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Matlock: Coup - Else Marriage at St. Giles', 1890
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Else - Marsh wedding 1915

John Else is mentioned farming on Matlock Bank in the 1940s and 50s

This lime tree was close to the Else family home

Warney Mill, Darley Dale

is in another section of this web site

Marriages [1890].
Coup-Else-August 13th, at Matlock Parish Church, by the Rev. J. W. Kewley, Mr. William Edward Coup of Loughborough and Miss Marina Else of Lime Tree House, Matlock[1].

The groom was the son of James Coup of Pinxton (died 1865) and his wife Elizabeth, nee Caudwell; William Coup was born in Teversal in 1863 and at the time of his marriage was a Hosiery Manufacturers Overlooker[2]. His bride Marina was the second of the three daughters of John Else (died 1869) of Warney House and Darley Mill and his wife Ann. Ann Else had lived at Lime Tree House, Matlock since her husband's death[3]. This photograph would have been taken outside the family home. The marriage was witnessed by John Else, William Else and Martha Else - three of Marina's siblings. Below are three enlargements of the photograph, showing family members.

Left hand section of the wedding photo, enlarged.
Standing, from the left: James Walton snr. | John Else, brother of the bride | William Else[4], the bride's brother | Unknown.
Seated, from the left: Ellen Else (nee Skirrow), wife of William | Elizabeth (Lily) Walton, wife of James and sister of the bride, with their baby daughter Elizabeth (Lily)[5].

Centre section of the wedding photo, enlarged.
Standing, from the left: | Unknown | Unknown | Deborah Coup, one of the twin sisters of the groom | Martha Else (sister of the bride) | Elizabeth Coup, one of the twin sisters of the groom.
Seated, from the left: Elizabeth Coup (nee Caudwell), mother of the groom | William Edward Coup, the groom | Marina Else, the bride.
Sitting on the ground: the two young flower girls were the bride's two little nieces, Maggie and Lily Else, daughters of William and Ellen Else[6], whilst the small boy in the middle was Master James Walton, son of James and Elizabeth.

Right hand section of the wedding photo, enlarged.
Standing, from the left: | Martha Else[7] | Elizabeth Coup | Unknown | Unknown.
Seated, from the left: Marina Else (bride), Mrs. Ann Else (nee Naylor).
Sitting on the ground: Master James Walton and a daughter of Mr. William Else[6].

The bride and groom a few years after their wedding.

William and Marina Coup, photographed with two of their sons William and Edward.
The picture was taken by Frost of Loughborough.
Marina was to die on 13 April 1899; she was interred at St. Giles' on 17th April[8].

Images supplied by and Copyright © Judy Cooper collection.
Researched, written by (with names kindly provided by Judy) and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (the coloured links take you to on site transcripts):

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[3] The Else family were at Lime Tree Lane and/or Lime Tree House in the 1871 census | the 1881 census | the 1891 census | the 1901 census. Ann Else can also be found farming at Lime Tree House in Kelly's 1876 Directory | Kelly's 1891 Directory | Kelly's 1895 Directory | Kelly's 1899 Directory | Kelly's 1908 Directory

[4] William, his wife Ellen and their family can be found in New Street in on site census transcripts. See the 1891 census | the 1901 census. William let apartments on New street : Kelly's 1908 Directory | Kelly's 1912 Directory.

[5] The Waltons lived at Warney House, Darley Dale (see link at the top of the page, on the right).

[6] "Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald", 4 June 1887. The two girls were also at the wedding of James and Lily Walton.

[7] Martha Else advertised in Kelly's 1912 Directory | Kelly's 1916 Directory. The 1911 census shows her as the head of the house, whereas her brother John was farming the land. She was one of a small number of people who were injured when the floor collapsed at the Victoria Hall in 1908 ("Derbyshire Courier", 13 October 1908). Martha died on 1 June, 1832, aged 72. A funeral report a few days later said she had lived at Lime Tree House for 63 years and was an ardent worker for St. Gies' Church. John passed away on 13 June 1956. He was then living at Baslow Cottage, Oker (note from the web mistress: for some years beforehand this had been the home of my great aunt, Emily Grace Atkins).

[8] "Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald", 29 April 1899. Notice of death and burial.