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Matlock St Giles' Church Marriages, 1637 - 1837
Marriages at the Parish Church

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Eight of Matlock church's bells were cast or recast in 1904 Brides and Grooms, Surnames K

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SURNAME of Bride/Groom, Given Name, Residence and Surname of Bride/Groom, Given name, Residence, Marriage Date, Other information, including occupation of groom and age on later entries
KARNEL, Eliz., Matlock and TAYLER, Thomas, Matlock, 10 Oct 1694. (xxxxxxxxx)
KEAY, Sarah, Matlock and BERDSLEY, Joseph, Matlock, 10 Apr 1684.
KEELING, Hannah, Matlock and TWIGG, William, Matlock, 03 Jul 1737. L
KEELING, James, Winster and JACKSON, Patience, Matlock, 27 Nov 1797. L
KEELING, John, Youlgreave and WRIGHT, Rachael, Matlock, 16 Nov 1786.
KEELING, Mary, Matlock and AYRE, Thomas, Matlock, 19 Oct 1721.
KEELING, Richard, Youlgreave and BOWN, Rebecca, Matlock, 26 Apr 1773 (she signed BONN).
KEER, James, Matlock and WESTON, Ann, Matlock, 19 Feb 1798.
KEETLEY, Jonathan Warren, St Alkmunds, Derby and TAYLOR, Sarah, Matlock, 24 Jul 1828. L (con)
KENDAL, Mary, Matlock and SPENCER, Griffin, Alfreton, 25 Jun 1811. L
KENDRICK, Henry, Matlock and WARFIELD, Mary, Matlock, 07 Aug 1733.
KERLINE, James, Matlock and BARTON, Mary, Matlock, 28 Dec 1807.
KEY, John, Matlock and BODEN, Margaret, Matlock, 07 Feb 1680.
KEY, John, Matlock and KIRTLAND, Mary, Matlock, 29 Oct 1693.
KEY, Samuel, Matlock and GIBSON, Troth, Matlock, 28 Apr 1663.
KEY, Thomas, Matlock and JOHNSON, Mary, Matlock, 27 Dec 1740. L
KEY, William, Matlock and PEARSON, Ruth, Matlock, 04 Sep 1743.
KID, Hannah, Matlock and BUCKLEY, Job, Matlock, 20 Feb 1809 (she signed KIDD).
KIDD, Anne, Wirksworth and REDFEARN, John, Matlock, 16 Sep 1805.
KIDD, John, Wirksworth and COOPER, Hannah, Matlock, 23 Feb 1819. B
KIDD, Joseph, Wirksworth and YOUNG, Mary, Matlock, 07 Sep 1817. B
KIDDEY, Thomas, Duffield and BOWMER, Mary, Matlock, 14 Nov 1705.
KIDDY, William, Matlock and YOUNG, Elizabeth, Matlock, 12 Jan 1731.
KILHARE, Elizabeth, Matlock and STOROW, John, Wirksworth, 20 Jul 1702.
KILHARE, George, Matlock and HOLDEN, Catherine, Matlock, 17 Jan 1665.
KILHARE, George, Matlock and MASSEY, Grace, Matlock, 01 Nov 1695.
KILHARE, Grace, Matlock and KNOLLES, Thomas, Matlock, 13 Apr 1640.
KILHARE, Maria, Matlock and RYLEY, Elijah, Matlock, 11 Apr 1711.
KILHARE, Nathaniel, Matlock and LOW, Phebe, Matlock, 23 Dec 1734.
KILHARE, Thomas, Matlock and BUNTING, Ann, Matlock, 25 Jul 1695.
KILLAR, Ad., Matlock and COTES, Rebecca, Matlock, 14 Jan 1741.
KILLER, Adam, Matlock and BERRESFORD, Rebecca, Matlock, 18 Jan 1803.
KILLER, George, Matlock and PRINCE, Edith, Bonsall, 24 Dec 1794.
KILLHARE, Adam, Matlock and BANKS, Sarah, Matlock, 28 Feb 1688.
KILLHARE, Grace, Matlock and WIGLEY, James, Matlock, 20 Oct 1687.
KINDAR, Samuel, Matlock and HALL, Grace, Matlock, 21 Sep 1734.
KINDER, Mary, Matlock and FRITH, Henry, Matlock, 23 Jan 1756. (barber; MK aged 25)
KINDER, Ralph, Cromford and STATHAM, Elizabeth, Matlock, 18 Feb 1828. B
KINDER, Richard, Matlock and CARDER, Helen, Matlock, 23 Feb 1784.
KING, Ann, Matlock and BARKER, William, Matlock, 02 Apr 1741.
KING, David, Matlock and CARLINE, Ann, Matlock, 28 Jan 1762. (marriage amongst the 1755 entries; DK taylor and widr)
KING, David, Matlock and CHAMPION, Catherine, Matlock, 14 May 1750.
KING, Elizabeth, Matlock and HOLEHOUSE, James, Matlock, 16 Jan 1804.
KING, Elizabeth, Matlock and KING, Thomas, Matlock, 10 Jun 1823. B (him widower, her widow)
KING, Elizabeth, Matlock and LOW, Thomas, Matlock, 22 Jul 1699.
KING, Elizabeth, Matlock and WILD, Francis, Matlock, 12 Nov 1723.
KING, Henry, Matlock and CRICHLOW, Isabel, Matlock, 28 Apr 1672.
KING, James, Matlock and BODEN, Mary, Matlock, 10 Apr 1800 L (Him taylor, both 21+).
KING, John, Matlock and WRAGG, Mary, Matlock, 31 Oct 1784.
KING, Joseph, Matlock and BARTON, Ann, Matlock, 25 Feb 1780.
KING, Joseph, Matlock and ROBINSON, Mary, Matlock, 22 Apr 1792.
KING, Joseph, Matlock and STALEY, Jane, Matlock, 21 Apr 1766.
KING, Joseph, Matlock and WESTON, Emma, Crich, 08 Jun 1828. B
KING, Lydia, Matlock and COTTERILL, Isaac, Matlock, 12 Jul 1819. B
KING, Lydia, Matlock and KIRKHAM, Joseph, Matlock, 11 Mar 1776.
KING, Maria, Matlock and BALL, Joseph, Matlock, 10 Sep 1832. B
KING, Mary, Matlock and BRADLEY, Henry, Matlock, 26 Oct 1789.
KING, Mary, Matlock and FLETCHER, William, Matlock, 23 Apr 1822. B
KING, Millicent, Matlock and BAGSHAW, John, Matlock, 31 Mar 1834. B
KING, Sarah, Matlock and SMITH, George, Matlock, 27 Jul 1807.
KING, Thomas, Matlock and KING, Elizabeth, Matlock, 10 Jun 1823. B (him widower, her widow)
KING, William, Matlock and ROSE, Lexcey, Matlock, 11 Apr 1805.
KIRBY, Mary, Matlock and OUTRAM, William, Alfreton, 28 Mar 1819. B
KIRK, Mary Anne, Crich and HIGTON, William, Matlock, 15 Nov 1830. L
KIRK, Mary, Matlock and CLARK, Caleb, Matlock, 09 Jan 1725.
KIRK, William, Chesterfield and BENNETT, Sarah, Chesterfield, 19 Jun 1724.
KIRKE, Hellon, Matlock and BUNTING, Edward, Matlock, 25 Mar 1675.
KIRKHAM, Joseph, Matlock and KING, Lydia, Matlock, 11 Mar 1776.
KIRKLAND, John, Matlock and SOWTER, Hannah, Matlock, 28 Dec 1775. L
KIRKLAND, Mary, Matlock and YATES, William, Wensley, p. Darley, 09 Aug 1775. L
KIRTLAND, Mary, Matlock and KEY, John, Matlock, 29 Oct 1693.
KIRY, Sarah, Matlock and ALLEN, George, Ashover, 14 Oct 1784.
KNAWL, George, Matlock and BLAND, Mary, Matlock, 07 Feb 1744.
KNAWL, Hellen, Matlock and CARDER, John, Matlock, 03 Sep 1750.
KNAWL, Mary, Matlock and RIGGET, Edward, Matlock, 02 Jun 1746.
KNAWL, Thamar, Matlock and WRAGG, Joseph, Matlock, 11 Sep 1753.
KNIFTON, Joseph, Matlock and CARDIN, Elizabeth, Matlock, 11 Sep 1786.
KNIVETON, John, Matlock and REDFERN, Mary, Matlock, 11 Jul 1736. L
KNOLLES, George, Matlock and GRANGER, Ann, Matlock, 02 May 1642.
KNOLLES, Thomas, Matlock and KILHARE, Grace, Matlock, 13 Apr 1640.
KNOULS, Dorothia, Matlock and HALLEY, William, Matlock, 01 Mar 1658.
KNOULS, Sarah, Matlock and SCATTERGOOD, Robert, Matlock, 14 Jun 1655.
KNOWLE, Henry, Matlock and SMITH, Alice, Matlock, 15 Sep 1800 (she signed Ales).
KNOWLES, Adam, Darley and KNOWLES, Hannah, Matlock, 13 Apr 1830. B
KNOWLES, Adam, Matlock and BARTON, Grace, Matlock, 19 Dec 1791.
KNOWLES, Adam, Matlock and BRADLEY, Martha, Matlock, 10 Jul 1783.
KNOWLES, Adam, Matlock and CARDER, Mary, Matlock, 11 Sep 1833. B
KNOWLES, Adam, Matlock and DUN, Sarah, Matlock, 18 Nov 1833. B
KNOWLES, Adam, Matlock and GREGORY, Hannah, Matlock, 01 Jun 1830. B
KNOWLES, Adam, Matlock and KNOWLES, Sarah, Darley, 04 Sep 1782.
KNOWLES, Adam, Matlock and MARTIN, Phebe, Matlock, 24 Dec 1804.
KNOWLES, Adam, Tansley and SOWTER, Elizabeth, Matlock, 02 Dec 1702.
KNOWLES, Alice, Matlock and TAYLOR, John, Matlock, 02 Oct 1695.
KNOWLES, Ann, Matlock and BUCKLEY, George, Matlock, 09 Sep 1782.
KNOWLES, Ann, Matlock and THORNTON, Josiah, Stockport, 11 Jul 1829. L
KNOWLES, Anne, Matlock and BARTON, Newton, Matlock, 02 Sep 1822. B (con)
KNOWLES, Anne, Matlock and BOWNE, William, Matlock, 12 Oct 1682.
KNOWLES, Anthony, Matlock and KNOWLES, Elizabeth, Matlock, 10 Oct 1807.
KNOWLES, Anthony, Matlock and SHAW, Hannah, Matlock, 30 May 1768.
KNOWLES, Anthony, Matlock and WOOLLEY, Sarah, Matlock, 31 Aug 1670.
KNOWLES, Catherine, Matlock and BODEN, John, Matlock, 21 Jun 1824. B [no month written for marriage date]
KNOWLES, Elizabeth, Matlock and CARDER, Joseph, Matlock, 14 Sep 1807.
KNOWLES, Elizabeth, Matlock and HAYNES, John, Darley, 21 Jul 1756.
KNOWLES, Elizabeth, Matlock and KNOWLES, Anthony, Matlock, 10 Oct 1807.
KNOWLES, Frances, Matlock and SPENCER, John, Matlock, 16 Sep 1828. B
KNOWLES, Geo, Matlock and BARTON, Mary, Matlock, 16 Feb 1804.
KNOWLES, George, Matlock and BROWN [BOWN in Phil] , Sarah, Matlock, 01 Jul 1792. L
KNOWLES, George, Matlock and BUCKLEY, Ann, Spinster, Matlock, 10 Sep 1827. B
KNOWLES, George, Matlock and FLINT, Elizabeth, Matlock, 23 May 1750.
KNOWLES, George, bach, Matlock and HALLAM, Mary Mariah, widow, Matlock, 12 Sep 1827. B
KNOWLES, George, Matlock and TOWNDRO, Sarah, Matlock, 07 Jul 1720.
KNOWLES, George, Matlock and WRIGHT, Sarah, Matlock, 22 Sep 1834. B
KNOWLES, Hannah, Matlock and BODEN, Job, Matlock, 25 Dec 1822. B
KNOWLES, Hannah, Matlock and GOODWIN, Abraham, Youlgreave, 05 May 1777.
KNOWLES, Hannah, Matlock and KNOWLES, Adam, Darley, 13 Apr 1830. B
KNOWLES, Hannah, Matlock and LUDLAM, James, Matlock, 17 Apr 1805.
KNOWLES, Hellen, Matlock and PARKER, William, Matlock, 17 Jul 1720.
KNOWLES, Henry, Matlock and BRADLEY, Lydia, Matlock, 15 Sep 1777.
KNOWLES, Henry, Matlock and TAYLOR, Ann, Winster, 13 Sep 1802.
KNOWLES, Jane, Matlock and RAINES, John, Matlock, 15 Apr 1745.
KNOWLES, John, Matlock and BODEN, Dorothy, Matlock, 14 Sep 1801.
KNOWLES, John, Matlock and ROBERTS, Catherine, Matlock, 11 Sep 1820. B
KNOWLES, John, Matlock and ROPER, Elizabeth, Matlock, 15 Sep 1817. B
KNOWLES, Lydia, Matlock and HOLMES, Joseph, Darley, 25 Nov 1821. B
KNOWLES, Lydia, Matlock and KNOWLES, William, Matlock, 20 Jul 1786.
KNOWLES, Margery, Matlock and WALKER, John, Matlock, 03 Jan 1791.
KNOWLES, Martha, Matlock and HURSTHOUSE, Thomas, Matlock, 22 Jan 1828. B
KNOWLES, Martha, Matlock and PARKES, Daniel, Darley, 18 Sep 1794. L
KNOWLES, Martha, Matlock and SLACK, Edward, Wirksworth, 18 Jan 1837. L
KNOWLES, Martha, Matlock and WALKER, Richard, Matlock, 24 Oct 1798.
KNOWLES, Martha, Stockport and WOOD, George, Matlock, 14 Dec 1779. L
KNOWLES, Mary, Matlock and BODEN, James, Matlock, 09 Jul 1788.
KNOWLES, Mary, Matlock and BUNTING, Adam, Matlock, 11 Sep 1775.
KNOWLES, Mary, Matlock and DUNN, Henry, Darley, 12 Sep 1831. B
KNOWLES, Mary, Matlock and GUN, Robert, Wirksworth, 24 Apr 1797.
KNOWLES, Mary, Matlock and GUYLER, Joseph, St. Peter Nottingham, 11 Feb 1833. B
KNOWLES, Mary, Matlock and SMITH, William, Matlock, 15 Nov 1802.
KNOWLES, Matthew, bach, from Brampton and WARNER, Sarah, 17 Oct 1837 (his f George, her f Thomas). Lic.
KNOWLES, Peter, Matlock and FOX, Mary, Matlock, 25 Dec 1821. B
KNOWLES, Peter, Matlock and WALKER, Hannah, Matlock, 22 Jan 1800.
KNOWLES, Roger, Matlock and VERNON, Hannah, Matlock, 16 May 1820. B
KNOWLES, Roseanna, Matlock and FOSTER, Thomas, Thorpe, 11 Feb 1833. B
KNOWLES, Samuel, Matlock and MILWARD, Mary, Matlock, 25 Mar 1784.
KNOWLES, Samuel, Matlock and OGDEN, Ann, Matlock, 11 Jan 1790.
KNOWLES, Sarah, Darley and KNOWLES, Adam, Matlock, 04 Sep 1782.
KNOWLES, Sarah, Matlock and CARDIN, John, Matlock, 24 Apr 1749.
KNOWLES, Sarah, Matlock and GREGORY, George, Shipley, 06 Jun 1830. L
KNOWLES, Sarah, Matlock and LUDLAM, Thomas, Matlock, 25 Oct 1813. B
KNOWLES, Sarah, Matlock and MOUNT, John, Sheffield, 24 May 1779.
KNOWLES, Sarah, Matlock and WHITE, Stephen, Matlock, 28 Dec 1812.
KNOWLES, Sarah, Matlock and WOODHOUSE, James, Matlock, 25 Mar 1829. B
KNOWLES, Thomas, Matlock and FOX, Ann, Matlock, 10 Sep 1798.
KNOWLES, William, Matlock and KNOWLES, Lydia, Matlock, 20 Jul 1786.
KNOWLES, William, Matlock and STEWARD, Charlotte, Matlock, 10 Jul 1826. B
KNOWLS, Ann, Matlock and WRIGHT, William, Matlock, 16 Apr 1759. (miner; AK 24)
KNOWLS, Grace, Matlock and ALLEN, James, Matlock, 03 Oct 1677.
KURD, James, Matlock and WRIGHT, Elizabeth, Matlock, 27 Jun 1748.