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  Volumes 6691 to 6696
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Volume 6691

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume:
Alderwasley-manor-messuages-and-lands Ashleyhay-manor-messuages-and-lands Casterne-STS Holmesfield-messuages-and-lands Hope Kingston-upon-Hull Wirksworth Wirksworth-Hillside Wirksworth-messuages-and-farms

6691 ff.160-4
[ff.160-2 deal with Matlock, 1688]
Draft of agreement made between 1. Nicholas HURT of Casterne, co. Stafford esq., Elizabeth his wife, sister and heir of John LOWE late of Alderwasley, p. Wirksworth, esq. deceased 2. Charles HURT of Alderwasley son and heir of Nicholas and Elizabeth 3. Francis HURT of Hillside, parish Wirksworth gent. 4. Anthony HURT of Kingston upon Hull gent. 5. Henry HURT of Casterne gent (3.4 and 5 being 2nd, 3rd and 4th sons of Elizabeth and Nicholas HURT) 6. Grace, Mary and Mercy daughters of Elizabeth and Nicholas HURT and 7. Henry BALGAY of Hope esq. surviving trustee of the will of John LOWE late of Alderwasley, dated 1 Oct. 1688 (see ff.160-162), reciting the will in some detail, that is provided with inter alia that LOWE's property (messuages and lands in Holmesfield, the inheritance of his mother, and in Wirksworth, the inheritance of his cousin John FERNE deceased, and messuages and lands purchased by his father in manor of Alderwasley and Ashleyhay, reversion of land in Matlock) should be used for the benefit of Elizabeth HURT's children, amongst whom it was to be equally divided as each child reached the age of 23, and 1. desiring provision should be made for their children proportional to what is provided for them in LOWE's will and by their marriage settlement, and thinking it more convenient for their daughters to have money, £1,000 apiece, seemed to them, and 2. having secured to them £1,000 apiece at age of 21 and having agreed to aquit his share of LOWE's property amongst his brothers, it is agreed that BALGUY shall convey the copyhold in manor of Holmesfield to use of Frances HURT, several messuages, farms etc. in Wirksworth (giving rents, tenants) to Henry HURT's use. With covenant concerning maintenance of Grace and Mary HURT.
9 Anne 1709/10. (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6692

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Matlock-Bath Riber Riber-Hillie-Cliffe
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Ashover Bonsall Buxton Carsington Chesterfield Cromford Crumford Darley Derby Dethick House-of-Commons Mathfield [Mayfield, co. Stafford] Nottingham Snitterton Swanwick Winster Wirksworth York York-House-in-Old-Worke

6692 ff. 49, 50
Assessment for the Wapentake of Wirksworth for the subsidy of 1663. (DASJ 1913, p.184)
[Matlock was within the Wapentake]
6692 f.55
Printed petition for freeholders and miners of Ashover, Matlock, Darley, Bonsall, and Carsington against paying tithe ore in relation to a Bill then pending in the House of Commons. They deny that the tithe of lead ore has ever been paid in these five parishes (n.d.). (DASJ 1913, p.184)
(date given as c.1700 - uc/chlsl)
6692 ff.91-2
Letter to Madam TURNER at the House in Old Worke in the City of York, from Edmd. EVANS at Bonsall. He has received Mrs. LANGTON's letter and has sent the bill (or bell) accordingly herewith to Chesterfield to go to York by carrier, the boxes of writings at Snitterton are removed upstairs ; the repairs to Billy ? KILLHAM's or ? KIRKHAM's house are not quite finished (some detail concerning the slate some of which came from an old house); We were 3 cartloads of slate short which Isaac EVANS fetched from the slate pits to Snitterton in his cart and thence to Bonsall by horseback; have been very lousy in making a coach or wagon road from Bonsall to "Crumford" from which place there is already one made to Matlock Bath (done at Mr. PENNELL's expense who built the Bath) and another from Cromford to Swanwick made mostly at Mr. TURNER's expense for the encouragement of his coral trade so when ours is completed it will make a through passage from Matlock Bath to Buxton and likewise from 'our' neighbourhood to the coalpits, Nottingham or Derby ; this rough piece of work is not done by any levy but chiefly by the miners unpaid, the gunpowder they blow away and the ale allowed them is paid out of a collection made amongst ourselves, particularly mentioning Mrs. HALLAM who keeps the Bath and Mr. MOORE of Winster, and suggests your ladyship gives a guinea to them. Postscript that Mr. BRADLEY of Mathfield [Mayfield, co. Stafford] is to make a resignation of the living and Edmd. will wait on your ladyship with a presentation.
10 July 1736 (uc/chlsl)
6692 ff.125-133
Copy of the will of William WALKER alias FULIL of Dethick, yeoman, reciting a recovery in court baron of 'Wapentage' of Wirksworth, in which the manor of Matlock lies, of all his copyhold lands in Matlock and Riber, Dec. 1 Ja.I [1603] (f.125) and bequeathing messuage, cottage and tenement called Hillie Cliffe and lands, and small pieces of land to son George (see f.129) for life, then to George's son William, bequeathing money to George's 8 children, and to testator's 2nd son Henry with reference to his returning and being within the realm of England (f.126) ; mentioning furniture in house at Riber, various relatives. 27 Feb 1632 ; 7 Ch.I, proved 3 June 1634. Copy dated 27 April 1675. (uc/chlsl)
6692 ff.134-9
Will of George WALKER, of Riber, 1665. (DARJ p.185)
date given as 1654- (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6693

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Cuckoostone-Dale Horse-Shoe-Matlock-Green

6693 f.3d
Auction advertisement, for sale by Geo. SMITH [auctioneer] at the sign of the Horse Shoe, Matlock Green, on 22 Feb 1809, of 5 freehold closes lying in Cuckoostone Dale, Matlock, with recently erected barn. COTES, Printer, Wirksworth. Printed. (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6694

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume within Matlock:
dye-house house-near-Lumbs-Mill-with-own-mill-belonging Lynn-Tree-Matlock-Church messuage-land-ulling mill SHARMAN's-shop smelting-mills [? in Matlock] The-Kilne Walk-Mill-with-the-dyeing-house Places in this volume elsewhere:
Ashford-in-the-Water Bonsall Bonsall-charity-school [Bonsall] the-Dale-land-at-adjoining-school-house Chaddesden-manor Little-Rowsley Locko-manor Spondon-manor Spondon-vicarage Tansley

6694 ff.41-50
Abstract of William WHITE's title to a freehold estate at Matlock, 1682-1777. The earliest deed cited, the marriage settlement of William, eldest son of Anthony BOWNE of Matlock yeo. and Ann daughter of John KNOWLES of Matlock yeoman refers to a messuage, land, fulling mill in Matlock. 1682 (ff.41-2), further lands in Matlock are mentioned 1686-9 (f.42) ; will of John BOWN of Matlock dyer 4 July 1731, and award and deeds (4 Feb. and land 2 Mar. 1742/3 relating to division of John's property between sisters Ann SPENCER and Mary WHITE give much detail on the property and mention buildings about the house at Lynn Tree, lands, seats in Matlock Church, dye house, house near Lumbs Mill with own mill belonging, The Kilne with land, part of the royalty to the manor of Matlock, house at the Walk Mill, the Walk Mill with the dyeing house, SHARMAN's shop etc. (ff.43-47). Copy will of Thomas WHITE of Little Rowsley yeoman referring to real estate at Matlock, copyhold at Ashford in the Water, 30 Oct. 1748 ff.47-8 There is detail about the house at Lynn Tree, Matlock, throughout the abstract. (uc/chlsl)
[Cox has : Abstract to title of Mr. William WINTER to an estate at Matlock. (DASJ 1913, p.186)]
6694 ff.51
Case BAGSHAW v. BAGSHAW, apparently concerning a coach bought from WALKER by the defendant, with opinion of N. FAZAKERLEY. 29 May 1731. (uc/chlsl)
6694 ff.124-6
Bill of complaint and answer (dated 23 Nov 1736) in Chancery Case between Elizabeth TURNER oratrix and John Gilbert COOPER esq. defendant concerning agreement for COOPER's purchase from Mrs. TURNER of Manors of Locko, Chaddesden and Spondon, with lands etc. and the vicarage of Spondon. With schedule of tenants. Deeds of TURNER family back to 1729 are referred to, also the charity school at Bonsall erected by Robert FERNE late grandfather of Elizabeth FERNE and lands etc. in Matlock, Tansley and Bonsall (f.124d) including 2 smelting mills [? in Matlock] and land at the Dale [?Bonsall] adjoining school house. (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6695

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Matlock-manor Places in this volume elsewhere:
Lincoln [Wirksworth ] Thompson's-Great-and-Little-Coal-Hills Wirksworth-the-Red-Lion

6695 ff.216-7
Draft letter, with account from A[dam} W[OLLEY] to H[erbert] G[reensmith] BEARD esq., written from Matlock 1 Sep 1819, and letter from BEARD to WOLLEY written from Lincoln 5 July 1819. WOLLEY's letter refers to the small share of Matlock manor which belonged to the late Mr. Robt. GREENSMITH 'of drunken memory', now Mr. BEARD's property. The account refers to loads of malt and hops, besides legal expenses, which are given in greater detail on the back of an advertisement of the auction of Thompson's Great and Little Coal Hills in Wirksworth to be sold at the Red Lion in Wirksworth on 23 March 1819. WOLLEY attorney and Mr. NUTTALL, land surveyor, Matlock, and S. GLOVER printer, Wirksworth named on advertisement. [Auctioneer]. Mr. JACKSON. (uc/chlsl)
6695 ff.218-220
Abstract of title to copyhold estate in the manor of Matlock to Herbert Greensmith BEARD, 1709. (DASJ 1913, p.190)
(dates given as 1708-1818 - uc/chlsl)
6695 ff. 322, 323
Abstract of manor-court rolls of Matlock, 1728 - 1787. (DASJ 1913, p.190)
6695 ff. 324-
Abstract of a title to a messuage at Matlock. (DARJ p.190)
(dates given as [1672]-1745 - uc/chlsl)
Volume 6696

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume within Matlock:
bakehouse barn-cottage Gibb-Meadow

6696 f.121
Copy of deed of enfranchisement of cottage, barn, bakehouse, the house and Gibb Meadow in Manor of Matlock, made to John MARTIN of Matlock, free mason, 29 Ap. 22Ch. 1646. (uc/chlsl)
6696 ff.171-2
Will of John SOWTER, of Matlock, 1778. (DASJ 1913, p.191)
dates given as 1777 - uc/chlsl)