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Lists of pre-1858 Wills and Wills proved within Derbyshire 1858 - 1928
  Wills & Administrations, 1858 - 1928* : Surnames S
*Not every Matlock will from this period was proved within Derbyshire
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Part of a Copy of a Grant of Probate of a Matlock resident   Abbreviations used below:
Adm = Administration (of Will) / Letters of Administration where individual died Intestate
DDR = Information from Death Duty Registers
Exec = Executor / Executrix of Will

Information below is organised by:
SURNAME, Christian Name(s), Date of Probate, Abode
Wills & Administrations, Surnames S
SALT Mary 1905 Matlock
SALT William George Henry 1920 Matlock
SAMUEL Edward 1922 Matlock Green
SAUNDERSON Rebecca 1916 Matlock
SAXTON Alice 1869 Matlock Bath.
d. 23 Aug 1869 at Matlock Bath. Exec. Wm Edward Blaxter of Litchurch
SAXTON Arthur 1917 Matlock
SAXTON Eliza 1867 Matlock Bath. Exec. Harriet Saxton of Matlock
SAXTON George Withers 1862 Matlock Bath. Exec. Eliza Saxton of Matlock Bath
SAXTON Harriet 1877 Matlock Bath. Exec. Wm Edward Blaxter of Litchurch
SCHOFIELD Samuel 1874 Matlock Bath
SCORER Anthony 1901 Matlock
SCOTTHORNE George 1895 Matlock
SCOTTHORNE Kendill 1927 Matlock
SEARLE Henry 1878 Matlock
SEARLE Jane 1889 The Dimple, Matlock, widow. d. 27 Mar 1889. Exec. Clara Jane Searle
SEEDHOUSE Mary Ann Eliza 1918 Matlock Bath
SELLORS Mary 1881 Matlock Bank
SHARKEY Thomas 1921 of Smedley's Hydro, Matlock
d. 24 Mar 1921 probate 6 May
SHARP Eliza Ann 1926 Matlock
SHARP Thomas 1916 Matlock
SHAW Archelaus 1877 Matlock
SHAW Elizabeth 1880 Matlock Bank
SHAW Ellen 1887 Matlock Bank
SHAW George 1878 Starkholmes, Matlock
SHAW Job 1885 Matlock
SHAW John 1874 Matlock Cliff
SHAW Rebecca 1876 of Matlock Cliff widow
Mentions dau in law and niece Hannah Shaw wid now residing with me; Lindsey Hodgkinson witness; Wm Clark witness; dau in law Elizabeth Shaw widow of my son John Shaw; property at Wensley; Samuel Jackson witness; Ruth Ward witness. Made 1874
SHAW William 1871 Matlock
SHEPHERD Edward 1881 Shortlands KEN and Matlock
SHEPLEY William 1919 Hackney, Matlock
SHEPPARD James Matlock Paper Maker 1898 5 Jul [of Mount View House, Matlock Bath]
Exec: Thomas Sheppard railway agent. Died 5 May 1898.
See his MI.
SHUTES William 1885 (Probate 24 Aug) formerly of Matlock Bridge but late of Matlock
Sole Exec: Lydia Shute, widow the Relict. Died 23 May 1885.
SIMPSON Mark 1903 Matlock
SKIDMORE John 1860 of Matlock Bath Gent
Mentions father in law Tho Boden; land at Upperwood purchased from Job Boden; wife Elizabeth; daus Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary; sons Peter, Tho, Samuel,Anthony; Richard Wilson Macclesfield grocer; John BROWN Ind Minister ,Wirksworth; Samuel Skidmore draper Matlock Bath; John Wood Lane Hosier Mill St Macclesfield witness; Joseph Sharpe wollen draper Macclesfield witness; James Collinson Manchester; Tho M Colville Commissioner to Administer Oaths. Made 1853
SKIDMORE Samuel of Matlock Bath Draper and Hosier 1898 31 May [of South End]
Execs: Samuel Skidmore draper and hosier and Robert Hall accountant. Died 16 Jan 1898.
SKIRROW Robert 1874 Matlock
SLATER George 1919 Matlock
SLATER Hannah 1884 Matlock
SLATER James 1902 Matlock
SLATER Jane 1899 Matlock
SLATER Jane 1899 Matlock
SLATER Job 1923 Matlock Bank
SLATER John 1874 Matlock Bath
SLATER John 1909 Matlock
SLATER John Job 1920 Matlock
SLATER William 1877 Matlock Bank
SLIGHT Rev Frederick 1888 Sawley and Matlock Bath
SMEDLEY Caroline Anne 1892 Riber Castle. Matlock.
DDR: d 26 Feb 1892, Execs: George Samuel Deverell commander Royal Navy and Frederick Osmond Harward banker's clerk
SMEDLEY Eleanor Midland Hotel, Matlock Bath spinster 1912 21 Feb
Died 9 Jan 1912. Exec : Fanny Lowe (wife of Robert Lowe)
SMEDLEY Elizabeth 1923 Portland House, Matlock Bath widow
Died 26 Mar 1923 at Thornton House, Bank Road, Matlock. Exec: Nellie Daniels (wife of Albert William Daniels)
SMEDLEY John Riber Castle, Matlock 1874 24 Aug.
DDR: Exec John Thomas Marsden, Manufacturer, Riber Castle; Robert Wildgoose, Holloway, Manager of Lea Mills. Died 27 Jul 1874.
SMEDLEY John 1896 Wilbourn Terrace, Matlock Bank.
DDR: d 6 Mar 1896, Exec James Margerrison miller and William Arthur Margerrison commercial traveller
SMEDLEY John 1900 Matlock Bath tufa merchant.
DDR: d 28 Jun 1900. Execs: Ellen Flude (wife of Jospeh Flude) and Mary Brocklehurst (wife of Jospeh Brocklehurst).
SMEDLEY John Thomas Marsden 1875 Matlock. DDR: Exec W B Hunter, Matlock and others
SMEDLEY Joseph 1915 Scarthin, Matlock Bath.
Died 3 Nov 1915. Exec: Sarah Ann Smedley spinster
SMEDLEY Thomas 1866 Matlock Bath, marble turner.
Mentions bro William; friend Joseph Hodgkinson Matlock Bath grocer; dau Eleanor Smedley; wife Ann; occ (occupier) Col Leacroft; dau Ann Smedley; dau Eliza Ann Smedley; Wm Green witness; Wm Bernard Thimbley witness Clerks to Messrs Milnes and Newbold Matlock; Solr; dau Emma Jordan. Made 1860. Died 22 Dec 1863.
SMEDLEY William 1896 Matlock Bath, spar dealer
DDR: d 1 Jan 1896. Execs John Smedley cab proprietor and Mary Brocklehurst (wife of Joseph Brocklehurst).
SMITH Ann of Matlock Bank (wife of Joseph Smith) 1895 15 Nov
DDR: died 25 May 1895
Execs Henry Farnsworth, bleacher and John Walter Marriott farmer. Affidavit no.8931
SMITH Job of Malvern House, Matlock Bank, hydropathist 1907 21 Aug
d. 18 May 1907
Exec Sarah Lydia Smith, spinster
SMITH Job of Industrial Road Matlock Bank, porter 1912 17 Feb
d.19 Dec 1911
Exec Miriam Ellen Smith widow.
SMITH John of Scarthen Row, Matlock Grocer. 1869 5 Jun (Adm 336)
d. 2 Mar 1869 at Scarthen-row
Granted to Ellen Kidd (wife of David Kidd, Ironmonger of Cromford) daughter one of the next of kin
SMITH John 1909 of Farley, Darley Dale, joiner.
Son William daurs Tamar, Hannah Stone, Annie Mart, Alice
SMITH John Lee 1921 Matlock Bank of Carson House : retired Gas engineer
Mentions niece Fanny Smith Edwards of Ches., niece Sarah Ann Mellors, niece Tacey Ann Slack of Bala, niece Mary Catherine Oates of Carcroft
SMITH John Walter of 5 Park Square, Wolley Road, Matlock Matlock 1928 28 Aug
d. 12 May 1928
Exec Norman Edward Giles works manager
SMITH Joseph 1876 Matlock Gent.
Mentions wife Ann; son Geo Harry; John Rich Dudley, Staveley spade and shovel manuf.; dau Sarah Dudley; dau Emily SMITH; Wm Wall witness; John Cutts witness; Elizabeth Annie Oakley witness; Thomas Nuttall witness. Made 1874
SMITH Joseph Hasker-farm Tansley 1903 (Asker Farm)
d. 17 July 1903
Exec: Mary Smith widow.
SMITH Joseph 1921 Upper Holloway, Matlock
SMITH Lydia 1903 Matlock
SMITH Mabel 1922 Matlock
SMITH Mary 1882 Matlock
SMITH Mary Jackson-street Matlock Bank Matlock widow 1917 26 Oct
d. 4 Oct 1917
Execs: Frederick Smith Farmer and Mary Gregory (wife of Edwin Gregory).
SMITH Samuel 1900 Matlock Bath. DDR: Died 13 Feb 1900. Exec E Smith. Proved at Derby
SMITH Sarah 1906 Hackney
SMITH Sarah Lydia 1919 Matlock
SMITH Selina Maria 1906 Matlock
SMITH Thomas 1919 Hackney, Darley Dale
SMITH William of Matlock Bath, Gardener 1877 15 Mar.
Died 29 Feb 1877 at Matlock Bath
Exec Samuel Smith, Marble Worker, same place. Proved at Derby
SMITHURST Edward 1870 Matlock labourer.
Mentions wife Mary; son Edward; son William; dau Grace Slater; cottage occ by John GREGORY in Matlock; cottage occ by George Taylor in Matlock; Agnes Boden dau of my said wife; Nathaniel Staley Cromford witness; James Potter Matlock Law Student witness
SORBY Alfred 1867 Darley Dale, Matlock
SPEED Edward Matlock Bath, licensed victaller, 1892 29 Jul
Died 8 May 1892
Exec Elizabeth Speed widow
SPENCER Hannah 1907 Matlock Cliff
SPENCER James 1902 Matlock
SPENCER Thomas 1892 Matlock
SPENCER Timothy 1865 Matlock
SPENDLOVE Job (the younger) 1925 Matlock
Died 16 June 1925. Exec Ada Spendlove widow.
SPRINTHALL Samuel 1920 Matlock Bath
Died 9 Mar 1920. Execs: reverend Robert Chadwick clerk and Ernest Merwood Sprinthall railway agent.
STAFFORD Theophilia 1869 Matlock.
Mentions son Robert; son George; dau Hannah Knowles; dau Elizabeth Hurd; grand son George Swift; son in law Zaccheus Stafford (dead by time of codicil); Joseph Tomlinson witness; Wm Green witness; Thomas Walker Matlock Bath witness to Codicil; James Potter Law Student witness to Codicil. Made 1847, Codicil 1868
STAINSBY Blanche Harriette Isabella Dale Road, Matlock Bath 1913 22 Jul
Died 20 June 1913
Exec John Addison Stainsby physician and surgeon
STAINSBY John Addison East Dale, Matlock Bath 1902 18 Apr
Died 12 Mar 1902
Exec Blanche Harriette Isabella Stainsby widow
STANLEY Robert 1881 Matlock
STARKEY William 1902 Matlock
STATHAM Abanathan Daffin 1874 Matlock DDR: exec William Statham, Matlock and others
STATHAM Ann 1887 Starkholmes Matlock Matlock DDR: exec Solomon Statham
STATHAM Emma of Wellington Street 1916 30 Sept
d. 1 Sept 1916. Exec Harold Henry Statham pork butcher
STATHAM George of Wellington Street 1916 24 June
d. 10 April 1916. Execs Emma Statham widow, Harold Henry Statham pork butcher and Walter Statham farmer
STATHAM George 1919 Matlock
STATHAM George Malin 1925 Riber nr. Matlock
STATHAM Isaac of Masson, Matlock farmer 1894 18 Dec
Died 13 Nov 1894 Execs caroline Statham spinster and Isaac Statham grocer
STATHAM Joshua 1874 Matlock DDR: exec S. Statham, Matlock and another
STATHAM Louisa 1918 Starkholmes Matlock
STATHAM Luke Robinson 1900 Matlock
DDR (1899): residence given as Derby d. 23 Dec 1899. Exec S. Statham
STATHAM Samuel 1924 Starkholmes, Matlock
STATHAM Sarah 1887 Matlock DDR: exec Thomas Walker
STATHAM Sarah 1894 Matlock DDR: d 24 May 1893. Exec M Wragg
STATHAM Solomon 1886 Starkholmes Matlock DDR: exec Ann Statham
STATHAM William 1864 Starkholmes Matlock shopkeeper.
Mentions son Abanathan Daffin Statham (DDR says he was exec); property in Matlock Green; wife Hannah; occupier Isaac Statham property in Hearthstone; son Wm; Masson meadow purchased off Peter Arkwright; occupiers Geo Wall, John Spencer; occupiers Sarah Taylor, Joshua Statham his son Isaac, Albert White; Tho Walker Starkholmes shoemaker; Wm Green Clerk to Messrs Milnes and Newbold Solr Matlock; Jas. C Newbold witness. Made 1860; codicil 1862
STATHAM William Matlock 1903 20 June
Died 9 May 1903. Execs Hannah Katherine Statham widow and Henry George Towle stationmaster
STEEL Ann 1876 Sheffield, late of Knowleston Place, Matlock.
Mentions sister Elizabeth Steel; sister Sarah Steel; sister Mary Steel; Jos Hopkins Bookseller Sheffield; Annie Winks witness; Emily Moxon witness. Made 1864
STEEL Elizabeth 1877 Sheffield , later of Knowlestone Place Matlock, spinster.
Mentions sister Ann Steel; sister Sarah Steel; sister Mary Steel; Emily Moxon witness; Annie Winks witness. Made 1864. Testaor died 29 Sep 1876 Matlock Bridge
STEEL Sarah 1890 Matlock. DDR: of Matlock Bridge, died 31 Mar 1888, exec Mary Steel. Affidavit No.11977
STEPHENSON Georgina Slater 1910 Matlock
STEVENS Charles 1873 Matlock Butcher and Farmer.
Execs: William Stevens and Joseph Stevens, Colour Manufacturers, Matlock, brothers; Fanny Stevens, widow and Relict
STEVENS Edward George 1904 Park Square, Matlock Bank, school-attendance-officer (died at Matlock Town).
Exec: Mary Fox Stevens widow.
STEVENS Frederick William 1882, 30 Sep, Matlock, Colour Manufacturer.
Execs: Elizabeth Ann Stevens, Matlock, widow and relict; Frederick William Stevens, Matlock, Colour Manufacturer, son; Frederick Gardiner Ward, Waltham, LEI, Farmer
Mr. Stevens had died at Matlock on 12 June 1882.
STEVENS Sarah 1880 Matlock Bridge, Widow. Exec: Joseph Frances [sic] Kingdon, Wirksworth, gentleman
STEVENS Thomas 1903 Matlock, gentleman. Exec: Esther Stevens, widow
STEVENSON Matthew 1888 formerly of Matlock Bank but late of Matlock, Hydropathic Boarding House Keeper.
Died 8 Jan 1888 Exec. Mary Stevenson, widow and relict.
STEVENSON William 1874 Matlock Bath, Manager of a Paper Mill.
Execs: George Stevenson, Matlock Bath, Grocer, son; Joseph Bellaers, Cromford, draper
STOCK Ada Mary 1926 Matlock
STOCKER Henry Frederick Christian 1917 Matlock
STONE Catherine 1869 (Adm 350) Scarthin Row Matlock Died 1865
Mentions Joseph Stone, Wirksworth
STONE Lydia 1860 (Adm 121) Matlock Died at Belper to Thomas Brace, Middleton by Wirksworth
STONES Maria Yelverton 1900 Matlock Bath. DD: d 8 Nov 1900, exec F. D. Stones Affidavit No.7021
STORER Catherine 1895 Matlock
STORER Joseph 1875 Scarthin Row, Matlock. DDR: Exec Cath. Storer, Matlock
STRANGE Elizabeth 1922 Matlock
STUART Duncan 1899 Matlock
STUART Louisa 1897 Matlock Bank
STUBBS Thomas 1865 Matlock Bath
SWAIN Martha Ellen 1919 Matlock [Starkholmes]. Execs Martha Ellen Swain and William Peacock
SWIFT John 1889 Cavendish Road, Matlock Bank, Gardener. d. 23 Feb 1889. Exec Hannah Swift
SWINDELL Ann, Enslin House, Jackson Road, Matlock 1922 17 Aug
Died 17 Jul 1922.
Execs Lydia Frances Hopkinson (wife of Joseph Hopkinson) and Joseph Hopkinson builder
SWINDELL Samuel, stone merchant, Matlock Bank 1917 11 May
Will written 17 Dec 1897. Wits: Chas Kirk, Arthur Cox (clerks to solrs)
Died 25 Feb 1917.
Sole Exec Ann Swindell widow.
SYBRAY Charles Bower 1881 Matlock