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  Volumes 6676 to 6680
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Volume 6676

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
[?] Proffer Coalpitt-Rake Deep-Shaft Dick-Eye Gentlewoman Gentlewomans Harp-Edge Hedge-Vein Lady-Gate-Mines Masson Mather's-mine-Seven-Rakes Nest-house-grove Nestowe-grove Nestowes Paddocke Raddle-Hole Ragges Shalley Syde Three-Ashes Walkers
Places in this volume within Matlock Liberty:
Greenhills-Mine Holmes-Vein-Nether-Ox-Close Rushens-Vein Upper-Ox-Close Vernons-founder Places in this volume elsewhere:
Ashover Bonsall Carsington Darley Darley-Bridge Derbyshire Derwent-River Sheffield Wensley-liberty Wirksworth

6676 ff.132-160
Papers in related cases arising out of the contamination of the River Derwent, by the buddling of material, from old lead mining hillocks, in the river. The hillocks were from Wensley liberty and were removed for buddling to a place near Darley Bridge; the plaintiff James WRIGHT lived in Matlock below the Bridge at Darley:-
case and opinion of J. BALGUY, Duffield, mentioning inter alia that miners have formed themselves into companies in Wensley liberty for the buddling of the old mining hillocks (f.133) and that Thomas GARRETT esq. dec. was the principal proprietor of the meadows below Darley Bridge (f.134) 1795.
brief for plaintiff against George, Joseph and James TAYLOR, 1796.
copies of declarations against George, Joseph and James TAYLOR, ff.155-156, William TURNER, William TURNER the younger, William GREATREX and Benjamin STONE, ff.157-158, and Josiah WAGSTAFF and Jonathan MARSHALL, ff.159-160, with notes of the defendants' pleas.
See also 6678 ff.23-32. (c/chlsl)
6676 ff.162-172, 174-182
Papers concerning payment of tithe ore in Matlock:-
Brief for defendants in John CHAPPELL clerk Rector of Matlock versus John SPATEMAN, John WIGLEY, John ABELL, John COCKAINE, Edward HASLAM, Adam YOUNGE, William COCKER and Robert HEAWARD, in the Duchy Court. [1676] mentions several groves including Gentlewomans, Syde, Shalley, Nestowes, [?] Proffer, Walkers, Ragges, hedge, and groves on Masson, at Harp Edge, in Paddocke, in Coalpitt Rake etc. Many miners and others are named, and information going back many years is given. Says that Wirksworth has nearly 3,000 communicants (f.164)
ff.162-70, 172
Defendants in above case's reasons against a new trial, the plaintiff having lost this and a former case.
[see f.173 for short account and dates of cases concerned on ff.162-172, 174-182]
Brief for defendants in John CHAPPELL clerk Rector of Matlock versus Robert WARD, Henry WARD, Thomas BUNTINGE and John BUNTINGE mentions Nest house grove, many persons' names [1672]
? Plaintiff's brief in CHAPPELL v WARD et. al. Mentions Nestowe grove. 1672.
See also 6677 ff.178-181 (c/chlsl)
6676 f.173
Printed case of the freeholders and miners in parishes of Ashover, Matlock, Darley, Bonsall and Carsington, against a bill entitled An Act ... for Settling and Ascertaining the Tythes of Lead Oar in Derbyshire.
[c.1701-1702] (c/chlsl)
6676 ff.191-194
Joint answers of Benjamin GRANGER, Charles BROUGH, Joseph BENNETT, Thomas RIVETT, John CHAMBERS, William CLAY, Samuel FOX defendants to the information at the relation of Robert FEARNE and others relators, in a dispute concerning Holmes Vein in the Upper Ox Close, which belongs to Robert FERNE in Snitterton, Matlock Liberty, Rushens Vein and Vernons founder in Nether Ox Close. Mentions Francis WALKER of Matlock in connection with Vernons founder, various shafts by name, with material on mining customs.
1722. (c/chlsl)
6676 ff.235-243
Brief for defendants in action of title concerning Greenhills Mine in Matlock Liberty (barmaster Joseph SIMPSON); John BARBER esq. and partners plaintiffs against Samuel MATHER and partners defs. Mentions Mr. CLAY of Sheffield, John KIRKLAND his agent now dead, Thomas SALMON a miner in 1771, George GOODWIN, BARBER's brother in law, in 1771, all on f. 235. and Samuel BOWN, BARBER's agent, a carpenter, on f.236; mentions Deep Shaft, Gentlewoman, Three Ashes, Hedge Vein, Raddle Hole, Dick Eye and Lady Gate Mines in Matlock; also Mather's mine Seven Rakes.
1791. (c/chlsl)
Volume 6677

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Rectory Nestus-Grove
Places in this volume within Matlock Liberty:
Alsopps-Meares Bye-Sweape-Vayne Hiveyard-Vayne Hoydens-Meares-both-North-and-South-Vaynes Ould-Meane-Grove the-Breck the-Hyfe-yard-Vaynes the-Longlands-Vaaynes Wildersley-Sough
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Ashover Birchover Bonsall Calver Cardigan-South-Wales Carsington Cumberland Darley Davies-Old-Breck-Wensley Elton Eyam Grindlow Haddon Hartle [Harthill] Hazlebadge Hurstfields Kettlewell-Yorkshire Longstone Matlock-Bath Middleton-in-Youlgreave Navigable-Canal (from Chesterfield to Stockwith) Newton-Grange Parwich Snitterton Stanton Stoney-Middleton Taddington Tearsall-pasture-Wensley Troges-Pasture-Wensley Wall-Nook-Nook-Wensley Wensley Winster Wirksworth Youlgreave

6677 ff.9-10
Certified copy of valuation of Rectory of Matlock 26 Henry VIII [1534-5], 1670/1, shown to John SLACK at his examination in case between John CHAPPELL clerk qv. and Robert WARD and other defs. 1671. Endorsed as shown to John SLACK at his examination in John CHAPPELL qv. John SPATEMAN et al. def.
[1534-5] 1671
See also 6676, ff.162-172, 174-182. (c/chlsl)
6677 ff.34-36
Copy, bill of complaint in Court of Duchy of Lancaster, of Marmaduke ABELL of Bonsall gent., owner of part of Nestus Grove or mine and many taker meers there, in Matlock, against Stephen BADGELY and Francis WALKER of fraudulent dispossession. Claims mine had been possesses by ABELL and his ancestors for 150 years and more. Names George NORTH, ministerial officer at the mine and barmaster of the liberty, Robert BOWLER, John GRATTON, Tobias WOODIWIS.
n.d. (c/chlsl)
6677 f.52
Printed case of the Freeholders and Miners in parishes of Ashover, Matlock, Darley, Bonsall and Carsington, against a bill now depending in the House of Commons for settling and ascertaining the tithes of lead ore in Derbyshire.
[? c.1700]. (c/chlsl)
6677 f.107-111
Copy of bill in Court of Duchy of Lancaster, orators ... who say that for 20 years ... they have an ancient vein or founder meer in Tearsall pasture in Wensley called Davies Old Breck and 14 taker meers in Tearsall and Troges Pastures and the 'confederators' sank a shaft called Wall Nook or Wall-Nook founder in the 10th taker meer and in working it had discovered a new vein. The 'confederators' are named as Lawrence COTTERELL of Snitterton, miner, John LOWE of Matlock miner, Robert COWPER of Hurstfields, ... John HIGGETT of Matlock miner, ... William BOWNE of Matlock sherman, Adam WOODWARD of Matlock miner, ... who are all partners in both Davies Old Breck and Wall Nook.
[1714/16] (c/chlsl)
6677 ff.191-192
Printed Particulars of Lead Mines to be sold by auction at Matlock Bath, 15 May 1789. The mines are in Winster, Elton, Birchover, Ashover, Wensley, Wirksworth, Haddon, Middleton in Youlgreave, Youlgreave, Hartle [Harthill], Stanton, Eyam and Stoney Middleton, Longstone, Calver, Taddington, Hazlebadge, Grindlow, Newton Grange, Parwich; also Kettlewell in Yorkshire, Cumberland (Rayne Copper Adventure), and Cardigan in South Wales. Also 11 shares of £100 each with the Navigable Canal from Chesterfield to Stockwith. (c/chlsl)
6677 f.197
[?Copy] of memorandum of agreement dated 7 July 1709, between 1. Benjamin HAYWARD of Matlock, gent. and Daniel WOOD of Wirksworth yeo. For themselves and their partners in sough or Watergate called Wildersley Sough in Liberty of Matlock and 2. The partners in mines in same liberty called ? Hiveyard Vayne, Bye Sweape Vayne, Ould Meane Grove, the Breck and Alsopps Meares, both North and South Vaynes, the Longlands Vaaynes, the Hyfe yard Vaynes, Hoydens Meares both North and South Vaynes and the 3 Taker meares at Hoydens, both North and South Vaynes, for payment of cope or composition to sough masters (details given). 1709. (c/chlsl)
Volume 6678

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume
Darley Derwent-River

6678 ff.22-32
Brief for plaintiff James WRIGHT in case in case against George, Joseph and James TAYLOR defendants, concerning buddling in the Derwent at Darley and consequent contamination of the river by lead. See also 6676 ff.132-60.
[? 1796] (c/chlsl)
6678 f.62
As 6667 f.173. (c/chlsl)
Volume 6679

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Blackstoneturn Dimple-Mine High-Tor-Rake-?-or-the-Dovecote Magdale wastes-or-commons
Ashover Brackenfield Caulk Cheadle-STS Crich-manor-of Derwent-River Foolow-Edge-Closes Foolow-Long-Piece Foolow?-Old-New-and-Bradshaw-Mine Hognaston Lea Lichfield-STS Longdon-STS Longshaw-co.-Annan-Scotland Moneyash Oakerthorpe Wensley-Liberty-Bithoms-Mines Wensley-Liberty-Gurdale-Mine Wensley-Liberty-Mill-Close Wakebridge Wensley-Liberty-Watering-Close Wensley-Burned-Hurst Wirksworth

6679 ff.1-4
2 parts of articles of agreement between 1. Ann ALDRICH of Longdon, Staffs., widow, and William COTTON of Lichfield, apothecary, and 2. Richard WEBSTER of Bakewell gent., George GOODWIN of Moneyash gent., and Peter NIGHTINGALE of Lea, esq. partners in Dimple Mine, Matlock, by which 1. Licence 2. to make a trench through Magdale in Matlock, in possession of James WRIGHT, 30 x 10 yds., to convey water from one part of the Derwent to another, for the fixing and working of an engine to be placed on the trench for unwatering the Dimple Mine and carrying back water into the Derwent, for a term of 7 years, and to erect a weir across the Derwent as far as 1. may legally grant to raise the water into the trench. Other provisions for maintenance etc.
2 Oct. 1766. (c/chlsl)
6679 ff.100-101
?Draft lease for 7 years, by trustees in whom the manor of Matlock is vested by the owners (naming both the trustees and chief owners) to Robert HURST of Cheadle, co. Stafford, gent., of liberty to search for Calamy or Lapis Calaminaris, Black Jack or Black Calamy in the wastes or commons of Matlock, to sink shafts, dress the minerals, remove them, etc.
--- Oct. 1773. (c/chlsl)
6679 ff.158-164
Draft articles of agreement between 1. Sir Henry HARPUR of Caulk 2. Governor and Company for smelting down lead with pit and seal coal, owners of Mill Close,* Watering Close and Bithoms Mines in Wensley Liberty and
3. ... George TURNER of Matlock, miner ... partners in Gurdale Mine, Wensley Liberty, by which HARPUR licenses 2. and 3. to have free use of the sough already brought up to HARPUR's land called Burned Hurst in Wensley, and to continue it for their joint use, and licenses 2. and 3. separately to continue the sough separately to their respective mines, through his lands. 22 June 1764.
*Slack crossed through but is in ff.165 - 167 [this reference is not included here] (c/chlsl)
6679 ff.194-195
Draft conveyance by James WALKER of Matlock, nailer to Thomas LEE of Matlock, miner of 1/6 share of mine called High Tor Rake ? or the Dovecote, liberty of Matlock, covenanting that as soon as Blackstoneturn, which is sinking in the mine, shall be worked through he shall pay further money to WALKER, and a further £2.2s. when the profits of mine amount to £4.4s.
1785. (c/chlsl)
6679 ff.196-199
Attested copy of conveyance made between 1. Anthony WOOD of Wakebridge, Crich, yeo., 2. Francis ALLYN of Lea, Ashover, yeo., 3. William NEWTON of Oakerthorpe, son and heir of John NEWTON late of same place, deceased, 4. George HOPKINSON of Ible, gent., executor of will of Robert SAYE of Wirksworth, yeo., by which they divide between them 2/3 of the lot and cope arising in 1/3 the manor of Crich, which was sold by Anthony BENNETT of Brackenfield, gent., and Ralph SMYTH of Hognaston, yeo. to WOOD, ALLYN, John NEWTON and SAYE on 14 Feb 1660/1, according to the proportion of purchase money which was paid respectively by WOOD, ALLYN, John NEWTON and SAYE. 30 Dec. 1667. Copied 25 Sept. 1788. The original said to be in the possession of John SOWTER of Matlock.
1667, 1788. (c/chlsl)
6679 ff.215-223
? Copy of lease for 99 years by 1. William HOUGHTON of Wensley, gent., owner of four closes called the Edge Closes in Foolow, and by 2. Eaglesfield SMITH of Longshaw, co. Annan, Scotland, esq., owner of Long Piece in Foolow, and 3. ... the proprietors of lead mine called Old New and Bradshaw and 4. ... Robert MASON of Matlock Bath, innholder, James WRIGHT of Matlock, butcher, Adam WOLLEY of Matlock, gent., ... of mines etc. of lead and copper ore, already found or to be found in the Edge Closes and Long Piece in Foolow, with liberty to dig, bundle etc., reciting that 3. Have driven a sough and in sinking a shaft northward of the named closes discovered a vein of lead thought to range E. to W. through the closes. Also declares leased mines to be held by 3 and 4 and under the name of the Consolidated Title, half by party 3 and half by party 4. With details concerning payment for shaft already sunk, maintenance of sough made by 3. And its continuance by the Consolidated Title partners, payment of composition ore to 1. and 2. etc.
---1790. (c/chlsl)
Volume 6680

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
a-common-called-the-Green Hodge-Green Riber Royal-Oak-mine Rye-Croft Ryecroft Senior-fd
Places in this volume within Matlock Liberty
Allen-hill-Sough Allenhill-Sough Hagg-Grove Leywood-Lead-Mine Oxclose-Lead-Mine
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Bonsall Cromford-Liberty-Provewell-Mine Wensley-Liberty-Dalefd-[Dalefield]-mine-and-sough Wirksworth-Liberty-and-Wapentake-Orchard-Grove Wirksworth-Liberty-and-Wapentake-Rochwood-Grove Wirksworth-Liberty-Gang-Rake-Mine Wirksworth-Hannage-Sough

6680 ff.5-6
Brief for plaintiffs, William RICHARDSON esq., Jethro NORMAN, Mosby FAIRFAX, Thomas HARPUR, William WARD, Thomas DODDS, William FAULKINGHAM, Abraham FLINT, James HUNTER and George TURNER, against John WILDGOOSE the elder and John WILDGOOSE the younger, defs. Alleged to have broken and entered a mine at Matlock called Royal Oak and dug and taken away lead in 1741 and 1742. Derby 1743/4.
1743/4 (c/chlsl)
6680 ff.49-50
[Draft] articles of agreement between 1. John WOOLLEY of Matlock, yeoman and 2. ...Anthony WOODWARD of Matlock, Edward WOODHOUSE of Matlock, miner, Anthony STERNDALE of Matlock, shopkeeper ... partners in Allenhill Sough, Liberty of Matlock, reciting that 1. on 11 March 1734/5 agreed to permit the sough to be brought through his lands, that it has been begun and shares in it sold to 2., agreeing that 2. may work on the sough in the Rye Croft, the close at the back of John WOOLLEY's house and the lane from the house in Matlock to a green called Hodge Green, that when the sough and lead veins etc., discovered in bringing up the sough become profitable, 2. will take 1. into partnership etc.
8 Aug. 1738. (c/chlsl)
6680 f.57
Copy of articles of agreement between 1.Richard BAGSHAW, esq., and others (named), owners of Oxclose and Leywood Lead Mines in Matlock Liberty 2. Robert MOOR, jun. And others (named) part owners of a mine and sough called Dalefd [Dalefield] 3. Jos. a ASH and others (named) part owners of a mine and sough called Dalefd., liberty of Wensley, reciting it has been found that a discharge of water from Oxclose and Leywood mines reduces the water at Dalefd and agreeing that 1. shall drain Dalefd mines by a fire engine or other means.
18 Feb. 1743/4. (c/chlsl)
6680 ff.64-67
Copy articles of agreement between 1. ...* and 2. ... , _reciting_ that party 1. are partners in Rochwood Grove in Wirksworth Liberty and Wapentake and party 2. partners in Orchard Grove in same Liberty ...the two groves ... are close together ... wish to prevent disputes, agreeing to arbitration ...
15 Feb 1699/1700.
*Including Josiah ALSOP of Matlock, lead burner. (c/chlsl)
6680 f.80
Copy dated 23 Dec 1740 of articles of agreement between 1. ... partners in Gang Rake Mine, Wirksworth Liberty and 2. ... Wigley HAYWARD of Seniorfd, parish of Matlock, gent., ... partners in Provewell Mine, Cromford Liberty, agreeing to appoint of arbitrators ... to settle disputes which may also arise out of close proximity of the mines.
'abt. Aug' 1739. (c/chlsl)
6680 ff.81-2
Draft articles of agreement between .... John WALL the younger of Riber, gent ... reciting that a sough or water gate is already begun out of Hannage Sough in Wirksworth, to be called new Hannage Sough, and that several mines which have been deserted for many years have been legally given to John WALL, the elder of Riber, gent., and George TOMLINSON for the use of the parties in this agreement, and have been consolidated with the New Sough and agreeing articles for the management of the New Sough and division into shares.
1750. (c/chlsl)
6680 f.87
Articles of agreement between ... partners in Hagg Grove, liberty of Matlock, reciting respective shares in the mine and agreeing articles for its management Appointment of overseer, keeping of accounts etc.)
20 March 1738/9 (c/chlsl)
6680 ff.111-114
Answers of Benjamin HAYWARD, a lead merchant and lead smelter, Thomas LEACROFT and Anthony CHADWICK, defendants to a bill of complaint of John BARKER, concerning Smiling Fancy, Lane End and plain dealing mines. Barker's dwelling house in Winster is said to be an alehouse, and the sign of the Red Lion in Wirsworth is mentioned.
[1702 or later] (c/chlsl)
6680 ff.115-116
[Draft] articles of agreement between 1. John WOOLLEY of Matlock, yeo., 2. Thomas and William BOWNE, Edward WOODHOUSE the elder, Michael CARDEN, Samuel WRAGG, Samuel BOWNE, Edward WOODHOUSE the younger, Anthony WOODWARD, Samuel CARDEN, John BOWN, all of Matlock, miners and Ralph WOOD of Bonsall,? miner, partners and proprietors in Allen hill Sough, Liberty of Matlock, for 2. To drive the sough across WOOLLEY's estate in Matlock called Ryecroft, the close at the back of John WOOLLEY's house, and the lane leading from his house to a common called the Green, for 1. to be taken into partnership with 2. when veins discovered in bringing the sough up become profitable, etc.
--- March 1734/5. (c/chlsl)