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New Bath from Cat Tor

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Matlock Bath from Cat Tor

Riversdale House, Matlock Bridge - the Miss Saxton's ran a school here

Woodland House, on Derby Road, was one of several Matlock Bath properties that fell victim to the bulldozer; it was demolished as part road widening scheme of the 1960s and early 1970s[1]. So were other houses nearby, including those on the other side of the approach to the New Bath Hotel. These days several of them would have been listed.

Of all the people who lived at Woodland House, two surnames stand out from the rest.

The first name is is that of Saxton as Woodland House became the home of George Withers Saxton when he left the New Bath Hotel in March 1856[2]. He died at Woodland House in January 1862[3], and his sisters continued to live there for some years afterwards[4]. When, in 1879, Miss Saxton decided that she wanted to live abroad, the house and its contents were sold. The property was described at the time as "a commodious detached freehold residence ... now in the occupation of Miss Saxton, having a frontage to the main road leading on to Cromford, and adjoining the grounds of the New Bath Hotel. The house has four principal rooms on the ground floor, basement kitchens and cellars, and ten bedrooms, closets, &c. The ... property, in size and situation, is well adapted for the accommodation of visitors"[5].

Five years later Woodland House was again being advertised to be either let or sold and was considered suitable accommodation for either a gentleman's family, for apartments letting, or for use as a private hotel[6]. In 1885, another sale notice described the garden as being "planted with taste and judgement, and is also adorned with ferns and plants of great beauty"[7]. In 1896 it was owned by Mr Charles Hill, J.P,. of Woodborough Hall, Notts[8]. It was briefly used as a boarding house[9].

In 1915 Woodland House had been empty for five or six years. It was "cleaned, redecorated and equipped to form the headquarters of the West Yorkshire" regiment stationed in the village[10].

The second surname of note, and one that had a fairly long association with the property, is Hoyland. In the 1950s and 60s the building was known locally as "Hoyland's Flats". The first of the family to live there was Maria Fretwell Hoyland (née Frost) who moved in either shortly before or shortly after her husband Francis died in 1920[11]. She was succeeded by her son Francis and his wife Annie[12]. Annie was the last of the family to live at Woodland House. She lived in the basement flat with Miss Cawood, who was still living with her when she passed away[13]. Another person who had a room a "Hoylands" was Miss Lilian O Webb, a teacher at Matlock Bath school. This meant that a member of staff was always on hand, even when the roads were impassable to vehicles.

1930s advertisement for Woodland House, when Francis William and Annie Hoyland were the proprietors.

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Scanned for this website and information written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
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