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Matlock: Decorative Multiviews, 1906 & 1907
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Matlock & Matlock Bath

Matlock Bath

Via Gellia

Featured images, above, include other JWS cards:
Top, from left - High Tor | South Parade & Green Lane, about 1900 (3rd image down) | Matlock Bank & Hall Leys
Bottom, from left -Matlock Bath from Heights of Jacob | The Promenade, about 1904-05 | Dale Road, Matlock

The inset images of the Matlocks are almost incidental on these two Welsh and Sons multiview postcards as they are so small. The lettering is far more significant, especially on the name Matlock on the top image and on the date of 1907 on the second one down. Each letter or number is a montage of photographs of women and girls in their "best" clothes, with the majority in image two sporting large brimmed hats. One or two are holding fans.

These cards aren't saucy in the conventional sense, but they are definitely unusual and on the 0 of 1907 are a couple where the male is snatching a quick kiss! It is clear that the cards are marketing the prospect of meeting lovely ladies rather that enjoying the local scenery. So it is more like come to Matlock and meet the pretty girls - oh, and by the way, if you don't strike lucky there are some pleasant landmarks that you can visit as a consolation!

Although we don't know where the first of the pair was printed, the second was printed in Belgium and it is likely that both cards were printed there as they are the same style of card.

Souvenir of 1907 from Matlock.
Top, from left - Switzerland View | River Derwent from Matlock Bridge
Second row down - Cromford Bridge
Third row down - Promenade, Matlock Bath | High Tor and Tor Cottage, Matlock Dale
Bottom row, right - Chatsworth House

1. "From Matlock" [multiview]. Published by J Welch Photographic publishers Portsmouth. Posted 1906 and sent to Arnold. Part of the message mentions that the sender "went to the wakes and had a real beano".
2. "Souvenir of 1907 from Matlock" [multiview]. Trichromatic postcard published by J. Welch & Sons, Portsmouth. Printed at our Works in Belgium. Posted at Matlock at sent to Arnold in 1907. The message is more practical: "have been working a bit nearly finished May's bolero".
Both images © Susan Tomlinson collection.
Researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.