd., 1931.
Mr. F. Broome began the business in the Victoria Hall after World War One.
In March 1931 the Derby Daily Telegraph reported that the business had been sold to
Messrs. Paton and Baldwin having, some 18 months before, already purchased
Richard Farnsworth & Co, Bleachers and Dyers, of Lumsdale.
Derwent Mills

Derwent Mills Ltd., 1931 - Spinners & Manufacturers.
Although the headed paper doesn't say so, the firm was known as Messrs. Paton
and Baldwin, Matlock Mills after the sale. It had offices in London and New York.
F. Broome remained as Managing Director.

The Derwent Valley Co-Operative Society Ltd., 1920
[Registered Office]
Also see the letterheads for the Industrial & Provident Society Ltd., which preceded the Co-Op

The Derwent Valley Co-Operative Society Ltd., 1921
Registered Office and Central Stores

The Derwent Valley Co-Operative Society Ltd., 1935
Registered Office and Central Stores

Frederick H. Drabble & Sons Limited - 1935
Frederick H Drabble was working for his father in the timber trade in 1871.
He and his family lived on Chesterfield Road. See the 1891 census | the 1901 census.
Also see Lumsdale (background info).
Drabble's Mill closed in July 1999.
Duke of Wellington

The Duke of Wellington, 1931 - Proprietor: John F. Johnson
The first time the pub's name occurs in census returns is in the 1871 census.
It is also listed by name in Kelly's Directory, 1876

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