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Matlock St Giles' Church Marriages, 1637 - 1837
Marriages at the Parish Church

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Eight of Matlock church's bells were cast or recast in 1904 Brides and Grooms, Surnames M

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SURNAME of Bride/Groom, Given Name, Residence and Surname of Bride/Groom, Given name, Residence, Marriage Date, Other information, including occupation of groom and age on later entries
MACCONELL, Jane, Matlock and BRADLEY, John, Matlock, 30 Nov 1800.
MACDONALD, Elizabeth, Matlock and ROLLING, William, Bonsall, 13 Sep 1785. L
MACDONALD, Esther, Matlock and WALL, Samuel, Matlock, 07 Aug 1791.
MACKDONALD, Sarah, Matlock and SMEDLEY, George, Ashover, 20 Dec 1814. B
MACOCK, Noble Brittan, Matlock and PEARSON, Ann, Matlock, 28 Feb 1791.
MACREL, John, Matlock and GRIFFITHS, Jane, Matlock, 03 May 1789.
MAJOR, Robert, Matlock and RENSHAW, Bridget, Matlock, 18 Jun 1721.
MANIFOULD, Thomas, Matlock and GOODWIN, Frances, Matlock, 07 Jul 1720.
MANYFOLD, Anne, Matlock and WHITTAKER, Roger, Matlock, 01 Apr 1668.
MARCHANT, Elizabeth, Matlock and BOWLER, Thomas, Bradburn, 08 Oct 1772.
MARCHANT, Mary Anne, Matlock and WEIGHTMAN, James, Matlock, 22 Apr 1832. B
MARCHANT, Solomon, Matlock Bath and POYSER, Hannah, Matlock, 20 Dec 1759. (ostler; HP 25)
MARCHANTON, Thomas, Matlock and LUMMAS, Anne, Wirksworth, 13 Feb 1708.
MARCHART, Margret, Matlock and BUNTING, John, Matlock, 09 Aug 1742. (or Mary?)
MARCHENT, William, Matlock and NEEDHAM, Diana, Matlock, 11 Apr 1803.
MARGINSON, James, Ashover and JACKSON, Mary, Matlock, 05 Oct 1802. L (Mary signs twice, first with married name and then with maiden name)
MARPLE, Eliabeth, Matlock and HILL, Daniel, Matlock, 17 Oct 1711.
MARRIOT, George, Ashover and HOPKINSON, Lydia, Ashover, 04 Apr 1734.
MARRIOTT, Ann, Matlock and BOAM, John, Matlock, 02 Oct 1803.
MARRIOTT, David, Ashover and HURD, Hannah, Matlock, 26 May 1824. B
MARRIOTT, Hannah, Ashover and TOPHAM, Thomas, Matlock, 05 Aug 1829. B
MARRIOTT, Hannah, Matlock and BRAILSFORD, George, Ashover, 17 Apr 1820. B
MARRIOTT, James, Matlock and GREGORY, Rachel, Matlock, 06 Apr 1801.
MARRIOTT, Mary, Matlock and WILDGOOSE, Job, Darley, 28 Dec 1801.
MARRIOTT, Rachel, Matlock and BARKER, William, Matlock, 30 Dec 1819. B
MARRIOTT, Samuel, Ashover and HURD, Lydia, Matlock, 12 Nov 1834. B
MARRIOTT, Samuel, Matlock and WARD, Sarah, Matlock, 17 Feb 1829. B
MARROT, Jane, Matlock and SMITH, Robert, Matlock, 22 Mar 1730.
MARSDEN, Edmund, Matlock and TRANTOM, Mary, Matlock, 13 Sep 1738. L
MARSDEN, Frances, Matlock and WOOLEY, George, Matlock, 31 Dec 1789. L
MARSDEN, George, Birchover and HURSTHOUSE, Sarah, Matlock, 27 Jul 1814. B
MARSDEN, George, bach and BUXTON, Betty, spinster 12 Oct 1837 (his f Richard, her f Robert). Lic.
MARSDEN, Joseph H, Matlock and BROOKS, Elinor, Matlock, 21 Oct 1827. B
MARSDEN, Lydia, Matlock and REEVES, Joseph, Matlock, 01 Sep 1825. L (con of Samuel Marsden)
MARSDEN, Mary, Matlock and MARSDEN, William, Manchester, 28 May 1833. L
MARSDEN, Thomas, Matlock and BUXTON, Mary, Matlock, 24 Sep 1832. B
MARSDEN, William, Darley and HAYNES, Elizabeth, Matlock, 31 Dec 1810.
MARSDEN, William, Manchester and MARSDEN, Mary, Matlock, 28 May 1833. L
MARSH, Anne, Matlock and BANKES, Henry, Matlock, 27 Apr 1662.
MARSH, Joseph, Matlock and BOWSER, Elizabeth, Matlock, 15 Jun 1837. L (JM widr, Wesleyan Minister)
MARSHALL, [Hannah, Matlock and HODGKINSON, Joseph, Wirksworth, 14 May 1799.
MARSHALL, [Unnamed], Ashover and WILSON, Robert, Matlock, 08 Dec 1702. (daughter of John)
MARSHALL, Daniel, Matlock and OGDEN, Mary, Matlock, 19 Jun 1777.
MARSHALL, George, Ashbourne and ROBINSON, Elizabeth, Matlock, 24 Nov 1830. L
MARSHALL, George, Matlock and RADFORD, Sarah, Matlock, 14 Jul 1796. L
MARSHALL, Grace, Matlock and WALKER, Job, Matlock, 13 May 1805.
MARSHALL, Hannah, Matlock and SHELDON, John, Matlock, 29 Aug 1726.
MARSHALL, Hugh, Matlock and WESTON, Jane, Matlock, 03 Feb 1736.
MARSHALL, Josiah, Matlock and BUXTON, Sarah, Matlock, 02 Apr 1796.
MARSHALL, Noah, Youlgreave and HOLE, Alice, Matlock, 07 Jun 1758. (stonecutter; AH 26) L
MARSHALL, Paul, Matlock and DAKEN, Hannah, Matlock, 01 Feb 1790.
MARSHALL, Richard, Matlock and CARDIN, Phoebe, Matlock, 12 Nov 1760. lab
MARSHALL, Richard, Matlock and PEARSON, Rachel, Matlock, 05 Oct 1780. L
MARSHALL, Samuel, Matlock and LOMAS, Hannah, Matlock, 30 Oct 1809.
MARSHALL, Thomas, Hope and SMEDLEY, Lydia, Matlock, 06 Nov 1765.
MARSHALL, William, Matlock and GREEN, Eliza, Matlock, 25 Apr 1837. B
MARSLAND, John, Matlock and HOLMES, Mary, Matlock, 07 Aug 1733.
MARSON, Rebekah, Matlock and CROWDER, James, Matlock, 15 Sep 1834. B
MART, John, Cromford and BARTON, Mary, Matlock, 26 Dec 1780.
MART, Mary, Matlock and GRIFFIN, Silvanus, Matlock, 30 May 1726.
MARTIN, Alice, Matlock and SMEDLEY, Peter, Matlock, 26 Apr 1812 L (him petrifactioner, widow and widower, both 21+).
MARTIN, Ann, Matlock and BODEN, Edward, Matlock, 22 Jun 1791.
MARTIN, Ann, Matlock and STURGESS, John, Matlock, 19 Apr 1784.
MARTIN, Anne, Matlock and HILL, Daniel, Matlock, 22 Sep 1675.
MARTIN, Brigit, Matlock and PADCOCK, William, Matlock, 20 Jan 1651.
MARTIN, Clemence, Matlock and GREENHOUGH, Isaac, Matlock, 09 Jan 1750.
MARTIN, Clemens, Matlock and SILKSTON, John, Matlock, 29 Aug 1692.
MARTIN, Dorothy, Matlock and FOXE, Henry, Matlock, 18 Feb 1641.
MARTIN, Elizabeth, Matlock and BODEN, Thomas, Matlock, 06 Sep 1802.
MARTIN, Elizabeth, Matlock and COOK, Samuel, Crich, 26 Dec 1796.
MARTIN, Elizabeth, Matlock and TAYLOR, Thomas, Youlgreave, 26 Sep 1717.
MARTIN, Elizabeth, Matlock and WOODWARD, John, Matlock, 15 May 1664.
MARTIN, Ellen, Matlock and WARD, John, Ashover, 28 May 1826. B
MARTIN, George, Matlock and PEARSON, Alice, Matlock, 19 Mar 1798. L
MARTIN, George, Matlock and ROBINSON, Eleanor, Matlock, 11 Dec 1821. B (He signs MARTING, she signs Elenor)
MARTIN, John, Matlock and PETTS, Mary, Matlock, 13 Sep 1824. B
MARTIN, Joseph, Matlock and BARBER, Hannah, Matlock, 31 Dec 1832. B
MARTIN, Joseph, Matlock and ROBINSON, Mary, Matlock, 15 Feb 1820. B
MARTIN, Joshua, Matlock and WALKER, Tacey, Matlock, 16 Sep 1800.
MARTIN, Joshua, Matlock and WIGLEY, Ann, Matlock, 10 Sep 1764 (miner) (Joshua signed as Marting).
MARTIN, Phebe, Matlock and KNOWLES, Adam, Matlock, 24 Dec 1804.
MARTIN, Susanna, Matlock and BUXTON, German, Ashover, 30 Jun 1806.
MARTIN, Thomas, Matlock and SPENCER, Mary, Matlock, 09 Apr 1687.
MARTIN, Thomas, Matlock and WALKER, Rosomond, Matlock, 11 Feb 1765 (him weaver, signed as Marting).
MARTIN, Thomas, Matlock and WRAGG, Lydia, Matlock, 26 Jun 1765. (weaver; widr and wid, he signed as Marting)
MARTIN, Will, Matlock and CROSSLEE, Elizabeth, Matlock, 08 Jan 1647.
MARTIN, William, Matlock and BOWNE, Susanna, Matlock, 11 Jun 1727.
MARTING, Elizabeth, Matlock and TOMKINSON, Thomas, Matlock, 05 Oct 1772.
MARTING, George, Matlock and BUCKSTONE, Lydia, Matlock, 31 Mar 1766.
MARTING, George, Matlock and SMITH, Hannah, Matlock, 23 Dec 1793.
MARTING, Lydia, Matlock and FLETCHER, Samuel, Matlock, 18 Jun 1792.
MASON, Hannah, Matlock and WATSON, Henry, Matlock, 02 Sep 1799.
MASON, John, Matlock and WHARTON, Martha, Matlock, 29 Apr 1793.
MASON, Martha, Matlock and WARD, William, Matlock, 18 Jan 1813. B
MASON, Mary, Matlock and THORNEWELL, John, Burton, 26 Nov 1795. L
MASON, Robert, Crich and REVELL, Sarah, Matloch, 12 Nov 1769. (excise officer 29; SR 27+) L
MASON, Ursula, Matlock and BLAND, Joseph, St Alkmund, Derby, 18 Jan 1802.
MASON, William, Matlock and TWIG, Elizabeth, Matlock, 15 Sep 1766.
MASSEY, Grace, Matlock and KILHARE, George, Matlock, 01 Nov 1695.
MASSEY, Henry, Matlock and LANE, Frances, Matlock, 16 Jun 1664.
MASSEY, Sarah, Matlock and SOWTER, Charles, Ashbourne, 13 Sep 1803. L
MASSIE, Thomas, Matlock and TOMSON, Troth, Matlock, 15 Jun 1665.
MATHER, Alice, Matlock and BARKER, Jonathan, Matlock, 11 Sep 1820. B (she signs Ales)
MATHER, Ann, Matlock and STEEPLE, William, Bonsall, 24 Jan 1803. L
MATHER, Easther, Matlock and BUNTING, George, Matlock, 06 Jan 1792 L (vicar's version bride's name is Ester, lic reads Esther. Both 21+).
MATHER, Elizabeth, Matlock and BAMFORD, Marcellus, Matlock, 10 Mar 1777.
MATHER, Elizabeth, Matlock and BUNTING, Job, Matlock, 12 Dec 1782. L
MATHER, Elizabeth, Matlock and HOLMES, Anthony, Darley, 26 Aug 1811.
MATHER, Ellin, Matlock and GALES, Robert, Matlock, 27 May 1662.
MATHER, George, Bonsall and RAWSON, Sarah, Matlock, 02 Feb 1834. B
MATHER, Grace, Matlock and BRAMLEY, Robert, Wirksworth, 02 Jan 1800 L (both Lic and signature on register show him as BROMLEY. Him of Wirksworth, gardener, both 21+).
MATHER, Hannah, Ashover and NAIL, Joseph, Matlock, 25 May 1778.
MATHER, Hannah, Matlock and GREGORY, Henry, Matlock, 27 Oct 1773. L
MATHER, James, Matlock and BOWN, Grace, Matlock, 24 Nov 1756. (him Miner, both 21+) L
MATHER, Job, Matlock and BLACKWELL, Elizabeth, Matlock, 23 Feb 1778.
MATHER, John, Matlock and GREGORY, Hannah, Matlock, 04 Nov 1768.
MATHER, Martha, Matlock and BOWN, Samuel, Matlock, 23 Jan 1797.
MATHER, Phoebe, Matlock and BOWN, Samuel, Matlock, 28 Apr 1756. (carpenter; PM minor - con) L
MATHER, Ruth, Matlock and ABBOTT, Luke, Smalley, 13 Apr 1773. L
MATHER, Sarah, Matlock and LOMAS, Edward, Matlock, 04 Aug 1817. B
MATHER, Thomas, Matlock and OATES, Rachel, Matlock, 08 Jun 1736.
MATHER, William, Matlock and BUNTING, Elizabeth, Matlock, 27 May 1671.
MATHER, William, Wirksworth and WOODWARD, Anna, Matlock, 06 Jan 1711.
MATTCHIT, John, Matlock and BALME, Elizabeth, Matlock, 09 Mar 1735.
MATTER, Elizabeth, Matlock and FOX, Henry, Matlock, 13 Jan 1715.
MATTHEWS, Charlotte, Matlock and GODBER, Thomas, Matlock, 27 Jan 1834. B
MATTHEWS, William, Matlock and BODEN, Mary, Matlock, 02 Mar 1829. B
MAULEY, Elizabeth, Matlock and PARKINSON, George, Matlock, 03 Aug 1735. L
MAY, Thomas, North Wingfield and WIGLEY, Mary, Matlock, 07 Jun 1734.
MAYFIELD, Matthew, Matlock and WARD, Mary, Matlock, 02 Mar 1720.
MEDOWCROFT, Susannah, Matlock and WIGLEY, James, Matlock, 03 Jul 1667.
MEGDANIEL, Joseph, Matlock and RADFORD, Elizabeth, Matlock, 31 Oct 1791.
MEGDARRIEL, William, Matlock and HURD, Elizabeth, Matlock, 21 Dec 1783.
MEGDONALD, John, Matlock and CARLILE, Sarah, Matlock, 10 May 1760. (mason widr)
MELBORNE, John, Matlock and TAYLOR, Hannah, Matlock, 23 Aug 1834. B
MELLAND, Mary, Bakewell and NUTTALL, George, Matlock, 14 Feb 1801. L
MELLOR, Francis, Matlock and ALLISON, Penelope, Matlock, 25 Aug 1734.
MELLOR, John, Matlock and BROUNT, Mary, Matlock, 02 Nov 1786.
MELLOR, Martha, Matlock and BUCKLEY, Thomas, Matlock, 16 Jun 1771.
MELLOR, Mary, Matlock and BRADSHAW, Edward, Matlock, 17 Jun 1760. (miner; MM 22)
MELLOR, Mary, Matlock and STUBBING, Samuel, Tansley, p.Crich, 09 Sep 1772.
MELLOR, Mary, Matlock and WRAG, Samuel, Matlock, 28 Aug 1726.
MELLOR, Samuel, Matlock and PIDCOCK, Rebeckah, Matlock, 04 Jan 1758. (sawyer; RP 22)
MELLOR, Sarah, Matlock and WARD, William, Matlock, 16 Feb 1757. (miner)
MELLOR, William, Matlock and COOK, Sarah, Matlock, 22 Oct 1734.
MELLOR, William, Matlock and GREGORY, Elizabeth, Matlock, 20 Apr 1772.
MERCER, Godfrey, Chesterfield and SHENTALL, Mary, Chesterfield, 18 Jun 1723.
MERCHANT, Ann, Matlock and WESTON, George, Matlock, 07 Oct 1741.
MERCHANT, Elizabeth, Matlock and (ILLEGIBLE), (Illegible), Matlock, 06 Jan 1742.
MERCHANT, Hannah, Matlock and CAREY, Joseph, Matlock, 14 Oct 1748.
MERCHANT, Mary, Matlock and ROPER, Henry, Matlock, 18 Sep 1746.
MERCHANT, William, Matlock and WRAGG, Mary, Matlock, 18 Jul 1743.
MERCHANTON, Thomas, Matlock and TAYLOR, Elizabeth, Matlock, 20 Feb 1705.
MERRIMAN, Thomas, Lenton NTT and BRADLEY, Mary, Matlock, 22 Jun 1699.
MERRIOT, Thomas, Matlock and TEW, Hannah, Matlock, 29 Aug 1720.
MEYNELL, Lydia, Matlock and ROOSE, George, Matlock, 25 Jan 1746. [Phil has no date, but by implication it is after 25 Mar 1746]
MICHEL, John, Matlock and VICARS, Elizabeth, Matlock, 23 Dec 1733.
MILLER, Henry, Sutton-in-Ashfield and FLETCHER, Sarah, Matlock, 25 Oct 1831. L
MILLER, Thomas, Matlock and WAYN, Sarah, Matlock, 30 Nov 1767.
MILLINGTON, Elizabeth, Matlock and ROWE, Samuel, Matlock, 14 Apr 1748.
MILLINGTON, Mary, Matlock and SHAW, George, Matlock, 13 Sep 1832. L
MILLINGTON, William, Matlock and PEARSON, Hannah, Matlock, 03 Mar 1829. B
MILLINS, Ann, Matlock and GLOVER, Stephen, Wirksworth, 07 Dec 1818. L
MILLS, James, Matlock and HOTCHKINSON, Elizabeth, Matlock, 09 Jun 1720.
MILLWARD, John, Mickleover and WILD, Hannah, Matlock, 15 Jan 1760. (farmer, HW 21)
MILNES, John, Matlock and BOWER, Frances, Matlock, 09 May 1737. L
MILWARD, Elizabeth, Matlock and YOUNG, John, Matlock, 12 Sep 1785.
MILWARD, Mary, Matlock and KNOWLES, Samuel, Matlock, 25 Mar 1784.
MILWARD, Mary, Matlock and OLDHAM, John, Matlock, 21 Feb 1733.
MITCHELL, John, Matlock and HITCHCOCK, Elizabeth, Matlock, 21 Jun 1818. B
MOLINARE, John, Matlock and SHAW, Elizabeth, Matlock, 14 Feb 1726.
MOLINAS, John, Matlock and YOUNG, Sarah, Matlock, 30 Aug 1738.
MOLINEUX, Mary, Matlock and CARDER, Thomas, Matlock, 04 May 1721.
MOORE, Ann, Matlock and BOLLINGTON, Anthony, Matlock, 29 Aug 1785. [BALLINGTON in Phil]
MOORE, Joseph, Newbold Vernon, LEI and WILD, Sarah, Matlock, 21 Apr 1835. L
MOORE, Joseph, Wirksworth and SWIFT, Anne, Matlock, 11 Nov 1832. B
MOORE, Mary, Matlock and PEARSON, George, Matlock, 13 May 1752.
MOORE, Robert, Winster and HAYWARD, Elizabeth, Matlock, 10 Apr 1705.
MORE, Elizabeth, Matlock and COTTON, John, Matlock, 24 Jun 1674.
MORE, Samuel, Matlock and PIDCOCK, Susanna, Matlock, 23 Jun 1692.
MOREHOUSE, William, Matlock and PIDCOCK, Mary, Matlock, 09 Feb 1738. L
MOREWOOD, Hugh, Matlock and GALLIMORE, Mary, Ashbourne, 03 Mar 1772. (HM 30, MG 21+) L
MORLEY, John, Wirksworth and BESTALL, Ellen, Matlock, 12 Sep 1836. B
MORLEY, William, Matlock and SIMPSON, Mary, Matlock, 11 Sep 1737. L
MORRIS, Elizabeth, Matlock and OGDEN, John, Matlock, 30 Dec 1812.
MORRIS, Gilbert, Matlock and VARNEY, Ann, Matlock, 24 Apr 1731.
MORRIS, John, Matlock and WALL, Lucy, Matlock, 11 Aug 1783.
MORRIS, William, Manchester and BARTON, Charlotte, Matlock, 30 Oct 1785. L
MORT, Jane, Matlock and FARMERY, John, Matlock, 07 Oct 1662.
MORTIN, Edward, Matlock and HIBBARD, Sarah, Matlock, 20 Oct 1777 (con) L (both 21+).
MOSELEY, Mary, Matlock and BUXTON, Thomas, Matlock, 14 Apr 1806.
MOSLEY, Ann, Matlock and BUXTON, Robert, Matlock, 25 Mar 1797.
MOSS, Margaret, Alfreton and TAYLOR, David, Pentrich, 09 May 1734.
MOUNT, John, Sheffield and KNOWLES, Sarah, Matlock, 24 May 1779.
MURFIN, Christiana, Matlock and ALLWOOD, Joseph, Matlock, 10 Feb 1834. B
MURPHY, Patrick, Matlock and OATS, Mary, Matlock, 24 Feb 1823. B
MURRAY, Hugh, Matlock (signs MURREY) and BODEN, Elizabeth, Matlock, 31 Dec 1815. B
MUSGROVE, Nathanael, Matlock and TURNER, Ann, Matlock, 19 Aug 1828. B