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Matlock St Giles' Church Marriages, 1637 - 1837
Marriages at the Parish Church

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Eight of Matlock church's bells were cast or recast in 1904 Brides and Grooms, Surnames R

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SURNAME of Bride/Groom, Given Name, Residence and Surname of Bride/Groom, Given name, Residence, Marriage Date, Other information, including occupation of groom and age on later entries
RADFORD, Ann, Darley and ALLWOOD, John, Matlock, 21 Apr 1766.
RADFORD, Elizabeth, Matlock and MEGDANIEL, Joseph, Matlock, 31 Oct 1791.
RADFORD, Frances, Matlock and DAVIS, George, Matlock, 18 Dec 1780.
RADFORD, Mary, Matlock and BALL, Joseph, Matlock, 03 Jul 1773.
RADFORD, Sarah, Matlock and MARSHALL, George, Matlock, 14 Jul 1796. L
RADFORD, Tacey, Matlock and POTTER, Henry, Nottingham, 14 Sep 1826. B
RADFORD, William, Ashover and BESTALL, Hannah, Matlock, 28 Jan 1781.
RADFORD, William, Matlock and LUDLAM, Jemima, Matlock, 18 Nov 1773.
RAGG, George, Matlock and GREENHOUGH, Hanna, Matlock, 11 Jun 1677.
RAGG, Troath, Matlock and OATES, John, Matlock, 18 Aug 1686.
RAGGE, Anthony, Matlock and YATES, Elizabeth, Matlock, 26 May 1678.
RAGGE, Denis, Matlock and EDGE, Tomasin, Matlock, 21 Jun 1685.
RAGGE, Elizabeth, Matlock and HENSTOCK, Edward, Matlock, 18 Aug 1664.
RAGGE, Grace, Matlock and FLINT, Thomas, Matlock, 21 Oct 1646.
RAGGE, John, Matlock and ABBAT, Dorothy, Matlock, 14 Jul 1679.
RAGGE, John, Matlock and ADAMS, Mary, Matlock, 17 Jun 1669.
RAGGE, John, Matlock and EVINS, Elizabeth, Matlock, 22 Sep 1669.
RAGGE, Mary, Matlock and TISSINGTON, Anthony, Darley, 01 Nov 1705.
RAGGE, Mary, Matlock and WOODWARD, Richard, Matlock, 21 Oct 1663.
RAGGE, Sarah, Matlock and WOOLLEY, Samuel, Matlock, 13 Jan 1670.
RAGGE, William, Matlock and ADAMS, Susannah, Matlock, 30 Jul 1684.
RAILTON, James, Matlock and HOWARD, Elizabeth, Matlock, 16 Jul 1832. B
RAINES, John, Matlock and KNOWLES, Jane, Matlock, 15 Apr 1745.
RAINS, Francis, Matlock and BUNTING, Susan, Matlock, 02 Oct 1792. L
RAITT, James, London and TEASDALE, Ann, Matlock, 26 Oct 1760. L
RASTE, Elizabeth, Ticknall and CARVER, Lawrence, Ticknall, 11 Sep 1701.
RAWLINSON, Mary, Matlock and BOOTH, Thomas, Chesterfield, 25 Aug 1803. L
RAWSON, Adam, Matlock and LOW, Ann, Matlock, 27 Dec 1791.
RAWSON, Betty, Matlock and JANNEY, Joseph, Matlock, 24 Jun 1818. L
RAWSON, Charles, bach and WARD, Jane, 26 Dec 1837 (his f James, her f Dennis Wragg).
RAWSON, Dorothy, Wirksworth and SMEDLEY, John, Matlock, 22 Oct 1783. L
RAWSON, George, Matlock and DIXON, Mary, Matlock, 19 Feb 1816. B
RAWSON, George, Matlock and WAGSTAFF, Sarah, Matlock, 07 Feb 1836. B (RG widr)
RAWSON, James, Matlock and WALKER, Dorothy, Matlock, 22 Feb 1642.
RAWSON, Joan, Matlock and GREAVES, Richard, Matlock, 13 Jan 1706.
RAWSON, Margaret, Matlock and BARKER, William, Matlock, 02 Apr 1676.
RAWSON, Mary, Matlock and BESTALL, Godfrey, Matlock, 27 Mar 1679.
RAWSON, Mary, Matlock and OGDEN, James, Matlock, 12 Aug 1826. B
RAWSON, Sarah, Matlock and MATHER, George, Bonsall, 02 Feb 1834. B
RAYSON, Amelia, Wirksworth and BALL, Joseph, Matlock, 19 Feb 1817. B
REDDISH, Elizabeth, Matlock and WILDGOOSE, Thomas, Matlock, 22 Apr 1823. B
REDFEARN, Betty, Matlock and BUCKLEY, James, Matlock, 01 Jun 1789.
REDFEARN, Hannah, Matlock and WRIGHT, George, Matlock, 27 Mar 1808.
REDFEARN, John, Matlock and KIDD, Anne, Wirksworth, 16 Sep 1805.
REDFEARN, Mary, Matlock and STEPHENSON, James, Darley, 04 Apr 1774.
REDFEARN, Peter, Matlock and SPENCER, Hannah, Matlock, 02 Jan 1769.
REDFEARN, Samuel, Matlock and GETRICK, Lydia, Matlock, 31 Dec 1783.
REDFERN, Charlotte, Matlock and GREGORY, Philip, Matlock, 06 Aug 1832. B
REDFERN, Elizabeth, Matlock and WALL, Henry, Matlock, 10 Sep 1832. B
REDFERN, George, Matlock and OXLEY, Elizabeth, Matlock, 10 Aug 1734.
REDFERN, Hannah, Matlock and WILLIAMS, Frederick, Matlock, 25 Dec 1820. B
REDFERN, Lydia, Matlock and HURD, Daniel, Matlock, 11 Mar 1799.
REDFERN, Lydia, Matlock and SMITH, John, Darley, 07 Feb 1836. B
REDFERN, Mary, Matlock and HANSON, John, Matlock, 10 Jan 1720.
REDFERN, Mary, Matlock and KNIVETON, John, Matlock, 11 Jul 1736. L
REDFERN, Sarah, Matlock and FIELDING, George, Hanbury, STF, 31 Dec 1810.
REDFERN, Sarah, Matlock and WILDGOOSE, Anthony, Matlock, 31 Oct 1819. B
REDFERN, Thomas, Darley and TOFT, Hannah, Youlgreave, 23 Aug 1724.
REDFERN, Thomas, Matlock and BLAND, Lydia, Matlock, 12 Apr 1713.
REDFERN, Thomas, Matlock and CARDOR, Elizabeth, Matlock, 27 Dec 1812.
REDFERN, Thomas, Matlock and TIPPING, Hannah, Matlock, 22 Sep 1740.
REDFORD, John, Matlock and ADAMS, Margaret, Matlock, 05 Nov 1639.
REEDS, Augustus, Matlock and YATES, Ann, Matlock, 23 Oct 1733.
REEDS, Joseph, Matlock and SIMPSON, Sarah, Matlock, 14 Sep 1808.
REEDS, Joshua, Matlock and STORER, Hannah, Matlock, 18 Oct 1732.
REEVES, Joseph, Matlock and MARSDEN, Lydia, Matlock, 01 Sep 1825. L (con of Samuel MARSDEN)
REEVES, Thomas, Matlock, butcher, and BUCKLEY, Martha, Matlock, 18 Oct 1818. L (with consent of bride's father Thos BUCKLEY)
RENHORD, Sarah, Matlock and WIGLEY, Thomas, Matlock, 11 Aug 1725.
RENSHAW, Bridget, Matlock and MAJOR, Robert, Matlock, 18 Jun 1721.
RENSHAW, Joseph, Matlock and BODEN, Lydia, Matlock, 14 Sep 1801.
RENSHAW, Mary, Matlock and TAYLOR, Aron, Matlock, 07 Oct 1730.
RENSHAW, Sarah, Matlock and WAIN, Thomas, Wirksworth, 01 Mar 1827. B
REVEL, Daniel, Matlock and HARDWICK, Elizabeth, Matlock, 19 Nov 1735.
REVELL, Sarah, Matloch and MASON, Robert, Crich, 12 Nov 1769. (excise officer 29; SR 27+) L
REYNOLD, George, Matlock and GIBSON, Sarah, Matlock, 14 Apr 1692.
REYNOLDS, Ann, Matlock and CHARITY, John, Matlock, 03 Jul 1729.
REYNOLDS, Mary, Matlock and LEES, Joseph, Matlock, 17 May 1737. L
RHODES, Hannah, Matlock and BROWN, Samuel, Matlock, 19 Aug 1825. B
RHODES, Samuel, Matlock and FOULDS, Jane, Matlock, 01 Oct 1832. B
RICHARDS, Ann, Matlock and BRADLEY, Arthur, Matlock, 22 May 1731.
RICHARDS, Elizabeth, Matlock and SMITH, William, Matlock, 17 Jul 1677.
RICHARDSON, Benjamin, Matlock and WAKEFIELD, Mary, Matlock, 25 Dec 1773.
RICHARDSON, Hannah, Matlock and PEARSON, George, Matlock, 11 Oct 1802.
RICHARDSON, Hearsay, Glapwell p. Bolsover, about 24, and WRAGG, Susannah, 20, Matlock, 13 Dec 1720.
RICHARDSON, Richard, Matlock and PLATTS, Mary, Matlock, 22 Dec 1830. B
RIGGET, Edward, Matlock and KNAWL, Mary, Matlock, 02 Jun 1746.
RIGGOT, Elizabeth, Matlock and COUPE, William, Matlock, 15 Aug 1738. L
RIGGOTT, Fanny, Matlock and SMITH, Samuel, Matlock, 12 Sep 1827. B
RINCH, Mary, Stanton Woodhouse p. Youlgreave, and HAWLEY, George, Matlock, 06 Feb 1826. B
ROADS, Martha, Winster and BALL, Thomas, Winster, 08 Jul 1734.
ROBARTS, Mary, Matlock and CURD, William, Matlock, 26 Oct 1801.
ROBERTS, Amey, Matlock and BOWN, Anthony, Matlock, 04 May 1651.
ROBERTS, Catherine, Matlock and KNOWLES, John, Matlock, 11 Sep 1820. B
ROBERTS, Dorothy, Matlock and TURNER, George, Critch, 09 Sep 1816. B
ROBERTS, George, Tansley and FLINT, Hannah, Matlock, 15 Feb 1776.
ROBERTS, Hellen, Matlock and WHITAKER, John, Matlock, 22 Jul 1663.
ROBERTS, Lydia, Matlock and HOLLOND, John, Matlock, 14 Oct 1690.
ROBERTS, Sarah, Matlock and LEA, Samuel, Matlock, 14 Nov 1730.
ROBINSON, Ann, Matlock and FOX, Solomon, Matlock, 14 Sep 1826. B
ROBINSON, Ann, Matlock and GODWARD, William, Matlock, 23 Oct 1761. (shoemaker; AR 24)
ROBINSON, Boniaraine, Matlock and LACY, Dorothy, Matlock, 05 May 1683.
TOMINSON, Eleanor, Matlock and MARTIN, George, Matlock, 11 Dec 1821. B (He signs MARTING, she signs Elenor)
ROBINSON, Elizabeth, Matlock and MARSHALL, George, Ashbourne, 24 Nov 1830. L
ROBINSON, Elizabeth, Matlock and WHARTON, John, Matlock, 25 Mar 1805.
ROBINSON, Elizabeth, Matlock and WOODISSE, Edwin, Matlock, 17 Oct 1784.
ROBINSON, George, Matlock and SMITH, Catherine, Matlock, 25 Jun 1807.
ROBINSON, George, Matlock and WILSON, Sarah, Matlock, 12 Sep 1793.
ROBINSON, Joseph, Matlock and HOLMES, Elizabeth, Matlock, 23 Sep 1767.
ROBINSON, Luke, Matlock and CARDIN, Elizabeth, Matlock, 28 May 1822. B
ROBINSON, Mary, Matlock and FOX, Samuel, Matlock, 30 Dec 1824. B
ROBINSON, Mary, Matlock and KING, Joseph, Matlock, 22 Apr 1792.
ROBINSON, Mary, Matlock and MARTIN, Joseph, Matlock, 15 Feb 1820. B
ROBINSON, Sarah, Matlock and ELLIOTT, John, Wirksworth, 05 Apr 1830. L (con of Thos R)
ROBOTHAM, Ann, Matlock and WALTON, John, Matlock, 20 Oct 1720.
ROEBUCK, Josuah, Matlock and GREENHOUGH, Rebeckah, Matlock, 14 Oct 1686.
ROGER, Pascha, Matlock and TURNER, Edward, Matlock, 16 Jan 1745.
ROGERS, Ann, Matlock and FAWCETT, William, All Saints, Derby, 05 Nov 1798. L
ROGERS, Elizabeth, Matlock and POTTER, Charles, Matlock, 20 Oct 1783.
ROGERS, Thomas, Matlock and WALTON, Mary, Matlock, 29 May 1815. B
ROGERSON, Ann, Matlock and WESTON, Job, Matlock, 09 Oct 1786.
ROGERSON, Thomas, Wirksworth and FOX, Ann, Matlock, 29 Jan 1778.
ROGINSON, Seenis, Matlock and DAVIES, Anthony, Matlock, 22 Aug 1819. B (con)
ROLLEY, Charles Hanson, Matlock and BECKS, Mary, Matlock, 13 May 1810.
ROLLEY, Elizabeth, Matlock and WALTON, George, Matlock, 19 Nov 1817. B
ROLLEY, Mary, Matlock and BROWN, Samuel, Wirksworth, 12 Feb 1827. B
ROLLEY, Rebecca, Matlock and FOX, Luke, Matlock, 14 May 1826. B
ROLLEY, Sarah, Crich and WALKER, Jobe, Matlock, 10 May 1761. (fwk knitter)
ROLLEY, Susanna, Matlock and YOUNG, William, Matlock, 28 Oct 1811.
ROLLEY, William, Matlock and BUNTING, Sarah, Matlock, 02 Oct 1780.
ROLLING, William, Bonsall and MACDONALD, Elizabeth, Matlock, 13 Sep 1785. L
ROOM, Hannah, Matlock and FORD, Anthony, Matlock, 20 Nov 1786.
ROOM, Ralph, Matlock and WALL, Hannah, Matlock, 23 Dec 1773.
ROOS, Mary, Matlock and GREGORY, Benjamin, Matlock, 13 Jan 1757. (miner; MR 22)
ROOSE, Amy, Matlock and WRIGHT, William, Matlock, 02 Aug 1830. B
ROOSE, Dorothy, Matlock and OBOINE, William, Matlock, 21 Jun 1795.
ROOSE, Elizabeth, Matlock and BUCKLEY, Thomas, Matlock, 28 Jan 1805.
ROOSE, George, Matlock and MEYNELL, Lydia, Matlock, 25 Jan 1746. [Phil has no date, but by implication it is after 25 Mar 1746]
ROOSE, Hannah, Matlock and STONE, John, Matlock, 27 Nov 1732.
ROOSE, John, Matlock and BUCKLEY, Hannah, Matlock, 12 Oct 1801.
ROOSE, Joshua, Matlock and GREENHOUGH, Grace, Matlock, 05 Feb 1736.
ROOSE, Mary, Matlock and OXLEY, Richard, Matlock, 10 Nov 1811.
ROOSE, Mary, Matlock and PENDLETON, John, Ashover, 06 Jan 1802.
ROOSE, Matilda, Matlock and WALTON, William, Matlock, 09 Apr 1820. B
ROOSE, Richard, Matlock and HARDIN, Hellen, Matlock, 11 Nov 1753.
ROOSE, Richard, Wirksworth and BODEN, Dorothy, Matlock, 23 Dec 1822. B
ROOSE, Thomas, Matlock and CALDWELL, Elizabeth, Wirksworth, 14 Aug 1815. B
ROOSE, William, Matlock and FROST, Rebecca, Matlock, 16 Sep 1778 (alias Elizabeth, signs Rebeakah).
ROOSE, William, Matlock and GREGORY, Elizabeth, Matlock, 10 Sep 1832. B
ROOSSON, Clemence, Matlock and BUNTINGE, William, Matlock, 19 Aug 1638.
ROPER, Elizabeth, Darley and WRAGG, Joseph, Matlock, 26 Mar 1826. L
ROPER, Elizabeth, Matlock and KNOWLES, John, Matlock, 15 Sep 1817. B
ROPER, George, Wirksworth and WHITAKER, Hannah, Matlock, 08 Jun 1823. B
ROPER, Hannah, Matlock and BOWN, Peter, Matlock, 13 Aug 1832. B
ROPER, Henry, Matlock and MERCHANT, Mary, Matlock, 18 Sep 1746.
ROPER, Henry, Wirksworth and WOOD, Martha, Matlock, 02 Feb 1783. (HP a widr) L
ROPER, John, Matlock and BOWN, Ann, Matlock, 20 Jan 1759. (miner; AB 25) [Phil has ROOPER, but signs RAPER] L
ROPER, Joshua, Cromford and BOOTH, Sarah, Matlock, 06 Mar 1747.
ROPER, Mary, Wirksworth and BODEN, Thomas, Matlock, 10 Apr 1777.
ROPER, Thomas, Matlock and SIMPSON, Ann, Matlock, 22 Feb 1830. B
ROPER, Thomas, Matlock and WARD, Anne, Matlock, 14 Oct 1658.
ROPER, William, Matlock and BRADLEY, Ann, Matlock, 14 Mar 1791.
ROSE, Lexcey, Matlock and KING, William, Matlock, 11 Apr 1805.
ROSON, Adam, X, shoemaker, Matlock and HODGKINSON, Micah, Crumford p. Wirksworth, spinster, 24 Oct 1754. B.
ROSONNE, Anthony, Matlock and BROCKSHA, Anne, Matlock, 25 Oct 1661. (s of Anthony)
ROSONNE, James, Matlock and ADAM, Dorothi, Matlock, 10 Jul 1647.
ROTHERHAM, Ann, Matlock and STOREY, John, Matlock, 03 Sep 1734.
ROUSE, James, Wirksworth and GREAVES, Mary, Matlock, 18 Oct 1759. (miner, MG 25) L
ROUSE, Martha, Matlock and WOODHOUSE, Elias, Matlock, 10 Sep 1832. B
ROUSE, Temperance, Matlock and TWIGG, William, Matlock, 31 May 1779.
ROWE, Samuel, Matlock and MILLINGTON, Elizabeth, Matlock, 14 Apr 1748.
ROWES, Mary, Wirksworth and BURROWS, Nehemiah, Chesterfield, 20 Apr 1696.
ROWLAND, Anne, Matlock and BUXTON, William, Youlgreave, 27 Mar 1832. L
ROWLAND, Elizabeth, Matlock and BROCKLEHURST, Richard, Matlock, 01 Feb 1832. B
ROWLAND, Hannah, Matlock and HANSON, Samuel, Matlock, 28 Apr 1737. L
ROWLAND, Ruth, Matlock and YOUNG, Samuel, Matlock, 03 Jul 1791.
ROWLESTON, Statham, Matlock and LOW, Lydia, Matlock, 11 Jul 1728.
ROWLEY, Elizabeth, Matlock and CARLINE, Edward, Wirksworth, 11 Sep 1809.
ROWLEY, Hannah, Matlock and PORTER, Samuel, Matlock, 15 Sep 1828. L
ROWLEY, Joseph, Matlock and WHITEAKER, Sarah, Matlock, 28 Nov 1796.
ROWSON, Ann, Matlock and TIPPING, Lawrence, Matlock, 23 Dec 1788.
ROWSON, Ann, Matlock and WILSON, Daniel, Wirksworth, 08 Sep 1776. L
ROWSON, Anthony, Matlock and CARDEN, Hannah, Matlock, 22 Dec 1733.
ROWSON, Anthony, Matlock and WALKER, Sarah, Matlock, 12 Nov 1761. (miner, SW 30ish)
ROWSON, Benjamin, Matlock and BARKER, Ann, Matlock, 31 Aug 1789.
ROWSON, Benjamin, Matlock and LITTLEWOOD, Ann, Ashover, 24 Nov 1818. B
ROWSON, Elizabeth, Matlock and COWLEY, John, Manchester, 19 Jul 1803. L (him cotton weaver, signed COOLEY)
ROWSON, Fanny, Matlock and OGDEN, Joseph, Matlock, 03 Feb 1823. B
ROWSON, German, Matlock and WARD, Sarah, Matlock, 05 Aug 1761. (miner, SW 22)
ROWSON, Hannah, Matlock and LUDLAM, William, Matlock, 14 Sep 1789.
ROWSON, Hannah, Matlock and TEASDALE, John, Matlock, 05 Mar 1820. B
ROWSON, Hannah, Matlock and WILMOT, William, Darley, 18 May 1769.
ROWSON, James, Matlock and HAWLEY, Mary, Matlock, 15 Sep 1776. L
ROWSON, Margaret, Matlock and DAVIS, George, Matlock, 14 Apr 1723.
ROWSON, Mary, Matlock and BUCKLEY, William, Matlock, 11 Jun 1752.
ROWSON, Phoebe, Matlock and CARDEN, Michael, Matlock, 13 Jul 1729.
ROWSON, Rachael, Matlock and SMITH, Job, Matlock, 20 Jun 1791.
ROWSON, Sarah, Matlock and HOLMES, Barnett, Matlock, 10 Feb 1823. B
ROWSON, William, Matlock and BUNTING, Fanny, Matlock, 12 Oct 1817. B
ROYSTONE, Joseph, Matlock and PEARSON, Mary, Matlock, 09 Nov 1780.
RUSHTON, Joshua, Matlock and EBER, Phoebe, Matlock, 25 Jan 1746.
RYLEY, Elijah, Matlock and KILHARE, Maria, Matlock, 11 Apr 1711.