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Stereoview of Matlock Bath Station, Nineteenth Century
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Stereoview of crowds leaving the station
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North Parade, Bank Holiday Crowds, 1906

South Parade, Bank Holiday Crowds, 1906

The Railways of Derbyshire, 1903
(Old Maps of Derbyshire)

Midland Railway Distances

A nineteenth century stereoview of Matlock Bath station shows visitors, undoubtedly day trippers or "excursionists" as they have no luggage, arriving by train. On the backing card (not shown here) is written "Matlock Bath Station". Just beyond the platform, below High Tor, the entrance to the High Tor tunnel can be seen.

It wasn't just trippers who used the station. In 1871 the Emperor and Empress of Brazil toured the north and Derbyshire . They came here by the 5.39p.m. train on Wednesday,9th August, having travelled from Bakewell in two saloon cars at the back of the train. A "loud and lusty cheer" from the waiting throng announced their arrival[1].

The "down" or "return" platform and the passenger footbridge, not shown on the previous image, had both been built. We learn just how big the platform was from a court case in 1878. It followed an extremely unfortunate incident, which had dreadful consequences for some, that happened at the station on Good Friday 1877. According to one witness, 900 people were on the platform waiting for the last train of the day and no-one wanted to be left behind.

"The return platform [to Derby] at Matlock Bath is exceptionally large, and well adapted to the accommodation of passengers in large numbers. There is, however, a senseless custom (which no one who has travelled by one of these trains could fail to observe) of making for the train as it "slows" into the station and catching hold of the door-handles so as to gain priority of occupation for a party who desire to travel together. Often the doors are opened before the train stops, and becomes a source of danger to those who are drawn up on the edge of the platform, and under all these circumstances passengers seem to lose all self control, and the "stampede" becomes general[2]". In this instance, despite the warnings from staff, serious injuries occurred when a young Derby man, a Mr. Moore, and others were thrown underneath the train.

Enlargement of right hand image.

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Matlock & Matlock Bath: Inspiration of Poets - T. A. Staton wrote a poem to mark the Royal visit.
Tourist Tickets on the Midland Railway, advertisement in Bemroses' Guide, 1869
Weekend Fares on the Midland Railway, advertisement in Bemroses' Guide, 1869

Stereo View of Matlock Bath Station by Alfred Seaman, No.83.
In the collection of and provided by and © Ken Smith.
Written, researched by and © Ann Andrews
Intended for personal use only.

[1] "Derbyshire Times", 12 August 1871. Matlock Bath. Visit of Their Imperial Majesties the Emperor and empress of Brazil.

[2] "The Derby Mercury", 10 Apr 1878.