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Matlock Bath: Promenade Gardens, with Gas Lamps, about 1902
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Gas lamp on the Prom

Two more views of the Promenade and North Parade, both featuring lamp posts that may have only just been installed when the pictures were taken. The images on the previous page shows the nearer lamp post surrounded by both a canvas awning and a stage that must have been movable.

The lamps were lit by gas and the Local Board, later the Council, would have had to employ people to both light and extinguish them. In 1891 Isaac Rowland was living in Matlock Dale and employed as a lamp lighter, whilst Edward Woodward of Cromford had the same occupation. Ten years later Edward Woodward was living in Matlock Bath and still working as a lamp lighter, presumably for Matlock Bath[1], and at the same time John Ward of Cromford was doing the same job. In 1903 we find that another man, Joseph Pidcock of Matlock Bath, was also employed as a lamp lighter[2].

The job wasn't without risk and in 1902 Matlock Bath District Council were asked to pay a doctor's bill for a lamp lighter who had fallen from a ladder[3]. Nor was it well paid. For example, although it involved a neighbouring Council rather than Matlock Bath itself, Matlock UDC advertised for a Foreman lamplighter in 1903 offering wages of 24 shillings per week. They also advertised for two lamplighters who were only to light and extinguish lamps who were to be paid 11 shillings per week.

Although the top postcard has a divided back, the sender ignored it, using the whole of the back for the name and address of the receiver and writing her message on the front margin. As well as greeting her cousin, she was also asking for pictures of Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc). It is impossible to read any of the shop signs. There is writing on the sun awning on the right of the lamp post but the only word that can be made out is Matlock.

Below is another card of the Promenade and the Parade, probably photographed from the same spot, that was used for a Christmas Greeting in 1902.

About 1900

Before 1902

About 1904-05

Before 1905

Before 1904

About 1905

About 1915


Tufa fountain

War memorial

Band stand

Road widening

1. "Matlock from Gardens". The Wyndham Series No.2092. Postmarked London 17 Oct 1904 and sent to France.
2. "Matlock Bath". Portrait Postcard posted 24 December 1902, although an earlier postal date of Jul 1899 for another card like this.
Postcards in the collection of, provided by and © Susan Tomlinson
Researched by and © Ann Andrews. Intended for personal use only

References (coloured links are to transcripts or more information elsewhere on this web site):

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