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Matlock St Giles' Church Marriages, 1637 - 1837
Marriages at the Parish Church

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Eight of Matlock church's bells were cast or recast in 1904 Brides and Grooms, Surnames Y

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SURNAME of Bride/Groom, Given Name, Residence and Surname of Bride/Groom, Given name, Residence, Marriage Date, Other information, including occupation of groom and age on later entries
YATES, Alice, Matlock and WRAG, Job, Matlock, 06 Jul 1727.
YATES, Ann, Matlock and REEDS, Augustus, Matlock, 23 Oct 1733.
YATES, Elizabeth, Matlock and RAGGE, Anthony, Matlock, 26 May 1678.
YATES, James, Matlock and TAYLOR, Ruth, Matlock, 26 Dec 1803.
YATES, John, Matlock and CHAPMAN, Mary, Matlock, 10 Jun 1681.
YATES, William, Wensley, p.Darley and KIRKLAND, Mary, Matlock, 09 Aug 1775. L
YEOMANS, Anthony, Wirksworth and BROCKLEHURST, Jane, Matlock, 14 May 1834. B
YEOMANS, John, Matlock and WRIGHT, Mary, Matlock, 26 Apr 1823. B
YOULE, John, Bolsover and WOODWARD, Mary, Matlock, 02 May 1648.
YOUNG, Ann, Matlock and JOHNSON, Anthony, Wirksworth, 10 May 1818. B
YOUNG, Ann, Matlock and WILLSON, Luke, Matlock, 12 Nov 1828. B
YOUNG, Anthony, Matlock and BOWN, Hellen, Matlock, 25 Apr 1694.
YOUNG, Benjamin, Darley and SMITHURST, Elizabeth, Matlock, 13 Jun 1804. L
YOUNG, Benjamin,bach, Matlock and LOWE, Sarah, Matlock, 14 May 1829. B
YOUNG, Bridget, Matlock and BUNTING, Henry, Matlock, 10 Apr 1723.
YOUNG, Charles, Matlock and STONE, Sarah, Matlock, 22 Dec 1828. B
YOUNG, Dorothy, Matlock and BUNTING, Joseph, Matlock, 05 Feb 1798.
YOUNG, Elizabeth, Matlock and GOODLAD, Samuel, Matlock, 22 May 1803.
YOUNG, Elizabeth, Matlock and KIDDY, William, Matlock, 12 Jan 1731.
YOUNG, Elizabeth, Matlock and TOMLINSON, James, Matlock, 10 Sep 1798.
YOUNG, Francis, Matlock and CADMAN, Sarah, Matlock, 04 Nov 1677.
YOUNG, Hannah, Matlock and BOAME, Henry, Darley, 08 Feb 1785.
YOUNG, Hannah, Matlock and DAWSON, Job, Wirksworth, 18 Apr 1771.
YOUNG, Hannah, Matlock and HOLEHOUSE, Samuel, Matlock, 15 Sep 1828. B
YOUNG, Hellen, Matlock and CHEETHAM, Edward, Matlock, 29 Nov 1752.
YOUNG, James, Matlock and CARLINE, Mary, Matlock, 16 Jan 1785.
YOUNG, John, Matlock and CLOWS, Catherine, Matlock, 09 Sep 1782.
YOUNG, John, Matlock and MILWARD, Elizabeth, Matlock, 12 Sep 1785.
YOUNG, John, Matlock and PEARSON, Lydia, Matlock, 06 Dec 1734.
YOUNG, John, Matlock and SCATTERGOOD, Hannah, Matlock, 08 May 1775.
YOUNG, John, Matlock and SWIFT, Sarah, Matlock, 16 Mar 1817. B
YOUNG, John, Matlock and WRAGG, Dorothy, Matlock, 07 Jun 1808.
YOUNG, Mary, spinster, Matlock and GOULD, John, Bach, Matlock, 01 Aug 1831. B
YOUNG, Mary, Matlock and KIDD, Joseph, Wirksworth, 07 Sep 1817. B
YOUNG, Mary, Matlock and PICKERING, William, Matlock, 06 Mar 1823. B
YOUNG, Mary and AIKIN, Robert 14 Aug 1837 Him widower (his f James, her f Benjamin).
YOUNG, Mary, Matlock and STONE, William, Matlock, 22 Jun 1738.
YOUNG, Mary, Matlock and SWIFT, Joshua, Matlock, 27 Jan 1823. B
YOUNG, Mary, Matlock and WALKER, Thomas, Matlock, 24 Jun 1662.
YOUNG, Pamela Ann, Matlock and BUCKLEY, Adam, Matlock, 27 Dec 1824. B
YOUNG, Phoebe, Matlock and WIGLEY, James, Matlock, 26 Oct 1741.
YOUNG, Samuel, Matlock and ALLEN, Ann, Wirksworth, 10 Dec 1810.
YOUNG, Samuel, Matlock and BODEN, Mary, Matlock, 12 Nov 1770.
YOUNG, Samuel, bach Matlock and ELSE, Ann, Spinster, Matlock, 18 Nov 1834. B
YOUNG, Samuel, Matlock and JOHNSON, Susanna, Matlock, 18 Mar 1784.
YOUNG, Samuel, Matlock and ORRIDGE, Sarah, Matlock, 16 Jul 1821. B
YOUNG, Samuel, Matlock and ROWLAND, Ruth, Matlock, 03 Jul 1791.
YOUNG, Samuel, Matlock and TOWNDRO, Bridget, Matlock, 11 Sep 1718.
YOUNG, Sarah, Matlock and CARLINE, Jacob, Matlock, 11 Jan 1770.
YOUNG, Sarah, Matlock and HENSTECK, Edward, Matlock, 10 Apr 1700.
YOUNG, Sarah, Matlock and MOLINAS, John, Matlock, 30 Aug 1738.
YOUNG, Sarah, Matlock and WRAGG, George, Matlock, 16 Jan 1701.
YOUNG, Susanna, Matlock and JOHNSON, Joshua, sojourner, 31 Mar 1777.
YOUNG, Susanna, Matlock and WILD, Edward, Matlock, 24 Sep 1730.
YOUNG, Susannah, Matlock and BUNTING, Joseph, Matlock, 23 Dec 1751.
YOUNG, Thomas, Matlock and (ILLEGIBLE), Susanah, Matlock, 11 Jul 1742.
YOUNG, Thomas, Matlock and GREGORY, Mary, Matlock, 29 Jan 1770.
YOUNG, Thomas, Matlock and PRINCE, Elizabeth, Matlock, 06 Nov 1820. B
YOUNG, Thomas, Matlock and SMITH, Ann, Matlock, 03 Jul 1797.
YOUNG, Thomas, Wirksworth and CARLINE, Dorothy, Matlock, 22 May 1831. B (CD con)
YOUNG, William, Matlock and HUTSON, Elizabeth, Matlock, 29 Jan 1833. B
YOUNG, William, Matlock and ROLLEY, Susanna, Matlock, 28 Oct 1811.
YOUNGE, Mary, Matlock and CARLINE, John, Matlock, 26 Jun 1754. (Labourer; MY wid)