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Matlock St Giles' Church Marriages, 1637 - 1837
Marriages at the Parish Church

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Eight of Matlock church's bells were cast or recast in 1904 Brides and Grooms, Surnames T

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SURNAME of Bride/Groom, Given Name, Residence and Surname of Bride/Groom, Given name, Residence, Marriage Date, Other information, including occupation of groom and age on later entries
TALLANDS, Robert, Matlock and TAYLOR, Hannah, Matlock, 09 Dec 1733.
TARRANT, Thomas, Matlock and ABBOT, Ann, Matlock, 16 Jan 1732.
TATLOCK, Eleanor, Matlock and WILSON, John, Matlock, 06 Dec 1814. L
TAYLER, Thomas, Matlock and KARNEL, Eliz., Matlock, 10 Oct 1694. (xxxxxxxxx)
TAYLOR, Adam, Matlock and ALCROFT, Elizabeth, Matlock, 17 Nov 1687.
TAYLOR, Ann, Matlock and ASHMOOR, Richard, Matlock, 22 Jun 1714.
TAYLOR, Ann, Matlock and SHELDON, James, Matlock, 01 Oct 1746.
TAYLOR, Ann, Winster and KNOWLES, Henry, Matlock, 13 Sep 1802.
TAYLOR, Anne, Matlock and EDGE, Thomas, Matlock, 25 Jun 1663.
TAYLOR, Aron, Matlock and RENSHAW, Mary, Matlock, 07 Oct 1730.
TAYLOR, Benjamin, Matlock and TAYLOR, Grace, Matlock, 04 Sep 1676.
TAYLOR, Daniel, Matlock and WRIGHT, Hannah, Matlock, 07 Apr 1732.
TAYLOR, David, Pentrich and MOSS, Margaret, Alfreton, 09 May 1734.
TAYLOR, Dorothy, Matlock and LUDLAM, Anthony, Matlock, 20 Jul 1809.
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, Matlock and HICKTON, Isaac, Matlock, 22 Jan 1686.
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, Matlock and HOLMES, Samuel, Darley, 14 Apr 1818. B
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, Matlock and MERCHANTON, Thomas, Matlock, 20 Feb 1705.
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, Matlock and STONE, John, Matlock, 22 Dec 1731.
TAYLOR, Frances, Matlock and ALLSOP, William, Matlock, 07 Aug 1760. (farmer; FT 22)
TAYLOR, George, Matlock and ALSOP, Mary, Matlock, 06 Jan 1752.
TAYLOR, George, Matlock and GREGORY, Elizabeth, Matlock, 25 Apr 1722.
TAYLOR, George, Matlock and HODKIN, Mary, Matlock, 24 Mar 1807. L
TAYLOR, George, Matlock and OATS, Phoebe, Matlock, 20 Nov 1752.
TAYLOR, George, Matlock and WALKER, Susanna, Matlock, 10 Sep 1781.
TAYLOR, Grace, Matlock and TAYLOR, Benjamin, Matlock, 04 Sep 1676.
TAYLOR, Hannah, Matlock and MELBORNE, John, Matlock, 23 Aug 1834. B
TAYLOR, Hannah, Matlock and TALLANDS, Robert, Matlock, 09 Dec 1733.
TAYLOR, Henry, Matlock and BUTLER, Elizabeth, Matlock, 01 Nov 1731.
TAYLOR, Isaac, Matlock and CARLINE, Dorothy, Matlock, 11 Jun 1810.
TAYLOR, Isabell, Matlock and GREENALL, Adam, Matlock, 15 Oct 1637.
TAYLOR, Jane, Matlock and ALLEN, Edward, Wirksworth, 08 Oct 1781.
TAYLOR, Jane, Matlock and WOODWARD, Adma, Matlock, 18 Jan 1770.
TAYLOR, John, Crich and HIGGETT, Hannah, Matlock, 07 Apr 1788.
TAYLOR, John, Matlock and HOLEHOUSE, Ann, Matlock, 11 Sep 1836. B
TAYLOR, John, Matlock and KNOWLES, Alice, Matlock, 02 Oct 1695.
TAYLOR, John, Matlock and OGDEN, Elizabeth, Matlock, 05 Feb 1775.
TAYLOR, John, Matlock and SPENCER, Mary, Matlock, 25 Oct 1797.
TAYLOR, John, Matlock and WALKER, Elizabeth, Matlock, 25 Jan 1749.
TAYLOR, Joseph, Glossop and SMITH, Betty, Matlock, 22 May 1788.
TAYLOR, Martha, Matlock and TURNER, Joseph, Matlock, 18 Oct 1778.
TAYLOR, Mary, Matlock and BENNETT, Samuel, Long Eaton, 30 Jun 1828. B
TAYLOR, Mary, Matlock and BRIDDON, Samuel, Matlock, 13 Mar 1720.
TAYLOR, Mary, Matlock and BUNTING, John, Ashover, 28 Aug 1770. L
TAYLOR, Mary, Matlock and CARDIN, Solomon, Matlock, 18 Mar 1828. B
TAYLOR, Mary, Matlock and HAYNES, Francis, Matlock, 06 Oct 1800.
TAYLOR, Mary, Matlock and WALKER, John, Matlock, 09 Apr 1729.
TAYLOR, Mary, Matlock and WINDLEY, Jonathan, Matlock, 09 Jul 1772.
TAYLOR, Rebecca, Matlock and COTTRILL, Francis, Matlock, 12 Dec 1776.
TAYLOR, Robert, Matlock and SHELDON, Sarah, Matlock, 03 Oct 1829. B
TAYLOR, Ruth, Matlock and CLARKE, Jos., S Normanton, 05 Mar 1776. L
TAYLOR, Ruth, Matlock and YATES, James, Matlock, 26 Dec 1803.
TAYLOR, Sarah, Bonsall and PEARSON, Thomas, Matlock, 18 May 1828. B
TAYLOR, Sarah, Matlock and BROCKLEHURST, Richard, Matlock, 06 Dec 1786.
TAYLOR, Sarah, Matlock and BUNTING, John, Matlock, 25 Jan 1672.
TAYLOR, Sarah, Matlock and KEETLEY, Jonathan Warren, St Alkmunds, Derby, 24 Jul 1828. L (con)
TAYLOR, Susanah, Matlock and TAYLOR, Timothy, Pentridge, 02 Nov 1701.
TAYLOR, Susannah, Matlock and CARDEN, Michael, Matlock, 27 Jan 1790.
TAYLOR, Thomas, Wirksworth and CARDING, Mary, Matlock, 26 Feb 1776.
TAYLOR, Thomas, Youlgreave and MARTIN, Elizabeth, Matlock, 26 Sep 1717.
TAYLOR, Timothy, Matlock and TWIGG, Sarah, Crich, 11 Sep 1836. L
TAYLOR, Timothy, Pentridge and TAYLOR, Susanah, Matlock, 02 Nov 1701.
TEARSDALE, John, Matlock and SHIMMELL, Elizabeth, Matlock, 05 Mar 1732.
TEASDALE, Ann, Matlock and RAITT, James, London, 26 Oct 1760. L
TEASDALE, Dorothy, Matlock and HALL, Thomas, London, 10 Jun 1762 L (him of St. Mildred's Bread St. London, Surgeon, both 25+).
TEASDALE, John, Matlock and ROWSON, Hannah, Matlock, 05 Mar 1820. B
TEASDALE, Mary, Wirksworth and BUCKLEY, George, Wirksworth, 09 Jul 1774. (farmer; MT wid aged 32) L
TEASDALE, Richard, Matlock and ADAMS, Hannah, Matlock, 22 Nov 1790.
TEASDALE, Richard, Matlock and ALLWOOD, Hannah, Matlock, 25 Dec 1830. B
TELLERS, Rachael, Matlock and WAPPLINGTON, John, Matlock, 01 Jan 1725.
TEW, Hannah, Matlock and MERRIOT, Thomas, Matlock, 29 Aug 1720.
THOMPSON, Elizabeth, Matlock and WRAGG, Samuel, Matlock, 02 Jul 1787.
THOMPSON, Hannah, Matlock and WHEATCROFT, Joseph, Matlock, 18 Jan 1779.
THOMPSON, John, Matlock and BOAMER, Mary, Matlock, 26 Mar 1738. L
THOMPSON, John, Matlock and WIGLEY, Lucy, Matlock, 21 Nov 1785.
THOMPSON, Sarah, Matlock and ODDIE, James, Birstal, YKS, 24 Sep 1761 (Lic says him preacher aged 21+, her wid).
THORNEWELL, John, Burton and MASON, Mary, Matlock, 26 Nov 1795. L
THORNEWILL, Robert, Burton-on-T and HUNT, Barbara, Matlock, 09 Sep 1823. L
THORNHILL, William Rodgers, Sheffield and HOLROYD, Jane, Matlock, 20 Sep 1833. L
THORNTON, Josiah, Stockport and KNOWLES, Ann, Matlock, 11 Jul 1829. L
THORP, Grace, Matlock and ELLOT, Nehemiah, Matlock, 13 Feb 1740.
THURLEY, William, Church Broughton and WINDLEY, Ann, Matlock, 31 Dec 1799.
TIM, Humphrey, Matlock and CHAPPEL, Elizabeth, Matlock, 31 Aug 1740. L
TIMPERRY, Ann, Matlock and BOME, William, Matlock, 30 Jan 1792.
TIPPIN, Elizabeth, Matlock and TOMKINSON, Thomas, Matlock, 01 Nov 1665.
TIPPING, Elizabeth, Matock and BOOTH, William, Pentrich, 19 Oct 1812.
TIPPING, Hannah, Matlock and REDFERN, Thomas, Matlock, 22 Sep 1740.
TIPPING, John, Matlock and BOWN, Hannah, Matlock, 01 Sep 1714.
TIPPING, Lawrence, Matlock and ROWSON, Ann, Matlock, 23 Dec 1788.
TIPPING, Peter, Matlock and BOOM, Isabel, Matlock, 20 Nov 1756. (miner, IB wid)
TIPPING, Peter, Matlock and PEARSON, Hannah, Matlock, 30 Mar 1779.
TIPPING, Rebekah, Matlock and FOX, William, Matlock, 12 Nov 1827. B
TIPPING, Robert, Matlock and ADDAMS, Elizabeth, Matlock, 16 Jun 1639.
TISON, Robert, Matlock and HIVES, Mary, Matlock, 14 Jan 1689.
TISSINGTON, Anthony, Darley and RAGGE, Mary, Matlock, 01 Nov 1705.
TISSINGTON, George, Matlock and FLETCHER, Ann, Matlock, 15 Feb 1812. L. Him miner, widower. Her widow.
TISSINGTON, George, Matlock and WAGSTAFFE, Susannah, Matlock, 13 Jun 1670.
TISSINGTON, James, Matlock and BLAND, Elizabeth, Matlock, 18 Oct 1813. B (con)
TISSINGTON, Martha, Matlock and CARSON, Francis, Youlgreave, 22 Jul 1776.
TISSINGTON, Mary, Matlock and LUDLAM, Henry, Matlock, 08 Jan 1756. (HL miner aged 21)
TOFT, Hannah, Youlgreave and REDFERN, Thomas, Darley, 23 Aug 1724.
TOMISON, George, Matlock and STONE, Hannah, Matlock, 06 Apr 1789.
TOMISSON, Benjamina, Matlock and AULT, William, Manchester, 02 Jul 1834. L
TOMISSON, Harriet, Matlock and PEARSON, William, Matlock, 23 Jul 1833. L
TOMMISON, Mary Ann, Matlock and BUXTON, John Smith, Matlock, bach, joiner 26 May 1824. L
TOMKINSON, Thomas, Matlock and MARTING, Elizabeth, Matlock, 05 Oct 1772.
TOMKINSON, Thomas, Matlock and TIPPIN, Elizabeth, Matlock, 01 Nov 1665.
TOMLINSON, Ann, Matlock and WRIGHT, George, Matlock, 17 Oct 1831. B
TOMLINSON, George, Tideswell and BLACKWELL, Maria, Matlock, 28 Jan 1805.
TOMLINSON, James, Matlock and YOUNG, Elizabeth, Matlock, 10 Sep 1798.
TOMLINSON, Millicent, Matlock and DANIEL, Francis, Matlock, 27 Jul 1732.
TOMLINSON, Samuel, Matlock and BRADLEY, Jane, Matlock, 07 Oct 1811.
TOMPKINSON, Elizabeth, Matlock and WILD, William, Matlock, 16 Aug 1785.
TOMPSON, Elizabeth, Matlock and WARD, Edmund, Matlock, 26 Mar 1656.
TOMSON, Robert, Matlock and HEWITT, Hannah, Matlock, 18 Jun 1798.
TOMSON, Troth, Matlock and MASSIE, Thomas, Matlock, 15 Jun 1665.
TOPHAM, Thomas, Matlock and MARRIOTT, Hannah, Ashover, 05 Aug 1829. B
TOPLIS, John, Matlock and GREEN, Maria, Wirksworth, 04 Jul 1837. L
TOPLIS, Mary, Matlock and WAGSTAFFE, Henry, Matlock, 01 Nov 1664.
TOWNDRAW, Ann, S Wingfield and GENINS, Lewis, S Wingfield, 21 Aug 1707.
TOWNDRO, Bridget, Matlock and YOUNG, Samuel, Matlock, 11 Sep 1718.
TOWNDRO, Sarah, Matlock and KNOWLES, George, Matlock, 07 Jul 1720.
TRANTOM, Mary, Matlock and MARSDEN, Edmund, Matlock, 13 Sep 1738. L
TRAVIS, Godfrey, Matlock and BERKS, Hannah, Matlock, 22 May 1732.
TREVIS, Isaac, Matlock and BODEN, Lydia, Matlock, 14 Apr 1814. B
TREVIS, Lydia, Matlock and BUNTING, Silas, Bonsall, 02 Sep 1822. B
TRICKET, Alice, Matlock and BOWN, John, Matlock, 23 Jun 1829. B
TRICKETT, Joseph, Matlock and LAMAMAN, Ann, Matlock, 28 Nov 1819. L
TRICKETT, Samuel, Matlock and TWIGG, Mary, Crich, 10 Dec 1832. B
TRICKETT, Sarah, Matlock and STATHAM, Samuel, Matlock, 16 Oct 1823. B
TRUMAN, Hannah, Matlock and GRATREX, Germen, Matlock, 13 Feb 1745.
TUNNICLIFF, Thomas, Ashboourne and LUMMAS, Elizabeth, Matlock, 25 Mar 1774.
TURGIS, Mary Ann, Matlock and VINCE, John, Matlock, 30 Aug 1824. B [Note: him indexed as VRINCE, but IGI and Banns has VINCE]
TURNER, Ann, Darley and BOAM, John, Matlock, 23 Mar 1779.
TURNER, Ann, Matlock and MUSGROVE, Nathanael, Matlock, 19 Aug 1828. B
TURNER, Anthony, Matlock and STEVENSON, Bethia, Matlock, 10 Sep 1827. B
TURNER, Diana, Matlock and FERNE, Robert, Matlock, 27 May 1717.
TURNER, Edward, Darley and HIGGIT, Rebeckah, Matlock, 11 Jun 1777 L (him farmer, both 21+).
TURNER, Edward, Matlock and ROGER, Pascha, Matlock, 16 Jan 1745.
TURNER, Edward, N Wingfield and SWIFT, Mary, Chesterfield, 26 Oct 1726.
TURNER, Elizabeth, Matlock and GREGORY, Philip, Matlock, 09 Dec 1772.
TURNER, Elizabeth, Matlock and LONGDEN, John, Matlock, 08 May 1798.
TURNER, Elizabeth, Matlock and POTTER, Charles, Matlock, 03 Jul 1815. L
TURNER, George, Critch and ROBERTS, Dorothy, Matlock, 09 Sep 1816. B
TURNER, Grace, Matlock and PARRY, Richard, Matlock, 30 Jan 1806.
TURNER, John, Matlock and BARTON, Bethania, Matlock, 12 Sep 1786.
TURNER, John, Matlock and POUNTAIN, Hannah, Matlock, 27 Feb 1809.
TURNER, John, Matlock and WAINE, Mary, Matlock, 07 Jun 1742.
TURNER, John, Matlock and WILLGOOSE, Hannah, Matlock, 10 Sep 1782.
TURNER, Joseph, Matlock and TAYLOR, Martha, Matlock, 18 Oct 1778.
TURNER, Lydia, Matlock and GERISON, James, Ashover, 17 Sep 1770.
TURNER, Martha, Matlock and HOLMES, Joshua, Matlock, 04 Feb 1799 (her signature reads - X the Mark of Mary Turner).
TURNER, Mary, Matlock and BOWN, Henry, Matlock, 09 Feb 1692.
TURNER, Mary, Matlock and HOLMES, Thomas, Matlock, 27 Sep 1769.
TURNER, Peter, Matlock and BOLLINGTON, Mary, Matlock, 05 Sep 1721.
TURNER, Peter, Matlock and WOODARD, Elizabeth, Matlock, 06 Sep 1732.
TURNER, Samuel, Wirksworth and NEWTON, Dorothy, Matlock, 09 Apr 1702.
TURNER, Sarah, Darley and BOAM, Daniel, Matlock, 18 Sep 1769.
TURNER, Sarah, Matlock and SANDYS, William, Matlock, 13 Dec 1802.
TURNER, Sarah, Matlock and WRAGG, John, Matlock, 27 May 1776.
TURNER, Thomas, Greasley, NTT and SMEDLEY, Sarah, Matlock, 01 Sep 1835. L
TURNER, Thomas, Matlock and FLINT, Elizabeth, Matlock, 05 May 1757. (miner, EF 25)
TURNER, William, Darley and GREGORY, Elizabeth, Matlock, 13 Nov 1662.
TURNER, William, Manchester and PLATTS, Sarah, Matlock, 21 Feb 1832. B
TURNER, William, Matlock and PEARSON, Ann, Wirksworth, 04 Oct 1773.
TURNER, William, Matlock and STEVENSON, Isabel, Matlock, 28 May 1653.
TURNER, William, Matlock and WOOD, Eliza., Matlock, 08 Aug 1692. (xxxxxxx)
TURNOR, Robert, Matlock and SHRIGLEY, Catherine, Matlock, 02 Dec 1638.
TURNOR, Troth, Matlock and BOWNE, Adam, Matlock, 28 Sep 1658.
TWIFORD, Elizabeth, Matlock and NEWMAN, John, Matlock, 07 Jun 1730.
TWIG, Elizabeth, Matlock and MASON, William, Matlock, 15 Sep 1766.
TWIGG, Ann, Matlock and SLINN, Cornelius, Ashover, 29 Jan 1783.
TWIGG, Grace, Matlock and NEEDHAM, George, Matlock, 21 Dec 1800.
TWIGG, Hannah, Matlock and BENNETT, Joseph, Matlock, 11 Mar 1828. L
TWIGG, Jonathan, Matlock and JONES, Mary, Matlock, 28 Jun 1736. L
TWIGG, Mary, Matlock and CROWDER, George, Matlock, 31 Dec 1834. B
TWIGG, Mary, Matlock and PEARSON, Thomas, Matlock, 16 Sep 1806.
TWIGG, Mary, Crich and TRICKETT, Samuel, Matlock, 10 Dec 1832. B
TWIGG, Millicent, Matlock and WILD, Joseph, Matlock, 25 Nov 1824. B
TWIGG, Sarah, Crich and TAYLOR, Timothy, Matlock, 11 Sep 1836. L
TWIGG, William, Matlock and GREGORY, Ann, Matlock, 26 Mar 1744.
TWIGG, William, Matlock and KEELING, Hannah, Matlock, 03 Jul 1737. L
TWIGG, William, Matlock and ROUSE, Temperance, Matlock, 31 May 1779.
TWIGG, William, Matlock and SMITH, Hannah, Matlock, 08 Nov 1813. B (consent of parents and guardians)
TWYFOOT, Elizabeth, Matlock and WRAGG, William, bach, Matlock, 15 Sep 1828. B
TWYFOOT, Mary, Matlock and BOAM, William, Matlock, 19 May 1834. B