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The Wolley Manuscripts, Matlock
A Major Collection of pre 1828 Pedigrees, Charters, Documents, Deeds & Wills
  Volumes 6697 to 6715
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Volume 6697

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Allen hill Herstones [Hearthstone] Matlock, manor of water corn mill Whitehouse, the Places in this volume elsewhere:
Ashbourne Bretby Bretby-manor Chaddesden Cotes Coton-[now Coton Park]-in-Rosliston Cowley Crich Cromford-Bridge-property-near Croumford Cutthorpe Dale Darley-hall Derby Heage Linton London Melbourne Middleton Millthorpe Neuburgh Radbourne 'Roslaton'-[?Rosliston]-manor Rosliston Seal 'Smythby' ( i.e. Smisby) Spinkhill Spondon Tannesley Tansley Stanton Stubbing-Edge Tideswell 'Tottenhill' Wakebridge Wakebrugge Wakebrugge,-manor 'Wannesley',-NTT Wessington Wigwell Wigwell-Grange Wirksworth Wirksworth-the-Gatehouse Wirksworth-the-Holmesford

6697 ff.108d-110
Copies of deeds relating to Wakebridge etc. from the collection of C. BASSANO of Derby, now 1790, in the possession of Thomas BLORE of the same [place] and from the collection of Roger COLUMBELL esq. of Darley hall (f.110)
Copy, with many gaps, of deed of Cecilia, wife of John de la POLE of Neuburgh knight sister and heir of William de WAKEBRUGGE, relating to manor of Wakebrugge, lands etc. in Wakebrugge, Tannesley, Matlocke, Heage, Herstones [Hearthstone, Matlock], Croumford and 'Tottenhill'. 9 H.IV [1407-8] (f.108d)
Copy of settlement made between Thomas COKAYNE of Ashbourne knight and German POOLE of Wakebridge esq., who had no issue and wished to bestow his lands, and for the assurance of his wife's dower and in consideration of good will toward Dorothy daughter of Sir Thomas who is to marry German POOLE of Radbourne esq. son and heir of Francis late of Dale dec. cousin of German of Wakebridge esq. of manor of Wakebridge and lands etc. in Wakebridge, Matlock, Tansley, Heage, Crich and Wessington. 10 March 1563. (f.109)
Copy of settlement made between German POOLE of Wakebridge esq. and Margaret, and George POLE of Spinkhill his brother, for the establishment of German's lands in his surname and blood, of manor of Wakebridge and lands etc. there and in Crich and Matlock.
31 Aug 23 or 24 Eliz. [1581/2] (f.110)
6697 ff.135-6
Description of Matlock with historical notes. (uc/chlsl)
6697 ff.137-144
From old copies in the possession of John WOLLEY of Allen hill, Matlock, gent. 1791.
letters patent granting to 4 citizens of London, trustees for the mayor, commonalty and citizens, the manor of Matlock excepting certain rents, water corn mill, 9 Sep 1628 (ff.137-8)
bargain and sale by the same 4 citizens of London to John MIDDLETON of Wansley, co. Nottingham esq., Arthur MOORE of Millthorpe gent., Richard SENIOR of Cowley gent. and George HEATHCOTE of Cutthorpe, of the manor of Matlock as in the 1628 letters patent 9 Nov 1629 (ff.138-9)
articles of agreement concerning manor of Matlock 14 Jan 1629/30, for details see ff. 243-255 (ff.139-141) (uc/chlsl)
conveyance by John THORNHILL of Stanton gent. and Ann his wife, grandchild and heir at law of William BACH late of Stanton gent. deceased, the surviving lord of the manor of Matlock, to William TURNER of Derby gent., Michael BURTON of Wirksworth gent., Arthur DAKEYNE of Stubbing Edge gent and Exuperius TURNER of Derby gent. of the manor of Matlock to hold in trust as William BACH stood seised, reciting the history of the trust and that the THORNHILLs levied a fine of the manor to Thomas STATHAM of Tideswell gent and others, which is declared to be to the use of TURNER, BURTON, DAKEYNE and TURNER. 17, 18 Oct. 1700 (ff.141-2)
Abstracts from deeds, and notes, concerning the 18thc. history of Matlock manor trust 1716-1769 (ff.143-4) (uc/chlsl)
6697 ff.159-160
lease by Charles I to Elizabeth WIGLEY of Wigwell widow, mother of John WIGLEY, the King's ward, of Wigwell Grange (excepting the capital messuage and the land which was Elizabeth's jointure) and property in Wirksworth, including the Holmesford and the Gatehouse, with reference also to the Whitehouse, Matlock (including property near Cromford Bridge) and Middleton, to hold during John's minority.
26 Oct 1635 (uc/chlsl)
6697 ff.205-9
Extracts from the Certularium Honeris de Segreve, Harl. Mss. 4748, relating to Bretby, Ashbourne, Cotes, Melbourne, 'Smythby' (the marginal heading, but in the text the spelling is Smythesby i.e. Smisby), Rosliston, Spondon, Chaddesden, Linton and Seal (spelt 'Sheile') Coton [now Coton Park] in Rosliston, Matlock ['Machlac'], Bretby manor, 'Roslaton' [?Rosliston] manor, Cotes. (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6702

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Auster-or-Awster-Ryddinge Places in this volume elsewhere:
Ashover-Hasslehirste Bonsall Snitterton-lordship-of Honour-of-Tutbury Darley Darley-Rye-Croft Kingston-upon-Hull

6702 f.20d
'The forme' of a letter of attorney made for Henry MATHER by Dennis his brother, by which Dennis of Kingston upon Hull merchant makes his brother Henry of Hasslehirste [Ashover] yeoman his attorney to manage his lands in Matlock and to prosecute and defend actions etc. as may be commenced against Dennis by John RAGG of Matlock yeoman.
18 Dec 1586 (uc/chlsl)
6702 f.52
copy, conveyance by Edmond MADDN of Matlock yeoman to ?[Roger COLUMBELL] of Darley esq. (the names have been rubbed out deliberately, though Edmond's name appears as a heading and has not been removed), of Auster or Awster Ryddinge with dwelling house or cottage built on it, in Matlock, 29 July 24 Eliz [1582] and bond relating, said to be same date but apparently 24 July. f.52 (uc/chlsl)
6702 f.80
Copies of documents concerning Letice WENDISLEYE (or WENDESLEY)'s dower claimed in 2 messuages, 2 gardens and lands in Bonsall against Roger COLUMBELL esq., with note that this land lies in Matlock, not Bonsall, and of Mr. WENSLEY's purchase of it and sale to Mr. COLUMBELL and Raffe BROWN.
n.d. 31, 32 Eliz [1588-90] (uc/chlsl)
6702 f.82d
memorandum of commission at Wirksworth, 15, 16 Aug 1592, Robert SMITHE then barmaster, at which it was deposed that the lordship of Snitterton is held in the honour of Tutbury ; gives payments of socage rent and to the reeve of Matlock. (uc/chlsl)
6702 f.90d
copy, confirmation of deed of entail (4 Aug.) by Nicholas son of Henry FLYNT of Matlock deceased, of messuage etc. in Matlock and Darley, Rye Croft in Darley, referring to Alice a daughter of Robert BARKER of Darley, 20 Sep 9 VIII [1517], not sealed. (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6704

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Matlock-Bridge-End Senyer-feilde Willersley-Lane-Head Places in this volume elsewhere:
Cromford Cromford-Bridge 'Cromforth' Crumforth [Cromford] Middleton Winster Winster Wirksworth

6704 f.135
settlement by Henry WIGLEY of Middleton gent. of premises in Middleton, Wirksworth, Matlock, Cromford and Winster, particularly mentioning messuage at Cromford Bridge and 2 cottages at Willersley Lane Head, parish Matlock, and one at the bridge end.
31 Oct. 37 Eliz [1595] (uc/chlsl)
6704 ff.178-9
will of 'my' great grandfather Richard WIGLEY, 9 Aug 1540 (Richard of Middleton) ; bequeathes close called Senyer feilde in Matlock to wife Isabel for life, wood for fire, baking and brewing, a mete place in Matlock and lands in Winster, but only a third part of the lands if she marries, to son John his ? whole bore after 3 fires have been burned so that he shall only have blackb- , the residue from 2 fines to go to wife and children of Richard, f.38 135 4d for daughters Elizabeth and Katherine 'to eyther of them', John to have smelting slags of his bole ; further bequests mentioning other members of family etc. Probate 19 Oct. 1540
List of debts Richard 'hathe owinge of him'. (uc/chlsl)
6704 f.186
"my brother WOODDIS will" : will of Henry WOODDIS of Crumforth [Cromford], parish Wirksworth, yeoman ; bequeathes money to son Henry, unborn child, wife Dorothy, many other members of family with surnames WOODDIS, CADMAN, TOWNROWE, WIGLEY ; lease of a messuage in Matlock Bridge End (surrendered to him by William WALKER alias FULEY to wife and son ; other provisions. Executors wife and son, supervisors uncle William WALKER, brother Richard WIGLEY and brother Anthony CADMAN. 28 Jan 1603/4 Probate 12 May 1604 (uc/chlsl)
6704 f.188
condition for payment of £250 to my nephew Henry WOODDIS re. 'condition of a bond being for the payment by Richard WIGLEY uncle to Henry son of Henry WOODDIS of Cromforth' deceased of £250 (giving details of how this sum is made up) on reaching age 21, or if he dies under 21, for the payment of same to Millicent WOODDIS. Mentions Matlock property. (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6707

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume within Matlock:
manor-house the-Coumbe-Wood-or-Coumbs Places in this volume elsewhere:
Ashover Crich Wakebridge-Hall Wakebridge-manor-of

6707 f.12
position of manor house of Matlock (uc/chlsl)
6707 f.27d
Notes of lords of manor of Matlock in 1720, 1653, 1657, with notes on history of the manor 1628-9. (uc/chlsl)
6707 f.28
As 6707 f.27d. (uc/chlsl)
6707 f.59d
Abstract of feoffment by which Edmund MORPHY of Wirksworth esq. for £8,990 conveyed to Peter NIGHTINGALE of Lea esq. the manor of Wakebridge, Wakebridge Hall and lands, including the Coumbe-Wood or Coumbs, in Crich, Matlock, and Ashover (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6708

No surnames catalogued in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Scarthin Nick

6708 f.25
account of finding of a skeleton near the head of which lay over 60 small Roman coins on 4 March 1795 at Scarthin Nick, parish of Matlock : the finder gave 'me' 8 coins. Catalogue of these coins. (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6715

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Cuckoostone-estate Matlock-Bridge Matlock-New-Bath Matlock-Old-Bath sign-of-the-Horse-Shoe,-Matlock-Green mansion-house-in-Hackney-Lane Places in this volume elsewhere:
Bakewell Cornhill-London Darley Derby Eagle-Buxton Garraway's-Coffee-House-in-'Change-Alley-Cornhill-London George-and-Angel-Inns-Alfreton Green Man, Ashbourne Hasland Holme London Mr.-TODD's-Post-Office-Sheffield (also in London) Red-Lion-Wirksworth Royal-Oak-Chapel Rutland Arms-Bakewell Swan-Mansfield Tansley Tansley-house-and-a-dyehouse Tansley-Lumbs-with-fulling-mill-bleaching-house Walton Walton Lodge Wirksworth

6715 ff.44-5
Printed particulars of a freehold estate at Bakewell and Holme, in lease to Richard ARKWRIGHT esq., to be sold by auction by Mr. SHAW at Matlock Old Bath, 30 June 1796.
Gives field names and acreages. Printer, DREWRY, Derby. (uc/chlsl)
6715 ff.46-9
Printed particulars of freehold farms and estates in Matlock and Darley, containing 682a. of rich grazing, meadow pasture and arable land, giving names of the tenants (tenants at will), at rents presumed to be improveable, estimated value near £1,000 p.a. , to be sold by direction of the devisees in trust of Thomas GARRATT esq. deceased. To be sold by auction by Mr. WILLOCK at Matlock Old Bath, 19 Sep 1810.
Includes a substantial dwelling house at Matlock Bridge, the Cuckoostone estate, substantial stone-built mansion house in Hackney Lane, with notes of prices bought in at, prices asked though not sold. Gives field names, acreages. (uc/chlsl)
6715 ff.50-52
Printed particulars of freehold farms and estates in Darley and Matlock, altogether upwards of 600a. of rich grazing and arable land, giving names of tenants, all tenants at will, rents presumed to be improveable, estimates worth near £1,000 p.a., to be sold by direction of devisees in trust of Thomas GARRATT esq. deceased. To be sold by auction by Mr. WILLOCK at Garraway's Coffee House in 'Change Alley, Cornhill, London, 8 Feb 1811.
Gives acreages, field names. Includes a stone-built mansion house in Hackney Lane, the Cuckoostone estate, a substantial dwelling house near Matlock Bridge. (uc/chlsl)
Transcript is onsite
6715 ff.68-9
Printed particulars and conditions of sale of part copyhold and part freehold estate at Matlock and Tansley, giving field names and acreages. The Tansley property includes 2 dwelling houses at the Lumbs with fulling-mill, bleaching-house, and a house and a dyehouse etc. at Tansley. Reference to George SMITH of Tansley, Mr. WOLLEY attorney and Mr. NUTTALL surveyor, Matlock. COTES, Printers, Wirksworth. To be sold by auction by George SMITH at the sign of the Horse-Shoe, Matlock Green, 17 July 1815. (uc/chlsl)
6715 ff.75-6
Printed particulars of Walton Lodge family mansion and estate (129a) to be sold by auction at Matlock Old Bath, 23 Nov. 1819. Particulars and tickets for viewing from Mr. THOMAS in Chesterfield. Printed at Chesterfield. Includes drawing of the house and map. The house, built 20 years ago, is described in some detail, together with out-buildings, garden etc. Gives field names, acreages of land. (uc/chlsl)
6715 ff.77-8
Printed particulars of Walton, Spital and Hasland estate may be had at Mr. THOMAS's office, Chesterfield, Mr. DREWRY's printing Offices, Derby. Green Man, Ashbourne, Red Lion, Wirksworth, Old and New Baths, Matlock. Rutland Arms, Bakewell, Eagle, Buxton, Royal Oak, Chapel, George and Angel Inns, Alfreton, Swan, Mansfield, Mr. TODD's Post Office, Sheffield (also in London). Printed by BRADLEY, at the Post Office. (uc/chlsl)