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Pedigree of Arkwright, of Willersley
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The pedigree of the Arkwright family, below, has been abstracted from
Bryan, Benjamin (1903) "History of Matlock - Matlock, Manor and Parish" published London by Bemrose & Sons, Limited

There is a bigger image of Richard Arkwright on this website.
Click here to go to the web page   The pedigree proved too large to scan so it has been transcribed as carefully as possible. Most key names are included on the pedigree chart, below which are details of all persons who are represented by a number on the tree.

[ ] indicate a comment, such as a symbol/arrow on the pedigree to indicate issue.

Pedigree of Arkwright of Willersley
Image © Ann Andrews

b. - born | dau. - daughter | m. and mar. - married | ob. - died | ob. s.p. - died without issue | s. - succeeded

  • Children of Sir Richard Arkwright and Patience née Holt, 1st wife
    • (Richard, on the chart[1])

  • Children of Sir Richard Arkwright and Margaret née Biggins, 2nd wife[2]
    • 1 - Susanna, born 20 Dec 1761, m. 1780 to Charles Hurt Esq., ob. 4 May, 1835. Him of Rock House Cromford and later of Wirksworth[1] [2]
    • 2 - Ellen, born 26 Feb., 1764, died an infant[1]
    • 3 - Anne, died an infant

  • Children of Richard and Mary, née Simpson
    • (Richard, Robert and Peter are on chart)
    • 4 - John, b. 27 Aug., 1785, m. 13 Apr., 1830, Sarah, dau. of Sir H. Hoskyns, of Harewood, co. Hereford, Bart. (she died 19 July, 1869), ob. 27 Feb 1858.
      • 4a - [Issue of John above, not given]
    • 5 - Charles, b. 22 Nov., 1786, m. 12 Dec., 1811, Mary, 5th dau. of E. S. W. Sitwell of Stainsby, ob. s.p. 28 Dec., 1850.
    • 6 - Joseph (Rev.), b. 9 Aug., 1791, m. 29 Oct., 1818, Ann, dau. of Sir Robert Wigram, of Walthamstow, Bart., ob. 29 Feb 1864.
      • 6a - [Issue of Joseph above, not given]
    • 7 - Elizabeth, b. 29 May 1780, m. at Matlock, 27 Oct., 1802, to Francis Hurt, of Alderwasley, Esq.
    • 8 - Mary b. 3 Jan., 1788, ob. 9 June, 1803.
    • 9 - Anne, b. 2 Aug., 1794, m. 24 Dec., 1818, Jas. Wigram, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.
    • 10 - Frances, b. 28 Aug., 1796, ob. 4 Nov., 1863.
    • 11 - Harriett, b. 9 Feb., 1798, ob. 7 Nov., 1815.

  • Children of Richard and Martha Maria, née Beresford
    • 12 - Richard, ob. 19 Nov., 1810, aged 5 weeks.
    • 13 - Richard, ob. 18 Feb., 1813, aged 6 weeks.
    • 14 - Agnes Maria, ob. 16 Mar., 1813, aged 4 years.

  • Children of Robert and Frances Crawford, née Kemble[3]
    • 15 - George, Barrister-at-Law, J.P., M.P. for Leominster, b. 20 Aug., 1807, ob. s.p. 1856.
    • 16 - William, Major 6th Dragoons, b. 12 Sept., 1809, m. Fanny S., 2nd dau. of Edward Thornewill, of Dove Cliff, co. Stafford., ob. 13 May, 1857, leaving issue.

  • Children of Peter and Mary Ann, née Hurt
    • (Frederic, on chart)
    • 17 - Edward, b. 15 Dec., 1808, m. 24 April, 1845, ob. 1850. mar. Charlotte, dau. of R. S. W. Sitwell, ob. 4 June, 1855.
      • 17a - 3 daughters [Issue of Edward above, names not given]
    • 18 - Francis, b. 17 Dec., 1809, ob. 12 June, 1812.
    • 19 - Henry (Rev) b. March, 1811, vicar of Bodenham, M.A. Camb., ob. 13 Jan., 1889. married1 Henrietta, dau. of Rev. Chas. Thorneycroft, of Thorneycroft, co. Chester, m. 20 Sept., 1838, ob. 8 Feb., 1844. married2 Ellen, dau. of John Horne Purves, m. 1 July, 1849, ob. 17 Mar., 1883.
      • 19a - [Issue of Henry and Henrietta (1st wife) above, not given]
      • 19b - [Issue of Henry and Ellen (2nd wife) above, not given]
    • 20 - Alfred, of Gate House, Wirksworth, J.P. & D.L., b. 19 June, 1812, m. 13 March, 1845, ob. 19 Jan, 1887. m. Elizabeth, dau. of G. H. Critchley, of Sunning Hill Park, Berks., ob. 2 April, 1885.
    • 21 - James Charles, b. 1 Oct., 1813, m. 1st, 29 June, 1854, Isabel, dau. of W. L. Clowes, of Broughton, co. Lancaster, who died s.p. 5 April, 1855 : 2nd, 28 April, 1864, Mary Esther, dau. of Wm. Broadhurst, of The Friary, Newark. He ob. s.p. 16 May, 1896.
    • 22 - Ferdinand William, J.P. & D.L., co. Warwick, b. 10 Dec., 1814, ob. unmarried, 14 Feb., 1895.
    • 23 - Augustus Peter, Comm., R.N., M.P. for N. Derbyshire, 1868-80, b. 2 Mar., 1821, ob. unmarried, 6 Oct., 1887[4].
    • 24 - John Thomas, of Hatton House, co. Warwick, J.P. & D.L., Sheriff, 1871, b. 2 Nov., 1823, m. 3 April 1856, Laura, dau. of Rev. E. Willes, and had issue.
    • 25 - Octavius, b. 20 July, 1822, ob. 9 April, 1823.
    • 26 - John, b. 2 Nov., 1823
    • 27 - Arthur, b. 2 Jan., 1827, ob. 30 June, 1827.
    • 28 - Mary Anne, b. 26 Sept., 1807, m. Robert Strange, of Naples, ob. s.p., 10 March, 1891 [see their MI at Matlock Bath].
    • 29 - Susan Maria, b. 11 Feb., 1816, m. 12 Feb., 1839, Rt. Rev. J. C. Wigram, Bishop of Rochester, ob. 27 June, 1864, leaving issue.
    • 30 - Fanny Jane, b. 30 Aug., 1817, m. 21 Jan., 1873, Darwin Galton, of Claverton Leys, co. Warwick, ob. s.p., 9 Nov., 1894.
    • 31 - Margaret Ellen, b. 8 Jan., 1819, m. 31 July, 1845, James R. Wigram, ob. 5 Nov., 1883, leaving issue.
    • 32 - Caroline Elizabeth, b. 7 March, 1825, m. 22 Jan., 1854, John, second son of W. L. Clowes, of Broughton Hall, co. Lancaster, and had issue

The death for Richard Arkwright (son of Sir Richard) has been corrected. On the actual chart the date of death is given as 17 Apr 1848, but elsewhere in Bryan's book he records the date of 23 Apr 1843. This is confirmed in other sources.

Additional information:

[1] Baptisms for three of Sir Richard Arkwright's children can be found in the registers of the Bank Street Unitarian Protestant Dissenters Chapel, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire. His son Richard (on chart) was baptised at Bolton on 12 Jan 1756, and daughters Susan (1) and Ellen (2) on 20 Dec 1761 and 26 Feb 1764 respectively.
See: Bank Street Unitarian Chapel, Bolton-le-Moors. This is an external site, so will open in a new window.
Richard, the only surviving child of Sir Richard's first marriage, went on to marry Mary Simpson at Bonsall (no date).

[2] Richard Arkwright, a widower, married Margaret Biggins at St Mary the Virgin, Leigh in Lancashire on 24 Mar 1761 by licence. The parish register as well as the bond and allegation for the licence show that he was then a Barber of Bolton Parish. Lady Margaret Arkwright died at Wirksworth on 25th December 1811 and was buried there on 30th December. Susanna Hurt, her 'only child', administered her estate (Administration now at Staffordshire R O, granted 22 June 1812). Her death was reported in the Worcester Journal, 16 January 1812: "In the 79th year of her age, Lady Arkwright, relict of Sir R. Arkwright, of Cromford, Derbyshire". A marble tablet in her memory, erected by her daughter, was placed inside Wirksworth Parish Church.

[3] Robert Arkwright and Frances C[rawford] Kemble were married at St. Andrew's Church, Newcastle on 27 Jun 1805. Fanny Kemble's father was "Stephen George Kemble, Esq, manager of the Newcastle theatre" (Lancaster Gazette and General Advertiser, 6 Jul 1805). Frances died at Sutton Scarsdale on 10 Mar 1849 ("The Derby Mercury", 14 Mar 1849).

[4] Some of the people shown above are listed in Matlock Names in the London Gazette.
Augustus Peter (no 23 above) is mentioned in 1873, 1874, 1875, 1876, 1878, 1880, also 1886 and 1887 (this last his Will).
Frederic Charles (on chart) is mentioned in 1895 and 1897.

A number of the male descendants of Sir Richard were educated at Eton and then at the University of Cambridge. A small selection of them are listed below (Venn, J. A. "Alumni Cantabrigienses; a biographical list of all known students, graduates and holders of office at the University of Cambridge", pub Cambridge Univeristy Press.):
- Charles Arkwright, son of Richard and grandson of Sir Richard was Adm. pens. at Trinity College Cambridge 24 Oct 1806 but did not matriculate. School Eton.
- Edward son of Peter and g grandson of Sir Richard was Adm. pens. at Trinity College Cambridge 14 Apr 1827 but did not matriculate. School Eton.
- Frederic son of Peter and g grandson of Sir Richard was Adm. pens. (aged 18) at Trinity College Cambridge 15 Dec 1823. Matric Michs. 1824; B.A. 1828; M.A. 1831. School Eton.
- George son of Robert and g grandson of Sir Richard was Adm. pens. (aged 19) at Trinity College Cambridge 15 Apr 1826.. Matric Michs. 1826; B.A. 1830; M.A. 1833. School Eton. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn 30 Jan 1829.

The last members of the Arkwright family to live at Willersley were Frederic Charles and Rebecca Arkwright and their children (on chart). Of their children, Frederick Charles Alleyne Arkwright was to be killed in a flying accident during the First World War and Kathleen Rebecca's husband, Captain Guy Bonham-Carter, was killed by a sniper in 1915.

References to FGA Arkwright can be found under Names on Matlock's War Memorial and Names on Starkholmes War Memorial, in the section about the War Memorials
There is a reference to Guy Bonham-Carter's war record, again in the section about the War Memorials
Frederic Charles Arkwright played a major part in the war effort, and was a key figure in ensuring Matlock and District's war dead were properly commemorated. Again, see the section about the War Memorials. Frederic Charles Arkwright died unexpectedly, on 18 July 1923.

Arkwright's Cotton Mill has biographical details as well as discussing his Masson mill.
Kelly's (1891) Directory of Cromford is worth reading.
Other Cromford Directories mention Arkwright.
Description of the Arkwright Coat of Arms.
Descendants are named in various directories and census returns elsewhere onsite.
The Wolley Manuscripts, Matlock.
Find the Arkwright surname in Eighteenth Century: Game Duty Lists | Nineteenth Century - Game Duty Lists.
Masson mill was briefly described in "Gem of the Peak".
A description of Sir Richard Arkwright's funeral by J. P. Malcolm was published in "The Gentleman's Magazine" in 1793 (scroll down to Matlock, pp.45-6).
Extract from "The Beauties of England and Wales" (1802), written shortly after his death, which describes of cotton manufacturing and has more on the mills, Willersley Castle (plus an engraving), Sir Richard Arkwright and the area surrounding Willersley.
Details of "The Derwent valley Mills and their Communities" as Arkwright's Mills are part of a World Heritage site.
Cromford Church and Bridge - this is on the opposite side of the River Derwent and is where several members of the Arkwright family are buried.

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