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1841 Census HO 107/198/5, Parish of Matlock
Census transcripts for Matlock, Matlock Bath & District
Enumeration District 14
1841 Census
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1841 Census Notes
Occupations in 1841
Parish of Matlock. All houses from the Independent Chapel to the Fountain Baths inclusive.

---- shows the end of a building.
Addresses were usually only given at the top of a page but to assist your research an address is given for each building if one was on the page.

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fo, p, Name, SURNAME, Age, Male/Female, Born DBY - Y/N, Occupation, Address

f20/p1  John             PETCHELL      m  45 N  Merchant       Guild de Roy Villa
f20/p1  Nancy Weginer    PETCHELL      f  35 N
f20/p1  Adele            PETCHELL      f  11 N
f20/p1  Emily            PETCHELL      f  8  N
f20/p1  Sophia Elizabeth PETCHELL      f  7  N
f20/p1  Caroline         PETCHELL      f  5  N
f20/p1  Sophia           ASTEY         f  30 N  Governess
f20/p1  Margaret         LANCASTER     f  23 N  F.S.
f20/p1  Eliza            LAISENBY      f  20 N  F.S.
f20/p1  William          PLATTS        m  60 Y  Cotton Spinner
f20/p1  George           SLATER        m  20 Y  Post Boy
f20/p1  Samuel           REDFERN       m  40 Y  Lead miner
f20/p1  Sarah            WRAGG         f  65 N
f20/p1  Solomon          HOLMES        m  30 Y  Ag lab         Upper Wood
f20/p1  Ann              HOLMES        f  30 Y
f20/p1  Maria            HOLMES        f  10 Y
f20/p1  Elizabeth        HOLMES        f  7  Y
f20/p1  Harriett         HOLMES        f  5  Y
f20/p1  Jane             HOLMES        f  2  Y
f20/p1  Louisa           HOLMES        f  5m Y
f20/p1  Charles          POTTER        m  50 Y  Farmer         Upper Wood
f20/p1  Charles          POTTER        m  19 Y  Marble Mason
f20/p1  George           POTTER        m  20 Y  Mason
f20/p1  Joseph           POTTER        m  17 Y  Ag lab
f21/p2  William          PICKERING     m  50 Y  Ag Lab         Upper Wood
f21/p2  Mary             PICKERING     f  45 Y
f21/p2  Hannah           PICKERING     f  17 Y  Cotton Spinner
f21/p2  John             PICKERING     m  16 Y  Cotton Spinner
f21/p2  Charles          PICKERING     m  15 Y  Cotton Spinner
f21/p2  William          PICKERING     m  11 Y
f21/p2  Frederic         PICKERING     m  9  Y
f21/p2  Alfred           PICKERING     m  5  Y
f21/p2  Elizabeth        PICKERING     f  1  Y
f21/p2  Thomas           ROOSE         m  35 Y  Shoemaker      Upper Wood
f21/p2  Sarah            ROOSE         f  30 Y
f21/p2  William          ROOSE         m  17 Y
f21/p2  Abel             BODEN         m  30 Y  Lead miner     Upper Wood
f21/p2  James            CHADWICK      m  55 Y  Pensioner Army Upper Wood
f21/p2  Rhodee           CHADWICK      f  70 F
f21/p2  Benjamin         FROGGATT      m  64 Y  Lead Miner     Upper Wood
f21/p2  Mary             FROGGATT      f  65 Y
f21/p2  Joseph           FOULK         m  30 Y  Gardener
f21/p2  Susan            FOULK         f  30 N
f21/p2  Jesse            FOULK         m  7  N
f21/p2  Harriett         FOULK         f  4  Y
f21/p2  Samuel           FOULK         m  3  Y
f21/p2  Joseph           PRINCE        m  30 Y  Stockinger
f21/p2  Mary             PRINCE        f  30 Y

f21/p3  Ruth             PRINCE        f  10 Y
f21/p3  William          PRINCE        m  8  Y
f21/p3  James            PRINCE        m  7  Y
f21/p3  Mary Ann         PRINCE        f  5  Y
f21/p3  Thomas           PRINCE        m  3  Y
f21/p3  George           PRINCE        m  2  Y
f21/p3  Esther           PRINCE        f  4m Y
f21/p3  John             KENNEDY       m  55 I  Plasterer
f21/p3  Dorothy          KENNEDY       f  40 Y
f21/p3  Joseph           OLIVER        m  12 Y
f21/p3  Catherine        MASTERSON     f  9  N
f21/p3  Charles          KIRKLAND      m  55 Y  Farmer         Amber House
f21/p3  Ann              KIRKLAND      f  50 Y
f21/p3  Charles          KIRKLAND      m  20 Y  Mason
f21/p3  Samuel           KIRKLAND      m  19 Y  Ag lab
f21/p3  Frederic         KIRKLAND      m  16 Y  Ag lab
f21/p3  Hannah           KIRKLAND      f  18 Y
f21/p3  Sarah            WILDGOOSE     f  40 Y
f21/p3  Charles          WILDGOOSE     m  20 Y  Marble Mason
f21/p3  William          WILDGOOSE     m  15 Y  Marble Mason
f21/p3  Jane             WILDGOOSE     f  10 Y
f21/p3  James            WILDGOOSE     m  10 Y
f21/p3  John             WILDGOOSE     m  5  Y
f21/p3  William          PEARSON       m  50 Y  Watchman

f22/p4  Elisabeth        WALKER        f  45 Y
f22/p4  Elisabeth        WALKER        f  13 Y
f22/p4  Harriett         WALKER        f  10 Y
f22/p4  Benjamin         WALKER        m  8  Y
f22/p4  Joshua           JEPSON        m  50 Y  Ostler
f22/p4  Mary             JEPSON        f  55 Y
f22/p4  Elizabeth        JEPSON        f  20 Y
f22/p4  Joseph           JEPSON        m  20 Y  Servant
f22/p4  William          JEPSON        m  14 Y
f22/p4  William          ROBINSON      m  30 N  Basket Mak.
f22/p4  Rebecca          ROBINSON      f  30 N
f22/p4  James            ROBINSON      m  5  N
f22/p4  William          ROBINSON      m  2  N
f22/p4  Mary Ann         ROBINSON      f  3m Y
f22/p4  Esau             BARTON        m  24 N  Cordwainer
f22/p4  Samuel           SHERLOCK      m  39 Y  Cordwainer
f22/p4  Elizabeth        SHERLOCK      f  40 Y
f22/p4  Richard          SHERLOCK      m  15 N
f22/p4  John             SHERLOCK      m  13 N
f22/p4  Abraham          SHERLOCK      m  7  N
f22/p4  Mary             SHERLOCK      f  4  N
f22/p4  Ann              SHERLOCK      f  2  N
f22/p4  Joseph           SHERLOCK      m  3d Y
f22/p4  Peter            HORNET        m  30 Y  Paper Maker

f22/p5  Anne             HORNET        f  25 Y
f22/p5  Sarah            HORNET        f  2  Y
f22/p5  Sarah            HORNET        f  69 Y
f22/p5  Henry            HORNET        m  45 Y  Cotton Spinner
f22/p5  John             HORNET        m  25 Y  Paper Maker
f22/p5  Mary             HORNET        f  25 Y  Paper finisher
f22/p5  Hannah           CLERK         f  20 Y  Factory Girl
f22/p5  William          KING          m  55 Y  Tailor
f22/p5  John             KING          m  20 Y  Marble mason
f22/p5  Elizabeth        KING          f  25 Y
f22/p5  Ann              KING          f  18 Y
f22/p5  Mary Ann         KING          f  3  Y
f22/p5  William          MASKERY       m  34 Y  Stone Mason
f22/p5  Samuel           BROWN         m  45 Y  Block Maker
f22/p5  Catherine        BROWN         f  50 N
f22/p5  James            PEARSON       m  55 Y  Marble Mason
f22/p5  Sarah            PEARSON       f  9  Y
f22/p5  Charlotte        GREAVES       f  55 Y  Washerwoman
f22/p5  Samuel           STORER        m  45 Y  Carrier
f22/p5  Hannah           STORER        f  50 Y
f22/p5  Maria            STORER        f  20 Y  Cotton spinner
f22/p5  Hannah           STORER        f  15 Y  Cotton spinner
f22/p5  Mary             STORER        f  10 Y  Cotton spinner
f22/p5  Jane             STORER        f  8  Y

f23/p6  Henry            ALSOP         m  65 Y  Cotton spinner
f23/p6  Henry Elliott    WEST          m  24 Y  Painter
f23/p6  Mary             WEST          f  21 Y
f23/p6  Richard          WEST          m  1  Y
f23/p6  Samuel           BLACKWALL     m  42 Y  Stone Cutter
f23/p6  Sarah            BLACKWALL     f  35 Y
f23/p6  John             BLACKWALL     m  12 Y
f23/p6  Hannah           WALKER        f  45 Y  Cotton Spinner
f23/p6  Milicent         WALKER        f  20 Y  Cotton Spinner
f23/p6  Lydia            WALKER        f  14 Y  Cotton Spinner
f23/p6  George           SIMONS        m  35 N  Paper Maker
f23/p6  John             SKIDMORE      m  55 Y  Farmer
f23/p6  Elizabeth        SKIDMORE      f  55 Y
f23/p6  Elizabeth        SKIDMORE      f  27 Y
f23/p6  Margaret         SKIDMORE      f  25 Y
f23/p6  Mary             SKIDMORE      f  18 Y
f23/p6  Thomas           WILSON        m  3  N
f23/p6  Richard          RICHARDSON    m  30 N  Attorneys Clerk
f23/p6  Mary             RICHARDSON    f  30 Y
f23/p6  Ruth             RICHARDSON    f  9  Y
f23/p6  Elizabeth        RICHARDSON    f  8  Y
f23/p6  Emma             RICHARDSON    f  5  Y
f23/p6  Sarah            RICHARDSON    f  4  Y
f23/p6  Susan            RICHARDSON    f  2m Y

f23/p7  Thomas           RICHARDSON    m  50 Y  Joiner
f23/p7  Thomas           WOOD          m  30 Y  Paper Maker
f23/p7  Hannah           WOOD          f  30 Y
f23/p7  Sarah            WOOD          f  14 Y  Cotton Spinner
f23/p7  Eliza            WOOD          f  10 Y
f23/p7  Thomas           CAVE          m  40 N  Paper Maker
f23/p7  Sarah            CAVE          f  35 Y
f23/p7  Thomas           CAVE          m  13 Y
f23/p7  Sarah            CAVE          f  11 Y
f23/p7  Fanny            CAVE          f  9  Y
f23/p7  Christopher      CAVE          m  7  Y
f23/p7  Charlotte        CAVE          f  5  Y
f23/p7  John             CAVE          m  3  Y
f23/p7  Thomas           CAVE          m  75 N
f23/p7  Charlotte        CAVE          f  25 Y  Dress Maker
f23/p7  Sarah            ALLWOOD       f  15 Y  Dress Maker
f23/p7  William          PIGEON        m  25 N  Tailor
f23/p7  Harriett         PIGEON        f  30 Y
f23/p7  Henry            PIGEON        m  5  Y
f23/p7  Sarah            WHEELDON      f  45 Y  Cotton spinner
f23/p7  Hannah           WHEELDON      f  10 Y  Cotton spinner
f23/p7  Thomas           NEWNES        m  30 N  Independent Minister
f23/p7  Sarah            NEWNES        f  30 S
f23/p7  Sarah            HOLMES        f  20 Y  F.S.
f24/p8  William          BEESTON       m  55 Y  Post Boy
f24/p8  Sarah            BEESTON       f  50 Y
f24/p8  John             BEESTON       m  40 Y
f24/p8  William          HOLMES        m  25 Y  Paste Maker
f24/p8  Ann              HOLMES        f  25 Y
f24/p8  George           ROSS          m  60 I  Ind
f24/p8  Mary             ROSS          f  60 N
f24/p8  William          STANDALL      m  40 Y  Victualler
f24/p8  Sarah            STANDALL      f  40 Y
f24/p8  Agnes            STANDALL      f  5  Y
f24/p8  John             STANDALL      m  5  Y
f24/p8  Ann Elizabeth    STANDALL      f  7m Y
f24/p8  Mary             HARTLEY       f  20 Y  F.S.
f24/p8  Charles          NUTTALL       m  20 Y  Stone Mason
f24/p8  Thomas           NEWTON        m  60 Y  Toll taker
f24/p8  Mary             NEWTON        f  50 Y
f24/p8  Thomas           WILD          m  35 Y  M.S.
f24/p8  Penelope         WILD          f  30 Y
f24/p8  Joshua           WILD          m  5  Y
f24/p8  James            WILD          m  3  Y
f24/p8  Jane             WILD          f  2  Y
f24/p8  John             BOOKER        m  30 N  M.S.
f24/p8  Mary             BOOKER        f  30 N
f24/p8  Hannah Walker    BOOKER        f  1m N
f24/p9  Anthony          BROOKS        m  40 Y  Cotton Spinner
f24/p9  Hannah           BROOKS        f  40 Y
f24/p9  Thomas           BROOKS        m  20 Y  Ostler
f24/p9  Anthony          BROOKS        m  20 Y  Cotton Spinner
f24/p9  Eliza            BROOKS        f  15 Y  Cotton Spinner
f24/p9  Ely              BROOKS        m  14 Y  Cotton Spinner
f24/p9  James            SPENCER       m  15 Y  Cotton Spinner
f24/p9  Thomas           SMITH         m  25 Y  Gardener
f24/p9  Milicent         SMITH         f  25 Y
f24/p9  Mary Ann         SMITH         f  6  Y
f24/p9  Elizabeth        SMITH         f  3  Y
f24/p9  Catherine        SMITH         f  9m Y
f24/p9  Ann              HENDERSON     f  40 N
f24/p9  Jennete          HENDERSON     f  15 S
f24/p9  James            HYNES         m  30 I  Paper Maker
f24/p9  Catherine        HYNES         f  30 I
f24/p9  Mary             HYNES         f  2  I
f24/p9  Ann              HYNES         f  4m Y
f24/p9  William          STEVENSON     m  30 N  Paper Maker
f24/p9  Elizabeth        STEVENSON     f  30 N
f24/p9  George           STEVENSON     m  7  N
f24/p9  Isabella         STEVENSON     f  4  N
f24/p9  Ann              STEVENSON     f  1  Y
f24/p9  Fanny            SHEPHERD      f  12 N  Paper Finisher

f25/p10 Mary             SHEPHARD      f  30 N  Paper Finisher
f25/p10 George           POTTER        m  25 Y  Shoe Maker
f25/p10 Sarah            POTTER        f  20 Y
f25/p10 Eliza            POTTER        f  3  Y
f25/p10 Emma             POTTER        f  4m Y
f25/p10 George           WINSON        m  40 Y  Shoemaker
f25/p10 Ann              WINSON        f  40 Y
f25/p10 Samuel           BAKER         m  16 Y  Shoem Ap
f25/p10 Mary Ann         WILDGOOSE     f  10 Y  F.S.
f25/p10 Thomas           STAFFORD      m  29 Y  Tailor
f25/p10 Margaret         STAFFORD      f  24 S
f25/p10 Joseph           BODEN         m  60 Y  Spar Turner
f25/p10 Sarah            BODEN         f  55 Y
f25/p10 Thomas           BODEN         m  16 Y  Gardener
f25/p10 Ann              OTTER         f  52 N
f25/p10 Mary             OTTER         f  20 N
f25/p10 John             SMEDLEY       m  50 Y  Spar Turner
f25/p10 Ellen            SMEDLEY       f  50 Y
f25/p10 Thomas           SMEDLEY       m  20 Y
f25/p10 Peter            SMEDLEY       m  18 Y
f25/p10 Ellen            SMEDLEY       f  16 Y
f25/p10 Samuel           SMEDLEY       m  13 Y
f25/p10 Jervis           SMEDLEY       m  11 Y
f25/p10 Samuel           BROOKE        m  40 Y  Labourer

f25/p11 Sarah            BROOKS        f  45 Y
f25/p11 William          BROOKS        m  20 Y
f25/p11 Zacarias         BROOKS        m  15 Y
f25/p11 Anthony          BROOKS        m  10 Y
f25/p11 Mary Ann         BROOKS        f  9  Y
f25/p11 Isaac            BROOKS        m  5  Y
f25/p11 Mary             BROOKS        f  80 N
f25/p11 Mary Ann         BACON         f  36 N  F.S.
f25/p11 Hannah           DONCASTER     f  40 Y  F.S.
f25/p11 Martha           STRUT         f  20 Y  F.S.
f25/p11 Henry            RILEY         m  25 Y  M.S.
f25/p11 John             BUNTING       m  20 Y  Labourer
f25/p11 Sarah            BUNTING       f  20 Y
f25/p11 Anthony          BUNTING       m  1m Y
f25/p11 William          SMEDLEY       m  25 Y  Marble Mason
f25/p11 Anne             SMEDLEY       f  25 Y
f25/p11 Jane             SMEDLEY       f  6  Y
f25/p11 John             SMEDLEY       m  3  Y
f25/p11 Ellen            SMEDLEY       f  1  Y
f25/p11 Isaac            BOWLER        m  30 Y
f25/p11 Ann              BOWLER        f  30 N
f25/p11 Elizabeth        BOWLER        f  7  Y
f25/p11 Emma             BOWLER        f  5  Y
f25/p11 Hannah           BOWLER        f  3  Y

f26/p12 Thomas           BOWLER        m  2  Y
f26/p12 John Samuel      BOWLER        m  6m Y
f26/p12 Charles          PRINCE        m  20 Y  Shoemaker
f26/p12 Joseph           BODEN         m  35 Y  Post Boy
f26/p12 Hannah           BODEN         f  45 Y
f26/p12 William          BODEN         m  10 Y
f26/p12 Sarah            BODEN         f  8  Y
f26/p12 Anne             BODEN         f  4  Y
f26/p12 Thomas           RYLAND        m  70 N  Ind
f26/p12 William          RYLAND        m  35 N  Plater
f26/p12 Ellen Mary       RYLAND        f  20 N
f26/p12 Wilford Henry    RYLAND        m  8m N
f26/p12 Hannah Maria     WHITFIELD     f  20 N  Ind
f26/p12 Mary Anne        BROWN         f  20 N  F.S.
f26/p12 Edward           BIRD          m  35 N  Artist
f26/p12 Edward           BIRD          m  4  Y
f26/p12 Elizabeth        BIRD          f  30 N
f26/p12 Elizabeth        BIRD          f  13 N
f26/p12 Thomas           BIRD          m  11 Y
f26/p12 Mary Ann         BIRD          f  9  Y
f26/p12 Clara            BIRD          f  6  Y
f26/p12 George Henry     BIRD          m  2  Y
f26/p12 Emma             BIRD          f  9m Y
f26/p12 Thomas           BIRD          m  40 N  Spectacle M
f26/p13 Nathaniel        HALL          m  45 Y  Schoolmaster
f26/p13 Susan            HALL          f  45 N  Miliner
f26/p13 Ellen            HALL          f  8  Y
f26/p13 Agnes            HALL          f  6  Y
f26/p13 Elizabeth        ELSE          f  18 Y
f26/p13 Harriett         BAYCLIFFE     f  48 N  Ind
f26/p13 Frances          BAYCLIFFE     f  40 N  Ind
f26/p13 Fanny            BAYCLIFFE     f  20 N  Ind
f26/p13 Elisabeth        WRAGG         f  15 Y  F.S.
f26/p13 Richard          WALKER        m  70 Y  Victualler
f26/p13 Elizabeth        WALKER        f  60 Y
f26/p13 Thomas           WALKER        m  30 Y  Farmer
f26/p13 Richard          WALKER        m  20 Y  Traveller
f26/p13 Elisa            WALKER        f  25 Y
f26/p13 Hannah           WALKER        f  24 Y
f26/p13 Thomas           MARSH         m  30 Y  M.S.
f26/p13 Timothy          FRENCH        m  15 F  M.S.
f26/p13 Ann              FOULK         f  20 Y  F.S.
f26/p13 Sarah            HOLMES        f  15 Y  F.S.
f26/p13 Sarah            JOHNSON       f  15 Y  F.S.
f26/p13 Joseph           FIELDING      m  55 N  Ind
f26/p13 Martha           FIELDING      f  40 N
f26/p13 George           RATCLIFFE     m  45 N  Ind
f26/p13 Fanny            RATCLIFFE     f  45 N

f27/p14 Fanny            RATCLIFFE     f  20 N
f27/p14 Joseph           LOCKWOOD      m  20 N  Ind
f27/p14 John             NEEDHAM       m  30 N  Ind
f27/p14 Elisabeth        NEEDHAM       f  30 N
f27/p14 William          STAFFORD      m  25 Y  Surgeon
f27/p14 Emma             STAFFORD      f  25 Y
f27/p14 Selina           STAFFORD      f  2  Y
f27/p14 Ida Elizth       STAFFORD      f  9m Y
f27/p14 Ann              WRAGG         f  18 Y  F.S.
f27/p14 Joshua           SMITH         m  67 N  Post Master
f27/p14 Mary             SMITH         f  35 N
f27/p14 Harriett         SMITH         f  25 N
f27/p14 William Henry    SMITH         m  20 N
f27/p14 Mary Ann         SMITH         f  17 Y
f27/p14 Elizabeth        WRAGG         f  17 Y  F.S.
f27/p14 Sarah            TREEN         f  30 N  Ind
f27/p14 William Henry    TREEN         m  6w N
f27/p14 Elizabeth        LAWRENCE      f  60 N  Ind
f27/p14 George Valentine STAFFORD      m  25 N  Atty Clerk
f27/p14 Benjamin         BRYAN         m  40 N  Labourer
f27/p14 Henrietta        BRYAN         f  20 Y
f27/p14 Emily            BRYAN         f  12 Y
f27/p14 Anne             BRYAN         f  9  Y
f27/p14 Benjamin         BRYAN         m  1  Y
f27/p15 Elizabeth        HAWKRIDGE     f  35 Y  Schol mistress
f27/p15 Elth             ALLSOP        f  15 Y
f27/p15 Hannah           ALLSOP        f  10 Y
f27/p15 Emma             ALLSOP        f  7  Y
f27/p15 Mary Ann         SOWTER        f  9  Y
f27/p15 Eliza Winter     BULL          f  4  N
f27/p15 Robert           HARTLE        m  40 Y  Comb Maker
f27/p15 Ann              HARTLE        f  35 Y
f27/p15 Frederic         HARTLE        m  14 Y
f27/p15 Robert           HARTLE        m  9  Y
f27/p15 Francis          HARTLE        m  7  Y
f27/p15 George           HARTLE        m  5  Y
f27/p15 Susannah         HARTLE        f  18mY
f27/p15 Lydia            COLLEY        f  40 Y
f27/p15 Mary             WATSON        f  45 Y
f27/p15 Mary             SPENCER       f  25 Y  F.S.
f27/p15 Samuel           EDGAR         m  30 S  Surgeon
f27/p15 Mary             EDGAR         f  30 N
f27/p15 Ann              WILDGOOSE     f  15 Y  F.S.
f27/p15 Sarah            WRIGHT        f  35 N
f27/p15 James            RAWLINSON     m  60 Y  Artist
f27/p15 Elizabeth        RAWLINSON     f  60 N
f27/p15 Elizabeth        RAWLINSON     f  40 Y
f27/p15 Elizabeth        STAFFORD      f  20 Y
f28/p16 James            KING          m  35 Y  Tailor
f28/p16 Lydia            KING          f  30 Y
f28/p16 William          KING          m  8  Y
f28/p16 Lexcey           KING          f  7  Y
f28/p16 Charles          KING          m  5  Y
f28/p16 Thomas           KING          m  10mY
f28/p16 Susan            HALL          f  20 Y  School Mistress
f28/p16 Edisan           HALL          m  12 Y
f28/p16 Emma             HALL          f  18 Y
f28/p16 Margaret         HALL          f  17 Y
f28/p16 Helen            ALLSOP        f  9  Y
f28/p16 Jane             SMEDLEY       f  9  Y
f28/p16 Mary Ann         LEES          f  11 Y
f28/p16 Elizth           LEES          f  4  Y
f28/p16 Harriett         ADAMS         f  17 Y  F.S.
f28/p16 Louisa           BUCKLEY       f  15 N
f28/p16 Mary             BARKER        f  35 Y  Ind.
f28/p16 Thomas           WOOD          m  55 Y  Post Master
f28/p16 Mary             PEARSON       f  60 Y  Washerwoman
f28/p16 George           WALKER        m  35 Y  Lead Miner
f28/p16 Lydia            WALKER        f  30 Y
f28/p16 Thomas           HOWEL         m  40 N  Ind
f28/p16 Ibarrith         HOWEL         f  50 N  Ind
f28/p16 Jane             HOWEL         f  40 N  Ind
f28/p17 Thomas           SMEDLEY       m  30 Y  Marble Mason
f28/p17 Ann              SMEDLEY       f  30 N
f28/p17 Eleanor          SMEDLEY       f  1  Y
f28/p17 William          SMITH         m  30 Y  Gardener
f28/p17 Sarah            SMITH         f  30 Y
f28/p17 John             SMITH         m  10 Y
f28/p17 William          SMITH         m  8  Y
f28/p17 George           SMITH         m  6  Y
f28/p17 Samuel           SMITH         m  5  Y
f28/p17 Lydia            SMITH         f  3  Y
f28/p17 Mary Ann         SMITH         f  2  Y
f28/p17 Joseph           SMITH         m  3m Y
f28/p17 Edward           WHEATCROFT    m  25 Y  Post master
f28/p17 Jemmima          WHEATCROFT    f  30 Y
f28/p17 Walter           WHEATCROFT    m  6  Y
f28/p17 Adolphus         WHEATCROFT    m  5  Y
f28/p17 Sydney           WHEATCROFT    m  3  Y
f28/p17 Rosalina         WHEATCROFT    f  1  Y
f28/p17 Caroline         WHEATCROFT    f  3m Y
f28/p17 James            PEARSON       m  26 Y  Ind
f28/p17 Sarah            WIGLEY        f  20 Y  F.S.
f28/p17 Elizabeth        WILD          f  11 Y  F.S.
f28/p17 James            WILD          m  16 Y  M.S.
f28/p17 William          PEARSON       m  30 Y  Ind

f29/p18 Harriett         PEARSON       f  30 Y
f29/p18 Louisa           PEARSON       f  4  Y
f29/p18 Sarah Ann        PEARSON       f  2  Y
f29/p18 Hanh             BARTON        f  19 Y  F.S.
f29/p18 Mary             KNOWLES       f  15 Y  F.S.
f29/p18 Peter            SMEDLEY       m  60 Y  Marble mason
f29/p18 Alice            SMEDLEY       f  60 Y
f29/p18 Hannah           LITCHFIELD    f  20 Y  F.S.
f29/p18 Benjamin         RAWSON        m  60 N  Ind
f29/p18 Elizth           NEWMAN        f  70 N  Ind
f29/p18 Dorothy          SANDESON      f  50 N  F.S
f29/p18 Joseph           BRITLAND      m  55 Y  Brewer
f29/p18 Sarah            BRITLAND      f  55 Y
f29/p18 Sarah            BRITLAND      f  15 Y
f29/p18 Robert           JONES         m  30 N  Clerk
f29/p18 Charles          NIXON         m  18 N  Ind
f29/p18 John             BROADFOOT     m  30 S  Tea dealer
f29/p18 Elizabeth        BROADFOOT     f  25 Y
f29/p18 Mary             BRIDDON       f  30 Y  F.S.
f29/p18 James            ABEL          m  35 N  Bookseller
f29/p18 Mary Ann         ABEL          f  30 N
f29/p18 Alexander        ROSS          m  30 S  Ind
f29/p18 Ann Charlotte    ROSS          f  40 S  Ind
f29/p18 George           HARDY         m  15 Y  M.S.

f29/p19 Thomas           CARUTHERS     m  20 S  M.S.
f29/p19 George           HARTSTAFF     m  35 Y  Marble Mason
f29/p19 Maria            HARTSTAFF     f  25 Y
f29/p19 George           HARTSTAFF     m  8  Y
f29/p19 Mary             HARTSTAFF     f  6  Y
f29/p19 Emma             HARTSTAFF     f  4  Y
f29/p19 James            HARTSTAFF     m  2  Y
f29/p19 Charles          HARTSTAFF     m  2m Y
f29/p19 Samuel           HURD          m  25 Y  Mason
f29/p19 Henry            DUNN          m  35 Y  Labourer
f29/p19 Mary             DUNN          f  25 Y
f29/p19 George           DUNN          m  8  Y
f29/p19 Eliza            DUNN          f  3  Y
f29/p19 George           BESWICK       m  60 Y  Sawyer
f29/p19 Hannah           BESWICK       f  50 Y
f29/p19 Thomas           BESWICK       m  20 Y  Joiner
f29/p19 Mary Ann         BESWICK       f  15 Y
f29/p19 Richard          BESWICK       m  14 Y
f29/p19 Charles          WOODIWISS     m  35 Y  Plasterer
f29/p19 Mary Ann         WOODIWISS     f  13 Y
f29/p19 Charles          WOODIWISS     m  11 Y
f29/p19 Henry            WOODIWISS     m  8  Y
f29/p19 Sarah            WOODIWISS     f  5  Y
f29/p19 Henrietta        WOODIWISS     f  4  Y
f30/p20 Anne             DAKIN         f  45 N  Washerwoman
f30/p20 Joseph           DAKIN         m  15 Y  Ap Mason
f30/p20 Francis          SMITH         m  50 Y  Joiner
f30/p20 Sarah            STANDEY       f  7  N
f30/p20 John             MARSHALL      m  40 Y  Labourer
f30/p20 Sarah            MARSHALL      f  35 N
f30/p20 John             MARSHALL      m  15 Y  Labourer
f30/p20 Daniel           MARSHALL      m  12 Y
f30/p20 George           MARSHALL      m  9  Y
f30/p20 James            PEARSON       m  60 Y  Paper Maker
f30/p20 Sarah            PEARSON       f  60 Y
f30/p20 Sarah            WILD          f  13 Y
f30/p20 Joseph           WILD          m  7  Y
f30/p20 Thomas           BEADSHAW      m  35 Y  Ag Lab
f30/p20 Mary             BEADSHAW      f  30 Y
f30/p20 Thomas           BEADSHAW      m  6  Y
f30/p20 Ellen            BEADSHAW      f  4  Y
f30/p20 Henry            BEADSHAW      m  2  Y
f30/p20 George           MARSHALL      m  45 Y  Shoemaker
f30/p20 Jane             MARSHALL      f  45 Y  F.S.
f30/p20 Joseph           GOODWIN       m  30 N  M.S.
f30/p20 Jane             GOODWIN       f  20 Y
f30/p20 John             GOODWIN       m  4  N
f30/p20 Ann              GOODWIN       f  3  N
f30/p21 Anthony          BODEN         m  65 Y  Baker
f30/p21 Abel             BODEN         m  32 Y  Baker
f30/p21 Lydia            BODEN         f  30 Y
f30/p21 John             BODEN         m  9  Y
f30/p21 Anthony          BODEN         m  7  Y
f30/p21 Fanny            BODEN         f  5  Y
f30/p21 Joshua           BODEN         m  2  Y
f30/p21 Elizabeth        HALL          f  16 Y  F.S.
f30/p21 William          MOTTRAM       m  25 Y  Labourer
f30/p21 Rebecca          MOTTRAM       f  20 Y
f30/p21 Susannah         MOTTRAM       f  1  Y
f30/p21 William          BIRD          m  30 N  Artist
f30/p21 Sarah            BIRD          f  30 N
f30/p21 Henry            TIJOU         m  25 N  Victualler
f30/p21 Sarah            TIJOU         f  25 Y
f30/p21 Samuel           TIJOU         m  3m Y
f30/p21 William          CAVE          m  15 Y  M.S.
f30/p21 William          COURT         m  20 Y  Gilder
f30/p21 Sarah            DEVONPORT     f  20 N  F.S
f30/p21 Catherine        EVANS         f  18 N  F.S.
f30/p21 John             OGDEN         m  45 Y  Labourer
f30/p21 Elizabeth        OGDEN         f  60 Y
f30/p21 Francis          OGDEN         m  25 Y  Marble Mason
f30/p21 Mary             OGDEN         f  19 Y
f31/p22 George           NEEDHAM       m  70 Y  Cotton spinner
f31/p22 Grace            NEEDHAM       f  70 Y
f31/p22 Sarah            NEEDHAM       f  30 Y  Cotton spinner
f31/p22 Richard          NEEDHAM       m  10 Y
f31/p22 Joshua           TOMISSON      m  70 Y  Ind
f31/p22 Eliza            TOMISSON      f  25 Y
f31/p22 Emma             HENSTOCK      f  16 Y  F.S.
f31/p22 William          MARTIN        m  15 Y  Cotton Spinner
f31/p22 John             PEARSON       m  30 Y  Marble Mason
f31/p22 Charlotte        PEARSON       f  30 Y
f31/p22 Hannah           PEARSON       f  6  Y
f31/p22 Charlotte        PEARSON       f  2  Y
f31/p22 William          YOUNG         m  40 Y  Post Boy
f31/p22 Sarah            YOUNG         f  35 Y
f31/p22 Mary             YOUNG         f  20 Y  F.S.
f31/p22 John             YOUNG         m  10 Y
f31/p22 Elizabeth        YOUNG         f  8  Y
f31/p22 Thomas           BUNTING       m  60 Y  Miller
f31/p22 Martha           BUNTING       f  20 Y
f31/p22 Elizabeth        BUNTING       f  8m Y
f31/p22 Elizabeth        TURNER        f  30 Y
f31/p22 Thomas           PEARSON       m  60 Y  Labourer
f31/p22 Elizabeth        PEARSON       f  40 Y
f31/p22 William          PEARSON       m  9  Y
f31/p23 Mary             YOUNG         f  70 Y
f31/p23 John             BLUNSTONE     m  20 Y  M.S.
f31/p23 Mary             WOODHOUSE     f  10 Y
f31/p23 Joseph           SMITH         m  45 Y  Ag Lab
f31/p23 Ann              SMITH         f  45 Y
f31/p23 John             SMITH         m  11 Y
f31/p23 James            SHEPHARD      m  20 N  Paper Maker
f31/p23 Mary             SHEPHARD      f  20 Y
f31/p23 Isabella         SHEPHARD      f  1  Y
f31/p23 James            BODEN         m  30 N  Marble Mason
f31/p23 Ann              BODEN         f  30 N
f31/p23 John             BODEN         m  3  Y
f31/p23 George           SCOTHERN      m  25 Y  Gardener
f31/p23 Jane             SCOTHERN      f  20 Y
f31/p23 Elizabeth        SCOTHERN      f  2  Y
f31/p23 John             MURPHY        m  22 I  Marble mason
f31/p23 Elizabeth        MURPHY        f  20 Y
f31/p23 Joseph           MARTEN        m  42 Y  Post Boy
f31/p23 Hannah           MARTEN        f  25 Y
f31/p23 Joseph           MARTEN        m  17 Y  Factory Boy
f31/p23 Henry            MARTEN        m  7  Y
f31/p23 Mary Ann         MARTEN        f  5  Y
f31/p23 Sarah            MARTEN        f  3  Y
f31/p23 John             MARTEN        m  7  Y
f32/p24 George           SAXTON        m  84 Y  Victualler
f32/p24 George           SAXTON        m  42 Y  Victualler
f32/p24 Eliza            SAXTON        f  56 Y
f32/p24 Harriett         SAXTON        f  45 Y
f32/p24 Charlotte        DALE          f  30 Y  F.S.
f32/p24 Wm.              POTTER        m  20 Y  M.S.
f32/p24 Maria            POTTER        f  20 Y  F.S.
f32/p24 Sarah            BRINSLY       f  17 Y  F.S.
f32/p24 Hannah           SHELDON       f  20 Y  F.S.
f32/p24 Elizabeth        ADAMS         f  20 Y  F.S.
f32/p24 Hannah           BODEN         f  20 Y  F.S.
f32/p24 Dorothy          SWIFT         f  18 Y  F.S.
f32/p24 Dolly            DOXEY         f  25 Y  F.S.
f32/p24 Dorothy          WILDGOOSE     f  40 Y  F.S.
f32/p24 Edward           BEAUMONT      m  50 I  Ind
f32/p24 Thomas           COOKE         m  55 N  Ind
f32/p24 Elizabeth        COOKE         f  55 N
f32/p24 Sarah            SHORT         f  30 N  Ind
f32/p24 Hannah           SHORT         f  60 N  Ind
f32/p24 James            MARTIN        m  33 N  Merchant
f32/p24 Elizabeth        MARTIN        f  20 N
f32/p24 John             BEVERLEY      m  45 N  Ind
f32/p24 Sarah            BEVERLEY      f  40 N
f32/p24 William          BEVERLEY      m  5  N
f32/p25                  N.K.          f  30 N
f32/p25                  N.K.          f  25 N
f32/p25                  N.K.          m  18 N
f32/p25 Hester           EVANS         f  60 Y  Inn Keeper
f32/p25 Walter           EVANS         m  25 Y  Attorney
f32/p25 Frederic         JAMESON       m  40 N  Merchant
f32/p25 Jane             JAMESON       f  30 N
f32/p25 Sarah Ann        HARDWICK      f  35 N  Ind
f32/p25 Maria            BUTLER        f  50 N  Ind
f32/p25 Frances          ROWE          f  30 N  Ind
f32/p25 Henry            HENTON        m  30 N  Ind
f32/p25 Maria            HENTON        f  30 N
f32/p25 Maria            WADINGTON     f  35 N
f32/p25 Ann              HOBSON        f  20 Y  F.S.
f32/p25 Martha           MELLOR        f  20 Y  F.S.
f32/p25 Elizabeth        HARDY         f  20 Y  F.S.
f32/p25 Rebeca           SUTTON        f  20 Y  F.S.
f32/p25 Elizabeth        HAYNES        f  15 Y  F.S.
f32/p25 Isaac            BUCKLEY       m  20 Y  M.S.
f32/p25 Abraham          GOODARD       m  20 N  M.S.
f32/p25 Ann              MASON         f  45 Y  Victualer
f32/p25 James            MASON         m  13 Y
f32/p25 Susannah         MASON         f  7  Y
f32/p25 Jane             MASON         f  5  Y
f33/p26 Hannah           BRIDDEN       f  30 Y  F.S.
f33/p26 Joseph           PEARSON       m  40 Y  Farmer
f33/p26 Ellen            PEARSON       f  45 Y
f33/p26 Thomas           PEARSON       m  20 Y  Farmer
f33/p26 Ellen            PEARSON       f  15 Y
f33/p26 Joseph           PEARSON       m  15 Y
f33/p26 Mary Ann         PEARSON       f  13 Y
f33/p26 James            PEARSON       m  11 Y
f33/p26 Lydia            PEARSON       f  9  Y
f33/p26 Anne             WHITE         f  25 N  Ind
f33/p26 May              WHITE         f  20 N  Ind
f33/p26 Samuel           WRAGG         m  40 Y  Labourer
f33/p26 Amelia           WRAGG         f  40 Y
f33/p26 Isaac            WRAGG         m  10 Y
f33/p26 Elizabeth        WRAGG         f  6  Y
f33/p26 Lucy             WRAGG         f  5  Y
f33/p26 Elizabeth        YOUNG         f  25 Y
f33/p26 William          YOUNG         m  9  Y
f33/p26 Benjamin         YOUNG         m  8  Y
f33/p26 Hannah           YOUNG         f  5  Y
f33/p26 Sarah Ann        YOUNG         f  2  Y
f33/p26 Thos             SPENCER       m  60 Y
f33/p26 Peggy            SPENCER       f  65 Y
f33/p26 George           SPENCER       m  12 Y
f33/p27 Frances          SHORE         f  60 Y  Post Mistress
f33/p27 Martha           SHIRWIN       f  18 N  F.S.
f33/p27 Mary             TAYLOR        f  20 Y  F.S.
f33/p27 James            STEEDMAN      m  50 N  Chemist
f33/p27 Leah?            STEEDMAN      f  45 N
f33/p27 Elizabeth        STEEDMAN      f  25 N
f33/p27 Mary             STEEDMAN      f  21 N
f33/p27 Sarah            STEEDMAN      f  18 N
f33/p27 Emma             STEEDMAN      f  15 N
f33/p27 Emma             CRISP         f  21 N
f33/p27 Jane             YEOMANS       f  23 N  F.S.
f33/p27 Elizabeth        ALLEN         f  45 N
f33/p27 Arthur           ALLEN         m  20 N  Independent
f33/p27 Mary             ALLEN         f  11 N
f33/p27 Robert           GRAY          m  50 Y  Labourer
f33/p27 Sarah            GRAY          f  46 Y
f33/p27 Jane             GRAY          f  19 Y  F.S.
f33/p27 Sarah            GRAY          f  13 Y
f33/p27 John             GRAY          m  11 Y
f33/p27 William          GRAY          m  9  Y
f33/p27 Thomas           GRAY          m  4  Y
f33/p27 Mary             GRAY          f  1  Y
f33/p27 John             NOEL          m  65 Y  Mason
f33/p27 Martha           NOEL          f  50 Y
f34/p28 Hannah           CADMAN        f  40 N  Ind
f34/p28 Harriett         WINDLE        f  60 N  Ind
f34/p28 Job              HODGKINSON    m  40 Y  Innkeeper
f34/p28 Sarah            HODGKINSON    f  40 Y
f34/p28 Sarah            THOMPSON      f  21 Y  F.S.
f34/p28 Christiana       TAYLOR        f  20 Y  F.S.
f34/p28 William          WORLATE       m  20 N  M.S.
f34/p28 Richard          NELSON        m  20 N  Contractor
f34/p28 Edward           SAXTON        m  25 N  Tobacco Dealer
f34/p28 William          FERGERSON     m  40 N  Mill Owner
f34/p28 Mac              FARNELL       m  45 I  Silk Dealer
f34/p28 John             IREDALE       m  55 Y  Farmer
f34/p28 Martha           IREDALE       f  45 Y
f34/p28 John             LIVESEY       m  45 Y  Engraver
f34/p28 Henry            ROBINSON      m  30 Y  Clothier
f34/p28 James            ALDERSON      m  45 N  Joiner
f34/p28 Elizabeth        ALDERSON      f  50 Y
f34/p28 Paul             ALDERSON      m  15 Y
f34/p28 Martha           ALDERSON      f  11 Y
f34/p28 John             TAYLOR        m  25 Y  Butcher
f34/p28 James            TAYLOR        m  20 Y  Butcher
f34/p28 Sarah            TAYLOR        f  20 Y
f34/p28 Mary Ann         TAYLOR        f  12 Y
f34/p28 Thomas           COOK          m  16 Y  Butcher Ap
f34/p29 William          BOWRING       m  30 Y  Ostler
f34/p29 Elizabeth        BOWRING       f  25 Y
f34/p29 Harriett         BOWRING       f  7  Y
f34/p29 Maria            BOWRING       f  5  Y
f34/p29 Ann              BOWRING       f  1  Y
f34/p29 Sarah            BOWRING       f  73 Y
f34/p29 John             HICKTON       m  34 Y  Labourer
f34/p29 Ellen            HICKTON       f  30 Y
f34/p29 Mary             HICKTON       f  8  Y
f34/p29 George           HICKTON       m  7  Y
f34/p29 Henry            HICKTON       m  4  Y
f34/p29 John             HICKTON       m  1  Y
f34/p29 William          NUTTALL       m  18 Y  Mason
f34/p29 Charles          PEARSON       m  45 Y  Pen.Army
f34/p29 George           BRIDDON       m  70 Y  Blacksmith
f34/p29 George           BRIDDON       m  25 Y  Blacksmith
f34/p29 Horation         BRIDDON       m  20 Y  Blacksmith
f34/p29 Ann              BRIDDON       f  55 Y
f34/p29 Ann              BRIDDON       f  20 Y  F.S.
f34/p29 Harriett         BRIDDON       f  3  Y
f34/p29 Hannah           BOWN          f  45 Y  Grocer
f34/p29 Anne             BOWN          f  5  Y
f34/p29 Lydia            ROPER         f  30 Y  F.S.
f34/p29 Thomas           GREEN         m  25 Y  Gardener
f35/p30 George           REDFERN       m  40 Y  Ostler
f35/p30 Sarah            REDFERN       f  40 Y
f35/p30 George           REDFERN       m  12 Y
f35/p30 Hannah           REDFERN       f  8  Y
f35/p30 Ann              REDFERN       f  5  Y
f35/p30 Elizabeth        YOUNG         f  17 Y  F.S.
f35/p30 Hannah           HOLLINGWORTH  f  60 Y
f35/p30 Samuel           HOLLINGWORTH  m  35 Y  Shoe Maker
f35/p30 Peter            WILD          m  60 Y  Shoe Maker
f35/p30 William          WATHDALE      m  15 Y  Shoe Maker
f35/p30 William          PEDLEY        m  35 Y  Mason
f35/p30 George           TAYLOR        m  60 Y  Ag Lab
f35/p30 Elizabeth        TAYLOR        f  30 Y  F.S.
f35/p30 Sarah            TAYLOR        f  19 Y  F.S.
f35/p30 William          TAYLOR        m  15 Y  M.S.
f35/p30 Hammah           KNOWLES       f  30 N  F.S.
f35/p30 Louisa           KNOWLES       f  12 Y
f35/p30 Hannah           KNOWLES       f  9  Y
f35/p30 Selina           KNOWLES       f  6  Y
f35/p30 Julia            KNOWLES       f  5  Y
f35/p30 Bethany          KNOWLES       f  3  Y
f35/p30 John             VALLANCE      m  50 Y  Spar Man
f35/p30 Mary             VALLANCE      f  50 Y
f35/p30 Mary             SPENCER       f  30 Y  F.S.

f35/p31 Katharine        KNOWLES       f  15 Y  F.S.
f35/p31 Eleanor          SMITH         f  60 Y
f35/p31 Eliza            BUXTON        f  25 Y  F.S.
f35/p31 Thomas           BURNES        m  25 Y  Ind
f35/p31 Mary             BURNES        f  20 Y
f35/p31 Mary             MILNES        f  30 Y  Ind
f35/p31 Sarah            HOCKINGBOTTOM f  25 Y  F.S.
f35/p31 William          ADAM          m  45 S  Mineralogist
f35/p31 Emma Rebecca     ADAM          f  40 N
f35/p31 William          ADAM          m  16 N
f35/p31 Jane Lucy        ADAM          f  5  N
f35/p31 Anne Maria       ADAM          f  3  N
f35/p31 Sarah            KNOWLES       f  15 Y
f35/p31 Joseph           DERBYSHIRE    m  70 Y  Slater
f35/p31 Ann              DERBYSHIRE    f  65 Y
f35/p31 Joseph           ROTHWELL      m  35 N  Tailor
f35/p31 Mary             ROTHWELL      f  30 Y
f35/p31 Gertrude         ROTHWELL      f  2  Y
f35/p31 James            ROBERTS       m  40 N  Merchant
f35/p31 Ann              ROBERTS       f  40 N
f35/p31 Thomas           ROBERTS       m  3m N
f35/p31 Francis          MARTIN        m  40 Y  Marble Mason
f35/p31 Frances          MARTIN        f  35 Y
f35/p31 Jane             SMEDLEY       f  55 Y  Victualler

f36/p32 Isabella         MARPLES       f  20 Y  F.S.
f36/p32 Joseph           HODGKINSON    m  30 Y  Grocer
f36/p32 Elizabeth        HODGKINSON    f  25 N
f36/p32 Sarah            MERCHANT      f  55 Y  Grocer
f36/p32 Maria            PEARSON       f  12 Y  F.S.
f36/p32 Edward           GREGORY       m  30 Y  Mason
f36/p32 Harriett         GREGORY       f  25 N
f36/p32 Hannah           GREGORY       f  5  Y
f36/p32 Elizabeth        GREGORY       f  3  Y
f36/p32 Sarah Grace      GREGORY       f  1  Y
f36/p32 Grace            GREGORY       f  70 Y
f36/p32 John             ALLSOP        m  45 Y  Carrier
f36/p32 Elizabeth        ALLSOP        f  45 Y
f36/p32 Hannah           ALLSOP        f  24 Y  F.S.
f36/p32 Jane             ALLSOP        f  20 Y  F.S.
f36/p32 Edward           ALLSOP        m  15 Y
f36/p32 William          ALLSOP        m  14 Y
f36/p32 Mary             ALLSOP        f  13 Y
f36/p32 Dorothy          ALLSOP        f  12 Y
f36/p32 Maria            ALLSOP        f  11 Y
f36/p32 Sarah            ALLSOP        f  10 Y
f36/p32 John             ALLSOP        m  8  Y
f36/p32 Elizabeth        ALLSOP        f  5  Y
f36/p32 Samuel           PALIN         m  30 Y  Post Boy

f36/p33 Jane             PALIN         f  25 N
f36/p33 Robert           KENT          m  40 N  Joiner
f36/p33 Barbara          WILSON        f  35 N
f36/p33 James            NEWBOLD       m  40 N  Attorney
f36/p33 Hannah           NEWBOLD       f  35 Y
f36/p33 Eliza            NEWBOLD       f  20 Y
f36/p33 Ellen            NEWBOLD       f  10 Y
f36/p33 Mary             NEWBOLD       f  12 Y
f36/p33 Thomas           NEWBOLD       m  3  Y
f36/p33 John             WITHERS       m  15 N  Shopkeeper
f36/p33 Anne             WITHERS       f  18 N
f36/p33 Jonathan         HODGKINSON    m  18 Y
f36/p33 Catherine        MARPLES       f  16 Y  F.S.
f36/p33 William          DERBYSHIRE    m  40 Y  Slater
f36/p33 Mercy            DERBYSHIRE    f  35 N
f36/p33 Arthur           DERBYSHIRE    m  8  Y
f36/p33 Alfred           DERBYSHIRE    m  6  Y
f36/p33 Mary             KIRKBY        f  50 N  Ind
f36/p33 Mary             KIRKBY        f  22 N
f36/p33 John             BUXTON        m  40 Y  Spar Turner
f36/p33 Mary             BUXTON        f  35 Y
f36/p33 Agnes            BUXTON        f  16 Y
f36/p33 Sarah            BUXTON        f  13 Y
f36/p33 Herbert          BUXTON        m  8  Y

f37/p34 Caroline         BUXTON        f  1  Y
f37/p34 Mary             CUMMING       f  55 Y  Inn Keeper
f37/p34 William          CUMMING       m  25 Y  Surgeon
f37/p34 Alice Ann        [CUMMING]     f  35 N
f37/p34 Benjamin         BROADHURST    m  30 N  M.S.
f37/p34 Susan            CHATFIELD     f  40 N  F.S.
f37/p34 Ann              HARRISON      f  55 N  F.S.
f37/p34 Mary             GRETOREX      f  15 Y  F.S.
f37/p34 Thomas           HOWARD        m  65 Y  M.S.
f37/p34 Mary Ann         HOLLAND       f  20 Y  F.S.
f37/p34 Mary             KNOWLES       f  20 Y  F.S.
f37/p34 Ann              KNOWLES       f  20 Y  F.S.
f37/p34 Margaret         YOUNG         f  20 Y  F.S.
f37/p34 Ann              YATES         f  15 N  F.S.
f37/p34 Selina           WALKER        f  15 Y  F.S.
f37/p34 Hannah           MASSEY        f  30 N  F.S.
f37/p34 Joseph           WORDSWORTH    m  25 N  M.S.
f37/p34 James            HARDY         m  20 Y  M.S.
f37/p34 William          BENTLEY       m  20 Y  M.S.
f37/p34 William          WRAGG         m  35 Y  M.S.
f37/p34 William          DAYKEN        m  40 N  Manufacturer
f37/p34 Ann              DAYKEN        f  40 N
f37/p34 John             DAYKEN        m  15 N
f37/p34 James            DAYKEN        m  14 N
f37/p35 Samuel           EVELEIGH      m  25 N  Ind

f37/p35 Eliza            EVELEIGH      f  20 N
f37/p35 William          PRIEST        m  25 N  Merchant
f37/p35 Fanny            PRIEST        f  20 N
f37/p35 Owen             LEWIS         m  44 N  Merchant
f37/p35 Sarah            LEWIS         f  30 N
f37/p35 Margaret         MARSH [faded] f  19 Y  F.S.
f37/p35 William          SEEDHOUSE     m  40 Y  Labourer
f37/p35 Fanny            SEEDHOUSE     f  40 Y
f37/p35 Elizabeth        SEEDHOUSE     f  16 Y  Factory Girl
f37/p35 John             SEEDHOUSE     m  14 Y
f37/p35 George           SEEDHOUSE     m  12 Y
f37/p35 Mary Ann         SEEDHOUSE     f  6  Y

End of Enumeration District 14