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Other local multiviews
from this time

Matlock & Matlock Bath

Decorative multiviews

Matlock Bath

Via Gellia

These views, including circular insets, shown on the postcard above:
The Black Rocks, Cromford | Switzerland View | Dale Road
Pleasure Gardens [Hall Leys] | Parish Church | Matlock [Dale and High Tor]
St. John's Church | Bank Road | The Wishing Stone, Matlock.

Although most of the early Matlock multiviews were either labelled Matlock - or Matlock & Matlock Bath - they included a wide range of both Matlock specific vistas, scenes of Matlock Bath, images of "beauty spots" such as the Via Gellia and pictures of the nearby stately homes of Haddon and Chatsworth.

A significant number of the original images appear to have been published by Valentine's and then re-published by others such as Robert Sneath of Sheffield[1], who published the top postcard and other multiviews below; he must presumably have has some kind of arrangement with Valentines. Sneath was also to publish photographs by Richard Keene Limited[2].

Valentine's, who published this very attractive card, really went to town on the artwork.
High Tor | High Tor and Dale | Switzerland View
Crown Square | Matlock
The Crown Square view, Valentine's postcard no. 40602 (one of three with this number),
was published in in 1903.

The multiview below has been on the website for some years, and has just been enlarged and moved to this page.

The pictures that can be dated on this Loca-Vu postcard
appear to show photographs that were taken between 1893 and 1904/5.

The images are:
Top row - Wishing Stone | Riber Castle
Middle row - The Mill Dam, Tansley | The Dale (shows Tor Cottage and the road through to Matlock Bath
but not the top of High Tor) | Crown Square (with the original tram shelter in the middle and a tram
is just about level with the side of the Crown Hotel)
Bottom row - Oker Hill | Showing the Bridge (Matlock Bridge - after widening)

Enlargement, showing local children sitting on the Wishing Stone (go to more info)

The Mill Dam, Tansley. The sluice is in the foreground.
See: Lumsdale Ponds

The borders surrounding the images are embossed and the card's
sender avoided writing his/her message on the central oval!
Despite the 1925 postal date on this Sneath postcard,
these images are from before the first war.
The picture of the tram shelter in Crown Square was first published by
Valentine (one of a several given the number 40602).
There is a direction sign the clock that was not on the
shelter when it was first erected[3].
  Clockwise, from top left:
Matlock Bank Road | Riber Castle & Starkholmes | Crown Square
Chatsworth | High Tor | Haddon Hall.
The image of Crown Square, with the two females in the hats
walking towards the tram, was published about 1905
(see Bank Road & the Steep-Gradient Tramway (4th image down).

No title but the images are of Matlock [Bank] and Pic Tor Walk.
Curiously, the arms are of Matlock Bath! Matlock's coat of arms were not registered until August 1906
(see Matlock & Matlock Bath Miscellany), whereas this is a variation of one of the six or more
coats of arms of Matlock Bath.
Several other cards in this style, some with two images and others within an oval, were also published
in the Valentines Series.


1. "Matlock" (multiview, 9 images). Postcard published by R. Sneath of Sheffield - The Peak Perfection Series. Posted 5 Apr 1916 and written from Trenton House, Bank Road - they "arrived safe and sound and to the minute".
2. "Matlock" (multiview, 5 images). Published by Valentine's. Posted in Kilburn (no date) and sent to Ripley.
3. "Matlock" (multiview, 7six images). Published by The Loca-Vu Photo Co., Fargate, Sheffield. Not posted.
4. "Matlock" (multiview, 3 images). Published by R Sneath of Sheffield. The Peak Perfection Series. Posted in 1925 at Belper and sent to Bournemouth. The images date from before WW1.
5. "Matlock" (multiview, 6 images). Published by C Colledge, Stationer, Matlock and printed in England. Posted at Matlock in 1922. Birthday greetings. The images date from before WW1.
6. "Matlock" (multiview, 2 images) Valentine Series, unnumbered but the Pic Tor image was registered about 1908. Posted on 14 Apr 1911 at Matlock by someone who was staying in one of Matlock's boarding houses.
Images 1, 2, 4, 5 © Susan Tomlinson collection.
Images 3 and 6 © Ann Andrews collection.
Information researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links are to transcripts or more information elsewhere on this web site):

[1] Robert Sneath began as a hairdresser and stamp dealer. By 1911 he described himself as a "Postcard Publisher And Wholesale Dealer", then variously as a picture postcard publisher (Sheffield & Rotherham, Kelly's Directory, 1922), a stationer & photographic dealer (Sheffield & Rotherham, Kelly's Directory, 1933) and later as "Wholesale Stationers" (1939) and printers but neither he nor his son seem to have been photographers. Include quote from the Keen e book.

[2] Craven, Maxwell (ed.) (1993) "Keene's Derby", The Breedon Books Publishing Company, Derby. ISBN 1-873626-60-6. Sneath & Co. issued some of Keene's material in their Peak Series postcards, but none of those images are shown here.

[3] Waite, Glynn (2012) "The Matlock Cable Tramway", Pynot Publishing. ISBN 9780956270658. There is a larger image of the tram shelter picture on Bank Road & the Steep-Gradient Tramway.