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Part of a PCC Will of a Matlock resident

Information below is organised by:
SURNAME, Christian Name(s), Date of Probate, Abode
Surnames A
ABBOT Thomas of Matlock husbandman 1670 Oct 4 (Lich)
Written 9 Jan 1668.
Mentions Elizabeth loving wife; Dorothy Abot and Frances Abot; Edward and Samuel Abott; William Abott; John Abott.
Adm affidavit - Jane Adams, widow and John Tomkinson of Snitterton.
Exec wife Elizabeth. William Martin Overseer.
Wits Elizabeth Martin, William Martin
1670 burial
ADAM or ADAMS George, Yeoman of Matlock 1652 17 Jan (PCC - 17 January 1652)
1651 burial (as ADAM)
ADAMS George of Matlock, yeoman 1679/80 Jan 6 (Lich)
Inv viewed and prized 23 Jan 1679 by Will Cokaine, Anth Bowne, Henry Bowne, Edward Haslam, John Tomkinson.
Administration granted to Jane Adams widow.
1680 burial
ADIN William Matlock Victualler 1837 13 May (Lich)
Written 22 Sep 1836.
Mentions beloved wife Ruth Adin.
Execs: friend and relation William Hill of Alfreton Road Surveyor and wife Ruth.
Wits: Rickards Ince, Robert Clayton, George Bowmer.
Testator died 20th March last.
ALLSOP Dennis Bowwood p. Matlock 1690 May 16 (Lich)
Inv. Praised by James Hall, Thomas Pole, Willm Shawe, Mard [Marmaduke] Abell
Adm to Anna Allsopp p. Matlock
1690 burial
ALSOP Ann of Matlock Bath Spinster 1848 27 Apr (Lich)
Written 3 Nov 1847
Mentions: nieces Catherine Wasse and Sarah the wife of Charles Lucas, two of the children of sister Mary Wasse household effects, linen etc; nephew Joseph Wass and nieces Mary Morley and Ann the wife of Eward Lucas three other children of sister Mary Wass £100 each - legacies to be paid to husbands; trustees £400 to place the same out at interest and pay annual income to sister Catherine Stone for life, then to husband William Stone for life and then divide it between William, Joseph, Luke and Septimus their four sons; £600 upon trust and invested with annual income to Hannah Alsop widow of brother John for life; after her decease unto Mary John, Ann, Eliza, Hannah, Catherine and Alfred the six children of late brother John; to each of four children living of late brother Luke Alsop £100 each; sister Lydia wife of John Allen £200; rest and residue of money to nieces Catherine Wass, Sarah Lucas and Mary Ann Stone but Mary Ann Stone's share put out at interest to pay annual income to sister Catherine and her husband William (then to Mary Ann).
Wits: Edward Young M.D., George Britland
Trustees and Executors: John Allen Gentleman of Matlock and Joseph Wass of Lea, p. Ashover Lead Merchant
ALSOP Bersheba of Matlock Widow Adm 1725 5 Oct (Lich)
Died intestate. Oath sworn by Maria Nevil her lawful daughter. Another oath states that Mary was the wife of John Nevil.
1725 burial
ALSOP John High Leas p. Matlock Yeoman 1803 5 Mar (Lich)
Mentions property at Heage; tenant right of farm under Peter Nightingale Esq; loving wife Ann; sons John and Charles; daurs Hannah, Ann, Mary, Dorothy; wife's father Charles Young of Holloway.
Execs wife and son Charles.
Wits John Else, William Young, Jno Snibson [?]
ALSOP Josia Matlock 1720 17 Oct Lead Merchant (Lich)
[note that spelling of surname varies within the document]
Written 27 Sep 1722
Mentions loving wife Bathsheba; dwelling house and tenement in Matlock; water corn mill and kiln with watercourses, damms, floodgates, banks, wears, kilns, rights members and appurts; Onion fflatt and parcel of land adjoining the mill also that other close or parcel called Wharney containing 17 acres; other close called Wharney containing 17 acres within Darley in the holding and possession of brother in law Gilbert Pidcock unto said wife during her life; daughter and only child Mary Alsopp; devises to Mary and her heirs lands tenements lead mines and soughs within Derbyshire or elsewhere, except farm and lands given to nephew Joseph Allsop; Joseph also to receive dwelling house within Darley wherein Anthony Goodwin now inhabits, with piece of land called the Woodhead and two closes (the Over Close and Rott Close) with croft and yard where Spendloves house had stood within Darley in the holding of Anthony Goodwin.
Wits: Gilbert Pidcocke, E? Walton, Godf. Heathcote
Executrixes: wife and daughter
1722 burial of Mr. Josia Alsop
ALSOPP Grace of High Leis [Lees] Matlock 1675 27 Nov (Lich)
Adm to Dionisius Alsopp brother
Inv John Wooddis, Anthony Wigley, William Cooper
1675 burial
ALSOPPE Dennis husbandman of Bowe Wood, p. Matlocke 1628, 27 May (Lich)
Written 21 Apr 1628
Bodie to be buried in Matlock churchyard; messuuage or tenement with appurtenances in the Lea, p. of Ashover (holding of Robert Allsoppe late of Tupton); Robert's daughter Margaret and Elizabeth Allsoppe; William Allsoppe (under 21, so executors to hold property for him); wife Margaret Allsoppe; his son Dionise Allsoppe
Execs: William Allyn of the high lea and Thomas Spencer of High Ley
Wits: Robert Hibberson, John Allyn, William Allyn, Thomas Spencer.
Inv praised 20 Apr 1628 by John Higton?, John Amott, George fflinte and Robert Willcockson husbandman. Includes rent paid for both High Leyes grounde and the Bowe Wood
ALSOPPE Isaac of High Leas Husbandman Matlock 1716 17 Oct (Lich)
Mentions son Dennis Allsoppe; Elizabeth Allsoppe my loving wife; unnamed children.
Wits Josiah Allsopp, Anne Gregory, Henry Flint
Execs loving wife Elizabeth Allsoppe and Joshua Debanks
Bond names Isaac Joseph Hannah and Josiah natural and lawful children of deceased
Inv appraised by Josiah Allsoppe, William Allsoppe, Henry Flint
ANNABLE Edward Baker of Matlock Adm 1802 20 Nov (Lich/DDR)
Exec Elizth, wife of Samuel Skidmore, daughter
ASHTON William of Matlock Yeoman Adm 1669 May 9 (Lich)
Inv Ralph Bowne, Thomas Stone?, John Spencer
Adm to Ellinore Ashron relict and widow
1669 burial
ASPINALL Thomas Matlock 1598 Sep 28 (Lich)
Inv 28 Jul 1598 praysed by Emund Walker, Edmund Flnynte, Richarde barone? and Thomas Walker
Mentions children's children; wife Agnes; Henry Aspinall second son; Edmund Aspinall eldest son; George Aspinall; Agness Kyllar; Isabell Henstocke; Joane the daughter of Henry Aspinall
Wife agnes sole executrx
Edmunde Flyntte overseer
Probate signed by J Sheleston? deput
Surnames B
BADSLEY John of Matlock Yeoman 1670/1 13 Feb (Lich)
Written 3rd [Dec] 23 Charles II (i.e. 1672) [this is an error, see below]
Mentions daughter Sara Badsley; John Hind; son Stephen Badsley; daughter Rebecca, John Hind's wife; Godfrey Webster; daughter Elizabeth, Godfrey Webster's wife; several peeces of gold; Rebecca's children; son Stephen's children; Thomas Beardsley in Ireland?
Loveing neighbours John Corkny and Ralph Bowne supervisors
Sole exec son Stephen
Wits John Ball, Adam Wolley
Inv taken and prized 21 Jan 1670.
A footnote in a more modern hand declares that the inventory was wrongly dated as the Will also states that it was taken 23 Charles II, i.e. 1671.
Comment by web mistress. Whoever added the footnote to this will had not checked the date he was buried, which would have been a few days after he had written the Will. If they had checked, they would have discovered they were alleging that John Badsley had made his Will from the grave! The "mistake" was in the year written at the beginning of the Will, and not the date of the inventory.
1670 burial
BADSLEY Stephen Matlock Yeoman 1723 4 Apr (Lich)
Written 25 Sept 1717.
Mentions loving wife [not named], loving daughter Elizabeth - the New Close alias Parkin Close, the two Barrcrofte?, Smithy Croft and all other freehold land in Matlock; daughter in law Mary Badsley of Nottingham widdow, grandson Mordecai Badsley.
Wits J H Birds, Joseph Lowe?, John Birds jun.
Exec daur Elizabeth.
Inv viewed prized and praised 7 Jan 1722/3 by Gorge Sowter and John Wolley who also signed the copy.
BAGSHAW Thomas Matlock Mil[l]wright 1835 15 Oct (Lich)
Mentions freehold property; eldest son John; daur Mary Ann Haynes; daur Lydia Cook; daur Sarah Flamson; son Adam; son Noah; pocket watch.
Wits Samuell Smith, George Hawley, Henry Barlow.
Execs friend Adam Bunting, hairdresser of Nottingham, George Nuttall of Matlock gentleman.
BALLINGTON Thomas of Matlock 1815 (Lich). DDR: Exec Thomas Ballington of Matlock
BALLINGTON Thos of Matlock 1828 (Lich). DDR: Exec Ann Ballington
BANKES Edward Matlock 1649 Apr 3 (lich)
Written 20 Jan 1648/9
To be decently buried in Matlock churchyard
Mentions Cozen Thomas Banks of Cromford; Cozen Eliza wife of Edmund Higton; kinsman Henery Banks of Matlock; Mary wife of John Lees; Ellen Banks my loveinge and kinde wife
Sole executrix wife Ellen
Wits Thomas Shelmerdine Minister de Matlock, Arthur Simpson, Anne Bowne
1649 burial
BARKER Hannah of Matlock widow 1822 4 Apr (Lich)
Mentions daur Lavinia Whittingham; seven children George, Hannah, Ellen John, Elizabeth, William and Ann Barker.
Wits James Milnes, Joshua Charles Crowther, John Brown
Exec Edward Radford of Tansley esquire
BARKER Henry of Matlock milner 1701 2 Oct (Lich)
Mentions Jo Cotton of Matlock husbandman [later yeoman].
Wits Adam Taylor, William Love, Adam Wolley
Inv includes list of names of those who owe him money: Timothy Carline, Anne Newton, Ant Woodward, Jo. Cooley; Matt Woodward, Ad. Wolley, Richard Wilcockson, T Bradley, Jo Oxley, Wm Turner, Francis Bidwell, Tho Pidcock, Wm Pidcock Baker, Ri Viny, Alis Waker, Jo Bunting, Ant Flint, Jo Hallam, Kath--- Chadwick, John Renolds, Francis Farmery, Ro Cock, Ri Bunting, Henry Gregory de Dethick
BARTON Barnard of Riber p. Matlock Miner 1849 13 Oct (Lich)
Ready money and after sale of Donkey and Donkey Cart; present wife Sarah Barton; youngest child Alice Barton; real estate, copyhold and freehold, Land messuages dwelling houses and Tenements and Appurtenances; nine children - Geo Barton, Thos Barton, Hannah Nuttal, Fanny Potter, Matthew Barton, Martha Barton, Ann Barnish, Mary Barton, Sarah Ellen, Alice Barton.
Wits George Allen, Peter Gregory.
Execs son Thomas, late of Riber miner and son George miner.
BARTON Thomas of Matlock Farmer 1822 25 Apr (Lich)
Mentions g daur Hannah Webster; present wife Mary; son John; daur Sarah the wife of John Webster of Riber miner; Mary wife of James Carline of Matlock hatter.
Wits John Brount, James Marriot, Rachel Marriot
Execs son John and son-in-law James Carline
BEARDESLEY Nicholas of Ryber, parish of Matlock 1583 Nov 26 (Lich)
Dated 12 June 1583.
Mentions Emate Beardesley my wife; children William, Alexander, Edmonde, Elyn, ---.
Exec Emate Beardsley.
Wits Tomas Columbell, Henri Colvin?, Edward Grensmith?
Inv 20 June 1583. Praised by Thomas Columbell gentleman, Addam Wolleye, George Walker, Willm Woode.
BEAUMONT Edward of Matlock Bath 1849 21 April (PCC - PROB 11/2091/9).
Written 21 August 1846
Mentions body to be buried in Bakewell churchyard in the grave of his dear brother George Beaumont; nephew Bradeley Beaumont; nephew Edward Hall; nephew John Hall; children of deceased brother John Beaumont; Betsy Nicholson other wise Beaumont daughter of deceased brother Joseph Beaumont; Mary Shaw otherwise Pierce otherwise Mallen daughter of dear beloved sister Anna Hall otherwise Mallen otherwise Beaumont; two sons and one daughter of dear friend William Dean of Derby; William Dean Junr, Robert Dean and Mary Dean; esteemed friend George Withers Saxton, Eliza Saxton and Harriet Saxton of Matlock Bath; esteemed friend Thomas Poyser of Wirksworth Surgeon; esteemed friend William Dean of Lincoln. To charitable Institutions - British and Foreign Bible Society, Church Missionary Society, Society for Promoting Christianity. In Derby - St. John's School, St. Peter's School, the fever Hospital cork Street, ---- Oldham House (North Circular Road).
Wits: Henry Bell Vicar of Ruddington, NTT, William Potter Gardener Matlock Bath and George Radfirth Servant Matlock Bath.
Execs nephew John Hall of Knaresborough, nephew Edward Hall of Castleford and William Dean of Derby, Esquire.
Nephews Bradeley Beaumont, Edward Hall and John Hall Residual Legatees.
1841 census.
Holy Trinity Church, Matlock Bath.
BEESTON William postboy Matlock 1851 11 Apr (Lich)
Written 6 Feb 1851
Mentions daur Ann wife of William Holmes; grandchildren Elizabeth, Herbert, Jefre and Mary Ann Holmes; Samuel and Mary Ann Bunting, son and daughter of Leonard Bunting; Ellen wife of Leonard Bunting.
Exec William Yeomans of Snitterton Farmer
Wits John Young, William Green
Testator died 7 Feb 1851
1851 burial
BENNETT Joseph Matlock Bath, p. Matlock Publican 1836 14 Apr (Lich)
Written 27 June 1835
Mentions my dear wife Hannah Bennett
Exec wife Hannah
Wits Wm Hodgkinson, servant to Peter Arkwright Esqre; Edward Gregory of Matlock Bath, spar turner, Richd Richardson of Matlock Bath
Testator died 2nd Sept 1835
1835 burial
BIERDESLEY John Matlock 1694 11 Sep Adm (Lich)
1694 burial
BLOXHAM Robert, Gentleman of Matlock 1812 03 Nov (PCC - PROB 11/1538/197)
BODEN Abel, Miner of Matlock Adm 1808 20 Oct (Lich/DDR) Under 200L.
Exec Thos Boden otpo Glossop miner (son) on the Renunciation of Sarah Boden the Widow Relict
BODEN Abel of Matlock 1831 (Lich). DDR: Exec H Boden of Matlock (Lich)
BODEN Ann Upper Wood, Matlock [Bath] Spinster 1814 21 Feb (Lich).
Written 13 Jan 1814.
Mentions Job Boden - house etc at Upper Wood at age 30; if dies before and no issue to Anthony Bown Petrifaction Turner and Joseph Boden Petrifaction Turner; nephews and nieces sons and daughters of my later brothers and sisters George, John, Catherine, Lydia, Job all deceased when they attain 21; nieces Catherine and Hannah; niece Elizabeth Burton; niece Jane Elliott; niece Dorothy Knowles; George son of nephew Joseph; niece Ann Slack.
Wits Hannah Boden, Chas. Wilde.
Execs Anthony Bown of Matlock Bath Petrifaction Turner, Joseph Boden Matlock Bath Petrifaction Turner.
Testator died 30 Jan 1814.
BODEN Anne of Matlock 1827 (Lich). DDR: Exec Geo Boden of Matlock
BODEN Anthony of Matlock Bath, p. of Matlock Baker 1847 28 Apr (Lich).
Mentions dwelling house in Matlock Town, purchased from George Cawood and others where eldest son Thomas is living; Bakehouse, stable etc - the Stone House p. Matlock, occupied by self, son Abel and Henry Dunn and two other dwelling houses belonging in Upper Wood occupied by John Allsop and William Pickering; the Beet near Upper Wood occupied by son Abel
Wits William Green, James Colledge, Clerks to Messrs. Miln and Newbold
Execs friend Joseph Britland of Matlock Bath and son Abel Boden Baker of Matlock Bath
BODEN Anthony of Matlock 1850 (Lich). DDR: Exec Sml? Stone of Matlock
BODEN Hannah Upper Wood, Matlock widow 1816 17 Oct (Lich).
Adm to Dorothy Knowles wife of John Knowles Miner and natural and lawful daughter.
Intestate died 5 Dec 1814.
1814 burial
BODEN Hannah Widow of Scarthin Nick p. Matlock 1843 12 Oct (Lich)
Written 17 Dec 1842
Mentions daur Ann Boden, son Thomas Boden - dwelling house in Scarthin Nick, daur Ann to "have the privilege of residing in and occupying the two back rooms ... without paying any rent"
Wits Richd Richardson, Richd Brocklehurst
Execs John Toplis of Scarthin Nick shopkeeper (her grandson), George Higgott of Cromford Inn Keeper (her friend)
Testator died 10 May 1843
1843 burial
BODEN Joseph of Matlock Petrefaction Turner 1855 (Lich).
Writen 16 Mar 1850.
Mentions wife Sarah; six children Joseph, Hannah, George, Peter, John and Thomas.
Wits Wm. Green, Jas. Gell.
Execs brother in law Daniel Gell of Cromford publican and maltster, friend George Staley of Cromford draper.
Testator died 12 Jan 1855.
BODEN Mary of Matlock 1831 (Lich). DDR: Exec Saml Boden (or) Higget of Matlock
BODEN Thomas of Matlock 1756 5 May Adm (Lich)
Affidavit etc Adm granted to John Boden
Inv vewed prised and praised 22 May 1755.
Appraisers John Boden, John Wolley
Original Inventory examined by John Wolley, John Wolley Juner
1755 burial
BODEN Thomas the elder of Matlock Wood Widower 1786 29 Dec Adm (Lich)
Grant to Thomas Boden junior Miner the natural and lawful son
1785 burial
BODEN Thomas Miner of Matlock Bath 1812 15 Oct (Lich).
Written 22 Dec 1810
Mentions his lead mines and parts and shares of lead mines in p. Matlock. Also his cavern - the Cumberland Cavern near Matlock Baths. Household goods and furniture, farming stock etc. These all bequeathed to daughter and only child Elizabeth wife of John Skidmore. Gives John Skidmore the newly erected messuage or tenement where he and the Skidmores now live, also the shop under the parlour in same dwelling in the possession of Mrs Frost Milliner in discharge of any sum or sums money I might owe. Had borrowed money from JS and JS to give a proper receipt for money he had borrowed.
Gives all Freehold and Copyhold Lands Tenements hereditaments and Real Estate in Upper Wood and Warm Walls, now in the tenure or occupation of William Potter, Anthony Gregory, William Sandys, Richard Walker and myself to executors with rents and profits to daur Elizabeth and her assigns for life, not subject to debts or control of present or any future husband. Also one sitting in a pew at Bonsall and part or share of the manor of Matlock.
After Elizabeth's decease freehold and copyhold messuages, pew in Bonsall church and share of the Manor of Matlock to Thomas Boden Miner of Scarthin Nick and Anthony Boden the younger Baker also of Scarthin Nick for a term of 99 years from death of Elizabeth in Trust to administer.
Then to grandson John Boden Skidmore, or if he died to the eldest of other sons. If they die then to any surviving daughters, also in birth order
Wits Anthony Debanke, Mary Coates, Chas Wild.
Execs nephews and friends Wm Stone of Cromford cabinet maker, John Bradley machine maker of Calver Mill p. Bakewell
1812 burial
See Matlock Bath: Warm Walls Toll Bar, before 1879
BODEN Thomas Miner of Scarthing Nick, p. Matlock 1816 18 Apr (Lich)
Written 16 Sep 1815
Mentions four daughters: Ann, wife of George Henstock; Dorothy Boden, Sarah Boden and Lydia Boden
Two granddaughters Mary and Hannah Froggott
Anthony - new erected house with appurtenances thereto belonging situated the most west of Scarthing Nick
Thomas Boden - adjoining house, also newly erected
Execs Thomas and Anthony Boden, both miners of Matlock
Wits Robt Hobson, Thos Boden Senr, Abel Boden Senr
Testator died Oct 1815
1815 burial
BODEN Thomas of Scarthin Nick p. Matlock Yeoman 1846 14 Oct (Lich)
Written 25 Dec 1843.
Mentions: daughter Elizabeth who lives with me household good, plate, linen, china; son William messuage or dwelling house where I now reside but to allow daughters Elizabeth and Sarah to live there without paying rent whilst unmarried, but if William and his family can't agree then the daughters to live in 2 rooms at the back, one on the ground floor and the other above; William his heirs and assigns to have the stable and share of the premises adjoining to be divided into two equal parts; son John dwelling house in Scarthin Nick where he resides with appurtenances and share of the ground in front on part of which is erected a stable adjoining property of Anthony Weston ...; dwellings or tenements and Whitesmith's shop with gardens etc in Scarthin Nick in occupations of John Boden (Miner), Mary Boden (daur of late daughter Lydia), Mark Britland, John Boden junior (tailor) and Samuel Boden; any remaining property to William and John upon trust to sell and dispose of; farming stock etc to daur Elizabeth. Rest divided into six parts shared between Elizabeth, Sarah, daughter Ellen wife of James Oates Cutler residing in Scotland, daur Jane wife of Mark Britland, daur Hannah wife of Isaac Macbeth baker of Wirksworth, remaining part between children of daughter late Lydia.
Execs William Boden of Crich miner, John Boden.
Wits: William Stone senr , Jos. Stone, both of Scarthin Nick.
1846 burial
BOWDEN Anthony Yeoman living at Warmewalls p. Matlock 1728 8 Apr (Lich)
Written 5 Dec 1727
Mentions son Willm Bowden "in his prenteship"; son Willm and daughter Mary to be equally shared bitwixt them if ye both live to attaine to ye age of twenty one or to the survivor. If they die before then to brother Thos Bowden's children equally divided
Execs Thos Garton of Darley and Mary Torner of parish of Ashover - gives each of the 2 shillings and 6 pence.
Wits: Sarah Wallker, Ann? Booden
Inv aprised 6 January 1727/8 by Richard Ashmoor, George Ogden (his mark)
Certified as a true copy ... of Anthony Boden ... by Jno Wolley, Tho Garton.
BOWDEN Thomas Matlock 1722 4 Apr (Lich)
Adm granted to Anne Bowden widow. Anthony Bowden Miner also signed [i.e. made mark] the bond
Inv valued 31 May 1724 by George Tumkinson?, Willm Shaw and Thos Garton
BOWN Adam 1789 Matlock Miner 30 Apr (Lich)
Written 27 Nov 1787.
Mentions wife Mary (amongst items for Mary was one spinning wheel and reels); messuages and lands in the Parish of Matlock and Liberty of Tansley; son William now in North America; sons John Bown and Anthony Bown; two daughters Nanny Thompson and Catherine Hardwicke (legacies not subject to the debts or control of their respective husbands); three sons James, Isaac and Adam.
Wits Adam Wolley Senr, Willm Roose Senr, William Fletcher.
Execs three sons James, Isaac and Adam Bown.
BOWN Anthony of Matlock Bath Spar worker and gardener 1821 18 Oct (Lich). 2nd grant 23 Feb 1833.
Mentions beloved wife Elizabeth Bown; the four youngest children Ann John, William and James, under 21 years.
Dwelling house now belonging to me in the Netherwood.
Wits Benjm Bryan, Josh Britland and Adam Walker.
Execs Edwin Bown of 16 Sutton Hill London spar worker and Peter Bown of Buxton spar worker.
The second grant, of 1833, stated that Edwin Bown was now deceased and Peter Bown, spar worker, was now of Harrogate, YKS.
BOWN James the elder Clockmaker of Matlock 1811 Feb 11 (Lich)
- Gukutils transcript -
BOWN James Matlock Clock and Watchmaker 1849 29 Apr (Lich)
Written 7 Oct 1747.
Mentions messuage occupied as a public house by George Gregory between the Turnpike Road and the River Derwent to nephew Ottawell Harrison; after his decease to Solomon Carding Colour Manufacturer and Mary his wife rents issues and profits; children of Solomon and Mary
Wits George Hawley, Wm. Green.
Execs Lindsay Hopkinson farmer and Leonard Wheatcroft Farmer, both of Matlock.
BOWN John Matlock 1821 (Lich)
Affidavit sworn by Anthony Bown of Matlock Blacksmith.
Adm: John Bown died upwards of 14 days ago a widower. Anthony natural and lawful son.
BOWN John of Matlock Miller 1836 11 July (Lich)
Written 29 May 1832.
Mentions copyhold field (the Round Meadow) on Matlock Bank; wife Elizabeth; son John; grandson William son of son John; son James; daughters Betsey and Ann.
Wits John Adams, Thomas Bown, Hannah Bown.
Execs James Bobank of Tansley Tallow Chandler and George Nuttall of Matlock County Surveyor.
Administration to Elizabeth Bown widow. Also DDR: Exec E Bown. There was some dispute with Nuttall and James Bobank but Elizabeth Bown sworn as executrix providing she made an inventory.
Testator died 29 May 1832.
BOWN Peter Matlock Green Blacksmith 1816 17 Oct (Lich)
Written 22 Jul 1816.
Oath Peter Bown of Codnor Park Clerk at the Iron Works and John Bown of Matlock Butcher appeared and made oath.
Will mentions dear wife Mary; daughters Anne and Sarah.
Wits John Bown, Martha Bown, Elizabeth Bown.
Execs sons John and Peter Bown.
Testator died 22 Jul 1816.
BOWN Phebe of Common Wood in the parish of Matlock 1811 2nd May (Lich)
- Gukutils transcript -
BOWN Rachel of Matlock co. Derby, 16 Apr 1788 (Lich)
- Gukutils transcript -
BOWN Samuel of Matlock 1782 17 Apr (Lich)
Mentions wife Rachel; son Samuel; son James; building called Lotcoe? wherein Thomas Cottrel liveth; dau Grace wife of James Mather; daur Rachel; daur Rebeckah wife of Richard Keeling; son Joseph.
Wits George Musgrave, Thomas Leawwood, Jos Sowter. Probate to Rachel, widow, the surviving executor.
Execs son Joseph and wife Rachel.
BOWN Samuel the elder of Matlock Wood co. Derby, yeoman 1796 15 Nov (Lich)
- Gukutils transcript -
BOWN Sarah, Spinster of Matlock 1840 10 Dec. Exec Jas Bown (Lich)
- Gukutils transcript -
BOWN William of Matlock (83) 1556 15 Apr (Lich)
Dated 4 Mar 1555/6.
Mentions body to be buried next to Margery my wife; wife Alice & children; to Elene Henry, Agnes, Emott and Alice - daughters; Robt Pydcock and Rogge ffearne
Inv made and praysed by Antony Wooley, William Madder of Hasker, James Fflynte and George Burgon.
Exec Alice and son Henry.
Edmund Wild prieste and Curate of my psshe, Alice my wife, Henry my son and Elene my daughter.
BOWN William Matlock 1824 14 Oct Butcher (Lich)
Adm Affidavit: Amy Allen and William Allen Labourer, both of Matlock applied to administer.
Grant to Amy Allen, natural and lawful daughter.
Testator died Sept 1824.
BOWN William Matlock Publican 14 Oct 1841 (Lich)
Affidavit Mary Ann Bown of Matlock widow sole executrix.
Written 27 Nov 1840.
Mentions wife Mary Ann.
Wits Ann Goodwin, George Nuttall.
Exec Mary Ann Bown.
Testator died 28th Nov last [1840].
BOWNE Alice of the Lime Tree p. Matlock Widow Adm 1634 12 Sep (lich)
Inv prayed by Anthony Woodward, Henry Statham and Willm Bennet.
Adm granted to John? Bowne yeoman of Matlock and Willm Bennet yeoman of Matlock
BOWNE Ann of Matlock Singlewoman 1696 14 Oct (Lich)
Mentions kinswoman Sarah Tailer; kinswoman Mary Clarke; Mary Wheatcroft, kinsman Joseph Clarke; kinsman Joshua Fribehly[?]; kinsman John Walton's daughter Elizabeth; Mary Walker my maid servant; [testator] and kinsman John Walker stand bound to Mrs. Millicent Wigley, deceased... towards the paiment I have sold wood to Nathaniel Newton.
Execs Mr Samuel Hough and Stephen Badsley.
Wits Mary Walker, Anthoi Sowter, Willm Richards.
Inv praised by Anth Sowter, Henry Flint, George Wood.
1696 burial
BOWNE Anthony of the Lime Tree p. Matlock Yeoman 1619/20 14 Feb (Lich)
Written 1 Dec 1619.
Mentions Adam Woolley, grandchild, son of Anthonie Woolley; Elizabeth Wolley grandchild, daur of Anthonie Woolley; son Raph Bowne; beloved wife Ales.
Wits Henry Smith, Adam Wolley, John Bowne.
Execs well beloved wife Ales and youngest son Thomas Bowne.
Inv praysed by Willm Walker, Anthony Woodward, Henry Statham and Anthony W[olley?].
Also see Pedigree of Wolley of Allen Hill | Pedigree of Wolley of Riber | Biography of grandson
BOWNE Anthony Matlock Blacksmith 1767 6 May (Lich)
Written 26 May 1764.
Mentions eldest daughter Amy; daughter Elizabeth; sons William and Peter; son Peter to serve eldest son Anthony as an apprentice in ye trade of blacksmith; son William given the new built butchers shop that Anthony built for him and another building "I intend to build to adjoin the same for a Ham-house" but if Anthony dies first William to have the land; son John new built house and blacksmiths shop in Tansley; eldest son Anthony dwelling house, Blacksmiths Shop at Matlock Green; dear wife Anne to have use of all rooms and Brewhouse, Brewing Utensils, Barrels and the Brewing trade business to herself.
Wits William Godward, Ann Godward; J. Reynolds Sur.
Exec William Bunting of Lea, Innholder, brother in law.
BOWNE John of Matlock Adm 1626/7 29 Jan (Lich)
Praysed by Edmund Walker, Thomas Johns, Anthony Cotterell, Thomas Heathe, Jonnis Alysse[?], Robert Willoughby
BOWNE John Matlock Dyer 1731 21 Oct (Lich)
Written 4 Jul 1731.
Mentions my cozen Anthony Bowne Blacksmith - devised a pingle east of wheat goose and north of Netherfield; two sisters, Ann wife of Timothy Spencer and Marey wife of Tho White; share of Manner of Matlock; my now loving wife Easter Bowne; mother Anne Bowne; children of late brother Isaac Bowne - Anne, Sarah Mariah Mary and Hannah; groves, mines and shares of mines to loving brothers in law.
Wits William Toplis, George Sowter, John Wolley.
Execs Timothy Spencer, Thomas White.
[see BOWNE William late of Matlock as his inventory attached to John's Will. William was John's father.]
- Also see Woolley Manuscripts v.6694 ff.41-50 -
BOWNE Raphe of Matlock 1616 2 Jul (Lich)
Mentions wife; sons Anthony and Thomas Bowne; daur Grace Bowne; lease granted by Mr. Francis Babington (in keeping of George Statham).
Execs wife Elizabeth and daur Grace.
Inv praysed by Willm Walker, Anthony Bowne, James Rowson and Henry Statham.
BOWNE Ralph the elder of Matlock Yeoman 1674 20 May (Lich)
Mentions beloved wife Frances; son John and issue of his bodie - dwelling house and garden with croft adjoining where he liveth called Doblane Head, barne and croft, land by Fisher Croft Lane in his possession, parcel in Holme Meadow, four acres on the south side of Matlock Bridge known as Thomas Johns Jenkins Flattes; dwelling houses in the possession of Hugh Else and John Wragge; son Raphe Bowne; moiety called Poppe Carr and Clay Croft (held by lease from William Savill, gentleman); daur Frances Holmes; daur Hannah Marshall; daur Elizabeth Bunting, wife of Robert Bunting blacksmith.
Wits Spateman Jn, John Corkine, Peter Newtons.
Sole exec son Raph Bowne.
Inv vowed and praysed 18 Dec 1673 by Henry Bowne, Adam Wolley.
1673 burial
BOWNE Thomas Matlock 1754 30 Oct Miner (Lich)
Written 6 Feb 1754.
Mentions Loving wife Cathrine - dwelling house, one garding and a small croft ajoying, with one barne and cowhouse with appurtenance; Brother John if living six months after wife's decease; sister Ruth if living six months after wife's decease; nephew Adam Walker son of Daniel Walker; nephew Joseph Walker.
Wits Anthony Wooley, Mary Wolley, John Wolley.
Exec nephew Joseph Walker.
Inv 16 Oct 1754 prized and witnessed by Thomas Roose, John Wolley. Declared a true copy by John Wolley, Anthony Wolley.
BOWNE William late of Matlock
Inv dated 29 May 1731.
Prized and Praised by Will Toplis, John Wolley.
Examined by Tho. White, John Wolley.
[This inventory attached to Will of John Bowne, Dyer, and does mention ye shop and die house but the inventory was taken before John Bown set his hand and seal to his Will]
BOWNE William the elder Matlock 1738 19 Oct (Lich)
Written 3 Nov 1737
Mentions wife Trauth snd house with ye Burty and two chambers one out house close garding diring her life; nesse Hanna Tipping the other end of house with half garding and appurtenances, including goods in house and bed and beding in ye chamber without curtings; nephew James Shaw; if Hannah Tiping dye without issue than house and land to nefew William Bowne and his heires
Wits: Anne Carding, John Wolley
Executrix Trauth Bowne
Inv 8 Nov 1737 viewed prized and praised by Benjamin Hurd, Thomas Redfearn, John Wolley
Examined by Jn Wolley jun, John Wolley
BRADLEY, George miner of Matlock 1814 13 Oct (Lich)
Written 24 Nov 1813
Mentions dear wife Mary; Paul Cotterell, p. of Wirksworth, butcher; William Stone of Scarthin Nick p. Matlock joiner; Cotterell and Stone to be Trustees; three daughters Mary, Ellen and Ann Bradley until they attain the age of 21; my copyhold messuage or dwellinghouse wherein I now dwell in manor and parish of Matlock; if any of my daughters marry and have a son that she shall call him by the name of John Bradley
Witnesses: Nathl. Wheatcroft, Chas Wild
Executor and executrix Paul Cotterell and Mary Bradley
Testator died 4th July 1814
1814 Burial
BRADLEY Joshua of Matlock Mason 1739 29 Aug (Lich)
Written 15 Mar 1738/9
Mentions George Meriman 5 shillings in case he come to demand the same; sister Anne wife of Mosses Arme 1 shilling; kinsman Samuell Meriman son of George Meriman 5 pounds; niece Marey wife of Henry Eatton five pounds; all these legacies to be paid in a month after wife's decease; ten shillings a year after wife's decease given to Wigley Hayward gentleman and John Wolley yeoman and their heirs for ever out of issues and profits of a peece of land called Allecock lying in Matlock Bank to be devided to twenty of the poorest famileys in ye parish that receive no pention of ye towne; in case ye parish take one peny at a lease of and from peece of land called Holl Top Crofts; loving wife Elizabeth real estate of houses and land both freehold and copyhold and share of the Manner for natural life committing no waste and keeping in good and tenable repair; after her death real estate of houses and land both freehold and copyhold to Joshua Meriman of Lenton and his heirs for ever; wife, after paying debts and funeral expenses, to have 20 loades of wheat, all sheep, one cow, desk, chair, a half of the pewter, bed, bedding, all linings, brass, oyrn kettle, Nowll? Table at her disposal; rest of household goods for life and then to kinsman William Bradley son of Robert Bradley; Elizabeth to enjoy two houses and gardings with appurtenances paying rents to Lords in possession of Statham Rowson and John Silkstone.
Executors Kinsman Joshua Meriman of Lenton and John Sowter of Matlock
Wits: Samuel Flint, Anthony Flint [x – mark], John Wolley
Inv prized and praised 19 Mar 1738/9
Witnessed by John Bradley, John Wolley. Examined by John Wolley sen and John Wolley jun.
See Charities to the Parish of Matlock.
Also see: Pedigree of Hayward.
BRADWELL Edward of Matlock Miner 1682 26 May (Lich)
Dated 20 Apr 1684
Mentions son Francis and his heires; two closes, the new and fair beetel? grounds; his land in possession of John Ragge; son Antony?; son Willian and his heires; my son George Bradwell's sons; son George; son Edward.
Wits George Wood, George Bradwall, Elizabeth Balington
Exec "my good friend and Landlord Adam Wolley my true full Lawful and Sole Executor".
Inv praysed by Henry Bowne, Ch Geog Wood, Willm Oxley, Adam Wolley.
This is a true copie of the original examined by us: John Wolley and Adam Wolley.
1682 burial
BRAILSFORD John of Matlock, Miner 1777 16 Apr (Lich)
Written 4 June 1765
Mentions loving wife Mary as Sole Executrix; tenant rights within the Manor of Matlock and Lea.
Wits: Benjamin Gregory, Robert Leacroft.
1776 burial (as Brelsford)
BRAILSFORD Sarah of Matlock 1850 20 Mar (Lich)
BRENTNALL Paul of Matlock 1637 (Lich)
BRIDDON Richard of Green Hills Matlock Yeoman 1714 2 Apr (Lich) Written 22 Jan 1712/13
Mentions Mother Roberta Briddon and land at Matlock Bank; after mother’s decease land at Matlock Bank for the maintenance ... of five children John, Rebecca, Mary, Sarah, Hannah until John attains full age of 21; lands then to son John; twenty pounds to Anthony Buxton, ten to --- Garrett, ten to William Beighton; loving wife Mary bed in the great chamber with the furniture.
Execs: uncle Josiah Garratt, brother in law Thomas Garratt and loving wife Mary Briddon
Wits: Anne Woolland, Richard Willcockson, Thos Leacroft.
With Tuition bond for children and inv. Praised by John Garratt, Joshua Killer 2 Mar 1713.
No burial found | Eighteenth Century Lists : Land Tax, 1712
BRITLAND Joseph Matlock Bath 1849 12 Oct (Lich)
Written 14 Feb 1838.
Mentions dear wife Sarah; dear only child daur Sarah Stavely Britland, a minor.
Wits Joseph Hodgkinson, Joseph Derbyshire.
Exec wife Sarah. [DDR has county as Somerset!]
BRITLAND Sarah Matlock Bath Widow 1857 17 Apr (Lich)
Written 1 Jan 1856
Will and two codicils.
Mentions Exec to install a plain but substantial railing around the tomb where she was to be interred and where her husband and daughter already were buried; dwelling house, shop etc at Matlock Bath now in occupation of Joseph Hodgkinson grocer to John Britland of Moorside, Cromford; dwelling, shop etc in Matlock Bath in occupation of James King including the two cellars in front and a right to use the yard to Joseph Britland (brother of John); messuage at Matlock Bath now in my own occupation and rooms occupied by James King to Richard Britland of Toadhole, Darley, Cutter of animals; Richard B to have the right to use the privy or water closets attached to the messuage devised to Joseph Britland; copper boilers and brewing utensils to Richard B; Mary Britland, daughter of Peter late of Cromford; Lydia Hewitt, sister of Mary B; Lydia Oakley, sister of Richard B; Silence, another sister of Richard B; rest and residue to Reverend Robert Morgan Jones of Cromford.
Wits James King, Wm Green.
Codicil 1: Written 1 Jan 1856 In case personal estate insufficient to pay debts etc and the legacies to Richard and Mary B such deficiency charged upon real Estate. Same wits.
Codicil 2: Written 13 Mar 1856. Revokes bequest to Rev Jones; residuary estate to Mary Britland, daur of Peter. Sames wits.
Exec Joseph Hodgkinson.
Testatrix died 11 Jan 1857.
BROOKFIELD Francis Yeoman of Scarthingnick Matlock 1684 Mar 26 (Lich)
Written 3 Aug 1683.
Mentions son Thomas Brookfield; wife Anne, if lives with Thomas, to have the new chamber, a bed and furniture belonging to the Bed during her life; lands etc in the pish of Bonsall and liberty of Cromford; daughter Mary Ward; Francis Ward my daughter's son; lands etc in the parish of Kirkireton; Robert Ward, daughter Mary Ward's son; Thomas Ward, daughter Mary Ward's son; son John Brookfield; William Ward, daughter Mary Ward's son.
Wits: John Bates, John Booth, Edmund Yates.
Execs: sons Thomas and John Brookfield.
Inv viewed values and appraised 14 Nov 1683 by Thomas Godbeire, John Cowper and John Ruddiard.
1683 burial
BROWN James, Clockmaker of Matlock 1811 02 May (Lich/DDR) Under 100L [see BOWN above]
BRUCKFIELD Thomas Myner of Scarthingnick Matlock 1701 Apr 2
Written 3 Mar 1700
Mentions sons Francis and Anthony Bruckfield; estate lying in the pish of Matlock and the pish of Bonshall; daughters Hannah, Rebeckhah and Sophiah Bruckfield; son Thomas; if any of the foure children dye before they come to sixteen the survivors have that pt.
Exec: John Hufton of Aldersley pish of Worksworth husbandman
Wits: William Roper, John Yates, Edmund Yates
Inv 2 Mar 1700/1, signed Francis Wingfield, Robt Ward
1701 burial
BUCKLEY Betty of Matlock 1852 (Lich). DDR: Exec Geo Knowles of Brampton
BUCKLEY George of Matlock 1846 (Lich). DDR: Exec Wm Fowler of Matlock
BUCKLEY Samuel, Miner of Matlock 1807 16 Apr (Lich/DDR)
Exec Dorothy Buckley Widow, Job Buckley Son
Ruth Smith Daur £20
Dorothy Bland Daur £30
charged on real estate
All Residue to four sons Joseph, Job, Edward & Isaac Buckley share & share alike
BUCKLEY Thomas of Matlock 1855 (Lich). DDR: Exec Joseph Taylor of Matlock
BUNTING A[ndrew] Blackwell of Matlock 1856 (Lich). DDR: Exec Lindsey Hodgkinson of Matlock
BUNTING Anthony snr Matlock Bank Mason 1704 4 Oct (Lich & DRO)
Written 6 Aug 1704.
Mentions house and land etc to loveing wife Mary; son Anthony Bunting and his heirs; daughter Mary; sons Adam and John.
Exec wife Mary.
Wits Edmund Rowson, Henry Pirson?, George Silkston.
BUNTING Anthony Matlock Mason 1730 16 Apr (Lich & DRO).
Written 17 Jul 1729.
Mentions loving wife Mary.
Exec wife Mary.
Wits Adam Wragge, Josiah Wagstaffe, John Wolley.
Inv vewed prized and praised 15 Aug 1729 by Josiah Wagstaffe, George Vicars, John Wolley. Copy examined by John Wolley, John Sowter.
BUNTING Henry of Matlock Husbandman 1615 April 15 (DRO & Lich)
Beinge sick and thinking wth himself not able to escape the sicknes calling three of his neighbours to him desireing them to bear witness what his minde was towards his children call his eldest sonne Raphe to him and giving him his farme wch is helde by copy of courte roule according to custome of the manner, paying all his debtes wch comes to xyyli xs. And to give his five children evie one of them five poundes at such time as God shall make him able forth of the increase? of his farme by reason he hath noe goodes left to bestowe of them.
Wits Hon Bowne Anthony Wolley Michaell Bunting
Probate granted to Radus Buntinge, Marjorie Bunting, William Wright of Matlock husbandman.
Inv: He died 28th February. Inv 12th April 1615 Taken by Adam Wolley, John Bowne, Michell Bunting.
BUNTING Job of Matlock Miner 1809 20 Apr (Lich).
Mentions wife Elizabeth; son Anthony Blackwell Bunting; three daurs Isabella, Mary, Elizabeth; son Isaiah houses crofts and gardens in Matlock Wood in occupation of mother Sarah.
Wits Henry Carder, Sampson Rowe, Geo Nuttall.
Exec wife Elizabeth.
BUNTING Mary 1742 Matlock widow 7 Oct (Lich).
Written 24 Aug 1742.
Mentions daughter Mary - dwelling house in possession of William Ballington with bakehouse, barne, little garding and one other garding; son Job - dwelling house where I now live and parcel of land (ye Croft) now in possession of Frans Wildgoose.
Wits Adam Wragge, John Bunting, John Wolley.
Sole exec son Job.
Inv prized and praised 16 Sept 1742 by Adam Wragge, John Wolley. Examined by John Wolley, John Wolley jun.
BUNTING, Samuel of Scharthing Nick, parsh of Matlock (DRO and Lich)
Bond – Sarah Bunting of Matlock, widow, William Britland of Cromford, Miner, and Simon Wood of the Close, Lichfield, Glover to make Inventory.
25 Apr 1742 Sarah Bunting appeared personally. Samuel B had died intestate above 14 days ago and she (Relict and Widow) prayed Letters of Administration.
Inv. Prized and praised by William Britland and John Wolley appraisers.
BUNTING William the oulder of Matlock Banke 1665 (DRO & Lich)
Written 6th Nov 1664. Body to be interred in churchyard. Coppiehold Lands of wood? not here to Devyse, for I know that this Law and Custom of the Mannor of Matlocke will admit and fynde William Bunting my sonne and heyre Apparant unto it all that house stead or house now in building; loving wife Luce; son Anthony Buntinge and his heires; daughter Margery; William to take any wood that is useful towards the building of his house.
Wits William Heath, Adam Bowne, John Wolley.
Probate to Lucie Bunting Relict and Exucutrix 6 March 1664/5.
[This was a registered Will, written in an Act Book].
1665 burial
BUNTING William widower 1720 Matlock 31 Mar (Lich).
Adm to son Samuel Bunting shoemaker. Signed Samuel Bunting, William Bower, [William Bower of Chesterfield, weaver], William Tupman [of Chesterfield].
Inv signed Andrew Heath, Geo. Wood.
See Eighteenth Century Lists : Land Tax, 1712 | Buried at Buntingfield 15 Dec 1719.
BUNTING William of Matlock 1780 (DRO)
BURGON John of Matlock (44) 1552 (Lich) - given as BURGUNE in will calendars
BUXTON Ann of Matlock Widow 1837 15 Apr (Lich)
Adm to Betty Buxton spister natural and lawful daughter
BUXTON John of Matlock Spar and Marble Manufacturer 1853 14 Oct (Lich)
Mentions shop and tenement late the estate of Joshua Tomisson the elder deceased; son Herbert Buxton; daur Agnes Buxton; daur Sarah Ellen wife of Henry Parker; child or children of Sarah Ellen; Susan Wooding, daur of Stephen Wooding of Matlock to support illegitimate child by Buxton.
Wits Edward Bown, Wm Green.
Testator died 18 Sep 1853.
Affidavit sworn by William Pearson of Matlock Gentleman and William Smedley of Matlock gentleman [Spar Turner in Will], Execs these two and John Hill of Higham Miller.
BUXTON Mary of Matlock Bank Widow 1819 29 Apr (Lich)
Mentions daur Hannah Smith; daur Mary Goodlad.
Wits Edward Rowson, Adam Walker, Thomas Young
Sole exec Anthony Leeys.
BUXTON Thomas of Matlock Yoman 1607/8 3 Feb (Lich)
Mentions daur Anne; son John; Margaret my wife; daur Maria.
Wits Henry [W]alton, Edward Bown, George Buxton
Exec son John
Inv Thomas ----, John Lane, Josiah Amott


  Adm - Grant of Letters of Administration for those dying intestate - with no will.
There's more about this under Places to find and obtain wills of Matlock people.
Benef - Beneficiaries/ Legatees - those who inherit
(DDR) - Death Duty Registers (of Lichfield Wills) held at TNA Death. See Places to find and obtain wills of Matlock people (look under P.C.C. for DDR's).
(DRO) - Copies at Derbyshire Record Office, from information researched by Michael Spencer of Matlock
Exec(s) - Executor(s) / Executrix - people who administer the estate
f. or ff. - folio or folios
"Gukutils info
or transcript
- Link straight to transcript on external website - Rosemary Lockie's GUKUTILS site, Abstracts of Derbyshire Probate Records. It is easily searchable by surname
(PCC) - Prerogative Court of Canterbury
L - e.g. 100L - 100 GBP or £
(Lich) - Wills proved in the Lichfield Consistory Court that used to be held at Lichfield Joint Record Office, but are now at the Staffordshire Record Office (from 1 Jan 2018).
Includes extracts from "Calendars of Lichfield Wills and Administrations, 1516-1652", (1892) ed. W.P.W. Phillimore, Index Library, British Record Society, London from the book at the FRC (now closed).
Few entries give abode, so there will be other Matlock names that haven't been identified. Confusingly, there are some wills for Maxtock, WAR listed in the book of early Wills & Administrations, but these are not included.
of Matlock - of the parish of Matlock in the County of Derby
otpo - of the parish of
p. - parish [of]
v. - volume
Wits - Witnesses