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North Promenade, an Edwardian Post Card

North Parade, 1908

North Parade, 1960

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An early twentieth century view of the Parade. An enlargement shows the railings to be varying heights along their length; they have been drawn on, so they are a photographer's "impression" as opposed to an image of the actual railings. The Jubilee Bridge has also been drawn onto the image. There are no visible signs of the pre-1906 railings either, but we could assume that this picture dates from before 1906 when the second, higher, railings were put up to enclose the Promenade. You could say that this was an older picture brought up to date, at least up to date in 1906.

The building closest to the camera on the right is the George Vaults or George Hotel. There were several changes of lessee between 1895 and 1905, the first of whom was Mr Thomas Harris of Wirksworth who applied to sell alcohol there in 1895[1]. The licence transfer from Arthur William Upton to him was granted a few weeks afterwards[2]. In 1897 Mr Joseph Jackson Hope applied to have the name George Vaults Wine Stores restored to the premises on Derwent Parade, where he had become the lessee[3]. Mr. Hope was described as a wire merchant's manager in 1899[4] but his name was associated with a jeweller's & spar business at the Derwent Arcade from before 1891 until at least 1908[5]. He had married Sarah Evans at Shirland in 1889 and the couple lived on Holme Road for a while[6]. Mr. Hope died in August 1899[7]; his widow passed away in 1905 and was buried at St. Giles[8]. The George was taken over by Mr. Murdock McFee but, having only been there for a short time, he committed suicide[9] so the licence was transferred to his widow[10].

Next door, with two striped awnings over the pavement, was John James Hodgkinson's fancy goods shop[8]. Stalls would be set up outside his "emporium" in the summer, selling such things as plastic windmills[11]. Another neighbour in 1901 was John Walter Wheatcroft[8], who was probably living above the "emporium" . The larger awning next to Hodgkinson's belongs to the Derwent Arcade[5], with Parr's Bank the final business in the parade of shops on the right of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Miss Wilde ran a Temperance hotel above the bank in the first decade of the twentieth century; there are two signs either side of the front door advertising the hotel. The Wilde family had moved to Matlock Bath before 1881[12]. By 1916 Frances Jordan had become the proprietress[13].

Peveril 2
1903 advertisement, Ward Lock Guide when Miss Wilde was the Proprietor
There is another advertisement for the Peveril.

"The Parade, Matlock Bath". No publisher. Posted 13 Sep 1907 at Matlock Bath.
Postcard in the collection of, provided by, researched and written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only

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