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Matlock St Giles' Church Marriages, 1637 - 1837
Marriages at the Parish Church

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Eight of Matlock church's bells were cast or recast in 1904 Brides and Grooms, Surnames S

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SURNAME of Bride/Groom, Given Name, Residence and Surname of Bride/Groom, Given name, Residence, Marriage Date, Other information, including occupation of groom and age on later entries
SADLER, Mary, Matlock and SKIDMORE, John, Matlock, 18 Oct 1779.
SALMON, Thomas, Matlock and BOAM, Rebecca, Matlock, 10 Apr 1769.
SAMPSON, Magdalen, Chesterfield and HOLLAND, Thomas, Chesterfield, 19 Jul 1724.
SANDERS, George, Wollaton in the county of Nottingham, and EATON, Catherine, Matlock, 26 Nov 1801. (reverend)
SANDYS, William, Matlock and TURNER, Sarah, Matlock, 13 Dec 1802.
SAUNDERS, James, Matlock and WILDGOOSE, Jane, Matlock, 01 Jan 1739.
SAUNDERS, Thomas, Matlock and STEPHENSON, Rebecca, Matlock, 01 Nov 1737. L
SAXEBY, John, Matlock and HOLMES, Mary, Matlock, 31 Jul 1727.
SCARTH, Katherine Margaret, Matlock and FRANKLAND, Frederick William, Matlock, 28 Aug 1822. (remarried)
SCATTERGOOD, Hannah, Matlock and YOUNG, John, Matlock, 08 May 1775.
SCATTERGOOD, Robert, Matlock and KNOULS, Sarah, Matlock, 14 Jun 1655.
SCORER, George, Matlock and WIGLEY, Amy, Tansley, p.Crich, 27 Jan 1823. B (she signs Amey)
SCORER, George, Matlock and WRAGG, Jemima, Matlock, 20 Jan 1777.
SCORER, Jane, Matlock and JAMES, Thomas, Matlock, 01 Nov 1743.
SCORER, Jemima, Matlock and BLOOD, James, Church Broughton, 15 Mar 1837. B
SCORER, Thomas, Matlock and JAMES, Hannah, Matlock, 02 Oct 1746.
SCOTHERN, Elizabeth, Matlock and SHAW, Job, South Wingfield, 20 Sep 1830. B
SCOTHERN, George, Matlock and BRYAN, Jane, Matlock, 11 Jun 1836. B
SCOTHERN, Kendall, Matlock and BARKER, Mary, Matlock, 14 Mar 1836. B
SCRIMSHAW, Lydia, Matlock and SMITH, George, Matlock, 17 Oct 1835. L (GS widr)
SEEDHOUSE, William, Matlock and HALLOWS, Lydia, Matlock, 23 Apr 1826. B
SELLERS, John, Bakewell and GOODWIN, Hannah, Matlock, 19 Oct 1811.
SENIOR, Mary, Matlock and CATTON, Edward, Leeds in the County of York, 28 Jul 1803. L
SEUELL, William, Matlock and STEVENSON, Dorothia, Matlock, 17 May 1661.
SHAKERLEY, Anne, Matlock and BALL, Godfrey, Darley, 01 May 1647.
SHARP, Enoch, St Mary, Nottingham and WALKER, Hannah, Matlock, 05 Jun 1797.
SHARP, John, Matlock and HURSTHOUSE, Ann, Matlock, 04 Jul 1792.
SHAW, Andrew, Matlock and BOLLINGTON, Elizabeth, Matlock, 24 Sep 1792. [BALLINGTON in Phil]
SHAW, Andrew, Matlock and LEEYS, Hannah, Matlock, 26 Dec 1796.
SHAW, Elizabeth, Matlock and BODEN, Thomas, Matlock, 01 Nov 1824. B
SHAW, Elizabeth, Matlock and MOLINARE, John, Matlock, 14 Feb 1726.
SHAW, Francis, Matlock and OATE, Sarah, Matlock, 10 Sep 1798.
SHAW, George, Matlock and MILLINGTON, Mary, Matlock, 13 Sep 1832. L
SHAW, George, Matlock and NEAL, Grace, Matlock, 20 Feb 1837. B
SHAW, George, Matlock and PLATTS, Hannah, Matlock, 05 Aug 1836. B
SHAW, Hannah, Matlock and CARDIN, John, Matlock, 20 Oct 1784.
SHAW, Hannah, Matlock and KNOWLES, Anthony, Matlock, 30 May 1768.
SHAW, James, Matlock and EVINS, Martha, Matlock, 21 Dec 1755. (miner)
SHAW, Job, South Wingfield and SCOTHERN, Elizabeth, Matlock, 20 Sep 1830. B
SHAW, John, Lea, p.Ashover and ELLIOT, Ann, Matlock, 21 Mar 1811.
SHAW, John, Matlock and BARKER, Elizabeth, Matlock, 25 Oct 1790.
SHAW, John, Matlock and DARTHENY, Hannah, Matlock, 25 Apr 1738. L
SHAW, John, Matlock and WATSON, Dorothy, Matlock, 24 Sep 1719.
SHAW, John, Sheffield and WARD, Bathia, Matlock, 14 Sep 1806.
SHAW, Mary, Matlock and BOOM, Hugh, Matlock, 29 Jun 1754 (him Labourer, signed Bowm and Shaws).
SHAW, Mary, Matlock and BRADSHAW, Thomas, Matlock, 23 Sep 1832. B
SHAW, Mary, Matlock and LUDLAM, William, Matlock, 12 Jan 1757. (miner)
SHAW, Mary, Matlock and WIDSON, Humphrey, Matlock, 09 Feb 1684.
SHAW, Mary, Matlock and WRAG, Anthony, Matlock, 24 Jul 1718.
SHAW, Rebecca, Matlock and JOHNSON, William, Matlock, 07 Mar 1796.
SHAW, Samuel, Alfreton and BROOKS, Ann, Matlock, 04 Apr 1770.
SHEAPORD, Frances, Matlock and OXPRING, Jonathan, Matlock, 18 Jul 1694.
SHELDON, Elizabeth, Bonsall Spinster and WHEATCROFT, William, Bach, Matlock, 18 Nov 1834. B
SHELDON, Elizabeth, Matlock and WRAGG, George, Matlock, 24 May 1790.
SHELDON, James, Matlock and BUNTING, Mary, Matlock, 25 Dec 1832. B
SHELDON, James, Matlock and TAYLOR, Ann, Matlock, 01 Oct 1746.
SHELDON, John, Bonsall and HOGGARD, Catherine, Matlock, 01 Apr 1819. B
SHELDON, John, Matlock and BARKER, Mary, Matlock, 03 Oct 1825. B
SHELDON, John, Matlock and MARSHALL, Hannah, Matlock, 29 Aug 1726.
SHELDON, Mary, Matlock and SWIFT, Thomas, Matlock, 24 Dec 1834. B
SHELDON, Matthew, Bonsall and PARKER, Hannah, Matlock, 24 Jul 1820. B
SHELDON, Robert, bach, Edensor and WALKER, Mary, spinster, Matlock, 11 Feb 1828. L
SHELDON, Sarah, Matlock and TAYLOR, Robert, Matlock, 03 Oct 1829. B
SHELDON, William, Matlock and GREENHOUGH, Susannah, Matlock, 15 Sep 1784.
SHELLS, Ann, Matlock and HIND, Thomas, Clowne, 24 Oct 1829. B
SHEMELT, Nicolas, Matlock and BOWNE, Anne, Matlock, 13 Jan 1661.
SHENTALL, Mary, Chesterfield and MERCER, Godfrey, Chesterfield, 18 Jun 1723.
SHEPHERD, Henry, Wirksworth and BOTHAM, Mary, Matlock, 11 Nov 1767. (HS 27, MB 20+) L
SHEPPARD, Samuel, Matlock and HURD, Sarah, Matlock, 26 Nov 1821. B
SHERLOCK, Richard, Matlock and BLAND, Ann, Matlock, 12 Apr 1784.
SHIMELL, Elizabeth, Matlock and CARLINE, Jacob, Matlock, 10 Dec 1779.( JC aged 21 [she signs SHIMELL, but entered as SIMELL in Phil] ) L
SHIMMEL, xx??, Matlock and PENNISTON, William, Matlock, 24 Nov 1743.
SHIMMELL, Elizabeth, Matlock and TEARSDALE, John, Matlock, 05 Mar 1732.
SHIPLEY, Charles, Ashbourne and WHEATCROFT, Ann, Matlock, 29 Jul 1830. L
SHIPLEY, Joseph, All Saints, Derby and LEVICK, Elizabeth, Matlock, 07 Sep 1807. L
SHIPMAN, William, Matlock and PEARSON, Mary, Matlock, 31 Jul 1810.
SHORE, Betty, Matlock and LOVATT, William, Manchester, 22 Apr 1793. L
SHORE, James, Matlock and HARDWICKE, Elizabeth, Matlock, 22 Apr 1787. L
SHORE, Jane, Matlock and DAKEIN, William, Darley, 17 Aug 1710.
SHORE, Mary, Matlock and BRACE, Thomas, Wirksworth, 14 Jan 1793. L
SHORE, William, Ecclesall, YKS and EVANS, Mary, Matlock, 26 Nov 1792. L
SHRIGLEY, Catherine, Matlock and TURNOR, Robert, Matlock, 02 Dec 1638.
SIDDAL, Ellen, Wirksworth and HITCHCOCK, Thomas, Matlock, 27 Dec 1829. B
SIDDAL, Mary, Matlock and SIDDAL, Richard, Matlock, 29 Dec 1801.
SIDDAL, Richard, Matlock and SIDDAL, Mary, Matlock, 29 Dec 1801.
SIDDON, Francis, Alfreton and WATTS, Jane, Matlock, 14 Jun 1779.
SILKSTON, Joana, Matlock and ASSELL, Edward, Marston, 13 Feb 1711.
SILKSTON, John, Matlock and BOMFORD, Ruth, Wirksworth, 06 Nov 1725.
SILKSTON, John, Matlock and MARTIN, Clemens, Matlock, 29 Aug 1692.
SILKSTON, Roger, Matlock and SPOONER, Grace, Matlock, 28 Oct 1668.
SILKSTON, William, Matlock and WARD, Mary, Matlock, 25 Apr 1691.
SILKSTON, William, Matlock and WILDE, Mary, Matlock, 09 Feb 1703.
SILKSTONE, Ann, Matlock and BOTHAM, Thomas, Matlock, 09 Sep 1728.
SILKSTONE, Ann, Matlock and CLEWS, Samuel, Rushen, STF, 23 Nov 1723.
SIM, Charles, Wirksworth and WARDE, Sarah, Matlock, 24 Jun 1709.
SIM, Henry, Bonsall and DOD, Harriet, Matlock, 04 Aug 1829 L (both 21).
SIMPSON [SIMPTON], Mary, Matlock and MORLEY, William, Matlock, 11 Sep 1737. L
SIMPSON, Ann, Matlock and ROPER, Thomas, Matlock, 22 Feb 1830. B
SIMPSON, Bernard, Matlock and FORD, Ann, Matlock, 26 Jun 1826. B
SIMPSON, Esther, Matlock and WOODWARD, Adam, Matlock, 21 Feb 1809.
SIMPSON, Mary, Matlock and BOLLINGTON, William, Matlock, 17 Oct 1747. [BALLINGTON in Phil]
SIMPSON, Mary, Matlock and SMITH, William, Matlock, 24 Apr 1738. L
SIMPSON, Peter, Matlock and ELLOT, Hannah, Matlock, 24 Mar 1748.
SIMPSON, Sarah, Matlock and BUNTING, William, Matlock, 31 Dec 1746.
SIMPSON, Sarah, Matlock and REEDS, Joseph, Matlock, 14 Sep 1808.
SIMPSON, William, Matlock and STATHAM, Mary, Matlock, 13 Dec 1719. [mar by lic, which shows WS was of Wirksworth]
SIMS, Sarah, Matlock and GRUNDY, Anthony, Morley, 29 May 1806. L
SIMSON, Elizabeth, Matlock and DUTON, James, Chesterfield, 21 Feb 1660.
SIMSON, Simon, Crich and FLINT, Eleanor, Matlock, 19 Jun 1763 (farmer) L (PR says Simpson, Lic records him as Simson, though he signs Simpso. Of Crich. Him Widower, Farmer, aged 38+).
SIMSON, William, Bonsall and NEWTON, Mary, Bonsall, 19 Oct 1725.
SKIDMORE, Catherine, Matlock and BROUGH, John Bennet, Macclesfield p. Prestbury, 15 Jan 1835. L
SKIDMORE, John, Matlock and BODEN, Elizabeth, Matlock, 14 Oct 1805. L (Him hosier, 21+, bach. Her spinster 21+).
SKIDMORE, John, Matlock and SADLER, Mary, Matlock, 18 Oct 1779.
SKIDMORE, Samuel, Matlock and ANNABLE, Elizabeth, Wirksworth, 20 Jan 1800 L (him frameworkknitter, 21+. Her of Wirksworth, 21+).
SLACK, Ann, Matlock and BRADLEY, Elijah, Matlock, 19 Apr 1748.
SLACK, Edward, Wirksworth and KNOWLES, Martha, Matlock, 18 Jan 1837. L
SLACK, Isaac, Matlock and PEARSON, Susanna, Matlock, 08 Apr 1766.
SLACK, James, Matlock and WALKER, Elizabeth, Matlock, 31 Mar 1783.
SLACK, Peter, Matlock and NEAL, Elizabeth, Matlock, 14 Nov 1785.
SLACK, Sarah, Matlock and BARK, Aaron, Matlock, 19 Apr 1756. (miner; wid and widr)
SLACK, William, St Peters, Derby and BARKER, Ann, Matlock, 24 Oct 1825. B
SLATER, Ann, Matlock and WAIN, Abraham, Matlock, 15 May 1780.
SLATER, Ann, Matlock and WILLAT, John, Matlock, 10 Aug 1767.
SLATER, Edward, Burton and HUCKTON, Rachel, Matlock, 16 Apr 1786. L
SLATER, Elizabeth, Matlock and WAGSTAFF, Anthony, Matlock, 19 Apr 1676.
SLATER, Elizabeth, Matlock and WRAGG, Joseph, Matlock, 09 Sep 1771.
SLATER, Francis, Matlock and JEPSON, Sarah, Tansley, p.Crich, 23 Nov 1812.
SLATER, Hellen, Wirksworth and BURTON, Edward, Chesterfield, 07 Mar 1743.
SLATER, Job, Matlock and OATS, Ann, Matlock, 25 Dec 1822. B
SLATER, John, Matlock and BOWN, Elizabeth, Matlock, 26 Sep 1813. B (con)
SLATER, John, Matlock and BUNTING, Ann, Matlock, 23 May 1836. B
SLATER, John, Matlock and SMITH, Pamela, Matlock, 13 Oct 1783.
SLATER, Mary, Matlock and BURTON, William, Alfreton, 27 Aug 1822. B
SLATER, Mary, Matlock and GREEN, John, Matlock, 11 Sep 1775.
SLATER, Mary, Matlock and HURSTHOUSE, Samuel, Matlock, 20 Jan 1823. B
SLATER, Samuel, Matlock and WARD, Elizabeth, Matlock, 03 Jun 1747.
SLATER, William, Matlock and COOK, Hannah, Crich, 25 Dec 1830. B
SLECKS, John, Matlock and PARKER, Martha, Matlock, 10 Jun 1750.
SLIGH, Christiana, Matlock and WHARTON, Christopher, Matlock, 03 Nov 1803.
SLINN, Cornelius, Ashover and TWIGG, Ann, Matlock, 29 Jan 1783.
SMEDLEY, Ann, Matlock and PEARSON, James, Matlock, 02 Nov 1807.
SMEDLEY, Elizabeth, Matlock and ALSOP, Samuel, Matlock, 05 May 1751.
SMEDLEY, Elizabeth, Matlock and WALKER, John, Wirksworth, 11 Sep 1809.
SMEDLEY, George, Ashover and MACKDONALD, Sarah, Matlock, 20 Dec 1814. B
SMEDLEY, Henry, Bonsall and BODEN, Sarah, Matlock, 19 Jan 1826. B
SMEDLEY, Isaac, Matlock and GREENHOUGH, Dorothy, Matlock, 10 Nov 1763.
SMEDLEY, John, Ashover and ELLIS, Hannah, Matlock, 21 May 1822. B
SMEDLEY, John, Darley and WRAGG, Ellen, Darley, 28 Apr 1810 L (him petrifactioner, both 21+).
SMEDLEY, John, Matlock and RAWSON, Dorothy, Wirksworth, 22 Oct 1783. L
SMEDLEY, Lydia, Matlock and MARSHALL, Thomas, Hope, 06 Nov 1765.
SMEDLEY, Mary Ann, Matlock and HOULGATE, John, Leeds, 30 May 1822 L (him butcher, aged 21+, her 19 and married with consent of father Peter Smedley petrifactioner).
SMEDLEY, Mary, Matlock and BODEN, William, Matlock, 08 Jun 1755 (miner) (her name written several times without the 2nd e in SMEDLEY).
SMEDLEY, Peter, Matlock and MARTIN, Alice, Matlock, 26 Apr 1812 L (him petrifactioner, widower and widow, both 21+).
SMEDLEY, Sarah, Matlock and TURNER, Thomas, Greasley, NTT, 01 Sep 1835. L
SMEDLEY, Thomas, Ashover and FENTOM, Mary, Matlock, 19 Oct 1829. B
SMEDLEY, Thomas, Matlock and HODGKINSON, Jane, Matlock, 19 Dec 1814. B
SMEDLEY, William, Matlock and PEARSON, Ann, Matlock, 04 May 1773.
SMETLEY, Isaac, Matlock and OKELEY, Mary, Matlock, 02 May 1720.
SMITH, Alice, Matlock and KNOWLE, Henry, Matlock, 15 Sep 1800 (she signed Ales).
SMITH, Ann, Crich and JOHNSON, Joshua, Matlock, 10 Dec 1783.
SMITH, Ann, Matlock and STONE, John, Sheffield, 11 Apr 1831. B
SMITH, Ann, Matlock and YOUNG, Thomas, Matlock, 03 Jul 1797.
SMITH, Betty, Matlock and TAYLOR, Joseph, Glossop, 22 May 1788.
SMITH, Catherine, Matlock and ROBINSON, George, Matlock, 25 Jun 1807.
SMITH, Elizabeth, Crich and WILDGOOSE, Lawrance, Matlock, 16 Sep 1782.
SMITH, Elizabeth, Matlock and FOX, Edmund, Matlock, 30 Nov 1714.
SMITH, Elizabeth, Matlock and HODGKINSON, Joseph, Matlock, 08 Sep 1834. L
SMITH, Elizabeth, Matlock and STANNIFORTH, James, St Alkmunds, Derby, 16 Oct 1824. L
SMITH, Elizabeth, Matlock and WASS, Nathan, Matlock, 20 Dec 1779 L (him baker, both 21+).
SMITH, George, Crich and HODGKINSON, Elizabeth, Matlock, 22 Apr 1777. L
SMITH, George, Matlock and DERBYSHIRE, Rachael, Matlock, 02 Jul 1836. L
SMITH, George, Matlock and KING, Sarah, Matlock, 27 Jul 1807.
SMITH, George, Matlock and SCRIMSHAW, Lydia, Matlock, 17 Oct 1835. L (GS widr)
SMITH, Hannah, Matlock and HURSTHOUSE, Francis, Matlock, 06 Jun 1785.
SMITH, Hannah, Matlock and MARTING, George, Matlock, 23 Dec 1793.
SMITH, Hannah, Matlock and TWIGG, William, Matlock, 08 Nov 1813. B (consent of parents and guardians)
SMITH, James, Ashover and WESSON, Jane, Matlock, 17 Apr 1770.
SMITH, James, Matlock and HOLMES, Lydia, Matlock, 19 Dec 1759.( gardener; LH 24)
SMITH, Jane, Matlock and WRAGG, Dennis, Matlock, 23 Apr 1764. (miner)
SMITH, Job, Matlock and ROWSON, Rachael, Matlock, 20 Jun 1791.
SMITH, John, Darley and REDFERN, Lydia, Matlock, 07 Feb 1836. B
SMITH, John, Matlock and ALIN, Anne, Ashover, 04 Jun 1647.
SMITH, John, Matlock and ASBURY, Sarah, Matlock, 03 Jul 1727.
SMITH, John, Matlock and BUNTING, Alice, Matlock, 16 Jun 1681.
SMITH, John, Matlock and WALKER, Ann, Matlock, 31 Jul 1755. (22 and 21, him gardener).
SMITH, Joseph Bartley, Matlock and WRIGHT, Mary, Matlock, 25 Apr 1836. B
SMITH, Joseph, Ashover and LEE, Sarah, Matlock, 15 Apr 1824. B
SMITH, Joseph, Matlock and BLAND, Sarah, Matlock, 03 Jun 1822. B
SMITH, Joseph, Matlock and WESTON, Ann, Matlock, 28 Apr 1828. B
SMITH, Lydia, Matlock and HAWLEY, George, Matlock, 23 Dec 1813. B (con)
SMITH, Martha, Matlock and STORROW, George, Matlock, 26 Apr 1802.
SMITH, Mary, Ellison and POISER, William, Matlock, 03 Mar 1725.
SMITH, Mary, Matlock and COYNEY, Edward, Alton, STF, 16 Feb 1768. (EC 45, MS 27) L
SMITH, Mary, Matlock and CROWDER, William, Matlock, 20 Apr 1801.
SMITH, Mary, Matlock and HODGKINSON, Wigley Haywood, Bakewell, 15 Oct 1823. L
SMITH, Obadiah, Matlock and WARD, Elizabeth, Matlock, 03 Jan 1814. B
SMITH, Pamela, Matlock and SLATER, John, Matlock, 13 Oct 1783.
SMITH, Paul, Matlock and HODGKINSON, Anne, Matlock, 16 Sep 1833. B
SMITH, Richard, Matlock and LARARD, Tace Coate, Matlock, 01 Oct 1792.
SMITH, Robert, Matlock and MARROT, Jane, Matlock, 22 Mar 1730.
SMITH, Samuel, Matlock and ALSOP, Mary, Wirksworth, 21 Oct 1822. B
SMITH, Samuel, Matlock and BUCKLEY, Ruth, Matlock, 13 Apr 1789. L
SMITH, Samuel, Matlock and RIGGOTT, Fanny, Matlock, 12 Sep 1827. B
SMITH, Samuel, Matlock and WILDGOOSE, Mary, Matlock, 05 Oct 1830. B
SMITH, Samuel, Matlock and WRIGHT, Ann, Darley, 27 Oct 1756. (gardener)
SMITH, Samuel, Youlgreave and FLINT, Lydia, Matlock, 31 Mar 1766.
SMITH, Sarah, Matlock and GARLICK, John, Hathersage, 27 Oct 1778. (SS aged 19, con) L
SMITH, Sarah, Matlock and WRAGG, John, Matlock, 10 Oct 1825. B
SMITH, Thomas, All Saints, Derby and HODGKINSON, Sarah, Matlock, 21 Apr 1800. L
SMITH, William, Matlock and FLINT, Mary, Matlock, 30 May 1757. (mason, MF 22)
SMITH, William, Matlock and KNOWLES, Mary, Matlock, 15 Nov 1802.
SMITH, William, Matlock and RICHARDS, Elizabeth, Matlock, 17 Jul 1677.
SMITH, William, Matlock and SIMPSON, Mary, Matlock, 24 Apr 1738. L
SMITH, William, Matlock and WAGSTAFF, Ann, Matlock, 10 Aug 1741.
SMITH, William, Matlock and WALKER, Ann, Matlock, 20 Oct 1778. (con) L
SMITH, William, Matlock and WATSON, Sarah, Matlock, 11 Feb 1748.
SMITH, William, Youlgreave and SPENCER, Phoebe, Matlock, 28 May 1833. L
SMITH, William, Youlgreave and WALKER, Susanna, Matlock, 01 Sep 1801. L
SMITHURST, Elizabeth, Matlock and PARKS, William, Matlock, 25 Dec 1826. B
SMITHURST, Elizabeth, Matlock and YOUNG, Benjamin, Darley, 13 Jun 1804. L
SMYTH, John, Uttoxeter and STENTON, Eliza, Matlock, 25 Nov 1814. L
SNEATH, George, Matlock and WILLIMOT, Sarah, Matlock, 02 Feb 1818. B
SOMERSET, John, Darley and BARKER, Ann, Matlock, 22 Jun 1806.
SOWTER, Ann, Matlock and GREGORY, George, Banner Cross, YKS, 15 May 1797. L
SOWTER, Charles, Ashbourne and MASSEY, Sarah, Matlock, 13 Sep 1803. L
SOWTER, Elizabeth, Matlock and KNOWLES, Adam, Tansley, 02 Dec 1702.
SOWTER, Ellen, Matlock and ELLIS, George, North Wingfield, 15 Dec 1802.
SOWTER, George, Matlock and WALL, Mary, Matlock, 01 Feb 1757.
SOWTER, Hannah, Matlock and KIRKLAND, John, Matlock, 28 Dec 1775. l
SOWTER, John, Matlock and BOWNE, Elizabeth, Matlock, 03 Jan 1776. L
SOWTER, Mary, Matlock and HAYNES, George, Matlock, 25 Feb 1827. L
SOWTER, Sarah, Matlock and JEBSON, Jonathan, Cromford, 04 Nov 1776.
SPENCER, Agnes, Matlock and FRITH, Richard, Pleasley, 24 Jul 1643.
SPENCER, Ann, spinster, Matlock and DAVENPORT, Job, p. Scarcliffe X 01 May 1754 (him husbandman, consent of parents).
SPENCER, Ann, Matlock and GREGORY, John, Matlock, 25 Jun 1798.
SPENCER, Anthony, Matlock and ELLOT, Elizabeth, Matlock, 26 Apr 1744.
SPENCER, Benjamin, Wirksworth and BALL, Hannah, Youlgeave, 19 Sep 1723.
SPENCER, Dorothy, Matlock and WALMSLEY, Ralph, Matlock, 12 Jun 1722.
SPENCER, Elizabeth, Matlock and COOPER, Robert, Matlock, 09 Feb 1728.
SPENCER, Elizabeth, Matlock and NUTTALL, George, Matlock, 04 Apr 1763. (miner, SE 23)
SPENCER, Elizabeth, Matlock and WALKER, Henry, Matlock, 08 Sep 1647.
SPENCER, Griffin, Alfreton and KENDAL, Mary, Matlock, 25 Jun 1811. G
SPENCER, Hannah, Matlock and BOTHAM, John, Matlock, 11 Sep 1786.
SPENCER, Hannah, Matlock and REDFEARN, Peter, Matlock, 02 Jan 1769.
SPENCER, Jane, Matlock and BOWNE, William, Matlock, 03 Jan 1677.
SPENCER, Job, Matlock and BUCKLEY, Mary, Matlock, 13 Jun 1797.
SPENCER, John, Matlock and KNOWLES, Frances, Matlock, 16 Sep 1828. B
SPENCER, John, Matlock and STALEY, Felicia, Matlock, 27 Jun 1681.
SPENCER, Joseph, Matlock and ELLIOT, Grace, Matlock, 27 Jun 1811.
SPENCER, Martha, Ashover and WILDGOOSE, James, Matlock, 16 Jan 1766.
SPENCER, Mary, Matlock and CRESCIT, William, Matlock, 31 May 1730.
SPENCER, Mary, Matlock and MARTIN, Thomas, Matlock, 09 Apr 1687.
SPENCER, Mary, Matlock and TAYLOR, John, Matlock, 25 Oct 1797.
SPENCER, Mary, Wirksworth and PEARSON, Henry, Matlock, 28 Aug 1758. (woolcomber)
SPENCER, Phoebe, Matlock and SMITH, William, Youlgreave, 28 May 1833. L
SPENCER, Prudence, Wirksworth and CARDING, John, Matlock, 23 Dec 1773.
SPENCER, Robert, Matlock and STORER, Mary, Matlock, 11 Jun 1731.
SPENCER, Sarah, Matlock and FENTEM, Amos, Youlgreave, 14 Sep 1807.
SPENCER, Thomas, Middleton and BRADSHAW, Vinah, Matlock, 16 Dec 1816. B
SPENCER, Timothy, Matlock and BUCKSTONE, Mary, Matlock, 18 Nov 1765.
SPENCER, Timothy, Matlock and WALTON, Jane, Matlock, 01 May 1832. L
SPENCER, William, Middleton-by-Wirksworth and BUCKLEY, Martha, Matlock, 28 Dec 1809.
SPENSER, Ann, Matlock and FLIXON, John, Bonsall, 03 Jul 1700.
SPENSER, Grace, Wirksworth and BUCKLE, George, Matlock, 24 Jan 1760. (miner; GS 22)
SPICER, James, St. Stephen, Coleman Street itco London and LUDLAM, Ann, Matlock, 04 Jun 1811. L
SPOONER, Grace, Matlock and SILKSTON, Roger, Matlock, 28 Oct 1668.
SPOONER, Hannah, Nottingham and COOK, Joseph, Matlock, 31 Dec 1812.
SPOONER, John, Matlock and COATES, Margaret, Matlock, 24 Jun 1696.
SPRINGTHORPE, Aaron, bach, from Scarthin Nick and WHEATCROFT, Bessy, 3 Aug 1837 (his f William, her f Job Sheldon).
STAFFORD, Hannah, Matlock and ELLIS, William, Matlock, 30 Jul 1797.
STAFFORD, Theophila, Matlock and SWIFT, Charles, Matlock, 25 Dec 1830. B
STALEY, Felicia, Matlock and SPENCER, John, Matlock, 27 Jun 1681.
STALEY, Jane, Matlock and KING, Joseph, Matlock, 21 Apr 1766.
STALEY, John, Matlock and OWINS, Alice, Matlock, 07 Jun 1784.
STALLEY, Martha, Youlgreave and BLACKWALL, Cornelius, Youlgreave, 11 Dec 1728.
STANDALE, William, Chesterfield and WALKER, Sarah, Matlock, 10 Feb 1834. L
STANLEY, John, Matlock and CADMAN, Mary, Matlock, 27 Nov 1735. L
STANNIFORTH, James, St Alkmunds, Derby and SMITH, Elizabeth, Matlock, 16 Oct 1824. L
STATHAM, Ann, Matlock and FOX, William, Matlock, 24 May 1813. B
STATHAM, Elizabeth, Matlock and FOX, Joseph, Matlock, 20 Aug 1804.
STATHAM, Elizabeth, Matlock and KINDER, Ralph, Cromford, 18 Feb 1828. B
STATHAM, Hannah, Matlock and WRIGHT, Roger, Matlock, 04 Aug 1800.
STATHAM, Isaac, Matlock and GREGORY, Mabel, Matlock, 16 Sep 1794.
STATHAM, John, Matlock and CARLINE, Sarah, Matlock, 26 Dec 1808.
STATHAM, John, Matlock and STATHAM, Mary, Matlock, 17 Jun 1833. B
STATHAM, Joshua, Matlock and FOX, Hannah, Matlock, 13 Sep 1802.
STATHAM, Joshua, Matlock and WEBSTER, Sarah, Matlock, 26 Jun 1826. B
STATHAM, Mary, Matlock and GREGORY, George, Matlock, 18 Jan 1836. B
STATHAM, Mary, Matlock and SIMPSON, William, Matlock, 13 Dec 1719. [mar by lic, which shows WS was of Wirksworth]
STATHAM, Mary, Matlock and STATHAM, John, Matlock, 17 Jun 1833. B
STATHAM, Samuel, Matlock and GREGORY, Sarah, Matlock, 25 May 1835. B
STATHAM, Samuel, Matlock and TRICKETT, Sarah, Matlock, 16 Oct 1823. B
STATHAM, Sarah, Matlock and GREGORY, John, Matlock, 28 Mar 1808.
STATHAM, Sarah, Matlock and HOLMES, William, Wirksworth, 24 Nov 1811. L
STATHAM, Solomon, Matlock and WRIGHT, Anne, Matlock, 31 Mar 1834. L
STATHAM, William, Matlock and DAFFIN, Hannah, Matlock, 28 May 1822. B
STATON, Elizabeth, Matlock and BOWLER, Robert, Matlock, 10 Jun 1683.
STAVELEY, Ralph, Tideswell and WALKER, Sarah, Matlock, 01 Jan 1779. (RS 21; SW 19, con) L
STAVELEY, Thomas, Elton and BATEMAN, Mary, Winster, 08 Jul 1734.
STAVELY, Sarah, Matlock and BRITLAND, Joseph, Cromford, 15 Mar 1808.
STEAR, Anne, Heehedge and BRADACK, Richard, Matlock, 03 Jun 1647.
STEAR, Mary, Matlock and HEATH, William, Matlock, 12 Aug 1649.
STEEPLE, William, Bonsall and MATHER, Ann, Matlock, 24 Jan 1803. L
STEER, Ann, Bonsall and WRAGG, William, Bonsall, 11 Feb 1731.
STENTON, Eliza, Matlock and SMYTH, John, Uttoxeter, 25 Nov 1814. L
STEPHENSON, James, Darley and REDFEARN, Mary, Matlock, 04 Apr 1774.
STEPHENSON, Rebecca, Matlock and SAUNDERS, Thomas, Matlock, 01 Nov 1737. L
STERLAND, Samuel, Duffield and WILDSMITH, Mary, Matlock, 26 Jun 1809. L
STEVENSON, Bethia, Matlock and TURNER, Anthony, Matlock, 10 Sep 1827. B
STEVENSON, Dorothia, Matlock and SEUELL, William, Matlock, 17 May 1661.
STEVENSON, Elizabeth, Darley and BOWN, James, Matlock, 01 Mar 1764. (clockmaker)
STEVENSON, Isabel, Matlock and TURNER, William, Matlock, 28 May 1653.
STEVENSON, John, Matlock and CARLINE, Charlotte, Matlock, 13 Oct 1834. B
STEWARD, Charlotte, Matlock and KNOWLES, William, Matlock, 10 Jul 1826. B
STIRLING, Hannah, Matlock and FROGATT, Thomas, Hathersage, 25 Jan 1781.
STONE, Edward, Matlock and WOOLLANS, Elizabeth, Matlock, 13 Jan 1717.
STONE, Esther, Matlock and ELLIOT, Nehemiah, Matlock, 24 Oct 1786.
STONE, Hannah, Matlock and TOMISON, George, Matlock, 06 Apr 1789.
STONE, Isabella, Matlock and DARBYSHIRE, Thomas, Matlock, 23 Aug 1709.
STONE, James, Matlock and PEARSON, Ann, Matlock, 11 Dec 1783.
STONE, Jane, Matlock and HENSTOCK, Peter, Matlock, 23 Oct 1820. B
STONE, John, Matlock and GREATOREX, Sarah, Matlock, 21 May 1836. B
STONE, John, Matlock and ROOSE, Hannah, Matlock, 27 Nov 1732.
STONE, John, Matlock and TAYLOR, Elizabeth, Matlock, 22 Dec 1731.
STONE, John, Sheffield and SMITH, Ann, Matlock, 11 Apr 1831. B
STONE, John, Winster and WALKER, Mary, Matlock, 23 Jul 1770.
STONE, Joseph, Matlock and BETTS, Esther, Matlock, 12 Sep 1781.
STONE, Mary, Matlock and CARLINE, Joseph, Matlock, 13 Oct 1827. L
STONE, Mary, Matlock and WOODHOUSE, Anthony, Matlock, 31 Oct 1754 (miner; MS aged 22) L (Marriage recorded in the 1854 entries, with correct year, and licence confirms the 1764 date. William Stone bride's father who gave consent).
STONE, Sarah, Matlock and YOUNG, Charles, Matlock, 22 Dec 1828. B
STONE, William, Matlock and ALSOP, Catherine, Matlock, 29 Aug 1812. L
STONE, William, Matlock and BODEN, Mary, Matlock, 09 Feb 1775. L (Him joiner, 25+, bach. Her spinster, 25+.).
STONE, William, Matlock and YOUNG, Mary, Matlock, 22 Jun 1738.
STOPPARD, Hannah and HURD Daniel, 2 Nov 1837. Him bach (his f Daniel, her f Aaron).
STORER, Adam, Matlock and WRAGG, Hannah, Matlock, 12 Jun 1735.
STORER, Alice, Matlock and WALKDEN, William, Matlock, 18 Feb 1836. B (WW widr)
STORER, Elizabeth, Matlock and HAWLEY, Samuel, Wirksworth, 16 Sep 1790.
STORER, Elizabeth, Matlock and WOODWIS, John, Matlock, 25 Aug 1743.
STORER, George, Wirksworth and WALKER, Sarah, Matlock, 30 May 1776.
STORER, Hannah, Matlock and BODEN, William, Matlock, 18 Feb 1827. B
STORER, Hannah, Matlock and REEDS, Joshua, Matlock, 18 Oct 1732.
STORER, John, Crich and ALSOP, Hannah, Matlock, 11 Aug 1766.
STORER, Joshua, Matlock and ALSOP, Mary, Matlock, 04 Nov 1762. (labourer)
STORER, Mary, Matlock and SPENCER, Robert, Matlock, 11 Jun 1731.
STORER, Sarah, Matlock and HALL, John, Matlock, 06 Jan 1738.
STORER, Sarah, Matlock and SWIFT, John, Matlock, 10 Jun 1813. L
STORER, Sarah, Wirksworth and BRADLEY, George, Matlock, 02 Nov 1772.
STOREY, John, Matlock and ROTHERHAM, Ann, Matlock, 03 Sep 1734.
STOROW, John, Wirksworth and KILHARE, Elizabeth, Matlock, 20 Jul 1702.
STORROW, George, Matlock and SMITH, Martha, Matlock, 26 Apr 1802.
STRANGE, Anthony, Matlock and NAUL, Mary, Matlock, 12 Sep 1836. B
STRANGE, Elizabeth, Matlock and FLINT, Robert, Wirksworth, 11 Feb 1731.
STRANGE, Thomas, Critch and HOLE, Sarah, Matlock, 12 Aug 1826. B
STRAW, Lydia, Matlock and BOWNE, Anthony, Matlock, 19 Sep 1724.
STREET, Ann, Matlock and WEBSTER, John, Matlock, 01 Feb 1836. B
STREET, Anthony, Matlock and HILL, Ann, Matlock, 20 Nov 1745.
STREET, Hannah, Matlock and LEES, Thomas, Matlock, 18 Dec 1744.
STREET, Martha, Matlock and GREATOREX, Nathan, Matlock, 21 May 1720.
STREET, Mary, Matlock and HIGGIT, Thomas, Matlock, 06 Jun 1750.
STREET, William, Matlock and WRAGG, Rosamund, Matlock, 06 Jul 1720.
STREET, William, Wirksworth and WHILD, Hannah, Matlock, 29 Apr 1806.
STRINGFELLOW, Dolly, Matlock and BRADLEY, James, Matlock, 23 Feb 1786.
STRINGFELLOW, John, Matlock and LUDLOW, Elizabeth, Matlock, 05 Jun 1781.
STRINGFELLOW, Mary, Matlock and PEACH, William, Matlock, 11 Sep 1775.
STRONG, Samuel, Walton and ALSOP, Hannah, Matlock, 30 Aug 1770.
STRUT, William, Matlock and HOLBROOK, Hannah, Matlock, 31 May 1738. L
STUART, Dinah, Matlock and PEARSON, Cornelius, Matlock, 15 Jul 1744.
STUBBING, Godfrey, Matlock and WATKINSON, Eliz., Matlock, 23 Feb 1693. (Mrs xxxxxx)
STUBBING, Samuel, Tansley, p.Crich and MELLOR, Mary, Matlock, 09 Sep 1772.
STUBBING, Sarah, Matlock and GRATTON, Thomas, Wingerworth, 09 Dec 1818. L
STUBING, Mary, Brampton and WEBSTER, Godfrey, Chesterfield, 09 Jun 1713.
STURGESS, John, Matlock and MARTIN, Ann, Matlock, 19 Apr 1784.
STURGUS, Ralph, Bakewell and CARDIN, Sarah, Matlock, 28 Jan 1784.
SUMMERS, Ann, Matlock and HUDSON, James, Matlock, 29 Oct 1800.
SUMMERS, John, Wirksworth and BRUCKFIELD, Hannah, Matlock, 21 Sep 1704.
SUTTLE, Christopher, Wakefield and WRIGHT, Ann, Matlock, 24 Sep 1794. L
SUTTON, Thomas, Matlock and COTTES, Rebeckah, Matlock, 30 Apr 1683.
SWIFT, Anne, Matlock and MOORE, Joseph, Wirksworth, 11 Nov 1832. B
SWIFT, Anthony, Matlock and BERRISFORD, Deborah, Matlock, 27 Nov 1830. B
SWIFT, Catherine, Matlock and BODEN, Anthony, Matlock, 15 Oct 1733.
SWIFT, Charles, Matlock and COOPER, Grace, Matlock, 31 Dec 1789.
SWIFT, Charles, Matlock and PEARSON, Hannah, Matlock, 28 Jun 1807.
SWIFT, Charles, Matlock and PILKIN, Elizabeth, Darley, 07 Feb 1726.
SWIFT, Charles, Matlock and STAFFORD, Theophila, Matlock, 25 Dec 1830. B
SWIFT, Charles, Matlock and WESTON, Phoebe, Matlock, 20 Feb 1836. B
SWIFT, Elizabeth, Matlock and WRIGHT, Frederick, Matlock, 12 Sep 1836. B
SWIFT, Hellen, X, spinster, Matlock and FROST, William, p. Wirkworth, batchelor and miner, 19 Feb 1755 (Hellin in Banns but signed Hellen).
SWIFT, James, Wirksworth and WRIGHT, Martha, Matlock, 23 Dec 1822. B
SWIFT, John, Matlock and BALINGTON, Mary, Matlock, 04 Mar 1703.
SWIFT, John, Matlock and LARAD, Sarah, Matlock, 27 Sep 1787. (alias Lord) L (lic both 21+, Larad is on lic).
SWIFT, John, Matlock and STORER, Sarah, Matlock, 10 Jun 1813. L
SWIFT, Joshua, Matlock and YOUNG, Mary, Matlock, 27 Jan 1823. B
SWIFT, Martha, Matlock and WARDMAN, John, Matlock, 14 Oct 1745.
SWIFT, Mary, Chesterfield and TURNER, Edward, N Wingfield, 26 Oct 1726.
SWIFT, Millicent , Matlock and GREGORY, John, Wirksworth, 06 Aug 1704.
SWIFT, Rebecca, Matlock and FREARSON, James, Matlock, 14 Dec 1752.
SWIFT, Sarah, Matlock and BODEN, Abel, Matlock, 26 May 1762 (him miner).
SWIFT, Sarah, Matlock and BUNTING, Henry, Matlock, 10 Jul 1675.
SWIFT, Sarah, Matlock and WALKER, John, Matlock, 12 Sep 1785.
SWIFT, Sarah, Matlock and YOUNG, John, Matlock, 16 Mar 1817. B
SWIFT, Susanna, Matlock and AMETT, George, Matlock, 15 Jul 1691.
SWIFT, Thomas, Matlock and BLACKWELL, Sarah, Matlock, 24 Oct 1758.
SWIFT, Thomas, Matlock and SHELDON, Mary, Matlock, 24 Dec 1834. B
SWIFT, Thomas, Matlock and WRIGHT, Hannah, Matlock, 21 Dec 1810.
SWIFTS, Elizabeth, Matlock and NEEDHAM, Stephen, Matlock, 25 Feb 1799.
SWINSCOT, Grace, Matlock and JACKSON, William, Matlock, 24 Aug 1788.
SWINSCOT, Rebecca, Matlock and JONES, Henry, Matlock, 21 Apr 1794.
SWINSCOTE, Hannah, Matlock and WORTHY, Samuel, Ashover, 19 Jan 1817. B
SWINSCOW, Elizabeth, Wirksworth and BROCKLEHURST, John, Matlock, 29 Dec 1817. B
SYMPSON, Elisabeth, Matlock and BLAND, Samuel, Matlock, 11 Jul 1759. (lab; ES 27)