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New Bath Hotel

1. The New Bath Hotel from the top of Cat Tor.
This relatively modern photo shows the hotel and its approach roads, with the surrounding verges completely re-landscaped. Gone are the houses, the bakery and petrifying well[1] that were opposite the old Matlock Bath School building on Derby Road; these buildings can be seen on many old postcards[2]. The former old road - New Bath Road - up to the hotel now forms part of the hotel's driveway/parking area although the section where the cars are (on the right) no longer connects to the A6, apart from via a footpath. The toll bar on Derby Road was close to that junction in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries[3].
It is interesting to see how much of Upper Wood peeps through the trees.

View from Cat Tor

2. Matlock Bath and the Heights of Abraham, also taken from the top of Cat Tor.
The viewing platform at the Heights can be seen on the hillside above the Upper Tower. On the lower left of the picture is Matlock Bath school on Clifton Road, which has replaced the nineteenth century building on Derby Road. On the right can be seen the modern footbridge spanning the River Derwent. There are also modern buildings on either side of the church, including the vicarage[4].

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Matlock Bath from Cat Tor

New Bath Hotel (4)

Photographs by and original copyright © Frank Clay.
Information written, researched, provided by and © Ann Andrews, who now owns the images and copyright.
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References (coloured links are to transcripts and information elsewhere on this web site):

[1] Ernest William Beck, who kept the bakery, advertised in several trade directories. He was described as a shopkeeper Kelly's 1925, then as a baker & confectioner in 1928, 1932 and 1941. In 2001/2 the late Brian Hadfield emailed me from Blackpool. He had lived in Matlock Bath, next door to the school, for a little while. He wrote that "opposite my house was a bakers run by a Mr. Beck who I used to help, or more likely hinder. He also had a petrifying well at the side of the shop".

[2] See, for example, Matlock Bath from Cat Tor.

[3] See Warm Wells Toll Bar, before 1879.

[4] Matlock Bath from Cat Tor (2), another view showing what could be seen from a similar vantage point earlier in the 20th century.