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Part of a PCC Will of a Matlock resident

Information below is organised by:
SURNAME, Christian Name(s), Date of Probate, Abode
Surnames C
CARDEN Mary Matlock Widdow 1724 16 Apr (Lich).
Written 29 Jul 1714.
Mentions son Michaell Carden - house in Bailey Lane, Coventry, WAR; son Samuell house etc in Common Wood; Mary daughter to son Michael.
Exec brother Anthony Flint.
Wits Elizabeth Badsley, Anthony Flints, Stephen Badsley.
Inv prized and praised 5 Nov 1723 by George Wood, Samuel Lacey. Examined by Jno Wolley, George Sowter.
CARDEN Susannah Matlock Starkholmes widow 1819 12 Oct (Lich).
Written 1 June 1819.
Mentions my three sons Francis Walker, George Taylor, William Carden.
Wits James Milnes, Elizabeth Walker, James Fox.
Execs three sons.
Testatrix died June 1819.
CARDER, Hannah of Matlock Spinster 1832 11 Oct (Lich)
Mentions Henry Carder labourer, natural son of late sister Ann Carder; Elizabeth Carder, daur of William Carder, a natural son of my late sister Elizabeth Carder.
Wits Thomas Edwards Hannah Edwards
Sol exec Henry Carder of Matlock Hatter
CARDER, John of Matlock Miner 1793 14 May (Lich)
Mentions daurs Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Hannah and Truth; dear and loving son John Carder; allotment at the top of Matlock Bank; daur Ellen, wife of Richard Kinder.
Wits Thomas Carder, William Mellor, Henry Blackwell
Exec John Carder
CARDIN, Samuel of Matlock Yeoman 1786 19 Oct (Lich)
Mentions Francis Holbrook brother-in-law (money owing to); brother Solomon Cardin; brother John Cardin; parcel of land adjoining JC's land in Starkholmes; nephew Samuel, son of John; Ellen and Mary, daurs of late brother Solomon; Francis and Priscilla Holbrook, son and daughter of sister Elizabeth Holbrook; Mordacai, son of brother Michael; William Wragg, Paul Marsh, William Willimot, grandsons of brother Michael; rest of nephews and nieces; John son of nephew Michael; nephew Michael, son of Solomon Cardin; Francis Holbrook the younger, son of b-i-l Francis H; nephew Samuel, son of Solomon Cardin.
Wits Maria Goodwin, G. Goodwin, H. Brittlebank
Exec Michael Cardin and Francis Holbrook the younger
CARDING, Samuel of Matlock Minor [sic] 1738 19 Oct (Lich)
Mentions son Mickell Carding; grand child Mary Rowson; son Samuel Carding; son Solomon Carding; son John Carding; Calfe Path Green, Starkholmes; loving wife Ann Carding
Wits Samuel Walker, Frances Walker, Willm Walker
Exec wife Ann Carding
Inv appraised by John Wolley, Willm Walker
CARLINE Phoebe Starkholmes, p. Matlock widow 1817 16 Oct (Lich)
Mentions son Anthony; daur Dorothy Taylor; daur Elizabeth Pearson. Exec John Statham son-in-law Hatter. Wits Sarah Stubbing, Thos Gratton, Jno Nuttall
CAWWOOD Thomas of Matlock Officer of Excise 1811 7 Oct (Lich)
Mentions wife Ann; children George, John, Joseph and Job; House and land at Crich occupied by late son William.
Wits William Godward, Samuel Marsden, George Statham.
Execs sons George Cawwood, John Cawwood and Joseph Cawwood.
Testator died March 1811.
CHAPPELL John, Clerk of Matlock 1689 17 June (PCC -PROB 11/395/381)
See list of Rectors | his burial in 1688
CHAPPELL John Matlock Gent 1724 2 Oct
Administration to Elizabeth Wild and Mary Winter, natural and lawful sisters.
Short inventory included two books and an almanac and a case of pistols and old gun.
CHAPPELL Mary of Ryber, p. of Matlock Widow 1720 22 Sept
Mentions grandson William Wylde; daughter Elizabeth Wylde; grand daughter Elizabeth Wylde; daughter Mary Winter.
Wits Mary Parsons, Lewis Attlebown, Joseph Allsopp.
Exec grandson William Wylde.
CLARK Daniel Yeoman of Matlock 1727 20 Sep (Lich)
Written 20 June 1726.
Mentions loving Kinswoman Hanah Clark of Matlock, daughter of Samuel - all his estate both freehold and copyhold; her paying unto his sister Sarah wife of Philip Taylor of Codnor; Marey Taylor, daughter of Philip and Sarah; sister Marey, wife of David Watts; "John Wolley & Geo. Sowter & to their heirs siccessfuly to gether with ye Overseers of ye poore for & time being to be Distributed to twenty of the poorest famileys that Receeve no worldy pension from ye overseer but are lawful inhabitants in the pshe of Matlock"; loving kinsman Philip Taylor of Codnor ye younger; Hannah wife of Will Brine of Codnor; kinsman Daniel Clark of Ashover; kinsman John Clark; Sarah wife of John Langdale; Mary daughter of John Edge; Caleb Buxton; Josia Frickly ye elder of Wingfield; sister in law Marey Clarke; Shusand Bullivent of Crich; John Longdale 8 children; loving friend Eliah Halle of Longnor; John Wolley; Cornel Boman of Rowsley; James Lowe; David Watts my stockinger frame wherein he now works.
Execs: loving kinsman Daniel Clark of Ashover and John Longdale of Ible
Trustees: Eliah Hll and Job Bowth of Nottingham.
Wits: Job Booth, George Flecher, John Wolley [?record damaged].
Inv: prized and praised 29 Aug 1727. Witnessed by John Wolley, Geo Potter, Henry Bowman. Examined by David Watts, John Wolley.
CLARKE Elizabeth of Matlock 1851. Administration to Charles Clarke (P.C. York)
CLIFFE Robert of Would, Matlock, Burner 1696 Apr 17 Adm (Lich)
Inv mentions a hall, parlour, the chamber over the parlour, chamber over the hall, a garrerr, a buttery chamber, kitchen chamber. It was praised on 14 Apr 1696 by Samuel Haugh, Richard Prime and George Statham.
The oath was sworn before Jos Topham, Vicar of Crich.
Names widow Margaretta, Samuel Haugh of Tansley Matlock and Henry Flint of Lea.
Witnesses to the grant etc were William Cliffe, Nathaniel Cliffe.
The "Sume total" of his estate was £579.
- He is commemorated on a brass plaque inside St. Giles' Church (No5 on the list)
- His name is listed in the Free and Voluntary Present, 1661, the Hearth Tax, 1670 and the Poll Tax, 1678
- 1969 burial
COCKAIN, John Matlock Adm & Inv 1693 (Lich)
[From The Reliquary, Vol 11: "On the 30th June, 1693, administration of the personal estate and effects of John Cockain, late of Matlock, ... was granted to Wm. Cockaine, of Matlock, the natural and lawful son of the said deceased. The inventory shews £265 in personal effects."]
1693 burial
COCKAYNE, Mary Matlock Adm 1714 (Lich)
COCKAYNE, William gentleman Matlock Adm & Inv 1703 (Lich)
COLUMBELL Francis Riber, p. Matlock Adm 1605/6 March 9
Inv. 14 Mar 1605/6 praysed by John Pott of Darley gent, Thomas ffoullwood of Matlock gent Willm Walker & Willm Ludlam husband
Items included house at Willersleye
COOPER Mary, Matlock 1801 10 Apr (Lich)
Execs George Evans of Matlock, Merchant, Joshua Roper of Cromford Joiner. Mentions daughter Hannah Cooper and other unnamed children [minors]
Wits. John Debanke, William Roose
COTTERRILL Ann Riber p. Matlock Widow 1848 27 Apr (Lich)
Mentions son John Cotterill; daur Elizabeth Wright. Exec: son John. Wits: Thomas Worthy Carline, Benjamin Twigg
CROWDER Joseph of Matlock 1821 (Lich). DDR: Exec James Crowder of Matlock
CUMMING Joseph Notzel of Matlock Old Bath Victualler/Innkeeper 1821 23 Jul (Lich)
Written 10 Apr 1820
Mentions: friend George Gosling of Chesterfield and brother Professor James Cumming of Cambridge University clerk executors and administrators; dear wife Mary Cumming also an executor; maintaining and clothing all living children; all three executors Guardians to children
Wits: S. Sherratt, Thos. Poyser, Ann Mason.
Affidavits 21 Apr 1821: both George Gosling of Chesterfield Gentleman and Mary Cumming appeared personally
CUMMING Mary of Matlock Bath, p. Matlock Widow 1842 18 Oct (Lich).
Written 27 March 1841.
Mentions grandson John Henry Cumming; grandaughter Mary Clayton; daughter Elizabeth; sister Ellen Gosling, niece Alice Ann Cumming; real and personal estate and interest in the house called "The Old Bath Hotel" upon Trust ... and the good will thereof to divide (after expenses etc) equally between her four children - James, Elizabeth, Joseph, George and William John.
Wits Clara Jane Hutchins, Mary Mailes
Execs four sons James Cumming, Joseph, George and William John.
Codicil: dated 18 Nov 1841
Will and bequeath to son James the possession of the Old Bath Hotel and humbly confirm that the Proprietors will confirm him in the tenancy if it is his pleasure to continue.
Wits to codicil: Susannah Chatfield, Alice Ann Cumming
Affidavit: James Cumming of Matlock Surgeon appeared personally, 23 Sep 1842
Surnames D
DAFFIN Abbarnathan, Matlock, 1835 (Lich)
DDR: Exec Ellen Daffin
DAFFIN Ellen Riber p. Matlock widow 1851 20 Aug (Lich)
Mentions g daur Maria Carline; daur Ann wife of William Carline.
Wits George Staley, John Smith.
Exec Wm Carline of Matlock
DALLEYHEIES Robert, Batchelor of Matlock 1659 26 Jan (PCC - PROB 11/286/369)
1658 burial
DAVIS George Matlock Bank Framework Knitter 1836 13 Oct (Lich).
Written 13 Feb 1836.
Mentions eldest son William Davis given copyhold dwellinghouse or tenement with the cowhouse garden and appurtenances in Matlock Bank which I purchased from Elijah Wildgoose and now in the occupation of Elias Woodhouse; half part of a freehold close called the Barn Acre or the Fleets purchased of George Walton with a right of road to the easterly side ... hereinafter devised to my son in law James Woodhouse to son William; son George Davis copyhold dwellinghouse or tenement on Matlock Bank where both lived [various rights of road across staked out land]; one sitting in pew 54 in the parish church; moiety or half part of a freehold allotment and the site of a dwelling house now in ruins on Matlock Bank and the garden purchased by me from Captain Wright and known as Woodhouse Lot; other half of moiety belongs to son George; moiety or half part of allotment on Matlock Cliff (the Far Lot) purchased from George Ward to George who owns other half; James Woodhouse, husband of daughter Amy, two copyhold dwellings adjoining and other sitting at the parish church.
Wits James Buckley, George Smith Junr, Jas C Newbold
Execs son in law James Woodhouse and Thomas Wall (son in law of son George), both of Matlock Bank.
Testator died 22 May last. - 1836 burial
DEANE Robert of Matlock 1544 Oct 9 (Lich)
"Dated in Hen VIIIths reign" on the outside.
Mentions burial in the church yard at Matlock; son Edward; Tannying house of ye said Edward; son nycoler; Ana Frychley; Antony and Xfstofer [Christopher].
Wits Tho de lbytine?, Nicoler Walker.
Inv appraised by Robert Ludlam, Roger Walker, John Woods.
[This will has several holes in it and is difficult to read, so any additions would be welcomed.]
See ancient arms of Deane of Matlock
DEBANKE Anthony of Matlock Papermills 1815 14 Apr (Lich).
- See on site transcript -
DENHAM Thomas Matlock 1742 23 Apr (Lich)
Him Widower deceased
Adm. to son Robert Denham.
Inv. Appraised by John Sowter, John Beardsley, John Wolley.
See the burials of him and his wife in 1741
Although this record does not say so, he had been the schoolmaster in Matlock.
DICKIN John Matlock 1807 (DRO)
Surnames E
EATON Mary, Spinster of Matlock 1810 26 May (PCC)
ELLIOT James Matlock Miner 1820 19 Apr (Lich)
Mentions 4 dwelling houses --- at Arter Hill Bonsall in possession of John Sheldon, Isaac Spencer, William Wall and James Chadwick; three closes - Bramleys, Slaleyway in Bonsall in possession of Robert Chadwick; daur Elizabeth Higgott, wife of George; more land in Bonsall; son James Elliott.
Wits Robert Hobson, Danl. Sellors, Hannah Hobson.
Execs son James Elliot Miner and son-in-law George Higgott.
ELSE John of Matlock (44) 1552 13 Sep (Lich)
EVANS Elizabeth, Spinster of Cromford Bridge, Matlock 1853 23 Feb (PCC - PROB 11/2167/322). Exec. William Evans of Allestree
EVANS Eneas of Matlock Innkeeper 14 Oct 1813 (Lich)
Mentions wife Hester; children Walter Mather Evans and Frances Shore Evans
Execs brother Francis Evans of Lane End STS and Stephen Shore of the City of London.
Wits Anthony Bown, Thomas Goodall, Jno Nuttall<
- 1813 burial
EVANS Frances Shore Matlock 20 Apr 1820 (Lich)
Mentions late father Aneas Gentleman; mother Hester (sole executrix). Wits James Milnes, John Mawison[?], John Balley
- 1820 burial
EVANS George Cromford bridge, parish of Matlock Lead Merchant 22 Sep 1808 (Lich)
Written 28 March 1785
Mentions wife Ann; house at Cromford Bridge and lands in Darley and Matlock; three daughters Mary Enas, Ann Carter (wife of John Edward of Leicester) and Elizabeth Evans, brother in law Peter Nightingale of Lea
Wits Anthony Tarrant, Benjamin Tomison
Execs Peter Nightingale and Mary Evans (Mary Shore wife of William Shore, the surviving exec)
Died 26 Mar 1808 (from MI). Buried at Bonsall 30 Mar 1808, aged 81.
EVANS Hester Matlock Bath widow 12 Oct 1849 (Lich)
Adm. to Walter Mather Evans Attorney at Law
EYTON Anthony Matlock 1636/7 Jan 10 (Lich)
Adm grant to John Eyton of Rakestones par Kirke Ireton Husbandman lawful brother of Anthony Eyton late Wheless? he lived of the parish of Matlock deceased.
Signed: John Eaton, John Glover, Thomne Pym
Note: another Anthony Eaton, of Hasker, was buried in 1643.
Surnames F
FERNE Joseph Clerke of Matlock 1717 24 Apr (Lich)
Written 12 Nov 1714.
Mentions 3 daughters Mary, Ann and Sarah [in their minority]; son Godfrey also a minor; his children's education to brother in law Godfrey Watkinson of Brampton Moor and nephew John Broomehead of Sheffield.
Wits Deborah Moseley, Edmund Nickals, John Nickals.
Execs Godfrey Watkinson, John Broomehead.
See his MI at St. Giles' | List of Rectors |
FLETCHER James of Matlock Colour Manufacturer 1842 18 Oct (Lich).
Written 24 January 1842.
Mentions dear wife Mary; the machinery and other property belonging to me at the Mill shall be disposed of by Private Contractor Public Auction or let to any responsibe party/parties who may take the Mill of Works; after death of uncle John Fletcher his share of monies etc left to him by Uncle William Fletcher and great uncle William Woodward for her natural life; Cousin Eliza Fletcher daughter of John F and her heirs; brother Jospeh Fletcher and his heirs and the other half at disposal of his wife Mary.
Wits: Henry Pearson, Samuel Alsop
Exec: Mary Fletcher of Matlock, Thomas Newton of Wirkworth Joiner and John Evans of Matlock Draper
- Christened at at St. Giles' 1804 | Marriage: m Mary Brocklehurst Spinster Wirksworth by Lic mar 6 Dec 1826 | Glover's Directory (butcher and vict. at the Boat House) | Pigot's Directory (butcher and at the Boat House) | Licensees at Boat House | 1841 census | Burial at St. Giles', 1842.
FLETCHER Joseph the younger Victualler of Matlock Adm 1810 30 Apr (Lich).
Administration Bond - Ann Fletcher of Matlock widow
Signed itpo Phillip Gell by Ann Fletcher, Joseph Fletcher
Oath sworn by widow 16 Apr 1810
Died Jan 8 1810.
See Burial at St. Giles'
FLETCHER Joseph Yeoman of Matlock 1814 13 Oct (Lich).
Written: 8 Feb 1812
Mentions: wife Ann Fletcher - copyhold messuage known as The Boat House; grandson James Fletcher piece adjoining Boat House; son John Fletcher; grandson Joseph Fletcher; son William Fletcher.
DDR: Exec: wife Ann Fletcher of Matlock
George Hepworth of Matlock tallow chandler guardian of personal estate of James Fletcher, grandson, during his minority.
Wits: Adam Rowson, Peter Tipping, Jno Nuttall.
See Burial at. St. Giles'
FLETCHER William Schoolmaster of Matlock 1820 12 Oct (Lich).
Written 12 Mar 1820.
Mentions wife [unnamed] and George Hepworth; copyhold and freehold estates in Matlock; wife to have household goods, furniture, palet, linen etc; personal effects to convert into money towards raising a fund for my debts; annual interest dividend for use of wife during natural life; then upon trust annuity of £20 paid to brother John Fletcher in four equal payments; rest and residue, after wife's decease, nephews James and Joseph, sons of brother Joseph but if still infants under 21 at wife's decease the annual interest dividends for maintenance, education and clothing, or placing them out to trade or business.
Execs: wife and Geo Hepworth of Matlock
Wits: Wm Sutt----, John King, Wm Alanby
Testator died 4 May last.
Probate to Susannah Fletcher of Matlock widow.
Affidavit George Hepworth of Matlock Tallow Chandler.
- 1820 burial
FLINT Anthony of Matlock 1630 Oct 9 Adm (Lich)
Grant to William Flint of Browneswood husbandman and Thomas Ratcliffe of Clifton husbandman.
Inv Signed, with marks, Edward Wall, Anthoney Morton?, John Godbeer, James Carnell.
FLINT Anthony Matlock 1733 18 May (Lich)
Adm to John Flint natural son Farmer. Rubamah/Rumery Flint, relict and widow.
Inv 23 Aug 1732, praisers David Wall, Adam Ragg, Anthony Tissington
FLINT Thomas Matlock Yeoman 1623 Aug 27 (Lich)
Written 5 Jul 1623
Mentions son Henry and lands and hereditaments in Calton NTT; son Thomas Flint; wife Dorothy Flint. These last two to receive 20 shillings yearly from Henry.
Exec: son Henry.
Wits: Robert Hall, Henri Wooddis, Millicent Hall, Marie Spencer, Agnes Storer, Modelin Applebie
Inv: 23 Jul 1623 taken by John Bowne, George Tipping, George Wood, Thomas Michael. Sum total 72li 18s 4d
FLINT Thomas of Matlock, Husbandman 1642 5 Oct (Lich)
Mentions Agnes Flint my now loving wife; son George Flint also George great son]; daur Agnes Turner, wife of William Turner; Daniel Walker son in law; grandchild Thomas Flint, eldest son of son George; Adam Flint second son of George; George Flint youngest son of George; son in law William Turner's seven children: Roger, Mary, Elizabeth, Elenor, William, Anthony and George.
Wits John Wolley, George Flint, Elizabeth Wolley.
Execs wife Agnes and son George Flint.
1642 burial
FLINT Thomas of Matlock, Husbandman 1693 15 Nov Adm (Lich)
Grant to John Webster of Matlock Agricola.
Inv 19 Jul 1693. Praisers Anthony Banks, John Lees, Stephen Badsley.
1691 burial
FLINT William of Matlock (71) 1555 (Lich)
FLINT[E] Edmund of Matlock, Yeoman 1632 9 Apr (Lich)
Written 27 Mar 1628.
Mentions brother Robte Flinte, Edmunde Ludlame son of Thomas Ludlame, my wife Elizabeth Flinte; son in law Tho. Ludlame and my daughter Francis [sic Frances] Ludlame.
Wits Anthony Senior, Thomas Millwarde, Francis Ashmore, Phillip Barnes.
Supervisors of Will: my friend Richard Senior, Anthony and Francis Senior.
Execs: Wife Elizabeth Flinte and Edmunde Ludlam.
Inv praysed 24th Feb 1632/3 by Anthony Senior, William Ludlam and Anthony Cotterell.
FOWKE Thomas webster of Matlock 1612 May 26
Mentions younge land lorde Thomas Wigley; Henry Lee of Myddleton Moor and Elizabeth his wife; brother William Fowke; William Fowke the younger; neece and goddaughter Anne Fowke; her sister Margeria Fowke; nephew James Fowke, brother John Fowke; sister Grace Adam; sister Isabell Dayes; to any one of my brothers and sisters children not named; Thomas Gee of Mannfielde and his two sisters Ellen and Jane; Ann Ashmore of Carsington; Ales Oliver; Henry Wright my servant; Wliiam Evens; poore of Matlock; to four men to ring a peale at Wirksworth after my death; and four at Matlock; Anthony Wolley the elder, Anthony Haslam of Harston and James Haslam of the same; Geoege Walker sonne of William Walher of Ryber; Edward Haslam of Harston; Mary my wife.
Execs Georhe Walker and Edward Haslam
Wits; Anthony Wolley, Anthony Haslam, James Haslam
Inv 10 May 1612 praised by Anthonie Browne, Willm Topless Anthony Haslam James Bolington and Thomas Brandreth
FOX Esther of Starkholmes Matlock 1854 7 Aug (Lich).
Esther Fox late of Starkholmes Intestate Spinster. John Fox declared he was her lawful brother and one of the next of kin. Prayed Letters of Administration.
Affidavit John Fox of Starkholmes parish of Matlock Farmer. Esther Fox died 28 June 1854.
Adm granted to John Fox of Matlock.
FOX Grace of Matlock 1828 Apr 22 (Lich). DDR: Exec Jos Britland of Matlock
FOX Micah of Matlock 1813 Oct 14 (Lich)
FOX Samuel of Matlock 1798 Apr 25 (Lich)
FOX Samuel of Matlock 1832 Oct 11 (Lich) DDR: Exec Ellen Fox of Starkholmes
FOX Samuel of Matlock 1852 (Lich) DDR: Exec Mary Fox of Matlock
FOX William of Starkholmes Matlock Yeoman 1788 Oct 16 (Lich)
Written 1 Jan 1788.
Mentions son Joseph Fox; daughter Elizabeth wife of Peter Walker; daughter Ann wife of Luke Wilson; daughter Mary wife of Tomas Barton.
Wits Adam Wolley, Joseph Stone, Solomon Boden.
Son Joseph sole exec.
FOXE Edmund Matlock 1636/7 Jan 26 (Lich)
Inv 8 Jul 1636 praised by Geo. Walker, Hen: Wigley, Tho: Greenough.
FRITCHLEY Elizabeth of Cromford Bridge, p. Matlock 1813 23 Feb
Mentions Elizabeth Mee; nephew Thomas Gell; Sarah daur Anthony Buxton Joiner of Derby nephew; nephew Thomas Buxton Joiner of Derby; niece Ann wife of Thomas Beeson of Middleton, sailor; Mary wife of William Castledine stocking maker; niece Lidya wife of Thomas Woodhouse agent of Butterley; niece Sarah wife of Edward Hides, smith; niece Elizabeth Buxton Spinster; Hannah wife of Anthony Buxton Hatten.
Execs Thomas Sterland of Cromford grocer, Robert Beeson.
Wits Hannah Smithurst, Mary Holmes.
Died 4 Feb 1813
- 1813 burial
FRITH Elizabeth of Matlock 1838 2 June (PCC - PROB 11/1896/355) Exec George Nuttall, Holborn
Surnames G
GELL Ann of Matlock 1798 18 June (Lich)
Written 20 Jan 1796
Widow of Thomas Gell late of Cromford Bridge.
Mentions grandson Thomas Gell and Grand Daughter Hannah Gell; grandson THomas Buxton and Grandaughters Ann Buxton and Mary Buxton; two daughters - Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Fritchley and Mary wife of Anthony Buxton.
Execs Sons in law Joseph Fritchley, Anthony Buxton.
Wits Geo Evans, Hannah Smithurst.
Her burial in 1798.
GLOVER Edward of Matlock Bath 1850 (Lich). DDR: Exec Charlotte Glover of Matlock Bath
His burial in 1850
GRANGER William Matlock Mynor 1668 12 Sep (Lich)
Adm granted to Anna Granger of Matlock relict and widow and Anthony Bowne of Matlock yeoman
Inv 10 Sep 1668.
Praised by John Bowne, John Taylor, John Hoskins, Anthony Bowne, John Wolley.
His 1668 burial
GRATTON Anne Matlock Widow 1730 16 Apr (Lich)
Mentions sons William, Thomas and Samuel; daughters Mary, Sarah, Grace and Anne; son John Gratton sole executor.
Written 3 Nov 1728
Wits: Henry Pidcock, William Wolley, Thomas Denham
Inventory prized and praised 19 Feb 1729 by George Sowter, John Wolley and examined by John Gratton and John Wolley.
GRATTON John Matlock Blacksmith 1762 19 Apr (Lich)
Written 26 Dec 1758.
Mentions nephew John Oates, son of sister Ann Hogg - copyhold land called the Gate - messuages, dwelling houses etc. ... parts and shares of lead mines; nieces Grace and Ann Oates.
Nephew John sole executor.
Wits: Ann Gell, Eliz Brookes, Tho Gell.
Inv [no date] appraised by John Wolley Junr, James Wright.
GRATTON Thomas Matlock Blacksmith 1721 20 Apr (Lich)
Mentions sons William, Thomas and John: dear and loving wife Ann appointed sole executrix.
Written 17 Aug 1720.
Wits: Nathaniel Hill, Adam Woodward, Thomas Denham.
GREATOREX Joseph Riber p. Matlock Yeoman 1818 15 Oct (Lich)
Mentions brother-in-law John Bowler of Corkley, Muggington, farmer; John Taylor of Bateman Stile p. Matlock, farmer; dwelling house in occupation of Peter Elliott; son Joseph Greatorex; daur Mary wife of Adam Hawley of Nova Scotia; daur Ann; son Benjamin.
Execs John Bowler, John Taylor.
Wits Jas MacQueen, John Higget, Job Cooper. Testator died 7 July last.
GREATOREX Joseph of Matlock 1854 (Lich). DDR: Exec Jos Greatorex of Masson
GREATORIX Benjamin Matlock farmer 1800 10 Mar (Lich)
Mentions beloved wife Mary; son William; friend George Evans of Cromford Bridge; g daur Elizabeth Grubb; g sons Charles, Joseph and William Wall
Execs Mary Greatorix; George Evans.
Wits David Hawkins, Ann Robinson. [Wife Mary died before probate, George Evans revoked in favour of Wiliam Greatorix]
GREAVES Charlotte of Matlock Bath 1849 (Lich). DDR: Exec James C Newbold of Matlock Bath
GREENHOUGH Francis Matlock oar burner 1668 14 Apr (Lich)
Mentions sons Henry and Edward; daughters Hannah, Jane Dorothy; wife [not named] sole executrix.
Written 18 Mar 1667.
Wits: Edward Greenhough, Henry Greenhough, Thomas Taylor, Ralph Ridgway.
Inv 30 Mar 1668 made by Henry Wigley, Luke Vallance, Edward Haslam, Stephen Bailley.
1668 burial
GREENHOUGH Francis Matlock 1699 17 Oct (Lich)
Adm granted to Maria [Mary] Greenhough relict and widow of Matlock and Adam Greenhough of ---- ---- Matlock woodman.
Signed Maria Greenhough, Adam Greenhough
Inv viewed and apprised 26 Apr 1699 by Ralph Worthy, John Shaw.
GREGORY Alice Matlock Widow 1771 16 Sep (Lich).
Adm bond William Gregory of Alfreton, Thomas Sax[t]on Jonner also of Alfreton and William Jackson of Close, Lichfield gent.
Grant to William Gregory the son.
GREGORY Benjamin Matlock Yeoman 1784 14 Oct (Lich)
Written 23 Jul 1784.
Mentions loving wife Hannah Gregory dwelling on Matlock Bank heretofore a cottage but now a Copyhold Tenure; loving nephew William Twigg; loving nephew Henry Ludlam, Joseph Twigg and Jonathan Twigg; loving sister Anne Twigg; Elizabeth Mason and Anne Slinn my loving nieces.
Wits Joseph Higgett, Richard Sterndeal, Peter Watts, Martha Sterndeal.
Exec nephew William Twigg.
GREGORY George of Starkholmes, Matlock Hatter 1837 22 Apr (Lich)
Died Apr 1836.
Will written 5 Nov 1835.
Mentions wife Vina Gregory; son James - all buildings used as a Hatter's shop, croft adjoining, bit of land called the pattatoe? piece with cow house and pig sty; daughter Hannah Knowles dwelling house at the south end of the one where I now liveth and [document torn and line illegible] messuage in the occupation of Thomas Mather; the piece of land at the bottom of the Croft which her [Hannah's] husband Adam Knowles built a house on); daughter Mabel Gregory dwelling house I now live in, the middle of three belonging to me; grandson William, natural son of Mabel.
Wits Francis Staley, Joseph Fox, Job Walker.
Executor James Gregory of Matlock Hatter.
GREGORY Hannah Matlock Bank widow 1806 23 Apr (Lich).
Written 3 Aug 1805.
Relict of the late Benjamin Gregory and Thomas Lees, both yeomen, p. Matlock.
Mentions copyhold land called the Long Close or Wheat Stubble on Matlock Bank in the possession of Andrew Shaw to grandson Thomas Lees p. Ashover Baker; daur Mary Buxton of Matlock Bank.
Wits Joseph Higgott, Samuel Boden, Mary Boden.
Exec grandson Thomas Lees.
GREGORY Henry Matlock Farmer 1809 20 Apr (Lich).
Adm bond Hannah Gregory of Matlock widow of Henry Gregory farmer.
GREGORY James of Starkholmes, Matlock Hatter 1853 14 Oct (Lich)
Written 24 May 1841
Mentions wife Sarah, sole executrix.
Wits Jas C. Newbold, James Colledge.
Died 12 Sep 1853.
GREGORY Michael Matlock Ale and Porter merchant 1848 3 Jun (Lich)
Oath sworn by Catherine Gregory of Scarthin Nick Widow Anthony Knowles of Matlock gentleman and William Brelsford of Matlock Bank Gardener.
Died 12 May 1848.
Exec Catherine Gregory of Scarthin Nick Widow, relict.
See his MI
GREGORY Philip Riber p. Matlock labourer widower 1824 6 May (Lich)
Affidavit - John Gregory of Riber p. Matlock joiner
GRESLEY Mary Ann spinster of Matlock Bath 1827 3 May (Lich).
Written 26 Feb 1827.
Mentions Alice Saxton, May Ann Saxton, Eliza Saxton and Harriet Saxton the daughters of George Saxton of Matlock Bath innkeeper; Reverend Solomon Saxton and George Saxton the younger; Elizabeth Pidcocke niece of Rev. -- Pidcocke of Youlgreave now residing with Miss Edwards of Spondon; Miss Chawner of Derby; Mrs. Charles Mold wife of Charles Mold of Barton esquire; Miss Toplis daughter of the late John Toplis of Wirksworth; Robert Blackwell of Wirksworth esquire; Reverend Nathan Hubbersty of Wirksworth clerk; my two brothers William Toplis Gresley and Charles Lee Andrew Robert Gresley (minors).
Exec: friend Robert Blackwall.
Wits; Ann Saxton, John Andrew.
Testator died 9 Mar 1827.
Probate to Robert Blackwall.


  Adm - Grant of Letters of Administration for those dying intestate - with no will.
There's more about this under Places to find and obtain wills of Matlock people.
Benef - Beneficiaries/ Legatees - those who inherit
(DDR) - Death Duty Registers (of Lichfield Wills) held at TNA Death. See Places to find and obtain wills of Matlock people (look under P.C.C. for DDR's).
(DRO) - Copies at Derbyshire Record Office, from information researched by Michael Spencer of Matlock
Exec(s) - Executor(s) / Executrix - people who administer the estate
f. or ff. - folio or folios
"Gukutils info
or transcript
- Link straight to transcript on external website - Rosemary Lockie's GUKUTILS site, Abstracts of Derbyshire Probate Records. It is easily searchable by surname
(PCC) - Prerogative Court of Canterbury
L - e.g. 100L - 100 GBP or £
(Lich) - Wills proved in the Lichfield Consistory Court that used to be held at Lichfield Joint Record Office, but are now at the Staffordshire Record Office (from 1 Jan 2018).
Includes extracts from "Calendars of Lichfield Wills and Administrations, 1516-1652", (1892) ed. W.P.W. Phillimore, Index Library, British Record Society, London from the book at the FRC (now closed).
Few entries give abode, so there will be other Matlock names that haven't been identified. Confusingly, there are some wills for Maxtock, WAR listed in the book of early Wills & Administrations, but these are not included.
of Matlock - of the parish of Matlock in the County of Derby
otpo - of the parish of
p. - parish [of]
v. - volume
Wits - Witnesses