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Matlock Bath: Fish Pond Hotel, about 1910
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Fish Pond Hotel, Matlock Bath
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Pavilion, with the hotel, 1920s

Charabanc Visitors

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A group of day trippers ("excursionists") on an outing are enjoying the sunshine outside the Fish Pond Hotel. The amazing vehicle parked on the forecourt, described as looking like a hay cart on wheels, belonged to Joseph Tomlinson & Sons Ltd. of Sheffield[1]. One can only assume the passengers had a very bumpy ride, especially those sitting so high up at the back. The wheels front and back are different sizes and the charabanc seems to have a chain drive to give more torque to the back axle; you can also see the rear clamp brakes.

The Fish Pond's licensee when the picture was taken was Ernest Frank Martin from Birmingham[2]. William Wyvill was there around the turn of the century[3] and before that Joseph Wadsworth had a long association with the premises; in Wadsworth's time it was a beer house[4].

Soldiers were billeted here during the First World War. The web mistress's grandfather wrote about this in a letter he sent from France in 1915 to the landlord, Fred Ogden, with whom he corresponded. He also reported that he was well and "have not quite forgotten the old spot[5]". The Fish Pond had been his "local". Fred Ogden, who was the friend of quite a few of the soldiers, died suddenly in January 1916[6]. He was replaced behind the bar by Norman Harry (Harry) Sellors[7] who was called up in 1917.

Behind and above the hotel can be see The Temple Walk Studio, Photography which opened in 1899. This was used by several local photographers, including Alfred Seaman and/or his son[8] and Percy Rowbottom[9].

This picture makes it almost look as if the studio is part of the works on the opposite side of the road (with the stone walls).
There was a small building on the site in 1892.

Original photograph in the collection of and provided by and © Ken Smith.
Images scanned for this website by Ann Andrews.
information written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links are to transcripts or more information elsewhere on this web site):

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He had been in Matlock Bath for some time previously. See: the 1871 census | the 1881 census (at Hodgkinson's Hotel) | the 1891 census.
There are two family memorials at Holy Trinity. See his son's MI (1) | Mr. Wyvill's MI (2).

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[7] See Kelly's 1916 Directory. Harry Sellors was born in Tewksbury in 1881 and lived at the Fishpond with his mother and sister. His sister took over the licence. See: The Grand Pavilion, 1920s. There is more about the Sellors family and their disputes with the Local Board regarding Old Bath Hill (Fishpond Hill today) on Matlock Bath from the Heights of Abraham, 1892.

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