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Donegani family, about 1900

North Parade 1930s

The photographer would have had his back to the Promenade's lamp post (see next image) to take this picture. Although we can see tantalising glimpses of North Parade behind the trees, the main emphasis is the view down the grassed area of the Prom, towards the Heights of Jacob. There is a cart on the grass part of the way down.

On the right is one of the cab men with his horse and carriage, probably Frederick Edwin Leggoe[1]. The horse has his head in a nose bag. Also on the right of the picture, in the single storey building behind the cab, are the Dining Rooms that were run by Charles Etches[2]. He was the son in law of Francis Joseph Donegani, having married Marion Donegani in 1897. He played a part in local life as he was involved with the council[3] and was also a member of the Venetian Fête's general committee in 1903[3]. He was still in Matlock Bath in 1905 as he was by then a boarding-house keeper[5], but by 1911 his wife and their sons were in Liverpool with her mother, whilst he was farming at Milford. Marion was to pass away in Lancashire later in the year.

At the end of 1904 Charles Etches, who was "declining business", auctioned the glass, china, crockery, furniture, tea urns and restaurant equipment of both the Promenade Restaurant and Rockvale House[6]. George Ratcliffe succeeded the Etches at the Restaurant[7].


About 1900

Before 1902

About 1904-05

Before 1904

About 1902

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Tufa fountain

War memorial

Band stand

Road widening

"The Promenade, Matlock Bath". Stengel & Co. Ltd., London E. C. 39 Redcross Street, No.16041. Not posted. A black and white version of the card was posted in 1904.
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and information researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links go to on site transcripts or other information):

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