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Matlock St Giles' Church Marriages, 1637 - 1837
Marriages at the Parish Church

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Eight of Matlock church's bells were cast or recast in 1904 Brides and Grooms, Surnames F

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SURNAME of Bride/Groom, Given Name, Residence and Surname of Bride/Groom, Given name, Residence, Marriage Date, Other information, including occupation of groom and age on later entries
FARMARY, Mary, Matlock and ALIN, William, Matlock, 15 Jun 1663.
FARMER, Ane, Matlock and WILCOCKSON, Richard, Matlock, 25 Oct 1660.
FARMER, Anne, Matlock and WILCOCKSON, Richard, Matlock, 25 Oct 1661.
FARMER, Dorothy, Matlock and PIDCOCK, William, Matlock, 13 May 1639.
FARMERY, Hannah, Matlock and CHAMPION, James, Matlock, 20 Feb 1788.
FARMERY, John, Matlock and MORT, Jane, Matlock, 07 Oct 1662.
FARMERY, Richard, Matlock and BROADBEND, Barbarah, Matlock, 20 Jun 1661.
FARNSWORTH, John, Critch and LEEYS, Hannah, Matlock, 03 Feb 1829. L
FARR, John, Matlock and BELCHER, Lucy, Matlock, 25 Sep 1832. L
FARRAR, Albert, Matlock and FARRAR, Mary, Matlock, 10 Aug 1826. L (Him painter, ach, her spinster, both 21+)
FARRAR, Mary, Matlock and FARRAR, Albert, Matlock, 10 Aug 1826. L (Him painter, ach, her spinster, both 21+)
FAWCETT, William, All Saints, Derby and ROGERS, Ann, Matlock, 05 Nov 1798. L
FELHIN, William, Matlock and VICARS, Sarah, Matlock, 06 Feb 1680.
FENTEM, Amos, Youlgreave and SPENCER, Sarah, Matlock, 14 Sep 1807.
FENTOM, Daniel [Phillimore has David], Spondon and HOLME, Ann, Matlock, 08 Feb 1803.
FENTOM, Mary, Matlock and SMEDLEY, Thomas, Ashover, 19 Oct 1829. B
FERN, George, Wirksworth and FLINT, Elizabeth, Matlock, 02 Nov 1800 L (him joiner of Wirksworth, both 21+).
FERN, Sarah, Darley and CARTLIDGE, Luke, Matlock, 08 May 1780. L
FERNE, Robert, Matlock and TURNER, Diana, Matlock, 27 May 1717.
FERON, John, Matlock and WRIGHT, Troth, Matlock, 27 Sep 1685. (xxxxxxxxx)
FIDLER, James, Matlock and BRETLAND, Elizabeth, Matlock, 18 Sep 1737. L
FIELDING, George, Hanbury, STF and REDFERN, Sarah, Matlock, 31 Dec 1810.
FIELDING, Mary, Matlock and BOWN, Peter, Bakewell, 15 Nov 1817. B
FIELDING, Sarah, Matlock and PARKER, John, Cromford, 26 Dec 1822. B
FISHER, Elizabeth, Matlock and HILL, John, Matlock, 10 Sep 1832. B
FISHER, Ellen, Matlock and BEATON, George, Matlock, 16 Oct 1831. B
FISHER, John, Matlock and WALKER, Ellen, Matlock, 01 Jun 1819. B (con)
FISHER, Sarah, Matlock and BRADLEY, Edward, Matlock, 16 Oct 1825. B
FLETCHER, Ann, Matlock and TISSINGTON, George, Matlock, 15 Feb 1812. L. Her widow. Him miner, widower.
FLETCHER, Benjamin, Matlock and CROWDER, Elizabeth, Matlock, 12 May 1823. B
FLETCHER, Elizabeth, Wirksworth and BUXTON, Edensor, Wirksworth, 22 Aug 1725.
FLETCHER, Joseph, Matlock and WATSON, Ann, Matlock, 20 Dec 1803. L. Him Bach, servant. Her spinster.
FLETCHER, Mary, Matlock and ALLEN, Thomas, Matlock, 08 Sep 1719.
FLETCHER, Mary, Matlock and POTTER, George, Matlock, 10 Mar 1754.
FLETCHER, Robert, Darley and CARDEN [CARDAGEN in Phillimore], Elizabeth, Matlock, 13 Sep 1767. EC 22 L
FLETCHER, Robert, Matlock and GRANGER, Hellen, Matlock, 14 Jun 1678.
FLETCHER, Samuel, Matlock and MARTING, Lydia, Matlock, 18 Jun 1792.
FLETCHER, Sarah, Matlock and MILLER, Henry, Sutton-in-Ashfield, 25 Oct 1831. L
FLETCHER, Thomas, Matlock and WETTAM, Sarah, Matlock, 05 May 1737. L
FLETCHER, William, Matlock and HAY, Alice, Matlock, 27 May 1733.
FLETCHER, William, Matlock and KING, Mary, Matlock, 23 Apr 1822. B
FLINT, Alice, Matlock and FRADRINGHAM, William, Matlock, 09 Sep 1639.
FLINT, Anthony, Matlock and BAGGALY, Frances, Matlock, 29 Apr 1686.
FLINT, Bartholomew, Matlock and WALKER, Mary, Matlock, 20 Jan 1791.
FLINT, Dorothy, Matlock and NEALOR, Henry, Matlock, 01 Sep 1679.
FLINT, Eleanor, Matlock and SIMSON, Simon, Crich, 19 Jun 1763 (farmer) L (PR says Simpson, Lic records him as Simson, though he signs Simpso. Of Crich. Him Widower, Farmer, aged 38+).
FLINT, Elizabeth, Matlock and FERN, George, Wirksworth, 02 Nov 1800 L (him joiner of Wirksworth, both 21+).
FLINT, Elizabeth, Matlock and KNOWLES, George, Matlock, 23 May 1750.
FLINT, Elizabeth, Matlock and TURNER, Thomas, Matlock, 05 May 1757. (miner, EF 25)
FLINT, Elizabeth, Matlock and WOODIS, Henry, Matlock, 20 Jun 1652.
FLINT, George, Matlock and VARNEY, Alice, Matlock, 10 Jun 1683.
FLINT, Hannah, Matlock and ROBERTS, George, Tansley, 15 Feb 1776.
FLINT, Henry, Matlock and EATON, Margaret, Matlock, 18 Feb 1641. (xxxxxxxx)
FLINT, Isaac, Matlock and BRADLEY, Elizabeth, Matlock, 22 Dec 1738.
FLINT, Jacob, Matlock and BRADSHAW, Mary, Matlock, 29 Jan 1770.
FLINT, John, Cromford and WALTON, Mary, Matlock, 23 Mar 1812.
FLINT, Lucy, Matlock and BOLLINGTON, Thomas, Matlock, 13 Sep 1762. (miner LF 22) [BALLINGTON in Phil]
FLINT, Lydia, Matlock and SMITH, Samuel, Youlgreave, 31 Mar 1766.
FLINT, Lydia, Matlock and WALKER, Job, Matlock, 30 Jun 1766.
FLINT, Mary, Matlock and CARDEN, Samuel, Matlock, 25 Jul 1677.
FLINT, Mary, Matlock and SMITH, William, Matlock, 30 May 1757. (mason; MF 22)
FLINT, Mary, Matlock and WALKER, Charles, Matlock, 20 Jan 1768.
FLINT, Phoebe, Matlock and COTTERILL, Joshua, Matlock, 15 Dec 1777.
FLINT, Robert, Wirksworth and STRANGE, Elizabeth, Matlock, 11 Feb 1731.
FLINT, Ruth, Matlock and LOMAS, George, Crich, 10 Apr 1776.
FLINT, Susannah, Matlock and PIDCOCK, Samuel, Matlock, 24 Aug 1728.
FLINT, Thomas, Ashover and CARLINE, Hannah, Matlock, 08 Jul 1761. (taylor, HC 22)
FLINT, Thomas, Matlock and RAGGE, Grace, Matlock, 21 Oct 1646.
FLIXON, John, Bonsall and SPENSER, Ann, Matlock, 03 Jul 1700.
FORD, Ann, Matlock and SIMPSON, Bernard, Matlock, 26 Jun 1826. B
FORD, Anthony, Matlock and ROOM, Hannah, Matlock, 20 Nov 1786.
FORD, Elizabeth, Matlock and ALSOP, William, Matlock, 09 Feb 1787.
FORD, Hannah, Matlock and BARTON, Bernard, Matlock, 15 Mar 1813. B (con)
FORD, Martha, Matlock and PLATTS, William, Matlock, 30 Oct 1815. B
FORRISTER, William, St Peters, Derby and EDGE, Elizabeth, Matlock, 01 Jun 1772. (mason widr, EE 21, L)
FOSTER, Thomas, Thorpe and KNOWLES, Roseanna, Matlock, 11 Feb 1833. B
FOSTER, William, Matlock and PINDAR, Hannah, Matlock, 26 Apr 1739. L
FOULDS, Jane, Matlock and RHODES, Samuel, Matlock, 01 Oct 1832. B
FOULK, Elizabeth, Matlock and WARD, William, Matlock, 26 Aug 1830. B
FOX, Ann, Matlock and BUXTON, Samuel, Matlock, 26 Jul 1773.
FOX, Ann, Matlock and FOX, Joseph, Matlock, 28 Jan 1773.
FOX, Ann, Matlock and KNOWLES, Thomas, Matlock, 10 Sep 1798.
FOX, Ann, Matlock and LEA, William, Matlock, 11 Jan 1753.
FOX, Ann, Matlock and ROGERSON, Thomas, Wirksworth, 29 Jan 1778.
FOX, Ann, Matlock and WALKER, John, Matlock, 02 Sep 1745.
FOX, Ann, Matlock and WALKER, John, Matlock, 30 Jul 1825. L
FOX, Ann, Matlock and WESTON, Joseph, Wirksworth, 02 Oct 1800 L (him miner, both 21+).
FOX, Ann, Matlock and WILSON, Luke, Matlock, 06 Feb 1772.
FOX, Dorothy, Matlock and BOUNTING, George, Matlock, 01 May 1650.
FOX, Dorothy, Matlock and FOX, William, Matlock, 19 Oct 1783.
FOX, Dorothy, Matlock and WATSON, John, Matlock, 05 Sep 1711.
FOX, Edmund, Matlock and SMITH, Elizabeth, Matlock, 30 Nov 1714.
FOX, Elizabeth, Matlock and BODEN, George, Matlock, 14 Sep 1801. L
FOX, Elizabeth, Matlock and BOWNE, William, Matlock, 12 Jul 1665.
FOX, Elizabeth, Matlock and BRITLAND, John, Wirksworth, 14 Sep 1775.
FOX, Elizabeth, Matlock and DOLE, John, Matlock, 08 Sep 1799.
FOX, Elizabeth, Matlock and FOX, Joseph, Matlock, 04 Apr 1836. B
FOX, Elizabeth, Matlock and WALKER, Peter, Matlock, 04 Jul 1771.
FOX, Elizabeth, Matlock and WHEELDON, Richard, Matlock, 21 Jan 1811.
FOX, Elizabeth, Matlock and WOOD, Ralph, Matlock, 25 Dec 1794.
FOX, Ellen, Matlock and DAFFIN, Abanethan, Matlock, 07 Nov 1791.
FOX, Ellen, Matlock and FOX, William, Matlock, 15 Sep 1834. B
FOX, Ellen, Matlock and WRIGHT, James, Darley, 16 Feb 1807.
FOX, George, Matlock and BARKER, Mary, Matlock, 12 Aug 1750.
FOX, George, Matlock and HALL, Hellen, Matlock, 09 Sep 1776.
FOX, Hannah, Matlock and CARDIN, Michael, Matlock, 11 Jun 1770.
FOX, Hannah, Matlock and STATHAM, Joshua, Matlock, 13 Sep 1802.
FOX, Henry, Matlock and MATTER, Elizabeth, Matlock, 13 Jan 1715.
FOX, James, Matlock and WESTON, Hannah, Matlock, 23 Oct 1791.
FOX, James, Matlock and WOODHOUSE, Frances, Matlock, 23 Jan 1760. (miner wid, FW 25)
FOX, Jane, Matlock and CARLINE, Joseph, Matlock, 01 Dec 1802.
FOX, John, Matlock and BODEN, Lydia, Matlock, 05 Jul 1742.
FOX, John, Matlock and CARDING, Susanna, Matlock, 15 Sep 1773.
FOX, John, Matlock and HURSTHOUSE, Ann, Matlock, 21 Sep 1812.
FOX, Joseph, Matlock and BRIELSFORD, Ann, Matlock, 01 May 1727.
FOX, Joseph, Matlock and CARDIN, Priscilla, Matlock, 11 Sep 1815. B
FOX, Joseph, Matlock and FOX, Ann, Matlock, 28 Jan 1773.
FOX, Joseph, Matlock and FOX, Elizabeth, Matlock, 04 Apr 1836. B
FOX, Joseph, Matlock and GREENHOUGH, Mary, Matlock, 01 May 1740.
FOX, Joseph, Matlock and STATHAM, Elizabeth, Matlock, 20 Aug 1804.
FOX, Lidea, Matlock and JOHNSON, Joshua, Matlock, 02 Jul 1781.
FOX, Luke, Matlock and ROLLEY, Rebecca, Matlock, 14 May 1826. B
FOX, Mary, Matlock and ALLSOP, Ralph, Matlock, 18 Jun 1736. L
FOX, Mary, Matlock and BARTON, Thomas, Matlock, 10 Feb 1777.
FOX, Mary, Matlock and KNOWLES, Peter, Matlock, 25 Dec 1821. B
FOX, Mary, Matlock and WALKER, James, Matlock, 18 Jul 1796.
FOX, Mary, Matlock and WALKER, Joseph, Matlock, 05 May 1795.
FOX, Micah, Liverpool and WALKER, Grace, Matlock, 14 Apr 1781. L
FOX, Phoebe, Matlock and WESSON, William, Matlock, 09 Feb 1784 (he signs WESSON.
FOX, Samuel, Matlock and CARDING, Mary, Matlock, 20 May 1782.
FOX, Samuel, Matlock and COOKE, Sarah, Matlock, 15 Sep 1800.
FOX, Samuel, Matlock and ROBINSON, Mary, Matlock, 30 Dec 1824. B
FOX, Samuel, Matlock and WALKER, Hellen, Matlock, 14 Oct 1748.
FOX, Samuel, Matlock and WALKER, Mary, Matlock, 08 Oct 1832. B
FOX, Sarah, Matlock and DOVE, Edmund, Mansfield, 07 May 1801. L
FOX, Sarah, Matlock and GREGORY, James, Matlock, 01 Nov 1830. B
FOX, Solomon, Matlock and ROBINSON, Ann, Matlock, 14 Sep 1826. B
FOX, William, Matlock and BARTON, Sarah, Matlock, 14 Jan 1805.
FOX, William, Matlock and FOX, Dorothy, Matlock, 19 Oct 1783.
FOX, William, Matlock and FOX, Ellen, Matlock, 15 Sep 1834. B
FOX, William, Matlock and STATHAM, Ann, Matlock, 24 May 1813. B
FOX, William, Matlock and TIPPING, Rebekah, Matlock, 12 Nov 1827. B
FOX, William, Matlock and WESTON, Jane, Matlock, 25 Feb 1773.
FOXE, Henry, Matlock and MARTIN, Dorothy, Matlock, 18 Feb 1641.
FRADRINGHAM, William, Matlock and FLINT, Alice, Matlock, 09 Sep 1639.
FRANKLAND, Frederick William, Matlock and SCARTH, Katherine Margaret, Matlock, 28 Aug 1822. (remarried)
FREARSON, James, Matlock and SWIFT, Rebecca, Matlock, 14 Dec 1752.
FRECK, Hannah, Matlock and BUNTING, Anthony, Matlock, 28 Mar 1837. B
FREERSON, Isaac, Ockbrook and WRAGG, Grace, Matlock, 06 Nov 1713.
FRITH, Edward, Matlock and GREGORY, Rosanna, Matlock, 04 Aug 1806.
FRITH, Elizabeth, Matlock and WALKER, Job, Matlock, 20 Oct 1831. B
FRITH, Henry, Matlock and KINDER, Mary, Matlock, 23 Jan 1756. (barber, MK aged 25)
FRITH, Judith, Matlock and BOWLER, William, Darley, 12 May 1813. B
FRITH, Richard, Pleasley and SPENCER, Agnes, Matlock, 24 Jul 1643.
FRITH, Septimus, Matlock and WALKER, Grace, Matlock, 01 Feb 1762 L (Lic gives him Schoolmaster, aged 30+, her 32+).
FROGATT, Benjamin, Matlock and BODEN, Susannah, Matlock, 16 Sep 1805.
FROGATT, Thomas, Hathersage and STIRLING, Hannah, Matlock, 25 Jan 1781.
FROGGAT, Benjamin, Matlock and PEARSON, Mary, Matlock, 22 Sep 1817. B
FROGGAT, Samuel, Matlock and COOK, Charlotte, Matlock, 13 Sep 1818. B
FROGGAT, Sarah, Matlock and HARDY, William, Matlock, 30 Sep 1792.
FROGGATT, Elizabeth, Manchester and WRIGHT, John, Manchester, 12 Aug 1833.
FROGGOT, Elizabeth, Matlock and ALSOP, John, Matlock, 23 Apr 1815. B
FROGGOTT, Thomas, Matlock and BEARDOW, Ann, Matlock, 21 Nov 1791. (TF a widr) L
FROST, Ann, Matlock and WALKER, John, Matlock, 22 Sep 1734.
FROST, Catherine, Matlock and ADCOCK, John, Matlock, 15 Sep 1828. B
FROST, Ellen, Wirksworth and CHADWICK, Robert, Matlock, 10 Feb 1827. L (Lic shows him as Papermaker).
FROST, Hannah, Matlock and GODWARD, John, Matlock, 21 Dec 1800.
FROST, John, Matlock and PEARSON, Dorothy, Matlock, 10 Nov 1743.
FROST, Joshua, Matlock and BLOOD, Hannah, Matlock, 15 Sep 1790.
FROST, Mary, Matlock and HENSTOCK, Edward, Matlock, 23 Nov 1743.
FROST, Mary, Matlock and WILDGOOSE, Job, Matlock, 22 Apr 1784.
FROST, Rebecca, Matlock and ROOSE, William, Matlock, 16 Sep 1778 (alias Elizabeth, signs Rebeakah).
FROST, Ruth, Matlock and HALL, George, Matlock, 01 Sep 1743.
FROST, Thomas, Mansfield and HARDWICK, Mary, Matlock, 01 Jan 1759. MH 25
FROST, Thomas, Matlock and HASLAM, Elizabeth, Matlock, 26 Mar 1744.
FROST, William, Matlock and WETTON, Alice, Ashbourne, 29 Jul 1800 L (Him wheelwright, her of Ashbourne, both 21+).
FROST, William, Wirksworth and CARDIN, Hannah, Matlock, 19 Aug 1805.
FROST, William, p. Wirkworth, batchelor and miner, and SWIFT, Hellen, X, spinster, Matlock, 19 Feb 1755 (Hellin in Banns but signed Hellen).