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View from Cat Tor (1)

Views from Cat Tor

New Bath Hotel (3)

Derby Road,
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Visitors - Travelling by Motor Charabanc

The view was taken from an almost identical place to the picture on the previous page, but there had been some significant changes in the interim.

On this photograph the land between the New Bath Hotel and its Road-House bar on Derby Road has been largely cleared of trees and the tufa has been removed, leaving behind a quarry-like landscape. The Road-House bar was specifically designed for easy access, whether for day trippers to walk to or, a couple of decades later, for charabanc visitors to be driven to[1]; there is a large entrance driveway to the right of the building, shown on the close-up below, which was probably to accommodate the charabancs. The bar was serviced by a tunnel from the basement of the New Bath hotel, starting near the old plunge pool. Whilst I cannot be certain, there seems to be a path running through the quarried area that heads towards a cave or entrance-way below the hotel.

The bar was a popular place to frequent in the 1920s and 30s if you were one of the "in" crowd! It was used for a village function at the time of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation but the bar closed, fell into dereliction and was subsequently demolished in the 1950's[2].

Between Win Tor and the bar is a fenced area that is shown on later cards, for example New Bath Hotel (4), as also part of the bar's car park. Dyson & Clough's Filling Station was built on the land where Win Tor had been.

Another difference between the two images is that Garforth on Clifton Road was not built when the previous picture was taken but is on this postcard.

The card is difficult to date, but the Royal Hotel now had its large extension and the Grand Pavilion had been built. As this image does not show the Ferry House behind the Pavilion, it is likely to have been published ca 1913-14. The publisher, William Hackney, was in Matlock Bath at the beginning of the twentieth century[3].

Close up of the Road-House bar

Postcard "General View of Matlock Bath" published by W. H. Hackney, Stationer, Household Stores, Matlock Bath. British Manufacture. No. 1567 - 315. Unused. Another card was posted in 1921.
In the collection of and provided by and © Ken Smith.
Image scanned for this website and information researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links are to transcripts and information elsewhere on this web site):

[1] With grateful thanks to Peter Hare for his help.

[2] The bar building could have remained empty until the A6 was widened and the approach to the New Bath from the main road was altered.

[3] William Hackney advertised in various trade directories including Kelly's 1899 Directory | Kelly's 1908 Directory | Kelly's 1912 Directory | Kelly's 1916 Directory. He initially lived at 2 South Parade - see the 1901 census - but later moved to the Household Stores and by 1916 he was dealing in both hardware and china. He was a member of the Matlock Bath Improvements Association, served on the Urban District Council for some years and at one stage was the Council's Vice Chairman. He moved to Darley Abbey and passed away in 1936.