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Lists of pre-1858 Wills and Wills proved within Derbyshire 1858 - 1928
  Wills & Administrations, 1858 - 1928* : Surnames A - C
*Not every Matlock will from this period was proved within Derbyshire
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Part of a Copy of a Grant of Probate of a Matlock resident   Abbreviations used below:
Adm = Administration (of Will) / Letters of Administration where individual died Intestate
DDR = Information from Death Duty Registers
Exec = Executor / Executrix of Will

Information below is organised by:
SURNAME, Christian Name(s), Date of Probate, Abode
Wills & Administrations, Surnames A
ADAM Joseph 1871 Matlock Bath, M.D.
Execs Mary Fox of Matlock, Robert Chadwick of Matlock Bath and others.
Died 12 Apr 1871.
ADDY John 1862 Matlock farmer.
Mentions property in Brampton; Thomas Littlewood younger of Brampton farmer Executor; Matthew Crossland Nether Padley farmer; John Ash Belper pork butcher; wife Martha; Crispin Inn, Darley Dale purchased from Samuel and Henry Milner; Tom Bentley son of Elizabeth Mary Lees Bentley; John Higgs otherwise John Addy illeg. son of Elizabeth Mary Lees Bentley the wife of Benjamin Bentley Matlock farmer heretobefore Elizabeth Mary Lees Higgs spinster the illeg. dau of my said wife before my intermarriage; Wm Machin Ingle Solr Belper; Jno Wheatcroft Clerk to Mr Ingle; Martha Bentley dau of Elizabeth Mary Lees Bentley by her husband Benjamin; Wm Watson Innkeeper witness. Made 1855.
DDR: Exec John Ash of Belper and others
Died 6 Jan 1862.
ADDY John 1882 Matlock Bank
ALBARN James Cuttill 1881 Matlock Bath. DDR: Exec Wm H Swaine of Bakewell and others
ALLEN Edward 1927 Matlock Bank
ALLEN George 1867 Riber. DDR: Exec Eliz D Statham
ALLEN James 1899 Matlock Bath. DDR: Exec E Keightley, d 11 Mar 1899
ALLEN John 1868 of Fountain Cottage, Matlock Bath, Gentleman.
Mentions John Fritche Chesterfield; Luke Alsop Crich, Cliff House; William Stone, Cromford; Mary Ann Boden Matlock Bath niece of my late wife Lydia; Wm Corden Clarke Matlock schoolmaster; Anthony Alsop Wensley; property in Lea; Mary Ann Stone grand niece of my late wife (my adopted dau); Joseph Greaves Matlock Bath witness; Arthur Ellis Magin witness. Made 1866
DDR: Exec Mary Ann Stone of Matlock Bath, spinster.
ALLEN Joseph 1858 Lea, Matlock. DDR: Exec W Eaton of Wirksworth
ALLSOPP Emma 1918 Matlock Cliff
Died 1 Jun 1918 Probate to William Lowe book-keeper
ALLSOPP Mary 1910 Snitterton Road, Matlock (wife of Adam Allsopp)
Died 24 Mar 1910 Probate to Samuel Brown stationer and bookseller and Job Hall Cardin spar turner.
ALLSOPP Thomas 1911 Matlock
ALSOP Ann 1864 Matlock. DDR: Exec Thomas Stevens of Matlock
ASHTON Florence Maria 1922 Matlock
ASHTON Maria 1913 Matlock
ASKEW John William, Matlock [Bridge] 1895. DDR: Exec B H Askew, d. 27 Apr 1895
ASLETT George 1912 Matlock Bath
Wills & Administrations, Surnames B
BAGSHAW John 1888 Matlock
BAGSHAW Robert 1895 Matlock
BAGULEY Mary Ann 1925 Matlock
BAILEY Henry Edwin 1888 Matlock
BALGUY Francis Caulfield 1924 Matlock
BALLINGTON Ellen 1905 Matlock
BALLINGTON George 1881 Matlock Bank
BALLINGTON George William 1917 Matlock
BALLINGTON John 1860 Matlock
BALLINGTON Thomas 1887 Matlock Bank
BALLINGTON Thomas 1926 Matlock
BAMFORTH John 1858 Matlock, Toll Collector.
Mentions wife Sarah; William Pearson; Joseph Blackwell; Matthew Pearson; Elizabeth Sheppard; Arthur Harward.
Died 13 Jan 1858.
BANNISTER Frederick George 1922 Matlock
BARBER Rev. William Henry 1872 Darley Dale Lodge, Matlock
BARGH Sarah 1902 Matlock
BARKER Bradshaw 1880 Matlock
BARKER William 1890 Matlock Bath
BARKER William Ross 1883 Matlock Bath
BARNES Charles Arthur 1927 Matlock Bath
BARNES Samuel 1893 Matlock hosier.
Died 19 Apr 1893, probate 28 June to Ernest William Barnes journalist
BARNSLEY Thomas 1890 Matlock Bath
BARNWELL Hannah 1889 28 Nov Matlock, widow.
Execs Thomas Ludlam of Chelsea builder's foreman (brother) and Edwin Davis of Paxton villa schoolmaster.
Died 7 Nov 1889
BARTON George Hydropathist Matlock Bank 1875 10 May.
Died 22 Mar 1875
Execs Martha Barton, relict and widow and George Barton hydropathist, son, both of Matlock Bank
BARTON George Barnard of Beechwood, Matlock, Gentleman 1909 25 Feb
Died 31 Dec 1908
Execs George Ballington joiner and builder and Annie Mary Barton spinster.
Mentions Son George Tom.
BARTON Martha Matlock Bank 1884 2 Feb.
Wife of William Barton. Died 7 Jul 1884
Exec George Bernard Barton of Matlock Bank Hydropathist, son
BATEMAN John 1904 Matlock
BATEMAN Louisa 1919 Matlock
BECK Thomas 1896 29 Feb Matlock Bridge Stone Merchant
Exec Arthur Beck stone merchant (son).
Died 9 Mar 1895.
BELLIS Jane 1895 Matlock
BENNETT Frank Harper 1910 Matlock
BENTON Mary 1908 Bloxwich and Matlock
BIDDLE Alfred 1876 14 Feb formerly of Beeston, NTT grocer, later of Matlock Bath Gent.
Mentions wife Elizabeth; property in Bedford Rd and Woburn Street, Nottingham; son John and his wife Phoebe Frances; Henry E Hunt Solr Nottingham witness; W Thomas Spencer his Clerk witness. Made 1874
Probate to Elizabeth Biddle of Matlock Bath and John Biddle of Buxton (widow and son).
Died 22 Jan 1876.
BIDDULPH Elizabeth 1915 Scarthin, Matlock Bath
BILLAM Ephraim 1880 Matlock
BIRD Charles William 1888 Sheffield late of Matlock
BIRD Thomas 1901 Scarthin, Matlock Bath
BIRKS George 1907 Matlock Bank
BLACKLOCK Ellen 1872 (Adm) Matlock Bath
Mentions George Blacklock
BLACKWELL John 1869 Matlock
BLACKWELL Joseph 1867 Matlock
BLOOM Ada 1926 Matlock
BOCOCK John 1885 Sale, Cheshire and Matlock Bank
BODEN Abel Matlock Bath baker 1861 4 Dec
Died 29 June 1861 at Matlock Bath.
Mentions son John (sole executor); Thomas H Newbold Solr, Matlock, witness; Fanny Wigley, Bonsall, witness.
BODEN Ann 1902 Matlock Bath
BODEN Ann 1922 Matlock
BODEN Anthony 1865 (Adm 202) Matlock - labourer.
Mentions Mary Ann Tatlow
BODEN Edward 1876 Scarthin Row, Cromford, butcher.
Mentions wife Lydia; John Mather witness; Elizabeth Mather witness; Made 1873
BODEN George 1871 Matlock Bank
BODEN George 1921, 4 Mar. Matlock, quarry owner.
Execs Harriett Mary Boden, widow and Thomas Boden, quarry owner.
Died 25 Aug 1920.
BODEN John 1902 Matlock
BODEN Joseph 1868 Matlock Bath
BODEN Maria Capper 1910 Matlock Bank
BODEN Peggy 1863 Matlock (formerly Crich)
BODEN Sarah 1903 Matlock
BODEN Samuel 1876 Matlock Bank
BODEN Thomas 1866 6 Aug Matlock, baker.
Mentions Richard Blackwell Tansley miller; Joseph Brailsford of Rowsley railway porter; son Anthony; dau Fanny wife of Wm Dawes; dau Mary Ann wife of Geo Bamford; son Thomas; dau Elizabeth wife of Geo Wall; dau Sarah wife of Thomas Buxton; son William; dau Lydia Boden; Samuel Dyall witness; William John Neale Solr Matlock. Made 1863.
Died 1 Feb 1866
BODEN William 1869 26 Mar Scarthin Row, Matlock farmer.
Mentions sister Elizabeth Boden; wife Peggy; son Joseph; son James; occupiers Sarah and Elizabeth Boden; occupier Anthony Weston; property in Scarthin; Joseph Stone Solr Wirksworth witness; Walter Kirkland his clerk witness. Made 1861
Died 26 Mar 1868.
BODEN William 1896 30 Apr. Of the Gate Inn, Matlock Bank, Innkeeper.
Died 29 Feb 1896.
Execs Ann Boden widow and George Boden stone merchant.
BODEN William 1921 Matlock
BODEN William 1925 Matlock
BOTTOMLEY Mary Ann 1884 Matlock Bank
BRADBURY James Richard 1904 Matlock
BRADLEY Joseph 1875 Matlock
BRADSHAW Hannah Jane 1908 Matlock
BRADSHAW Thomas 1928 Matlock
BRAILSFORD John 1913 Lea, Matlock
BRAMAH Annie 1926 7 Sep Matlock Spinster
of Smedley's Hydropathic Esatablishment Matlock. Died 3 April.
Execs Frederick Mitchell commercial traveller and Harry Douglas hydropathic manager.
BRAMAH Ellen 1928 9 Nov Matlock widow
Of Cavendish-road Matlock. Died 8 Oct.
Execs Harry Douglas hydropathic manager.
BRAMWELL Henry 1887 Matlock Bank
BRELSFORD Jospeh 18787 Matlock Bank
BRIDDON George 1899 Matlock Bath
BRIDGE Andrew Bunting 1893 Matlock
BRIDGE Harriet 1898 Matlock Bridge
BRELSFORD Joseph 1877 Matlock Bank
BRIDDON George 1899 Matlock Bath
BRIDDON Wm 1865 Brassington miner, later of Lumsdale, Matlock.
Mentions property at Kings Mill, Brassington; dau Sarah Smith Lumsdale; son Wm of Middleton; son Thomas of Brassington; Speedwell and Howard mines; dec daus two children Mary Ann and Selina Eyre; David Doxey witness Lumsdale bleacher; Geo Allen witness; T Tunstall Smith Surrogate
BRIDGE Andrew Bunting 1893 Matlock Cliff, Matlock stone merchant and farmer
Died 6 Nov 1892. Execs: Anne Bridge widow, Thomas Bridge farmer and stone merchant and George Boden stone merchant
BRIDGE Harriet 1898 Matlock-green, Matlock widow
Died 12 June 1898. Exec Joseph Sladen, coal-merchant
BRIGGS Luke 1908 Matlock Bank
BRIGHTMORE William 1895 Matlock
BROOKES Marian Martha 1904 Matlock Green
BROOKHOUSE Joseph 1862 Matlock
BROOKS Elizabeth 1907 Matlock
BROOKS James 1898 Matlock
BROOKS Samuel 1869 Matlock Bath formerly of Sheffield
BROOKSBANK Charles James 1909. of Matlock, Dentist.
Died 23 Dec 1908. Exec Wife Susan Sarah Brooksbank
BROOKSBANK Susan Sarah 1923 Chesterfield Road, Matlock, Widow.
Died 4 Dec 1922. Execs James Speakman Potter solicitor and Frank Horsley Abell dental surgeon.
BROOMHEAD Elizabeth 1893 Matlock Bath
BROWN John 1878 Stockport and Matlock Bath
BROWN Mary Ann 1901 Matlock
BROWN William Henry 1905 High Peak, Matlock Bath
BROWNSON Sarah 1867 Matlock
BRUCE Jane Georgiana 1872 Matlock Bath
BRYAN Benjamin 1860 Matlock
BRYAN Benjamin 1914 Belper and Matlock
BRYAN Daniel 1924 Matlock Bath
BRYAN Elizabeth 1924 Matlock Bath
BUCKLEY Anna 1904 Matlock Bath
BUCKLEY Marya 1897 Matlock
BUCKLEY Samuel 1905 Matlock
BUCKLEY Thomas 1893 Matlock
BULLOCK Thomas 1886 Matlock. DDR: Exec Sarah Bullock
BUNTING Reuben 1860 (Adm 127) Matlock Green. Mentions Maria Bunting
BURTON William Wollatt 1920 Matlock
BURY James 1878 Riversdale, Matlock Bath
BUTTERWORTH Alice 1927 Matlock Bath
BUXTON Herbert 1913 South Parade, Matlock Bath
d. 21 Dec 1912. Execs Elizabeth Buxton widow and Harold Buxton railway manager
Wills & Administrations, Surnames C
CANTRELL John 1905 Matlock
CAPENHURST Jane 1874 Kirby Bellairs Leics., now of Matlock Dale later of Donisthorpe.
Mentions bro John Capenhurst; sister Mary Eleanor Capenhurst spinster; sister Frances Fox, Kirby Bellairs; Wm Geo.Wheatcroft Solr Matlock; John Smith Clerk to Mr Wheatcroft; Will Made 1870; Testator died 7 Aug 1873 Donisthorpe
CARDER Henry 1860 (Adm 194) Matlock coachman to Henry Wall guardian and Uncle
CARDIN Michael 1859 Common Wood, Matlock
CARDIN Mordecai 1888 Matlock
CARDING Ann 1906 Matlock Bath
CARDING Joseph 1906 Matlock
CARDING Priscilla 1873 Matlock
CARDING Solomon 1862 (Adm) Matlock Bridge. Died Snitterton
CARDING Thomas 1879 Matlock
CARLINE Alfred William 1909 Hearthstone, Riber
CARLINE Ann 1890 Matlock Bank
CARLINE George 1892 Matlock Bank
CARLINE James 1904 Starkholmes, Matlock
CARLINE James 1907 Starkholmes, Matlock
CARLINE Joseph 1878 Matlock
CARLINE Thomas 1870 Starkholmes, Matlock
CARLINE Titus 1892 Matlock Bank
CARLINE William 1863 Starkholmes, Matlock
CARLINE William 1886 Matlock
CARLINE William 1887 Starkholmes, Matlock
CASH Josiah 1878 Matlock Bridge, Surgeon & General Practitioner d. 19 Oct 1877. Exec. Caroline Cash, widow.
CASTLE Harry Merry 1899 Matlock
CAULDWELL John 1904 Matlock Cliff
CAULFIELD John Kitchiner Burgoyne 1874 Matlock Bank
CHADWICK Adam Matlock Bath Bank Manager 1884 22 Oct
Adm to Selina Chadwick of Matlock Bath relict and widow.
CHADWICK Robert 1880 26 Aug Matlock Bath Gentleman
d. 12 Jul 1880 at Matlock Bath.
Exec Adam Chadwick Bolehill Wirksworth Bank Manager, Robert Chadwick Son and William Green Law Clerk both Matlock Bath.
CHALIONER Mary Frances 1915 Matlock
CHALLAND Henry 1925 Matlock
CHALLAND Mary Frances 1925 Matlock
CHAPLAIN John 1880 Kegworth, LEI, and Matlock
CHAPLAIN Louisa Theodosia 1904 Matlock Bath
CHARLESWORTH Thomas Hoskisson 1927 Hackney, Darley Dale
CHESTER Thomas William 1923 Matlock
CLARE James 1898 Matlock Bank
CLARKE Anne 1886 Matlock. DDR: Exec Frederic F. Clarke
CLARKE Fanny Agnes 1918 Matlock
CLARKE John Joseph 1928 Matlock
CLARKE Mary Anne P C [Poore Corden] 1890 Matlock
CLARKE William Corden Rev 1890 Matlock
CLAY Francis 1888 Matlock Green
CLAY Harry 1919 Matlock
CLAYTON George 1914 Matlock
COCKAYNE Mary 1890 Starkholmes DDR: d.29 Oct 1884 Exec Wm Cockayne
COCKER Stephen Purim, Matlock 1917
COLLINSON Charles 1897 Matlock Bank DDR: d. 23 Apr 1897 Exec. J. W. Neale
COOPER Anne 1879 Matlock, widow.
Died 11 Feb 1879. Exec Annie Cooper of Chesterfiled, daughter, spinster, and others
COOPER Ann 1915 Church Street, Matlock, widow
Died 4 July 1915. Exec Matthew Bunting commercial traveller
COOPER Thomas 1926 Brunswood Road, Matlock Bath
Died 5 Jun 1926. Exec Elizabeth Cooper spinster
CROFT Annie Elizabeth 1923 Matlock
CROWDER Eliza 1917 Matlock Bath
CROWDER William 1900 Matlock
CURRELLY Charles 1874 Matlock Bridge
CURSHAM Harriette 1894 Matlock Bath. DDR: d. 7 Jan 1894, Exec K A Kersham