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Matlock Bath: New Bath Hotel Booklet, about 1900
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Booklet printed for the New Bath Hotel. Front cover
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View from Cat Tor 1892

Past Matlock & Matlock Bath photographers

These charming images are from a booklet about what to do in and around Matlock Bath. It was printed for Mr. Bertram Clulow[1], then manager of the New Bath Hotel, by Sir Joseph Causton and Sons Limited, London. The New Bath Hotel Co. Ltd owned the hotel at that time[2].

In March 1898 it was reported that "There has been considerable excitement in Matlock Bath this week, consequent on the formation the New Bath Hotel into a limited liability company. The share capital is £15,000 in ordinary stock, and £10,000 worth of 4 per cent. debentures ... We learn that the Company take over the management of the hotel from the 25th inst.". The first directors were Mr. H. A. Hubbersty, J.P., of Buxton, Mr. Harold Buckley, Oldham, Mr. W. E. Hardy of Kimberley Brewery, and Mr. Frank Sykes of Stockport[3].

This was followed by an advertisement in the April announcing that the first class family and residential hotel was under new management, as Mr. Clulow had been appointed by the Board. He had beeen selected from about 250 applicants[4]. The adjoining Bath Terrace Hotel was now under the same ownership[5].

Derbyshire Times, 9 April 1898. Notes by the Way.

"All who have made the acquaintance of Mr. Bertram Clulow, manager of the Midland Hotel, Derby, will congratulate him upon his appointment to the managerial position in connection with the New Bath Hotel, Matlock Bath. Mr. Clulow belongs to an old Derby family, and has won much esteem in the county town by reason of his urbanity, courtesy and business qualifications".

Before he took over, there was a large sale of the hotel's contents which took place between the 16th and 22nd March 1898. It wasn't often that there was such a large sale by auction, and no sale had equalled it since the sale of the effects of Middleton Hall[6]. The hotel was subsequently entirely refurnished and decorated by Messrs. Waring & Messrs. Goodalls and had "all modern improvements and every comfort". One of the first things the New Bath Hotel Company did was to complain to Matlock Bath Council about the state of the road up to the hotel[7].

Mr. Clulow was replaced as manager by Robert Rimmer by mid 1901[8].

Another view of the New Bath from the booklet

A photograph by Mr. John William Hilder[9], dating from about 1900, was also included in the booklet.The picture was taken at the edge of the large field on the hillside above the hotel, for many years known as the Cumberland Field[10]. Hilder would have stood quite close to the Wapping, as the image looks both across to Cat Tor and down into the valley. Holy Trinity Church is on the left and there is then a large group of buildings that formed the New Bath Hotel. The row of terraced houses on the right, known as Woodland Terrace, are on Derby Road.

There is more about the New Bath Hotel

From "The New Bath Hotel", published by Sir Joseph Causton and Sons Limited, London.
Images and booklet In the collection of, provided by and © Ken Smith.
Images scanned for this website and information written, researched by and © Ann Andrews .
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links go to on site transcripts):

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[9] J W and Annie Hilder are listed in the 1891 census and the 1901 census of Matlock Bath.

[10] The Cumberland field is also referred to as the "Rabbit" or "Millennium" field today.