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Matlock St Giles' Church Marriages, 1637 - 1837
Marriages at the Parish Church

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Eight of Matlock church's bells were cast or recast in 1904 About Phillimore's Matlock Marriage Indexes, 1637 - 1812

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Derbyshire Parish Registers, Vol. VII pub. Phillimore (1910)

Background notes

Matlock's marriages have been extracted from both Phillimore's Marriage Indexes and the Parish Register.

Phillimore Transcripts are an important source for genealogists as they were extracted directly from parish registers and the registers themselves were one hundred years younger. Presumably they would have been far easier to read then.

Matlock Marriages were extracted for Phillimore by Mr. Llewellyn Lloyd Simpson of Derby from the four volumes of Matlock's parish registers that are listed below and were published with the permission of the then Rector of Matlock, Rev. J.W. Kewley.

  • Volume I (1637 - 1732)
    Originally appeared to have been in two parts.

    • "A True Regester of all the Christin Mariages & Burialls in the pa.... of Matlock since 1637, September 29 .... Henrye Smith, Rector. Robert Oates, Henry Knowles, Churchwardens."

    • In sections:
      Baptisms 1686 - 1687
      Marriages 1637-1688
      Burials 1637 - 1687
      Baptisms 1689 - 1726
      Marriages 1689 - 1732 (in double columns)
      Burials 1689 - 1732
      Baptisms 1727-1732

  • Volume II. (1732 -1780)
    "The Register Book of the parish of Matlock begun in the year 1732. Thomas Hinkesman, Rector. George Maddock, Curate."

    • Register begins with Terriers etc., and "The Custom and Manner of tything Wool & Lamb."

    • In 1754 the marriages were recorded in both Volume II and in the new marriage register, but after then no more marriages were recorded in this volume.

  • Volume III. (1754 - 1781)
    Usual printed Marriage Register, four entry forms per page.

  • Volume IV. (1782 - 1812)
    Similar to Vol. III, but only three entries per page.

Simpson added notes to his transcripts as he went along, mostly about both the state of the register and his difficulty reading it. Some of his additional comments are reproduced below.

The Groom's name was always written in parish registers before that of the Bride, so the Grooms Indexes on this site are closer to the original register entries than the Brides Indexes.

Dates: old and new calendar

The calendar we use today is known as the 'modern' calendar. What is meant by this is that the church year did not always begin on 1st January. Prior to 1752 the church year began on Lady Day, which was 25th March. Parish registers before 1752 ran from the March of one year to the March of the following year. We refer to dates before than as being 'old calendar' dates.

For his transcripts for Phillimore and Co. Simpson followed the church registers and used the 'old calendar' format to record dates before January 1752.

However, because the Brides and Grooms Indexes on this site are presented in alphabetical order, some of the dates have been be adjusted to conform to the modern calendar and avoid confusion.

Genealogists use either a slash in the date (e.g. 1741/2) or just use the modern calendar when recording a pre Jan 1752 date as it avoids unnecessary uncertainty. This historical quirk may explain why a birth, or even a death, may seemingly have taken place before a marriage. Some genealogy programmes do no accept the slash anyway.
There is more onsite information about the slash in the date

Notes made by Simpson

  • Below the entry for 14 Jan 1688/9, Simpson notes:
    "A piece of the leaf, 10in. in depth, cut out. At the bottom of the page is the following entry"
    Henry Pearson and Benit Ibard [?] ..... 9 Ap. 1703
    The next entry is:
    Thomas Birds and Mary Low ..... 8 Jul 1689

  • Below the entry for 12 Nov. 1701, Simpson notes:
    "From henceforward the parties are always of Matlock, unless expressly stated to be otherwise"

  • Simpson notes the following marriages were ["inserted"] into the register:

    Anthony BOWNE and Grace WRIGHT [inserted] ..... 29 Sep. 1658
    John Wapplington and Rachel Tellers [inserted] ..... 1 Jan. 1725 [i.e.1725/6]
    Job WRAG and Alice YATES [inserted] ..... 6 July 1727
    Edward LEEDS and Jane PIERSON [inserted] ..... 6 Aug. 1727
    James ARME and Frances PIDCOCK [inserted] ..... 10 Oct. 1728

Additional Notes in Phillimore's Indexes

Spelling variants, which may differ from the onsite indexes

John HALLOM, of Calverts, co. Nottm., and Mary [illegible] .....
23 July 1699
1725/6 - Feb., noe marriage.  
Cornelius BLACKWALL and Martha STALLEY [or HALLEY], both of Youlgreave ..... 11 Dec. 1728
Matthew [no name] and Ann WIGLEY ..... 5 Oct., 1731
Francis DANIEL and Milli. TOMLINSON ..... [? Aug.] 27 July 1732
[One entry illegible between marriages recorded 10 Aug and 4 Sep 1741]  
[illeg.] and Eliz. MERCHANT ..... 6 Jan 1741/2
Tho. YOUNG and Susanah [no name] ..... 11 Jul 1742
Wm. PENNISTON and SHIMMELL [sic] ..... 24 Nov 1743
Geo. ROOSE and Lydia MEYNELL ..... [no date] 1746
Job DAVENPORT, of Scarcliff, husbandman, and Ann Spencer [signs SPENCER] ..... 1 May 1754
William HAWLE [signs HAWLEY], blacksmith and Dorothy WOODWARD ..... 28 Oct 1756
Adam RAGG [signs Wragg], miner, and Lydia CARLILE ..... 20 Dec 1756
Seth BOMFORD [signs BAMFORD] of Duffield, gardener, and Elizabeth Pearson ..... 6 Feb 1758
John ROOPER [signs RAPER], miner, and Ann BOWN, aged 28, lic ..... 20 Jan 1759
Joshua STORAH [signs STORER], labourer and Mary ALSOP ..... 4 Nov 1762
Edward WOODHOUSE [signs WOODIOUS], miner, and Esther GOOSE [signs WILDGOOSE] ..... 29 Sep 1765
Edward WOODHOUSE [signs WOODIWIS], miner, w., and Eliz. CARDEN ..... 18 Sep 1766
Anthony KNOWLES and Hannah SHEW [SHAW] ..... 30 May 1768
William ROOSE and Rebecca als. Eliz. [signs Rebeakah] FROST ..... 16 Sep 1778
Jacob CARLINE, aged 21, and Elizabeth SIMELL [signs SHIMELL], lic ..... 10 Dec 1779
John TURNER and Hannah WILDGOOSE [signs WILLGOOSE] ..... 10 Sep 1782
Joseph WILD and Ellen CARDER [signs CARDEN] ..... 13 Sep 1784
Anthony BOWN and Elizabeth WOODHOUSE [signs WOODIWISS] ..... 8 Nov 1784
Henry BOME [signs BOAME], of Darley, and Hannah YOUNG ..... 8 Feb 1785
Richard BROCKLIS [signs BROCKLEHURST] and Sarah TAYLOR ..... 6 Dec 1786
John SWIFT and Sarah LARAD als. LORD [signs LARARD], lic ..... 27 Sep 1787
Joseph BLACKWELL and Jane BEARD [signs BEARDOW] ..... 6 Feb 1793
Jonathan PEARSON and Mary WILD [signs WHILD] ..... 11 May 1795
William THURLEY [signs THORLEY], of Church Broughton, and Ann WINDLEY ..... 31 Dec 1799
Robert BRAMLEY [signs BROMLEY], of Wirksworth, and Grace Mather, lic ..... 2 Jan 1800
Henry KNOWLE [signes KNOWEL] and Alice SMITH ..... 15 Sep 1800
Joseph JENNAY [signs JANNEY] and Jemima CARSON, lic ..... 11 Feb 1801
John COWLEY [signs COOLEY], of Manchester, and Elizabeth ROWSON, lic. ..... 19 July 1803
Thomas BUXTON and Mary MOSLEY [signs MOSELY] ..... 14 Ap. 1806
Amos FANTAM [signs FENTEM], of Youlgreave, and Sarah SPENCER ..... 14 Sep 1807
Job BUCKLEY and Hannah KID [signs KIDD] ..... 20 Feb 1809

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