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Part of a PCC Will of a Matlock resident

Information below is organised by:
SURNAME, Christian Name(s), Date of Probate, Abode
Surnames W
WALKER Adam Matlock Bath 1797 11 Oct Labourer (Lich)
Written 9 Sep 1797
Mentions brother John Walker; nephew James Walker; nephew Francis Ogden; Nephew Thomas Clay; Nephew Adam Clay; brother Peter given the house wherein I now dwell and one sitting of a pew in Matlock church.
Wits William Mellor, William Ellis, John Gregory.
Sole exec brother Peter Walker.
1797 burial.
WALKER Adam Matlock Bath Saddler 1825 21 Apr (Lich) Adm
Affidavit; Richard Walker of Matlock Bath Petrifactioner appeared personally.
Bond Richard Adams of Matlock Bath petrifactioner, Richard Walthew of Lichfield yeoman and John Doe Gentleman firmly bound ...
Bond is signed by Richard Walker and Richard Walthew.
Richard Walker suggested that Adam Walker Saddler Deceased had died upwards of 14 days before, was intestate and a widower and he was the lawful brother.
Intestate died in December last.
1824 burial
WALKER Charles, Yeoman of Matlock 1811 09 Oct (Lich/DDR) Under 100L
Benef: John Walker Son £50 | George Walker Son £50 | Hannah Sharpe Daur £50
Susannah Smith Daur £50 | Samuel Walker Son £3 per week for life | John Walker Son All real and personal estate charged with the payment of legacies.
Exec John Walker otpo Matlock
1811 burial
WALKER Edward (alias WODDYWIS) Yeoman Matlock 1630 Dec 6 (Lich)
Mentions Joane now loving wife; son Abraham Walker Walker als Woddywis son of Adam deceased Walker als Woddywis son of Adam deceased son Daniel Walker als Woddywis; messuage called --- or Matlock Edge; daur Walburge [?]Ragg wife of Dennis Ragg; Grace wife of Thomas Walker; Matlock Combe; Francys Ragg; Emmdale on Masson; Sower greaves; Matlock Banke; ; Netherfield Croft on the east side of Riber; grandchild Edmund Walker als Woddywis son of Adam deceased; George Tipping; Henry Walker grandchild son of Thomas and Grace; land at Matlock Bath; John Stone of Empstone gent; Edmund Rosson; Lords of the Manor of Matlock; George Walker als Woddywis eldest son of Adam deceased; Clemente wife of William Fletcher; grandchildren Margret Fletcher, Clemente Fletcher and Dorothie Fletcher durs of Willm Fletcher; grandchild Edmund als Woddywis son of Symon Walker; Maria Walker; William Wolley of Riber gent, George Walker of the same and Anthony Simpson of Matlocke.
Wits William Ludlam, Edmund Flint, Thomas Flint, Anthony Simpson
Execs Joane loving wife, Abraham Walker, Danyel Walker.
WALKER Elizabeth wydowe Matlock 1599 June 2 (Lich)
Written 13 May 1599
Late wife to Edward Walker deceased.
Mentions son Thomas Walker; son Matew Walker; Frances --- servant; Elizabeth and Mary Ragge; Agnes Ragg my syster; daughter Alles Walker; youngest son Anthony Walker.
Anthony Walker sole exec
Wits Denis Woodward, Willm Wright, James Ragg, Thomas Flynt
Inv 21 May 1599 praysed by Edmund Walker, Willm Wright, Willm Flynt, James Ragg
WALKER Francis Matlock Dyer 1728 3 Oct (Lich)
Mentions Sarah Walker, administratrix, widow of the late Francis, with tuition bond for the younger children in their minority (Anne, Sarah and Hannah). This document also included John Walker Dyer (see his will below).
Admon with long inventory, including items in the dye house.
Inventory witnessed by George Sowter, Philip Kinch and Josiah Wood.
WALKER George alias Wooddis [Woodiwiss?] of Matlock 1646 14 Nov (PCC - PROB 11/198/128)
1645 burial
WALKER George Gentleman of Riber 1856 8 Feb (PCC - PROB 11/252/420)
- Also see Wolley Manuscripts v.6692 ff.134-9 -
WALKER James of Starkholmes Matlock stockinger 1847 22 Apr (Lich)
Written 31 Jan 1846
Mentions certain copyhold land and premises at Starkholmes (Breise? Croft) conveyed to son John, then by his to son Job; George Staley of Cromford grocer; wife Mary; Thomas Walker; daur Ellen, wife of George Beaton; copyhold cottage occupied by Thomas Walker to son John; copyhold land called the Intack to daur Mary wife of Samuel Fox.
Wits Jonathan Oates, Solomon Carding.
Sole Exec George Staley of Cromford Grocer.
1846 burial
WALKER Joan Matlock, widow late wife of Edward? Walker 1557 Sept 15 (Lich)
Dated 28 June 1556.
Mentions Edward Blande of Somerishall; William Wood; Elizabeth Haynes; James Adam; Jane Wife of George Walker; Rycharde Sefton? of Tansley; George Walker; Joseph Walker, Anthoney Wolley.
Wits William Rowbotham, Willm Berdesley, John Walker.
Execs Anthony Wolley, George Walker.
Inv 28 Sep 1556 prized by Th--- Ragge, Gyles Berdesley, Thomas Fogge, Roger Walker.
WALKER Joan Matlock 1599 June 2 (Lich)
WALKER John Matlock Butcher 1680 21 Jun (Lich)
Mentions Henry eldest son; sons Samuel John and Gilbert; daur Elizabeth; Anne loving wife. Wits: John Chappell, John Osborne
1680 burial
WALKER John Matlock Dyer 1737 16 Jun (Lich).
Mentions dear mother; sisters Susannah, Sarah, Ann and Hannah; brothers Samuell and Francis; wishes to be buried beside late father and executrix to set up a tombstone in two years; loving wife, house, barns stables etc; croft head close; two cow gates and two half cow gates in parcel of land called the Piggtree; property in Royalty belonging to the Mannor of Matlock; mines and shares in mines in Matlock and rights elsewhere in the Kingdom; after mother's death one twentyfourth part of a mine called Nestus within the Liberty of Matlock and House called Willcockson's House, Matlock, to wife for life; after wife's death to brother Samuell and his heirs (if any) and then to John Walker of Chesterfield, son of John Walker Upholsterer of Chesterfield.
Exec true and loveing wife (Ann Walker, named on probate).
Written 28 May 1737.
Wits William Stone; Wm Brooks, Thomas Wood.
Inv vewed prized and praised 10 Jun 1737 by George Sowter, Josiah Wood, John Wolley. Declared a true copy by John Wolley, John Wolley Jun.
1737 burial.
WALKER John 1833 of Leawood, Derby. Exec: Mrs Walker of Leawood, Derby (C Chester?)
WALKER John Sybray Gentleman of Cuckoostone Dale p. Matlock 1834 11 Feb (Lich)
Mentions wife Sarah; her father Richard Lill; friend Charles Else; daur Betsy Walker, a minor.
Wits Richard Parkin, George Knowles, Jas C Newbold.
Execs Charles Else, Matlock, vicualler; Richard Lill, Doncaster, Rope-maker.
WALKER Peter, Husbandman of Matlock 1806 Oct 15 (Lich/DDR) Under 100L
Exec Elizabeth Walker Widow
Benef: George Storer Son in Law £20 out of his personal estate
1805 burial.
WALKER Richard Innkeeper of Matlock Bath 1850 19 Apr (Lich)
Affidavit Thomas Walker of Matlock Bath Innkeeper and Richard Walker of Manchester Gentleman appeared personally. Sworn 19 Apr 1850.
Will mentions two sons Thomas and Richard Walker; freehold and copyhold estates; son Thomas given stock of spar marble and petrifaction goods, stock of stone, lathes etc, boats; fifth parts or shares; daughter Hannah wife of Edward Butler; his four [unmarried] children Eliza and William Walker, with Thomas and Richard equal shares and proportions as tenants in common.
Execs Thomas and Richard Walker.
First codicil written 3 Sep 1844.
Second codicil written 3 Sep 1844. Mentions two sons Thomas and Richard Walker. Rev Henry Middleton of Loscoe to be joint trustee and executor.
1849 burial
Also see: Ferry Over the Derwent, about 1836 | Bath Terrace Hotel
WALKER Thomas Yeoman of Matlock 1704 19 Apr (Lich)
Mentions Cxfor Hardy of Cromford (close called Mouse Patch in the Manor of Matlock); Daurs Jane, Sarah, Millicent and Hannah; daur Mary Bowdon; grandchild Thomas Walker; grand daurs Lidia and Alice Walker; nephew Richard Walker.
Wits Thomas Lockall, Edward Lockall, Hen. Fawcett.
Execs Cxfor Hardy and nephew Richard Walker.
Inventory: Appraisers Edmond Walker, Ben Rowson, Stephen Badsley
WALKER William of Matlock 1647/8 (Lich)
Inv (3 Mar 1647/8) praised by John Ludlam[?], George Alan, Anthony Wood, Raph Bown, Anthony Simpson
Adm to Ellenam Walker
1648 burial
WALKER William of Matlock 1680/1 22 Mar (Lich)
Mentions Richard Walker eldest son; land called Riddings lately purchased from Henry Oxley; youngest son Adam Walker; daur Jane.
Supervisors: brother Thomas, brother-in-law Richard Wingfield.
Wits: Thomas Walker, Richard Wingfield, Edward Hancock, Adam Wolley.
Inventory - Appraisers John Corkine, Henry Bourne, Richard Wingfield, Adam Woolley
1681 burial
WALKER William Matlock Bath Ironmonger 1853 14 Oct (Lich)
Mentions brothers Thomas Walker and Richard Walker; wife Harriett.
Wits William Pearson, James Flint
Sole exec wife Harriett
WALL Ann Matlock 1743 29 Mar (Lich)
WALL Samuel of Bowlwood p. Matlock Farmer 1789 14 Oct (Lich)
Written 30 Dec 1788
Mentions Messuage Dwelling house or tenement wherein I now live and close in which the dwelling house stand called the Croft at Bowlwood; allotment I lately purchased from Mr. Philip Tomlinson of Wirksworth Gentleman situated near Bowlwood ( about an acre) and Tenant right and Interest in the Remainder ... Indenture bearing date 31st Dec 1784 between Tomlinson and John Wall of Bowlwood Miner for 21 years ... together with parcel of land called the Allotment, part of Matlock Common and Inclosed by act of Parliament. Messuage and Croft assigned and conveyed to SW 22 Sept 1787 by father John Wall unto brother John Wall; 2 shillings for life to mother Ann Wall. Loving brother John - household goods etc.
Sole Exec brother John Wall.
WALL Stephen Matlock 1728 11 Apr Lead merchant (Lich)
Mentions loving wife Ann; sons Stephen, John; daughters Ann, Helen; execs wife Ann and son Stephen.
Wits Thomas Astley clark Francis Walker, Dorothy Ludlam
Inv 8 Jan 1727/8 - appraisers Thomas Walker, George Ward
WALL Stephen Matlock 1742 25 Feb. Same as 1728 (Lich)
WALL Stephen Matlock Yeoman 1782 9 Jan (written 1777) (Lich)
Mentions sons and daughters, dear wife Elizabeth (sole executrix).
Wits: Jas Norman, Ellin Norman
WALL Stephen Matlock 1786 July 7 (Lich)
WALL Stephen Riber, itpo Matlock Yeoman 1804 21 Apr (Lich)
Mentions wife Elizabeth; sons Henry, John, Stephen and George; Freehold and copyhold messuages land tenements and estates in Matlock together with share of the Manor of Matlock; freehold messuage or dwelling house at Darley Bridgetown divided between Henry John and George when 21; messuages lands tenements and real estate at Wensley to son Stephen when 21.
Wits Thos. Haynes sen, Thos. Haynes jun, George Vickers.
Execs George Nuttall of Matlock Gentleman and Richard Clay of Wensley blacksmith executors and guardians of sons.
Codicil servant Hannah Wildgoose, for good services, shall have liberty to live with or be maintained by real estate.
WALTON Anthony Matlock Mason 1793 25 Apr (Lich)
Mentions Anthony Wlaton the younger, who was sole executor.
Wits Adam Wolley Jun, James Walton, James Godward jun
WALTON Anthony Matlock Mason 1831 10 Aug (Lich)
Testator died 5 Mar 1831
Oath: Jane Walton and George Lowe, Execs
Mentions wife Jane; George Hepworth of Matlock Gentleman; George Lowe of Matlock, yeoman; 4 children; three dwelling houses with gardens in Matlock Town in occupation of John King, Ann Walton and John Black; eldest son Anthony; two daughters Mary and Elizabeth; two dwelling houses in Stony Way occupied by George Statham and Ann Ward; second son John Lowe Walton;
Execs: Jane Walton, George Hepworth, George Lowe
Wits: Saml -----, George Robinson, Jas C. Newbold
WALTON Edward Matlock mason, bachelor 1794 9 Apr (Lich)
Adm. Jane Walton widow, mother of deceased renounced adm. John Walton of Matlock, mason, brother, was sworn.
WALTON John Matlock Bank Sawyer 1849 11 Oct (Lich)
Written 3 Jul 1842
Affidavit: Martha Walton of Matlock Widow
Mentions dear wife Martha - freehold dwellinghouse garden and premises in which I now reside, with one adjoineing premises occupied by George Derbyshire junior; two other dwelling houses occupied by Samuel Potter and Frederick Wright; at wife's demise to only daughter Mary Ann, wife of Thomas Gill.
Wits George Rawson, Lawrence Wildgoose, George Derbyshire
Died 30 Apr 1849.
WALTON Matilda 1852 Widow 15 Oct (Lich)
Mentions son William; daurs Sarah and Mary.
Wits John Else, William Green.
Exec George Rawson of Matlock tailor.
WARD Ellen of Matlock 1687/8 21 Mar Adm (Lich)
Grant to Thomas Ward guardian of Samuel, Sarah and Judith Ward minors, natural children of Elener Ward lately deceased.
Inv of Elyner Ward widow prized and praised 29 Oct 1687 by Anthony Boune, Anthony Woodward, Adam Wolley.
1687 burial
WARD Francis of Matlock Stone Dealer 1857 17 Apr (Lich)
Mentions wife; sons George, John and Samuel; sons to carry on business.
Wits Adam Knowles, shoemaker, Matlock; Hn Green, Clerk to Messrs Milnes Newbold Solrs Matlock.
Exec Elizabeth Ward Widow (probate granted at Matlock Bath)
WARD George of Matlock Bank Yeoman 1828 16 Oct (Lich).
Written 1 Dec 1827.
Mentions daughter Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Gratton of Matlock given dwellinghouse or Tenement etc in Matlock Town wherein she inhabits and dwells; daughter Anne Scothorne wife of George Scothorne given dwellinghouse or Tenement etc in Matlock Town wherein she inhabits and dwell; parcel of land at Matlock Cliff known by the name of the Allotment to both daughters; daughter Rose Barraclough wife of Joseph Barrowclough of Matlock messuage etc on Matlock Bank wherein she inhabits, also Croft called Walkers Croft; to granddaughter Hannah Barrowcough croft called Jackson's Croft on Matlock Bank; son George Ward of Matlock Bank messuage dwellinghouse etc formerly property of William Roose deceased, parcel of land called Masson acre, messuage or dwellinghouse etc where I formerly dwelt, allotment to north side of Joseph Janney's house, closes and parcels of land at Farley or if dies to his three daughters;
Wits; Job Buckley, James Crowder, Wm Wildgoose
Execs Geo Ward Labourer of Matlock Bank and George Scotherne Bleacher of Matlock Bank.
1828 burial
WARD George of Matlock Bank Farmer 1846 16 Apr (Lich)
Only son George Ward; messuage, barns etc I now inhabit; other barns etc at property in occupation of Samuel Ward; freehold property at Farley; dear wife Mary, land at Matlock Bank in possession of William Titherton;
Wits George Wildgoose, William Carnell, Thomas Rawson
Execs Mr. Joseph Jenny of Matlock Gentleman, Mr. John Goodwin of Matlock farmer.
WARD John of Matlock Miner 1682 13 Nov (Lich)
Written 13 Oct 30 year reign of Charles II
To be buried in the churchyard.
Mentions daur Ann Sowter wife of Joseph Sowter; his grandchildren Elizabeth daur of Joseph Sowter and George son of Joseph Sowter; Joseph Sowter my son in law is bound with me to Henery Watson for the security of our house on the hillside at Matlock; loving wife Elizabeth; the Chantry House and croft to Joseph Sowter wherein John Newton doth now live except that house now in the possession of John Stanford; Anthony Sowter of Tansley 5s for gloves.
Wits Anthony Woodward, Timothy Adams, John Cotterell.
Execs wife Elizabeth, Anthony Sowter of Tansley.
Inv 22 Oct 1681 prized by Athony Wigley, Wm Cockayne, Frances [sic, a male] Brookfield, Thomas Booth.
1682 burial
WARD Robert the elder of Matlock, Yeoman 1683 24 Apr (Lich)
Will written 4 January, Two and Thirtieth year of Reigne of Charles II (1680)
Mentions loving wife Anne who was bequeathed Gill fields with barne, and one parte of beane croft; son John to get Gill fields after Anne's death and meadow on Jaswin? bancke called dry water wash; sons Robert (house where he now liveth, barne he built on and half of beane crofte); Anne Ward, Robert's new wife; Henry Ward (house where he now liveth and one half of beane crofte with cowhouse on it); Margaret Ward, Henry's wife.
Wits Thomas Curtis, Elizabeth Curtys, Hannah Fidler
Execs three sons John, Robert and Henry Ward.
Inv Prized and Praysed by Henry Bowne, Stephen Badsley, Adam Wolley on 12 June 1682.
1682 burial
WARD Robert Matlock Bank Yeoman 1805 18 Apr (Lich)
Written 25 Jan 1805
Mentions wife Ann - bequeathed the bedstead with the bedding and hangings thereto belonging standing in the great parlour chamber, six chairs, a mahogany chest of drawers, a screen table and a stand, my clock, linen and enjoyment of two rooms in my house; and a fourth part of the garden (to be staked out by friends John Goodwin and John Turner in case of any disagreement with son John); daughter Bethia £100 and a further sum of £50 after wife's decease, plus her bedstead and hangings; son William now a private soldier in 16th Regiment of Light Dragoons given £2 at 21 and £100 at 25 - if he dies or does not come to Matlock the devised between Bethia and John; rest and residue to son John.
Wits: Adam Wolley, George Sanders, Edward Rowson.
Exec son John Ward.
WARD Samuel of Matlock Bath Surgeon 1848 26 May (Lich)
Mentions sister Jane Collingwood; brother Henry Ward.
Wits Andrew Morison, Andrew Pearson.
Exec Henry Ward, Aspley Road, Radford, Nottingham, Gentleman.
WARD William Marshall of Matlock Bath Printer 1847 22 Apr (Lich)
Mentions sister Catherine Ward (all my furniture and effects at the Tower, Matlock Bath); sister Jane Collingwood; brother Samuel Ward surgeon of Matlock Bath; George Ward of Matlock; brother Henry Ward of Bobber's Mill Nottingham.
Wits: Richard Edward Saxton, Job Hodgkinson.
Dated 16 Nov 1846.
Exec: Henry Ward [of Radford, Gentleman, on Affidavit]
WASS John Matlock Adm 1773 21 Jun
Adm to Samuel Carding, Matlock, Miner and Kinsman
21 June 1773 Nathan Wass of Matlock Baker appeared personally to declare that John Wass was a widower and Intestate and he was the Natural lawful son and only child of the deceased but that he is minor as he was under 21 years old. His friend and kinsman Samuel Carding, his guardian to all intents and purposes, to administer.
WASS Mary Matlock Bath Widow 1857 16 Oct (Lich)
Written 24 Dec 1852.
Mentions eldest son of late son Joseph; daughter Mary wife of John Michael Mosley, Ann wife of Edward Lucas and children of late daughter Sarah [Lucas]; son in law Edward Lucas of Hayfield; Sarah Ann, Charles and Joseph Lucas, children of daur Sarah minors; late daur Catherine Wasse; the widow of late son Joseph Wasse;
Wits Joseph Hodgkinson of Matlock Bath, Thomas Green of Matlock.
Execs Edward Lucas of Hayfield Accountant and Joseph Stone of Wirksworth Gentleman (her solicitor).
WASS Nat[han] Matlock Baker 1781 17 Oct
5 Aug 1781
As soon after my burial out of my Personal Estate ... the sum of Thirty shillings be laid out in Bread and be distributed amongst the poot of the parish in one week next after my death".
Mentions wife's brother Samuel Smith of Ashover Farmer; my dear wife Elizabeth Wass; after her death or remarriage dwelling houses lands and tenements to cousin Joseph Wass of Matlock wheelwright; if Joseph has no issue to J's sister and N's cousin Susanna Wass.
Wits: Benjamin Wigley
Exec Catherine Wass, John Bradley, Jas. Norman
WASS Susanna Matlock Singlewoman 1841 14 Aug
Written 18 Aug 1832
Mentions Elizabeth Barlow of Manchester Widow and daughter of late brother Joseph Wass.
Wits Thomas Marsden, George Marsden, George Nuttall
Exec Elizabeth Barlow [of Chorlton cum Medlock].
SW died 7 Aug 1841
WASSE Catherine Matlock Bath Widow 1850 4 Apr (Lich)
Written 4 Apr 1850.
Mentions late husband William Wasse of Normanton near Alfreton gentleman; grandfather John Alsop of Lea bridge parish Matlock Gentleman deceased (will 23 June 1830); mother Mary Wass (living); Bridge shares and mine shares; Ralph Wasse of Normanton farmer; maintenance, education and bringing up of son Douglas Wasse born 30 May 1846 and baptised same day at Derby by Rev Samuel Wasse of Hayfield; sisters Mary Mosley, Ann Lucas and children of late sister Sarah.
Wits W N Lowndes? Surgeon Matlock Bath, Sarah Smedley.
Execs friends Luke Alsop of Lea Hall, p. Ashover gentleman, Joseph Stone of Wirksworth, Gentleman.
WATTS David of Matlock Storkenweaver 1743 21 Apr
Adm to Mary Watts of Matlock widow and George Bradley of Birchover husbandman.
Inv 11 Mar 1742/3.
Prized and praised by George Bradley & John Wolley, examined by John Wolley Jun & John Wolley.
WATTS Job of Matlock Stockener 1765 24 Apr (Lich)
Adm granted to Ann Watts widow
WATTS William Matlock yeoman 1692 16 Nov Adm (Lich)
Inv, but no appraisers named
Bond: Sarah Watts p. Matlock widoe, Wm Watts, Anthony Woodward
WEATHERHEAD Ann(e), Widow of Matlock 1848 06 Oct (PCC - PROB 11/2082/300 )
WIGLEY Anthony of Seniorffield Matlock, 1639 17 Jul ad (Lich)
Inv: prysd 22 Jun 1639
by Henry Wigley, Edward Higton, Will Debanke, Samuel fflint
Elizabeth Wigley de Seniorfeld par Matlock in Com Derby vidua
1639 burial
WIGLEY Anthony of Senior Field Matlock Gentleman 1685 27 March (Lich)
Written 19 Feb 1684/5
Mentions: sister Hannah Morris - lands tenements and hereditaments in parish of Bonsall, moiety or one half of all the tithes of corn grain hay and herbage within Tansley; the moiety to Hannah for life and then to her son Cornelius Morris, paying out to his sister Lidya sum of three pounds; the other moiety to sister's son Anthony Morris after her decease; rest of lands etc to sisters Lydia and Elizabeth equally; brother in law James Morris and Hannah his wife; Mr. Daniel Shelmerdine; brother in law John Saile and my sister Lidya his wife; Cousen Henry Bakewell; cousen Lidya Bakewell; Edmund Yates scholemaster for as long as he shall teach - to teach four of the poorest children that come to him from time to time: remainder to loveing mother Millicent Wigley.
Sole executrix loveing mother Millicent Wigley.
Wits: Edmund Yates, Rowland Coates, Henry Flint.
Inv: taken praised 5 March 1684/5 by Thomas Debanke, Edward Bankes, Anthony Higton.
WIGLEY Elizabeth Matlock Widdow 1626/7 (Lich)
Written 12 Oct 1622.
Mentions Myllisent Wooddis; Marie Spencer; daughter Dorothie Flint; son Thomas Wigley gent.
Sole executrix [presumably Dorothie Flint]
Wits: Tho: Mylner Clarke, Thomas Mitchall, Mary Spooner, Henry Wooddis.
Inv made and praised by Thomas Flint of Matlock and Thomas Mithall of Darley 23 Feb 1626[/7]
WIGLEY George Matlock Scarthing, p. Matlock 1728 3 Oct (Lich)
Note Will says he was of Cromfor [sic]
Written 23 Jan 1728/7
Mentions: Elizabeth dearly beloved wife, all personal estate household goods etc. during her life; son Anthony all personal estate both quick and Deade he not letting her [Elizabeth] want during her life; son James Wigley £15 when it is proper to set upon his trade; son George £5 in lawful money or goods; daughter Elizabeth Spencer £5 in lawful money or goods; son Joshua £5 if he comes and stleth on this side, if not he shall not have any paid to him; well beloved son Anthony the rest of my estate.
Sole executor son Anthony
Wits: THomas Wagstaffe, Mary Hamson, Will. Holt
Inv: [states "who dyed was buried ffeb ye 8th 1728/7"] dated 15 Feb 1728/7
Apprised by Willm Bowne, William Higton
Examined by Anthony Wigley, John Wolley
WIGLEY Henry Gentleman of the Senior Field, Matlock 20 Charles II [17 Oct 1672]
Written 25 July 1672.
Witnessed by John Wigley, William Cooper, Henry Flint.
- There is more info in the Wolley Manuscripts v.6687 ff.157-8 -
- 1682 burial
WIGLEY Jacobi [James on Will] Senior of Scarthing nick p. Matlock Yeoman 1705 (Lich)
Written 4 Feb 1703/4
Mentions eldest son James Wigley; dear wife Susannah and one moetie or half part of the house wherein I now live; five closes with barn standing in one of them, stable outhouses called Dovedale Closes; Masson pingle; younger son George Wigley; the yard formerly called William yard.
Wits John Swift, Anne Pearson, Stephen Badsley.
Execs wife Susannah and son George
Inv 8 Mar 1704/5 praised by John Annable, Stephen Badsley.
WIGLEY Milisent of Senior field, p. Matlock widow 1695 4 Oct (Lich)
Will written 20 Aug 1695
Mentions grandchildren Benjamin and Elizabeth Hayward, two of son in law's - Mr Benjamin Hayward - children; the closes called the Over Dobblane and the Nether Dobblane bought of Thomas and Edmund Ludlam; grandchildren Joshua Hayward and Samuele Seale seat or seats or places in Matlock church belonging to house in Riber bought from Rowland Ragge and Samuell Wolley; close in Riber occupied by William Turner to grandchild Wigley Hayward and his heirs; close in Matlock bought from Anthony Bunting now in possession of Anthony Bunting to grandchild Henry Seale; close purchased from Thomas Bowne to grandchildren James and John Morrise, two youngest sons of daughter Hannah Morrise; rest of lands in Derbyshire to grandchild Anthony Morrise son of son in law Mr. James Morrise; grandchild Milicent Spateman; Mr. Daniel Shelmerdine, Minister; Ministers Mr Prime, Mr Ferne and Mr. Moore; maidservant Elizabeth Bunting; neece Hannah Greensmith; nephew Isaac Allsope; nephew Josiah Allsope; son in law Adam Wolley; neighbour Edmund Yates; Anthony Harding yeoman of Bonsall, Robert Harding his brother and Robert Ferne of Bonsall Gentleman now owes me one hundred pounds upon bond - interest divided between 5 grandchildren - James Morrise, John Morrise, Milicent Morris, Thomas Seale, Lydia Seale; poor people of parishes of Cromford and Matlock; daughter Lydia Seale; grandchild Wigley Hayward - corne and tennant right on Nether Moore on Cromford Moore.
Execs son in lawe Mr. John Seale, brother Mr John Woodis.
Wits Ralph Worthy, John Debanke, Henry Flint.
Inv praised 19 Sep 1695 by Henry Flint, Ralph Worthy, Josiah Allsop, Jonathan Allsop.
- Her name was recorded in the Poll Tax, 1678.
- Also see: Pedigree of Hayward | 1695 burial
WILCOCKSON Joanne of Matlock widdow 1639 24 Aug (Lich)
Written 7 June 1639
Mentions four daughters - Ellen Banks, Margaret Eaton, Susanna Wood and Catheren Wilcockson
Execs: two sons in law Edward Banks and Anthony Wood
Wits William ----, Ellen Bown
Inv 25 Jul 1639 by John Tailor, Edward Haslam, Thomas Wilcoxxen
Signed by John Tailor, Edward Haslam, Thomas Wilcoxen, Willim Lees
{ WILD Edmund, Clerk and Parson of Matlock 1571 8 Feb (PCC - PROB 11/53/75)
{ WILDE Edmund Rector of Matlock 1570 Oct 10 130b erased in M.S. (Lich)
A transcript of his will has been published in Edwards, David G (1998), "Derbyshire Wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1393–1574", 2 vols., Derbyshire Record Society.
WILD, John, 1833 (Lich). DDR: Exec Thos Bown of Matlock Green
WILDGOOSE Job, Matlock 1847 (Lich). DDR: Exec Francis Wildgoose of Matlock
WILDGOOSE John, Matlock 1842 (Lich). DDR: Exec Lawrence Wildgoose & others of Matlock
WILDGOOSE Richard, Matlock 1853 (Lich). DDR: Exec Sarah Blackwell & others of Matlock
WILDGOOSE Thomas Matlock Farmer 1850 19 Apr (Lich)
Adm granted to Ruth Wildgoose lawful widow and relict.
Intestate died 23 Feb 1850.
WILSON Luke Matlock Yeoman 1827 3 May (Lich)
Mentions son William who received dwelling house, bearns etc and land known as the Acre; wife Hannah; sons Thomas and Luke; g son Anthony Haynes, son of late daur Mary Haynes; the children of my wife Hannah - Henry Gregory, Job Gregory, John Gregory, Rachael Marriot, Rosanna Frith; Elizabeth Frith, daur of Edward and Rosanna Frith; balance of bond from George Haynes to William; grandchildren George Haynes and Mary Haynes; Luke dwelling house where he now dwelleth ... four yards from the West end of his garden in a line from the town street; Thomas dwelling house where he now liveth and other dwelling occupied by Dorothy Gregory widow, also piece of garden - the Knowl garden - near the church in occupation of Leonard Bunting.
Wits George King, Henry Barlow, Robert Adams.
Execs William Wilson, two friends Peter Knowles and George Nuttall both of Matlock.
Testator died 18 Mar 1827.
WOLLEY Adam of Riber p. Matlock 1619 25 May Gentleman (Lich)
Written 26 Sep 1616
To be buried in the church in Matlock in the same place where my father was buried. Mentions William Wollie [also written as Wolley] his son and heir and all his children; son Anthony ("in learning to be towards the lawe"); Elizabeth my now wife; daughters Dorothy, Troth and Frances; good friends Peter Columbell, Wensley Blackwall, Edward Revell, Esquires and Raffe Gregory gent; brother Thomas Wolley of Bonsall; Edward Wolley; Adam Wolley son of Anthony Wolley deceased; James ----; Adam Simpson and Dorothy his wife; Christopher Pyke?; Elizabeth Bowne wife? To Thomas Bowne of Wirksworth; [bequest to] the poore of Matlock; [bequest to] the poore of Bonsall; --- Woodward, --- Ales Woodward deceased; Anthony Simpson my servant; Anthony Simpson his father; my armour guns pykes and all such like weapons; items in the new chamber at Riber; messuage or tenement in Cheshire called Broadbottom now leased till my son Anthony comes to age to dispose of it himself.
Wits Henry Smith, William Walker, Joh Allyn, Anthony Simpson, Anthony Woodward, George Walker.
Probate to Elizabeth Wolley relict.
Inv dated 15 Apr 1619, appraised by Adam Wolley, Anthony Woodward, John Hosson, Peter Barker, John Musson/Masson?. Two new rooms are mentioned in the inventory - the new parlour and the new over parlour.
- Also see Wolley Manuscripts v.6667 ff.190-197 | Pedigree of Wolley of Riber | Riber Hall
WOLLEY Adam of Allyn Hill, p. Matlock 1711 3 Oct
Mentions eldest son John Wolley; son William Wolley; daur Katharin, wife of Georg Bowne; brother John Wolley's children; sister Katherin Walker's children; sister Clemence if then living.
Wits Joseph Ferne, Mary Cockayne, Richard Wilcockson.
Exec son John.
Inv appraised by John Sowter, Anthony Hall.
Also see Pedigree of Wolley of Allen Hill | Allen Hill Farm
WOLLEY Adam (senior) of Matlock 1801 8 Oct
Mentions daur Mary Eaton; house wherein Joseph King dwelleth; warehouse underneath in possession of Samuel Hodgkinson; gran daughter Ann Eaton; shop in possession of Saml. Hodgkinson; "the old shop" in possession of Willm Fletcher; son John Wolley; gran daughter Elizth Broomhead: friend Willm Carder, son of Elizth Carder, spinster; late servant Tamy Champion.
Wits Saml. Hodgkinson, Ann Fletcher, Adam Hawley.
Execs Adam Wolley, John Wolley, Mary Eaton therein named. Power to John Wolley.
Also see Pedigree of Wolley of Allen Hill | Allen Hill Farm
WOLLEY Adam, Gentleman of Matlock 1827 01 Sept (PCC - PROB 11/1731/3)
WOLLEY Anne, Widow of Matlock 1849 08 Feb (PCC - PROB 11/2089/14 )
WOLLEY Anthony of Riber p. Matlock Gent 1669 10 June (Lich)
Written 17 Jul 1668.
Mentions late uncle William Wolley, late father Anthony Wolley gent deceased (his debts and dues to be satisfied and payd); eldest sister Elizabeth Buxton; sisters Mary and Frances; sister Mary Blackwell; Adam Wolley of Gratton, DBY, yeoman; Aunt Newton; Aunt Evans; Ann Wheatcroft; my little boy John; Cozen John Statham; maintenance of free school at Matlock £5 per Annum for ever and a peece of land be sett apart by my Executors for this use; tomb or monument in Matlock Church; loving uncles Mr. John Rockett, Clarke, and Thomas Evans of Nottingham Storkin maker.
Wits Tho. Hollin, Hen Pickford, Ste. West.
Execs: John Rockett, Thomas Evans.
See Pedigree of Wolley of Riber | Riber Hall | 1669 burial
- Also see Wolley Manuscripts v.6667 ff.204-205 | Charities to the Parish of Matlock.
WOLLEY Anthony of Matlock Gentleman Adm 1789 29 Apr
Adm granted to John Wolley of Matlock gent and brother, Adam Wolley of Matlock gent, Thomas Bridge of Heage yeoman
Also see Pedigree of Wolley of Allen Hill | Allen Hill Farm
WOLLEY George of Matlock Gentleman 1807 15 Oct (Lich)
Mentions nephew John Wolley, grocer, city of London - gives him dwelling house at Allen Hill; pieces of enclosed land in possession of himself, Robert Ward, William Wragg and Mary Buxton, widow; dwelling house at Allen Hill in possession of George Scorer; Gutteredge in the parish of Matlock; share of Manor or royalty of Matlock; nephew Adam Wolley of Matlock - gives property in Darley, now in possession of himself, Henry Millward, John Dunn, George Pidcock, Benjamin Fantom, the assignees of Messrs Daykeyne; messuage in parishes of Matlock and Bonsall, in possession of Widow Wragg; niece Mary Eaton, widow - messuage at Matlock Bank in possession of George Davis; land in possession of John Higgs and James Bown the younger; Ann, daur of Mary Eaton, spinster; dwelling house at Matlock Bank in possession of Peter Spencer and Samuel Boden; niece Catherine Hardwicke, wife of Richard of Kirkby in Ashfield, farmer ; four children of late nephew Thomas Ridge of Heage, gentleman; Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Broomhead of City of London, draper (Eliz eldest daur of Mary Eaton); Sarah Flint, present servant; Hannah, wife of James Bown, clockmaker; Anthony Holme, present servant; Joseph Walker, late servant; Lydia, wife of Job Walker of Matlock, miner; James, Isaac, Adam Bown and Ann Thompson, sons and daughters of Adam Bowne late of Cuckoostone Dale.
Wits Rob Mason, James Wright, George Wall.
Execs Adam and John Wolley.
Testator died May 1807.
Also see Pedigree of Wolley of Allen Hill | Allen Hill Farm
WOLLEY Frances spinster of Matlock 1642 16 Jan (Lich)
Written 16 Dec 1640
To be buried in the North Isle of Matlocke Parish church
Mentions portion left to her by her late father; mother Elizabeth to have all the interest of her child's part for life, she paying out ye same to my brother Anthony the interest of £100 if he live as he ought to with his wife and children and if he do otherwise it shall be at mother's disposing and after her death for brother Anthony's children; messuage for life; sister Dorothie, wife of George Hopkinson £50; sister Troth Wolley £50.
Wits William Ashton, Benett Harrison, Antho: Simpson, Frances Walker
Inv: pryed by George Adam and Anthony Simpson 21 March 1641/2
Also see 1641 burial
WOLLEY John of Matlock Yeoman 1669 (Lich)
Written 20 day April, 20th yr of reign of King Charles II
Mentions eldest son Adam Wolley, Sarah, sister of Adam; other sisters of Adam.
John Cockayne to oversee.
Wits Henry Bowme; Thomas Wallkott
Execs Wife and son Adam
Inv taken 14 Apr 1669 by Willm Stimpson?, John Corkin, Henry Bowme, Raph Bowme
Also see Pedigree of Wolley of Allen Hill | Allen Hill Farm | 1669 burial
WOLLEY John Greenhills, p. Matlock Yeoman 1670/1 28 Jan (Lich)
Mentions wife Elizabeth; my loving kinsman John Wolley of the son of John Wolley late of Matlock yeoman; his [John's] four sisters - Clemence, Elizabeth, Katharyn, Dorothy; loving kinsman Adam Wolley son of nephew John; nephew John son of my brother Edward; Sarah, Edward's daughter; nephew Edward son of ---; Samuel Wolley.
Wits: John Fidler, Robert Smith.
Also see Pedigree of Wolley of Allen Hill | Allen Hill Farm | Dec 1670 burial
WOLLEY William of Riber 1666
- Also see Wolley Manuscripts v.6667 f.201
WOLLEY George, Gentleman of Matlock 1807 15 Oct (Lich/DDR) Under 3500L
Execs: Adam Wolley of the same place & John Wolley of the City of London
Benef: Niece Cath Hardwick one annuity or clear yearly sum of £14 out of residue of real estate | Her three sons £50 apiece if they survive her | To the five children of late nephew Thos Ridge £200 apiece | Elizth Broomfield elder daughter of niece Mary Eaton £200 | Residue to two nephews Adam Wolley and John Wolley together with residue of personal estate equally share & share alike.
Also see Pedigree of Wolley of Allen Hill | Allen Hill Farm
WOLLEYE Anthony, Yeoman of Matlock 1576 2 Nov (PCC - 2 November 1576)
WOOD Thomas of Matlock, Husbandman. 1616 14 May (Lich)
Dated April 26, 1616.
To be buried in the Churchyard of Matlock. My daughter Margaret Wood. My daughter Elizabeth Wood. My sonn-in-law Thomas Heath(?). My sonn William Wood. My eldest son, George Wood, Executor. Witn: Michael Buntinge, Agnes Bradwall & William Wright. Inv. taken April 26, 1616 by Edward Walker & William Ludlam, total L10-11-4. (From Family Tree Maker CD # 181 sent by Debbie McNabb).
WOOD William of Woodseates Matlock adm 1642 2 May (Lich)
Inv 7 May 1642
taken by Anthony Coates, Anthony Wood, Anthony Haslam and Robert Willcokson
Adm to Maria Woods and Anthony Coates
Commissio Mr. Thorpe Rector of Matlock
1642 burial
WOODHOUSE Edward 1819 28 Apr Matlock Bank Miner
Written 2 Feb 1819.
Mentions granddaughter Mary Bradley oak pair of bedsteads with feather bed hangings bolster pillows and sheets belonging thereto; late daughter Mary's children now in my possession to be delivered to her children; four sons Edward, Benjamin, James and Joseph Woodhouse and Mary Bradley all messuages dwelling houses or Tenements Gardens lands hereditaments and premises with appurtenances equally divided amongst them; grandchildren destitute of a homestead shall live in his dwelling house.
Execs: Sons Edward {of Tansley, p. Crich, Boatman] and Joseph [of Matlock, Miner] Woodhouse.
Wits: Robert Wilmot, William Walton, Wm. Willgoose.
WOODING Elizabeth of Matlock 1686/7 (Lich)
Will, with tuition bond
- Gukutils transcript -
Jan 1687 burial (as Woodwyn)
WOODINGE Richard of Matlock 1650 (Lich)
- Gukutils transcript -
1650 burial
WOODINGE Stephen of Matlock 1682 (Lich)
- Gukutils transcript-x
1682 burial (as WOODDEN)
WOODWARD James Yeoman of Matlock 1756 5 May (Lich)
Written 24 Sep 1755
Mentions wife Lidia Woodward given house wherein I now dwell, garding and outhouses, one close called Hissley? Close for life; then dwelling house to son James Woodward; if James has no issue then to son John Woodward; daughters ten pouns apeece; Hissley Close to son John after wife's decease or to brother James if John has no issue; estate in the parish of Shirland to be sold to pay debts and legacies; £20 to daughters Sarah, Lidiah, Anne, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Alles, Lucy.
Sole executrix Lydiah Woodward
Trustees friends Joseph Whitfield and Joseph Boot.
Wits: John Wolley, Adam Wolley, Henry Frith
WOODWARD James Yeoman of Matlock 1815 12 Oct (Lich)
Will written 4 Oct 1806
Content: states both real and personal to Joseph Fletcher brother-in-law and my sister Ann (wife of Joseph), then to nephew William Fletcher or if he dies without issue to John Fletcher. Niece Lucy Davies £20; nephew John Fletcher £20
Sole executrix sister Ann Fletcher.
Wits James Shenton, Sampson Roe, George Nuttall.
Testator died 15 June 1815.
Affidavit: Ann Fletcher of Matlock widow appeared personally. Made oath that deceased was not possessed of or entitled to any Leasehold Estate (sworn 12 Oct 1815).
WOODWARD Thomas Matlock Yeoman 1621/2 24 Jan (Lich)
Written 7 Jan 1621/2
Body to be buried in the church at Matlock near the place my father lyethe.
Mentions niece Clemence Woodward; nephew Adam Woodward; Henrie Woodward; John Woodward; ---- one of my godchildren
Executrix: Dorothie my deare & lovinge wyfe
Wits: Tho. Mylner Clarke, Gylberte Waler, George Walker, Anthonie Woodwarde
Inv: taken 22 Jan 1622 and prysed by Edmunde Walker, Edward Statham, Anthonie Woodwarde, William Ludlam yeoman.
WOODWARDE Dionisius [Dyonise] of Matlock Yeoman 1607 16 Apr (Lich)
Written 3 Mar 1606/7.
Mentions Henry, son of brother John Woodward deceased - two closes called the great long furlonge butting by the highway from Mastlock Bridge towards Snitterton and one by Roland Ragge's known as the Lyttle Long Furlonge, parcel of land called Crocken; Clemence, Jane, Adam and John children of brother John; William and Thomas, sons of Edward Mather deceased; children of James Rawson; children of brother in law James Dakeyne; brother Thomas Woodward; godson Thomas Bery als Wolley; Thomas Steere; Wife Clemence Woodward; Denys son of John Madder deceased.
Wits Anthony Woodfield, Adam Wolley, jun, Edward Watts, John Bowne, Edwarde Wolley.
WOOLLANCE Anthony Matlock Adm 1729 Oct 16
Anne Woollance widow and Relict
Inv prized and praised 22 Jan 1628/9
Wits John Wolley, Geo Sowter
Examined by John Wolley, John Sowter
WRAGG Adam, Calico Weaver of Matlock Bank 1806 31 Oct (PCC - 31 October 1806)
WRAGG Dennis Matlock Farmer 1838 26 Apr (Lich)
Written 4 Dec 1831.
Mentions lawful wife Elizabeth Wragg; son George Wragg - house with barn stable Cowhouse etc [in Starkholmes]; son John; daughters Jane, Hannah and Marian Wragg; sons Dennis, Joseph and John.
Wits Samuel Wragg, George Shaw, John Buckley Wragg.
Execs Daniel Hurd Jun of Matlock Bank Stone Mason to whom probate was granted, Samuel Smith son of James Smith who had died.
Testator died 29 Oct 1837.
WRAGG George Matlock Bath p. Matlock Yeoman 1720 31 Mar (Lich)
Inv appraised by Jno Johnson sen., Saml. Fletcher.
Mentions Sole executrix Loving wife Hannah. Wits John Cleator, George Wragg, Thomas Peirson
1720 burial
WRAGG George Miner of Matlock Wood 1776 13 Apr (Lich)
Died Nov 19th buried 21st 1775. Inv appraised by John Nall, The. Andrews, John Andrews. Adm to Rebecca Andrews, formerly Wragg of Wirksworth, widow and relict, then wife of Nathaniel Andrews
1775 burial
WRAGG George Weaver of Matlock 1799 11 Apr (Lich)
Mentions beloved wife Margaret; daurs Lydia, Mary, Sarah and Hannah; Sarah daughter of beloved cousin Joseph Wragg; beloved sons Adam and George Wragg.
Execs: Uncle William Wragg, wife Margret Wragg.
Wits: George Smith, Timothy Spencer, Timotheus Spencer.
WRAGG Johis [John] Matlock Adm 1728 11 Apr
Granted to Frances Wragg widow (Lich)
Grant signed itpo Henry Vernon p. Uttoxeter, Staffs Gent and Samuel Walker
WRAGG John Yeoman Matlock Adm 1770 18 Oct granted to Henry Wragg brother (Lich)
WRAGG Samuel of Matlock 1728 3 Oct (Lich)
Inv viewed and praised by Henry Pidcock, Jno Wolley.
Mentions wife Hana; gran child Easter Hamson; grandchild Mary Hamson; gran son Anthony Street; Sam and Thomas Bot; daur Easter and Roaf Street.
Execs two daurs Easter and Rose Street; brother Anthony Wragg. Wits Go Bland, William Street, Als Street
WRIGHT James (Jacobi) of Matlock 1729 16 Oct (Lich)
Adm to Ann[e] Wright, widow, relict.
Inv appraised by Richard Ashmore, John Wolley.
WRIGHT James, Butcher of Matlock 1747 15 Apr (Lich)
- Gukutils transcript -
WRIGHT Robert of Matlock 1857 (Lich). DDR: Exec George Wright of Matlock
Surnames X
None at present
Surnames Y
YATES Edmond Miner of Matlock 1705 3 Oct (Lich)
Mentions sister Elizabeth Ragge of Matlock.
Wits John Bowne sen, John Bown jun, Adam Wolley.
Deed of gift examined by Adam Wolley, Richard Dakeyne.
Inv appraised by John Debanke, John Bown, Adam Wolley
YOUNG John Matlock Cliff Weaver 1836 8 Mar (Lich)
Written 1 May 1834
Mentions son William Young; Robert the son of my daughter Ann; daughter Mary Roberts; daughter Ellen Young; daughter Pheby Wooding; son Benjamin Young; lawful wife Mary Young all personal property and after her decease to son Benjamin after paying out legacies [to siblings etc]
Execs: son Benjamin Young [weaver of Matlock], James Bobanks.
Wits Anthony Bown, James Bobanks, Elizabeth Bown
He died 1 Nov 1835
YOUNG John of Starkholmes, p. Matlock Yeoman 1852 15 Oct (Lich).
Written 21 Apr 1852
Mentions wife Sarah Young - all real estate during her life; daughter Grace and her husband [JY's son in law] Thomas Barton - freehold messuage with garden and appurtenances in Starkholmes and freehold garden called the upper garden and newly erected dwelling house in Starkholmes occupied by TB; copyhold cottage at Starkholmes occupied by John Gregory and freehold cottage at Starkholmes occupied by Mary Kidd and Croft called the Top Croft and all real estate whatsoever to daughter Sarah the wife of Joseph Fox
Wits: Solomon Statham, Peter Gregory.
Execs: Anthony Swift of Cromford Hatter, Charles Swift of Cromford Whitesmith.
He died 12 Jul 1852.
YOUNG Samuel Scarthing Nick p. Matlock Miner 1820 18 Apr (Lich)
Written 26 Apr 1817
Mentions son Samuel Young - land at Scarthing Nick now in his possession (bounded by premises of John Britland and George Boden on the east and on the west by the road leading to the house wherein I now reside); daughter Mary Young - all my household goods and the centre part of the hosue where I reside with the use of the staircase belonging; if she dies without issue then this to sons John and William; son John west end of the dwellinghouse; son William east end of dwelling house
Execs: sons John Young [of Matlock, miner] and William Young [of Lea Wood, Hatter]
Wits: William Boden, James Oliver? Hensham, John Royston.
Testator died 8 Nov 1819.
YOUNG William of Matlock 1833 (Lich).
DDR: Exec Geo Hepworth of Matlock
Surnames Z
None at present


  Adm - Grant of Letters of Administration for those dying intestate - with no will.
There's more about this under Places to find and obtain wills of Matlock people.
Benef - Beneficiaries/ Legatees - those who inherit
(DDR) - Death Duty Registers (of Lichfield Wills) held at TNA Death. See Places to find and obtain wills of Matlock people (look under P.C.C. for DDR's).
(DRO) - Copies at Derbyshire Record Office, from information researched by Michael Spencer of Matlock
Exec(s) - Executor(s) / Executrix - people who administer the estate
f. or ff. - folio or folios
"Gukutils info
or transcript
- Link straight to transcript on external website - Rosemary Lockie's GUKUTILS site, Abstracts of Derbyshire Probate Records. It is easily searchable by surname
Inv   Inventory
(PCC) - Prerogative Court of Canterbury
L - e.g. 100L - 100 GBP or £
(Lich) - Wills proved in the Lichfield Consistory Court that used to be held at Lichfield Joint Record Office, but are now at the Staffordshire Record Office (from 1 Jan 2018).
Includes extracts from "Calendars of Lichfield Wills and Administrations, 1516-1652", (1892) ed. W.P.W. Phillimore, Index Library, British Record Society, London from the book at the FRC (now closed).
Few entries give abode, so there will be other Matlock names that haven't been identified. Confusingly, there are some wills for Maxtock, WAR listed in the book of early Wills & Administrations, but these are not included.
of Matlock - of the parish of Matlock in the County of Derby
otpo - of the parish of
p. - parish of
v. - volume
Wits - Witnesses