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Matlock & Matlock Bath Wills Calendar
Lists of pre-1858 Wills and Wills proved within Derbyshire 1858 - 1928
  Wills & Administrations, 1858 - 1928* : Surnames M - R
*Not every Matlock will from this period was proved within Derbyshire
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Part of a Copy of a Grant of Probate of a Matlock resident   Abbreviations used below:
Adm = Administration (of Will) / Letters of Administration where individual died Intestate
DDR = Information from Death Duty Registers
Exec = Executor / Executrix of Will

Information below is organised by:
SURNAME, Christian Name(s), Date of Probate, Abode
Wills & Administrations, Surnames M
MALCOMSON Abraham Bell 1889 Matlock Bank, Gentleman. Died 3 Dec 1889. Exec William Greer Barcroft
MALIN John 1918 Riber Matlock
MALTBY Mary 1868 (Adm 259) Matlock. Mentions Rev James William Maltby, Morton
MARGERISON William Arthur 1917 Matlock
MARJERRISON James 1913 Matlock Green
MARRIOTT James 1859 Megdale, Matlock. Exec: James Waring
MARRIOTT John 1886 Dimple, Matlock
MARRIOTT John Walter 1901 Matlock
MARRIOTT William 1920 Lea, Matlock
MARSDEN Thomas Holmes 1920 Hackney
MARSDEN Thomas Holmes 1922 Hackney
MARSDEN William 1889 Matlock, Shoemaker. Died 12 May 1899. Admin to Samuel Bland, Matlock Green
MARSH Matthew 1865 (Adm 219) Low Lea farm, Matlock, farmer
MARSHALL Mary 1879 Matlock
MARTIN Ellen 1873 Matlock
MARTIN George 1869 Matlock
MARTIN Francis 1868 (Adm 170) Matlock. Mentions Hannah Taylor of Grantham
MARTIN Sarah 1885 Matlock Bank
MASKREY Sarah 1881 Matlock
MELLAND John 1922 Matlock Green
MELLER Charles Mathias 1904 Matlock Bath
METTAM John 1911 Matlock Bank
MIDDLETON William 1899 Matlock
MILLIGAN Samuel 1915 Oaker, Matlock
MILLS Hannah 1917 Matlock
MILLWARD John 1909 Matlock
MILNES Charles 1858 (Adm) Wood End, Matlock. Mentions Mary MILNES, Henry MILNES
MITCHELL George 1901 Matlock
MOORE Peter 1875 Matlock. DDR: Exec Wm Moore of Matlock and others
MOORE William Harrison 1913 Matlock
MORDLE Frederick Dare 1923 Matlock Bath
MOSLEY Richard 1927 Matlock Bath
MOUNTNEY William 1922 Snitterton, Matlock
Wills & Administrations, Surnames N
NEAL Emily 1916 Starkholmes,Matlock
NEAL John 1881 Matlock. DDR: Exec Hannah J Bradshaw of Matlock
NEAL Luke 1889 Matlock, Yeoman. DDR: d 8 Jan 1889, exec Emily Neal
NELSON William Turner 1893 Colwyn Bay and Matlock. DDR: d 24 Jun 1893, exec R F[?] Nelson
NEWTON Francis 1927 Lea, nr. Matlock Bath
NICHOLLS Alfred 1908 Matlock Bank
NUTTALL Elizabeth 1914 Matlock
Wills & Administrations, Surnames O
OAKLEY Walter John 1913 Matlock Bank
OATES Jonathan 1866 Matlock. DDR: Exec Walter Oates of Derby
O'CONNER Anne 1894 Matlock
OGDEN Elizabeth of Osborne Cottage, Orchard-road Matlock Bath spinster 1921 20 Sep.
d. 16 Aug 1921. Execs William Ogden watchmaker and jeweller and James Speakman Potter solicitor.
OGDEN Francis Matlock Bath Jeweller 1887 24 Jan.
Died 4 Sep 1886. Execs sons John Ogden Marble Worker of Matlock Bath and Francis Ogden of Chelenham Fishing Tackle Manufacturer.
OGDEN Frederick of the Fish Pond Hotel Matlock Bath licensed victualler 1916 3 Mar.
d. 22 Jan 1916. Exec Mary Ann Ogden widow.
OGDEN John 1924 Matlock Bath
OGDEN Mary Ann widow of Orchard Mount, Matlock Bath 1918 30 Aug.
d. 3 Nov 1917 (at Belper). Exec Frederick Hillies motor engineer.
OLIVER Joseph 1884 Matlock Bath. DDR: Exec Jos Oliver
OLIVER Joseph 1924 of Holme Road, Matlock Bath, 28 Mar.
Died 28 March. Execs Joseph Oliver cahier and Herbert Oliver wool buyer.
ORME Albert L'Estrange 1910 Matlock. Physician and surgeon.
Died 11 Jun 1909. Exec: James Henry Goodwin chartered accountant
ORTON Rebecca 1900 Matlock Bank. DDR: d 15 Feb 1900, exec Revd F Orton
OUTRAM Annie of Riber Hall, widow Adm 5 July 1923.
Admon to William Thomas Outram farmer. Annie died 30 Jul 1922
Wills & Administrations, Surnames P
PARKER Mary Ann 1916 Matlock
PARKIN Elizabeth 1913 Matlock
PARKINSON Henry 1869 (Adm 368) Matlock. Mentions Martha Parkinson, Lincs
PARKYNS Caroline Mary 1869 Cliff House, Matlock. DDR: Exec Cath S C leacroft
PEACOCK Emma Sophia 1909 Matlock Bank
PEARSON Annie 1908 Matlock Bath
PEARSON Eliza 1912 Matlock Bath
PEARSON Ellen 1860 Matlock
PEARSON Ellen 1883 Matlock Bath
PEARSON James 1875 Matlock Bath, Matlock
PEARSON Joseph 1927 Lea, nr.Matlock
PEARSON Joseph William 1915 Matlock Bath
PEARSON Louis 1915 Matlock
PEARSON Louisa 1923 Matlock Bath
PEARSON Lydia 1903 Matlock Bath
PEARSON Mary Ann 1903 Matlock Bath
PEARSON Sarah 1893 Matlock
PEARSON Thomas 1869 Matlock Bath, Matlock
PEARSON William 1884 Matlock Bath
PEGLAR George 1898 Matlock Bridge
PICKERING Mary 1869 Matlock Bath widow.
Mentions sons Chas and Alfred both of Sheffield; son John of Matlock Bath; Henry Wright Witness; Henry Cliffe witness. Will made 1867
PILKINTON Isabella 1898 Matlock House
PIPE Henry 1909 Matlock Bridge
POLLITT Elizabeth 1922 Matlock
POTTER Ann Stoppard 1875 Holt Cottage, Matlock Bridge
POTTER Charlotte 1887 Matlock
POTTER Henry 1881 Matlock Bank
POTTER James 1923 Matlock
POTTER Mary 1895 Matlock
POTTER Samuel 1901 Matlock
POUNDALL Thomas 1906 Matlock Bath
POYSER William 1921 Matlock
PRICE Herbert 1926 Holloway, Matlock
PRICE Margaret Alderson 1928 Matlock Bath
PRIDE William 1922 Matlock
PRINGLE Fanny Nelson 1912 Matlock Bath
PRYER Matilda Lydia 1925 Matlock Bath
Wills & Administrations, Surnames Q
No Surnames
Wills & Administrations, Surnames R
RADFIRTH George 1874 Matlock Bath, Ostler.
Execs son George Radfirth Post Master, Hannah Wild Radfirth Spinster daughter both of Matlock Bath
d. 29 JUne 1870
RADFIRTH George 1885 Matlock Bath, Cab Proprietor.
Execs Lucy Radfirth widow and relict, Herbert Buxton Museum Proprietor. Both of Matlock [Bath]
d.31 Aug 1884
RAGG, James 1896 Matlock Bath DDR: d 3 May 96, exec E Collier
RANSOME Mary Ann 1924 Matlock
RATCLIFFE Hannah 1897 Woodland Terrace, Matlock Bath, widow
Execs Ellen Shaw (wife of Joseph Shaw the younger) and William Peat butcher
DDR (1896): d 5 Nov 1896
RAWSON Ann 1869 Common Wood, Matlock. DDR: Exec William Rawson of Matlock
RAWSON David 1885 Matlock. DDR: Exec William Starkie
RAWSON Thomas 1887 Matlock DDR: of Darley Dale, exec Eliza Wheatcroft
REEDS Joseph 1914 Matlock Bath
REEDS Peter 1923 28 Jun Matlock Bath
Execs Lena Kirkham Le Blanc Smith, Jospeh ArthuREeds and John Edward Speed
d. 22 Apr 1923. Buried at Matlock Bath Holy Trinity
RHODES Joseph 1925 Matlock
RICHARDS Robert 1916 Matlock
RICHARDSON Emily Ellen 1928 Matlock
RIDE George 1925 Bradley and Matlock
RILEY William Henry 1917 Matlock
ROBINSON Elizabeth Mary 1928 Matlock
ROBINSON Samuel 1918 of Masson Cottage, Matlock Bath, gentleman. Died 5 Jan 1918. Execs Anne Robinson widow, Marina Smith spinster and William Jaffrey surveyor.
See The Devonshire Hotel & North Parade, 1870s
ROBINSON William 1870 (Adm 433) Matlock Died 1850.
Mentions Jane Sophia Robinson, Wirksworth
ROBY Sarah 1889 Matlock, widow. d. 31 Jan 1889. Execs Haigh Quilliam and John Tapscott
ROLLEY Josiah 1865 Scarthin Row, Matlock. DDR: Exec John Rolley of Cromford
ROPER Elizabeth widow Matlock 1892 31 Mar
Died 4 Feb 1892. Execs Lindsey Hodgkinson and John Holmes bookkeeper
ROPER James 1865 Starkholmes, Matlock. DDR: Exec John Doxey of Middleton
ROUSE Elizabeth 1919 Matlock
ROUSE John 1860 Matlock Bank labourer.
Mentions dau Rebecca; Adam Knowles Solr Chesterfield; Geo Ward witness; Thomas Ludlam witness; made 1857
DDR: Exec Rebecca Rouse of Matlock
ROWLAND Eliza 1914 of Claremont, Matlock Bank
Died 27 Aug 1914. Execs: William Fuller Hop Merchant, George Ballington Joiner and Builder.
She left bequests to servants and a sum to All Saints' Church, for charitable purposes.
ROWLAND George James 1909 (corrected from 1912) Wiersyde, Matlock Bath
Exec Martha Rowland widow.
Died 10 Oct 1909.
ROWORTH Edward Simms 1922 Scarthin, Matlock Bath
RUSSWURM Sumner Charles Abbot Beechwood, Matlock 1902
Died 24 Oct 1902. Exec: Harold Ernest Ballington gentleman.