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The Promenade, Matlock Bath, about 1905
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Jubilee Bridge

Illuminations & Venetian Fête in the 1950's

Walks and River Derwent,
Edwardian card

Here are of a group of women and children sitting in the shade of the trees on the Promenade probably dates from about 1905. The tree lined Promenade was a place for relaxation and where you would be seen. Several more people are seated on the benches facing the river and enjoying the sumer sunshine just a little further along. It is hard to imagine from this quiet scene that 10,000 people paid for entrance to the promenades on the day of the Venetian Fête in 1905[1].

You can hardly see the Jubilee Bridge, but it is there. The church spire of the former Wesleyan Methodist Church on Derwent Terrace stands out and the shop and cafe awnings of North Parade can also be seen.
About the Wesleyan Methodist Church

Interestingly, just above the letters ME of the caption there are the heads of two men, presumably negotiating for boat hire on the landing stage below. You need to look hard to spot them.

The second postcard is of a similar date and shows three Edwardian women walking along the Promenade.

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Postcards of Matlock Bath, about 1890. The River Derwent and Derwent Terrace, Matlock Bath, probably from the railway bridge. Three images
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About 1900

Before 1902

About 1904-05

Before 1905

Before 1904

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Tufa fountain
War memorial

Band stand

Road widening

1."Promenade, Matlock Bath". Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Art Publishers to their Majesties the King and Queen. 'O'er Hill and Dale' Postcard. 2250 Matlock Bath & Matlock Bridge. Photo Holland in stamp box. Not posted, but another card was posted in 1905. This replaces an earlier version of the card.
2. "Matlock Bath". Published by Boots. Another card with the same picture is postmarked 1905. Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Susan Tomlinson.
Researched, written by © and Ann Andrews. Intended for personal use only


[1] "Derby Daily Telegraph", 4 September 1905.