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The Wolley Manuscripts, Matlock
A Major Collection of pre 1828 Pedigrees, Charters, Documents, Deeds & Wills
  Volume 6668
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Places in this volume within Matlock:
Bath-the Bath-the [Masson Common] Haskers-or-Hasker-farm Herston, manor of Highe-Leyes Masson-Common Matlock-Moor Riber Riber-Hall Smelting-Mill Sower-Greaves waste-the

Places in this volume Elsewhere:
Bonsall Bridgetown Coley-Whytalleys-in-fee-of Cowley Cowley-manor-of Crich Cromford Darley Darley-manor-of Edensor-manor-of Elton Heage Holloway Lea Lees- p.-Youlgreave Locko Southhouse-Grange Stanton Stanton-Lees Tansley Thornsett-manor-of Wakebridge Wakebridge-manor-of Washingtone [Wessington] Wensley Wensley-manor-of Wessington Wheatcroft Whytalleys-in-fee-of-Coley Willersley Winster Youlgreave

6668 ff.41-5
"Abstract of a Title to Lands in Wensley" - deeds relating to Lees, p. Youlgreave [1550], manor of Wensley [1578]. Whytalleys in fee of Coley [1584], manor of Wensley, lands in Darley, Bridgetown and Matlock [1599], capital messuage in Wensley and lands (many field names given) cottages in Bridgetown, Darley, manor of Wensley 1603/4 and [1604], Wensley 1605, manors of Darley, Co[w]ley, Edensor and Thornsett 1609, 1613, Darley 1610-1612, Darley and Youlgreave 1613, Darley 1621, Wensley, Darley, Elton and Winster 1634, 1646, manor Darley 1646, tithes from 2 oxgangs in Stanton, Stanton Lees and Cowley 1656 : SENIOR family the chief family concerned. (uc/chlsl)
6668 f.45
Short pedigree of Antony SENIOR's descendants. 17thc. with note of division of lands (Darley, Cowley, Wensley, Bridgetown, Matlock, Winster) and notes of 18thc. descent of properties (uc/chlsl)
6668 ff.45d-6
Extract from SENIOR deed relating to Wensley property
[1664] (uc/chlsl)
6668 f.112
Extract from conveyance by John GILBERT of Southhouse Grange esq. son and heir of Henry GILBERT of Locko esq. deceased and nephew and heir of George SAVILE late of Southhouse Grange esq. and of John younger brother of George SAVILE deceased gent. to Peter NIGHTINGALE of Lea lead merchant, of his share in manor of Matlock, messuage in Matlock in possession of Benjamin HURD with farm and closes in Matlock and Darley, the Sower Greaves in Matlock, Haskers or Hasker farm in Matlock, named closes in Matlock, all late inheritance of John SAVILE.
1735 (uc/chlsl)
6668 ff.113-5
Schedule of title deeds of Richard ARKWRIGHT relating to premises in Cromford, Willersley and Matlock in mortgage to Thomas Hallett HODGES esq. HODGES appears to have purchased several properties in 1778, which he sold to ARKWRIGHT in 1782, who mortgaged them to HODGES.
1782 (uc/chlsl)
6668 ff.175-80
Cases with opinions as to whether William RICHARDSON esq. may be justified in pulling down the new buildings at the bath on Masson Common, Matlock, where he claims right of common. The cases summarise the history of the bath
1726-1727 (perhaps 1727/8) (uc/chlsl)
6668 ff.255-7
STATHAM family:- ...
Account of title to Tansley and Matlock estate, including notes on family history and properties other than Tansley and Matlock
[6668 ff.255-63 seem to be written in same hand and by a member of the family [?J. STATHAM] who married in 1700 Bridget WIGLEY] (uc/chlsl)
6668 ff.279-285
Papers relating to case concerning title to Matlock manor:
account of status of the manor and descent of same with relation to STATHAM family, n.d. 18thc.
copy of arbitration between Sir John STATHAM of Wigwall and other proprietors of the manor, which includes a list of 'The Antient Tenants' i.e. tenants in 1629/30 with rents and list of 'new Proprietors' i.e. of 1716, 1716
John STATHAM's letters, including comments on the 1716 award. n.d. ?1714, 1716. Include reference to smelting mill built on the waste (f.285d) (uc/chlsl)
6668 ff.295-6
Draft surrender by Thomas STATHAM gent. and wife Barbara of Riber Hall, cottages and lands in Riber in manor of Matlock, to use of Gilbert MUNDY, with proviso for voiding of surrender [? a mortgage], and admittance of MUNDY
[1678] (uc/chlsl)
6668 f.348
?Contemporary copy of feoffment by German POOLE of Wakebridge esq. and wife Margaret to German HILL and Edward HAL(L)SELHAM, of manor of Wakebridge and all lands in Wakebridge, Matlock, Tansley, -adge [?Heage], Crich and Wessington
18 Sep. 8 Eliz. [1566] (uc/chlsl)
6668 ff.355-6
Case of George POOLE, 2nd brother to Germane POOLE of Wakebridge, in dispute over POOLE settlements at Tansley, Heage, "Washingtone" [Wessington], manors of Wakebridge, lands in Wakebridge and Matlock (see f.353 and ff.389d-390, to which this may be related)
[16thc.] (uc/chlsl)
6668 ff.365-6
"A note of Deedes" i.e. abstracts and notes from deeds chiefly relating to Matlock, 14th-15thc, Lea, Holloway and Wheatcroft n.d. and list of rentals of lands belonging to POLE family, 15th-16thc. with, on f.366d, references to manors of Herston [?Hearthstone]
16thc. and Wakebridge n.d. (uc/chlsl)
6668 f.368
As on f.365, but written in a different hand, but possibly in same hand as f.355. Excludes list of rentals
[?16thc.] (uc/chlsl)
6668 f.402
Receipt from Edmund WILDE Parson of Matlock to Ger'a POLE of Wakebridge esq. for tithes for his ground at the Highe Leyes.
? Easter 1563 (uc/chlsl)
6668 f.424
[Note: ff.422-30 are 'Copies of deeds etc. and historical notes, probably written in 17th c.]
Copies of copies of court roll, Matlock and Bonsall, temp. Henry (uc/chlsl)
6668 ff.483-6
Letters from Samuel PEGGE to Reverend John MASON at Winster, concerning inscription on Roman block of lead 12 May [17]87 (f.483), the same and a medal depicting St. Ignatius LOYOLA and St. Francis XAVIER, 1 June 1787 (f.484) Roman coins lately discovered at Crich 22 Feb [17]88, and the sale of Roman block of lead found on Matlock Moor, 22 Feb [17]88. Written from Whitt[ington].
Note - on f.487 MASON is said to be Curate of Elton. (uc/chlsl)
6668 ff.487-8
Letter from Samuel PEGGE to Reverend John MASON at Winster consisting of a copy of PEGGE's letter to Dr. Banks HODGKINSON esq. dated June 1787, concerning Roman block of lead discussed between MASON and PEGGE, here said to have been found on Matlock Moor in April 1787, the second found there.
June 1787. (uc/chlsl)