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The New Bath Hotel, one of Matlock Bath's old hotels and where people came for the medicinal properties of the water
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Derby Road, Hartle's Bazaar

This is a lovely view of the New Bath Hotel, one of Matlock Bath's oldest hotels and where people came for the medicinal properties of the water. It is probable the photograph dates from the 1930's. Certainly, there's no sign of an ash tree on Clifton Road that the web mistress used to climb in the 1950's. There are other clues that the picture was taken before the Second World War. For example, the building on Derby Road (near the bottom of Clifton Road) that was once Hartle's had not been demolished. The remains of the Royal Hotel can be seen on the right of the photograph, above Holy Trinity Church. Most of that hotel had been destroyed by fire but one wing, which was a twentieth century extension, remained; the building became very dilapidated.

Cars are parked outside the New Bath hotel's main entrance, at the side of what had been the stables and also on the grassy area of Bath Terrace. There is no sign of the railings which fenced off the grass earlier in the twentieth century. The hotel's gardens are quite extensive. They grew their own vegetables in the plot next to Clifton Road. The swimming pool, built in 1934, looks very new and there is no water in it, so it was either being cleaned or was not quite finished.

During the nineteenth century the management of the New Bath hotel was in the hands of just a few individuals[1]. George Saxton and his son George Withers Saxton advertised in various directories from at least 1823 until 1855, and are known to have been at the hotel from 1788[2]. The hotel was often referred to as "Saxton's" in their day. Miss Ivatts & Mrs. Jordan moved to the hotel in 1856[3]. Thomas Tyack, a Cornishman, was the manager for about eighteen years from about 1877[4] and in his time there the hotel was known as Tyack's New Bath Hotel. His lease expired in early 1898 and he auctioned the contents[5].

The New Bath Hotel Co. Ltd. was then formed by the company who took over the hotel[6], and appointed a new manager. Bertram Clulow was still the manager in 1901[7], although he didn't stay long. The hotel's licence was transferred to Robert Rimmer[8], who remained at the hotel until 1907. Miss A. Ward (1907) then took over, followed by Miss Edith Lakeman (1909, 1911 census), Mr. R. A. Page (1912), John Nobile (1916) and John E. Atkinson (1922)[9]. Mrs. E. G. Kent was Manageress for a time[10]. In 1927 Robert A. Mace was the Manager and was succeeded by Charles Herbert in 1931[9]; John W Barker also served as Manager. The list is incomplete, but since the 1930s there have been many other people who held the licence and ran the hotel.

There is on rather lovely story about the hotel during Mr. Tyack's tenure. In 1882 J. R. Sims, a dramatist, recounted that, when visiting the New Bath Hotel, he was shown around by a twenty year old dog called Jack. Jack would greet a new guest, take them into the hotel and then show them to the village post office. He would also lead visitors to where they would ascend the hill to the Heights of Abraham and point out the cavern. After that he would greet you, but reserved the other services for the next arrivals![11]

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"New Bath Hotel, Matlock Bath". Card published by H. Coates, Wisbech. "Nene Series". No date.No.5696.
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.
Research also by Ann Andrews and information covers up until approximately 1960.

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