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Matlock St Giles' Church Marriages, 1637 - 1837
Marriages at the Parish Church

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Eight of Matlock church's bells were cast or recast in 1904 Brides and Grooms, Surnames P

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SURNAME of Bride/Groom, Given Name, Residence and Surname of Bride/Groom, Given name, Residence, Marriage Date, Other information, including occupation of groom and age on later entries
PADCOCK, William, Matlock and MARTIN, Brigit, Matlock, 20 Jan 1651.
PALIN, Samuel, Matlock Bach and GELL, Jane, Matlock, 28 Sep 1836. B
PALMER, Elizabeth, Matlock and BOME, William, Matlock, 09 Jan 1783.
PARKE, John, Liverpool and HOLMES, Emma, Matlock, 16 Oct 1830. L
PARKER, Elizabeth, Matlock and EVANS, Francis, Matlock, 25 Apr 1642.
PARKER, Frances, Matlock and WARD, Samuel, Matlock, 17 Jul 1703.
PARKER, Hannah, Matlock and SHELDON, Matthew, Bonsall, 24 Jul 1820. B
PARKER, James, Matlock and VASEY, Lucy, Matlock, 11 Jun 1836. B
PARKER, John, Cromford and FIELDING, Sarah, Matlock, 26 Dec 1822. B
PARKER, John, Matlock and LYM, Mary, Matlock, 21 Aug 1785.
PARKER, Margaret, Matlock and BRIDDON, Humphrey, Matlock, 17 Nov 1735. L
PARKER, Maria, Matlock and WALKER, Thomas, Matlock, 27 May 1711.
PARKER, Martha, Matlock and SLECKS, John, Matlock, 10 Jun 1750.
PARKER, Mary, Matlock and GODDARD, William, Matlock, 22 Sep 1735.
PARKER, Sarah, Matlock and BOWN, John, Matlock, 18 Feb 1739.
PARKER, Thomas, Matlock and EVANS, Elizabetha, Matlock, 04 Sep 1710.
PARKER, Thomas, Matlock and WALTON, Jane, Matlock, 12 Jun 1836. B
PARKER, William, Matlock and KNOWLES, Hellen, Matlock, 17 Jul 1720.
PARKER, William, Matlock and WALKER, Elizabeth, Matlock, 04 Sep 1744.
PARKES, Daniel, Darley and KNOWLES, Martha, Matlock, 18 Sep 1794. L
PARKIN, Dorothy, Matlock and GREINALL, Edmond, Matlock, 17 Jan 1662.
PARKIN, Hannah, Darley and HURSTHOUSE, Francis, Matlock, 16 Sep 1828. L
PARKINSON, George, Matlock and MAULEY, Elizabeth, Matlock, 03 Aug 1735. L
PARKS, William, Matlock and SMITHURST, Elizabeth, Matlock, 25 Dec 1826. B
PARNHAM, John, Matlock and WALL, Sarah, Matlock, 26 Jan 1789.
PARRY, Richard, Matlock and TURNER, Grace, Matlock, 30 Jan 1806.
PARSONS, Hannah, Matlock and PIDGEON, William, Matlock, 08 Apr 1822. B
PARSONS, Joseph, Matlock and ENGLAND, Anne, Spinster, Matlock, 31 Jan 1835. L
PASHLEY, John, Matlock and BUNTING, Charlotte, Matlock, 20 Dec 1818. B
PAULSON, Mary, Matlock and HUNT, Thomas, Matlock, 23 Jan 1721.
PAXTON, Joseph, Chatsworth p. Bakewell and BOWN, Sarah, Matlock, 27 Feb 1827. L
PEACH, James, Matlock and WRIGHT, Rebecca, Matlock, 19 Aug 1798.
PEACH, Mary, Matlock and BUXTON, William, Ashover, 30 Apr 1787.
PEACH, William, Matlock and STRINGFELLOW, Mary, Matlock, 11 Sep 1775.
PEAKE, John, Matlock and HARRIS, Ann, Matlock, 14 Jun 1802. L
PEAL, Marcellus, Wirksworth and HARRISON, Betty, Matlock, 14 Sep 1835. L
PEARSEY, Mary, Matlock and COTTERILL, Joshua, Matlock, 11 Mar 1790.
PEARSON, Adam, Matlock and CARLINE, Mary, Matlock, 01 Feb 1778.
PEARSON, Agnes, Matlock and BODEN, James, Matlock, 28 May 1673.
PEARSON, Alice, Matlock and MARTIN, George, Matlock, 19 Mar 1798. L
PEARSON, Ann, Matlock and BODEN, George, Matlock, 15 May 1735.
PEARSON, Ann, Matlock and HARLOW, John, Cromford, 29 Oct 1772. (bricklayer). L
PEARSON, Ann, Matlock and MACOCK, Noble Brittan, Matlock, 28 Feb 1791.
PEARSON, Ann, Matlock and SMEDLEY, William, Matlock, 04 May 1773.
PEARSON, Ann, Matlock and STONE, James, Matlock, 11 Dec 1783.
PEARSON, Ann, Wirksworth and TURNER, William, Matlock, 04 Oct 1773.
PEARSON, Benjamin, Matlock and BUXTON, Elizabeth, Wirksworth, 05 Jul 1756. (miner, 21 and 21) L
PEARSON, Charlotte, Matlock and GREAVES, Charles, Bakewell, 29 Dec 1825. B
PEARSON, Clemence, Matlock and DAVIS, George, Matlock, 12 Nov 1733.
PEARSON, Cornelius, Matlock and HENSTOCK, Esther, Bonsall, 24 Dec 1826. B
PEARSON, Cornelius, Matlock and STUART, Dinah, Matlock, 15 Jul 1744.
PEARSON, Cornelius, Matlock and WOODAS, Sarah, Matlock, 03 Dec 1764 (him husbandman).
PEARSON, Dorothy, Matlock and FROST, John, Matlock, 10 Nov 1743.
PEARSON, Dorothy, Matlock and PEARSON, James, Matlock, 24 Feb 1696.
PEARSON, Elisabeth, Matlock and BAMFORD, Seth, Duffield, 06 Feb 1758. (gardener)
PEARSON, Elizabeth, Matlock and HIGHTON, George, Wirksworth, 11 Sep 1781.
PEARSON, George, Matlock and MOORE, Mary, Matlock, 13 May 1752.
PEARSON, George, Matlock and RICHARDSON, Hannah, Matlock, 11 Oct 1802.
PEARSON, Grace, Matlock and ELLIOTT, John, Wirksworth, 03 Nov 1763.
PEARSON, Hannah, Matlock and CHEETHAM, George, Matlock, 16 Apr 1827. B
PEARSON, Hannah, Matlock and CHELL, Benjamin, Matlock, 05 Mar 1837. B
PEARSON, Hannah, Matlock and GRANT, William, Matlock, 01 Sep 1823. B
PEARSON, Hannah, Matlock and MILLINGTON, William, Matlock, 03 Mar 1829. B
PEARSON, Hannah, Matlock and SWIFT, Charles, Matlock, 28 Jun 1807.
PEARSON, Hannah, Matlock and TIPPING, Peter, Matlock, 30 Mar 1779.
PEARSON, Henry, Matlock and CLARKE, Eliz., Matlock, 22 Jun 1693. (xxxxxxxx)
PEARSON, Henry, Matlock and IBARD, Benit, Matlock, 09 Apr 1703.
PEARSON, Henry, Matlock and SPENCER, Mary, Wirksworth, 28 Aug 1758. (woolcomber)
PEARSON, Henry, Matlock and WATTS, Clemence, Matlock, 04 Jun 1722.
PEARSON, James, Matlock and BOWN, Johannah, Matlock, 01 Jan 1766.
PEARSON, James, Matlock and CLAY, Julia, Matlock, 23 Mar 1818. B
PEARSON, James, Matlock and PEARSON, Dorothy, Matlock, 24 Feb 1696.
PEARSON, James, Matlock and JOHNSON, Hannah, Wirksworth, 23 Nov 1801. L
PEARSON, James, Matlock and SMEDLEY, Ann, Matlock, 02 Nov 1807.
PEARSON, James, Matlock and WILD, Sarah, Matlock, 05 Dec 1822. B
PEARSON, Jemima, Matlock and WHEATCROFT, Edward, Matlock, 02 Dec 1833. L
PEARSON, Job, Crich and BECK, Sarah, Matlock, 07 Feb 1815. B (con)
PEARSON, John, Matlock and HIGTON, Lydia, Matlock, 11 Nov 1718.
PEARSON, John, Matlock and POTTS, Mary, Matlock, 24 Nov 1803.
PEARSON, John, Matlock and WALKLOT, Eliza, Matlock, 03 Jun 1694. (xxxxxxxx)
PEARSON, John, Matlock and WRAGG, Mary, Morton, 10 Dec 1798.
PEARSON, Jonathan, Matlock and BODEN, Mary, Matlock, 21 Oct 1744.
PEARSON, Jonathan, Matlock and WHILD, Mary, Matlock, 11 May 1795.
PEARSON, Joshua, Matlock and WRIGHT, Ann, Matlock, 07 Jun 1742.
PEARSON, Lydia, Matlock and BRADLEY, George, Matlock, 01 Mar 1720.
PEARSON, Lydia, Matlock and PEARSON, Thomas, Matlock, 01 Dec 1774. L
PEARSON, Lydia, Matlock and YOUNG, John, Matlock, 06 Dec 1734.
PEARSON, Marie, Matlock and WOOD, Thomas, Matlock, 25 Feb 1647. (xxxxxxxxx)
PEARSON, Martha, Matlock and WILD, Isaac, Matlock, 29 Apr 1771. L
PEARSON, Mary Ann, Matlock and CHELL, Thomas, Matlock, 12 Oct 1835. B
PEARSON, Mary, Bonsall and BOWN, James, Matlock, 24 Aug 1767.
PEARSON, Mary, Matlock and BROCKDALE, Stephen, Matlock, 17 Oct 1688.
PEARSON, Mary, Matlock and FROGGAT, Benjamin, Matlock, 22 Sep 1817. B
PEARSON, Mary, Matlock and GRUNDE, John, Alfreton, 23 Oct 1760. (fwk kntr.; MP 22)
PEARSON, Mary, Matlock and HODGKINSON, Henry, Matlock, 05 Aug 1752.
PEARSON, Mary, Matlock and JOHNSON, Rowland, Matlock, 11 Oct 1666.
PEARSON, Mary, Matlock and PIDCOCK, John, Matlock, 30 May 1726.
PEARSON, Mary, Matlock and ROYSTONE, Joseph, Matlock, 09 Nov 1780.
PEARSON, Mary, Matlock and SHIPMAN, William, Matlock, 31 Jul 1810.
PEARSON, Mary, Matlock and WESTON, John, Cromford, 07 Apr 1778.
PEARSON, Peter, Matlock and LOW, Mary, Matlock, 24 Nov 1687.
PEARSON, Rachel, Matlock and MARSHALL, Richard, Matlock, 05 Oct 1780. L
PEARSON, Rebekah, X, spinster, Matlock and WARD, Thomas, p. Wirksworth,miner, 09 Sep 1754.
PEARSON, Richard, Wittington and BUNTING, Grace, Matlock, 06 Aug 1696.
PEARSON, Rosamund, Matlock and WESTON, William, Wirksworth, 07 Nov 1782.
PEARSON, Rueth, Matlock and BOWN, John, Matlock, 10 May 1759. (carpenter: RP 22)
PEARSON, Ruth, Matlock and KEY, William, Matlock, 04 Sep 1743.
PEARSON, Samuel, Matlock and ADAMS, Mary, Matlock, 26 Jun 1776.
PEARSON, Sarah, Matlock and CHADOCK, William, Matlock, 25 May 1804.
PEARSON, Sarah, Matlock and WIGLEY, Thomas, Matlock, 17 Jan 1753.
PEARSON, Sarah, Matlock and WILDGOOSE, George, Wirksworth, 05 Apr 1819. B
PEARSON, Susanna, Matlock and SLACK, Isaac, Matlock, 08 Apr 1766.
PEARSON, Susannah, Matlock and PEARSON, Thomas, Matlock, 01 Jan 1760. (miner)
PEARSON, Thomas, Bonsall and BUNTING, Alice, Matlock, 15 Nov 1812.
PEARSON, Thomas, Matlock and BARK, Hannah, Matlock, 30 May 1776.
PEARSON, Thomas, Matlock and DUDLEY, Elizabeth, Matlock, 28 Apr 1664.
PEARSON, Thomas, Matlock and PEARSON, Lydia, Matlock, 01 Dec 1774. L
PEARSON, Thomas, Matlock and PEARSON, Susannah, Matlock, 01 Jan 1760. (miner)
PEARSON, Thomas, Matlock and PEDLEY, Elizabeth, Matlock, 18 Mar 1831. B
PEARSON, Thomas, Matlock and TAYLOR, Sarah, Bonsall, 18 May 1828. B
PEARSON, Thomas, Matlock and TWIGG, Mary, Matlock, 16 Sep 1806.
PEARSON, William, Matlock and CARLINE, Elizabeth, Matlock, 28 May 1798.
PEARSON, William, Matlock and TOMISSON, Harriet, Matlock, 23 Jul 1833. L
PEARSON, William, Matlock and WOODWARD, Grace, Matlock, 12 Sep 1803.
PEARSON, William, Wirksworth and BODEN, Martha, Matlock, 14 Nov 1814. B
PEDLEY, Elizabeth, Matlock and PEARSON, Thomas, Matlock, 18 Mar 1831. B
PEEDCOCK, Alice, Matlock and ELIAT, William, Matlock, 01 May 1660.
PEGG, Agnes, Matlock and BRADLY, Robert, Matlock, 15 Feb 1638.
PENDLETON, Elizabeth, Matlock and BODEN, Thomas, Matlock, 09 Oct 1809.
PENDLETON, John, Ashover and ROOSE, Mary, Matlock, 06 Jan 1802.
PENDLETON, William, Matlock and CLARKE, Elizabeth, Matlock, 15 Oct 1791.
PENISTON, Ann, Matlock and EDGE, John, Tansley, p.Crich, 18 Oct 1770.
PENNISTON, William, Matlock and SHIMMEL, xx??, Matlock, 24 Nov 1743.
PERRY, John, St. Nicholas Nottingham, Widower, and HICKLING, Mary Ann, Nottingham, 13 May 1822. L
PERSON, Elizabeth, Matlock and BUNTINGE, William, Matlock, 12 Oct 1682.
PETTS, Hannah, Matlock and BLOUNT, William, Matlock, 30 Mar 1835. B
PETTS, Mary, Matlock and MARTIN, John, Matlock, 13 Sep 1824. B
PICKERING, William, Matlock and YOUNG, Mary, Matlock, 06 Mar 1823. B
PIDCOCK, Allice, Matlock and WATTS, Samuel, Matlock, 08 Jul 1704. (xxxxxxx)
PIDCOCK, Benjamin, Wirksworth and HOLMES, Jane, Matlock, 16 Apr 1804.
PIDCOCK, Elizabeth, Matlock and WALKLETT, John, Matlock, 01 Jan 1727.
PIDCOCK, Frances, Matlock and ARME, James, Matlock, 10 Oct 1728.
PIDCOCK, John, Matlock and PEARSON, Mary, Matlock, 30 May 1726.
PIDCOCK, John, Matlock and VICARS, Sarah, Darley, 18 Jun 1695.
PIDCOCK, Jonathan, Matlock and ABBAT, Frances, Matlock, 04 May 1671.
PIDCOCK, Margaret, Matlock and BUNTING, John, Matlock, 17 May 1669.
PIDCOCK, Mary, Matlock and MOREHOUSE, William, Matlock, 09 Feb 1738. L
PIDCOCK, Rebeckah, Matlock and MELLOR, Samuel, Matlock, 04 Jan 1758. (sawyer; RP 22)
PIDCOCK, Samuel, Matlock and FLINT, Susannah, Matlock, 24 Aug 1728.
PIDCOCK, Sarah, Matlock and BAGNAT, William, Hartington, 19 Apr 1697.
PIDCOCK, Susanna, Matlock and MORE, Samuel, Matlock, 23 Jun 1692.
PIDCOCK, William, Matlock and FARMER, Dorothy, Matlock, 13 May 1639.
PIDCOCKE, Rachael, Matlock and BRADLEY, Elijah, Matlock, 01 Sep 1675.
PIDGEON, William, Matlock and PARSONS, Hannah, Matlock, 08 Apr 1822. B
PIERSON, Anne, Matlock and WALKLATE, John, Matlock, 03 Sep 1707.
PIERSON, Elizabeth, Matlock and CARLILE, Mark, Matlock, 13 Feb 1727.
PIERSON, Jane, Matlock and LEEDS, Edward, Matlock, 06 Aug 1727.
PIERSON, John, Matlock and BOUNE, Dorothy, Matlock, 07 Sep 1706.
PIERSON, Jonathan, Matlock and BODEN, Ann, Matlock, 07 Jul 1716.
PIERSON, Peter, Matlock and WALKER, Mary, Matlock, 31 Mar 1703.
PIERSON, William, Matlock and BEAYLY, Mary, Matlock, 18 Jul 1677.
PIGEON, William, Matlock and NEEDHAM, Harriet, Matlock, 08 Nov 1835. B
PILKIN, Elizabeth, Darley and SWIFT, Charles, Matlock, 07 Feb 1726.
PILKINGTON, James, Darley and BERESFORD, Mary, Matlock, 25/071797.
PINDAR, Hannah, Matlock and FOSTER, William, Matlock, 26 Apr 1739. L
PINDAR, Sarah, Matlock and WIGLEY, Joshua, Matlock, 28 Apr 1732.
PINOR, Thomas, Matlock and BRUSIL, Ann, Matlock, 25 Sep 1715.
PLATTS, Hannah, Matlock and SHAW, George, Matlock, 05 Aug 1836. B
PLATTS, Joseph, Matlock and WARD, Sarah, Matlock, 18 Jun 1769.
PLATTS, Mary, Matlock and RICHARDSON, Richard, Matlock, 22 Dec 1830. B
PLATTS, Matthew, Ashover and DICKEN, Ann, Matlock, 02 Nov 1811 L
PLATTS, Sarah, Matlock and TURNER, William, Manchester, 21 Feb 1832. B
PLATTS, Sarah, Sojourner and WALKER, Philip, Matlock, 28 Jan 1771.
PLATTS, William, Matlock and FORD, Martha, Matlock, 30 Oct 1815. B
PLATTS, William, Matlock and WILD, Dorothy, Matlock, 03 Dec 1724.
PLUMTREE, Jemima, Matlock and LAYTON, Frederick, Matlock, 20 Sep 1812. L
POISER, William, Matlock and SMITH, Mary, Ellison, 03 Mar 1725.
PORTER, Ann, Tansley and HURSTHOUSE, Joseph, Matlock, 18 Jan 1813. B
PORTER, Mary, Chesterfield and CLARKE, William, Chesterfield, 26 Aug 1697. (mrs xxxx)
PORTER, Richard, Matlock and CARLISLE, Elizabeth, Matlock, 02 Mar 1742.
PORTER, Richard, Matlock and OGDEN, Ann, Matlock, 24 Dec 1778.
PORTER, Samuel, Matlock and ROWLEY, Hannah, Matlock, 15 Sep 1828. L
PORTER, Sarah, Matlock and BANKS, Joseph, Matlock, 15 Jun 1720.
PORTER, William, Matlock and HURD, Jane, Matlock, 07 Dec 1791.
POTTER, Anthony, Matlock Bach and BODEN, Sarah, Matlock, Spinster 24 Nov 1836. B
POTTER, Charles, Matlock and ROGERS, Elizabeth, Matlock, 20 Oct 1783.
POTTER, Charles, Matlock and TURNER, Elizabeth, Matlock, 03 Jul 1815. L
POTTER, Dorothy, Matlock and BLACKWELL, Samuel, Matlock, 13 Sep 1819. B
POTTER, Elizabeth, Matlock and WALKER, Thomas, Matlock, 30 Jan 1674.
POTTER, George, Matlock and FLETCHER, Mary, Matlock, 10 Mar 1754.
POTTER, Henry, Nottingham and RADFORD, Tacey, Matlock, 14 Sep 1826. B
POTTER, James, Matlock and WARD, Mary, Matlock, 07 Sep 1735. L
POTTER, Jonathan, Matlock and BOTHAM, Hannah, Matlock, 23 Feb 1789.
POTTER, Samuel, Duffield and BARKER, Mary, Matlock, 28 Jul 1698.
POTTER, Samuel, Matlock and WHEATCROFT, Rebecca, Matlock, 19 May 1824. B
POTTER, Sarah, Matlock and WRIGHT, James, Matlock, 29 Oct 1753.
POTTER, William, Matlock and BODEN, Lydia, Matlock, 10 May 1812. L
POTTS, Mary, Matlock and PEARSON, John, Matlock, 24 Nov 1803.
POTTS, Sarah, Matlock and BOOKER, Philip, Norton,YKS, 10 Feb 1806.
POUNTAIN, Hannah, Matlock and TURNER, John, Matlock, 27 Feb 1809.
POYSER, Hannah, Matlock and MARCHANT, Solomon, Matlock Bath, 20 Dec 1759. (ostler; HP 25)
POYSER, Luke, Bonsall and CARLINE, Sarah, Matlock, 08 Feb 1826. B
PRINCE, Edith, Bonsall and KILLER, George, Matlock, 24 Dec 1794.
PRINCE, Elizabeth, Matlock and YOUNG, Thomas, Matlock, 06 Nov 1820. B
PRINCE, James, Bonsall and BODEN, Ann, Matlock, 18 May 1823. B
PRINCE, Joseph, Matlock and BODEN, Mary, Matlock, 18 Nov 1829. B
PRINCE, Mary, Matlock and CROWDER, Joseph, Matlock, 07 Apr 1828. B
PROCTOR, Ann, Matlock and NEAL, Joseph, Matlock, 29 Oct 1804.
PROCTOR, Joe, St. Matthew, Manchester and WARD, Anne, Matlock, 27 Sep 1832. L