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  Volumes 6670 to 6675
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Volume 6670

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
LimeTree-Lane [also Limtree] Matlock-Bath-House Matlock-New-Bath-House New-Bath Paper-Mill Riber
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Adbolton-inter-alia-in-co.-Nottingham Ashover Cheneys-HRT Crich Cromford Cromford-chapel Cromford-Cotton-Mill Derbyshire Lea Leicester Middleton Newton Roadnooke Snitterton Snitterton-lordship-of Steephill-Grange Steeple-Hall Steeple-House Sutton-LIN Tansley Tutbury-Honour-of Wakebridge-Hall Wakebridge-manor-of Wensley Willersley Winster Wirksworth Wirksworth-parish-church-St.-Katherine's-quire

6670 ff.2-41
"Quillets in Com Derbie." A long contemporary list of holders of land throughout the county in the sixteenth century, arranged alphabetically. A "quillet" is a north-country phrase for a furrow, but sometimes meant a croft or a holding.
[Not known if includes Matlock names] (DASJ Vol XXXIII, p.183)
6670 ff.43-59
Copy of Derbyshire Domesday Book. (DASJ Vol XXXIII, p.183)
6670 f.90
Copy of will of Joshua WIGLEY of Tansley, bequeathing lands in Wirksworth, Tansley, Matlock, Wensley. Exectors, John SPATEMAN of the Roadnooke, John RICHARDSON of Newton and Robert SEDDON. 20 Feb 1881/2. (uc/chlsl)
The DASJ has - 6670 f.90 Will of Joshua WIGLEY of Tansley, 1681 :-
"A case of my pistolls, my Tobacco box, & all my workinge Tools to my brother Anthony; my Long fowlinge piece to my brother Morris ; to Mr. John SPATEMAN of Roadnooke, my best sword and green velvet saddle; to Mr. John RICHARDSON of Newton, my clocke, and to Robert SEDDON my watche."
(DASJ Vol XXXIII, p.185)
6670 f.90d
1) Notes of the building of the paper mill at Matlock Bath near the New Bath and of the cotton mill at Cromford, both in 1771-2, the latter being built of the stone from Steephill Grange (also called Steep House or Hall), which was built in 1714, and of the sale of the site of Steeple Hall and land by Mr. GREENSMITH to William LOVETT of Matlock Bath House in 1777.
2) Pedigree of SLAUGHTER of Sutton, co. Lincoln, later of Cheneys, co. Hertford, for 4 generations before 1611, with arms. (uc/chlsl)
The DASJ has - 6670 f.90b [note: Cox used b, rather than d']
"The Paper Mill at Matlock (near the New Bath) was built by Messrs Robert SHORE, of Snitterton, and George WHITE, of Winster, in the year 1771, and some additional Buildings in the year following.

"The old Cotton Mill at Cromford was built by Messrs ARKWRIGHT & Co. in 1771, and some additional Buildings to it in 1772. The stone of which it is built was brought from Steephill Grange, commonly called Steeple House and Steeple Hall, Mr. GREENSMITH, the present owner (1773), having sold the materials of which it was built by Robert GREENSMITH his grandfather, in 1764, to Messrs ARKWRIGHT & Co., who pulled it down and conveyed the materials to Cromford for the purpose aforesaid.

"8th Nov. 1777. The site of Steeple Hall was sold by Mr. GREENSMITH to Mr. W. LOWELL of Matlock New Bath House, with about 16 acres of land lying contiguous with it, for £210.
A.W. [Adam WOLLEY] (DASJ Vol XXXIII, p.185)
6670 ff.111-3
Copy of grant to Sir George MANNERS as 6666 ff.250-255
[1614?] (uc/chlsl)
6670 ff.123d
Note that Robert SMITH barmaster deposed that the lordship of Snitterton was and is held of the Honour of Tutbury and that Mr. SACHEVERELL pays certain sums to the bailiff of the socage and to the reeve of Matlock.
1592 (uc/chlsl)
6670 ff.202-3
Copy of will of Richard WIGLEY of Middleton, devising messuage and land in Matlock, lands in Winster, bole, 9 Aug 1540 and probate.
19 Oct 1540 (uc/chlsl)

He desired to be buried in St. Katherine's quire, Wirksworth parish church. Among his bequests is two shillings to the Chapell of Cromford (DASJ Vol XXXIII, p.188)
6670 ff.210-211
Extracts relating to the family of "WIGLEY", chiefly abstracts of deeds and copies of court roll concerning lands in Wirksworth, Middleton, Cromford, Matlock, Willersley, and Winster, and including one document concerning Adbolton inter alia in co. Nottingham, and a note (f.210) of Ralph WIGLEY's apprenticeship to Geo. TATEM of Leicester tanner.
15th - early 17th c. (uc/chlsl)
6670 f.232 (2 folios) - 233
POLE family and their estates: notes, pedigrees 16th - 18thc., abstracts of will of John POLE, 1718 (d. 1724) and of conveyance by Edmund MORPHY of Wirksworth esq. to Peter NIGHTINGALE of Lea esq. of manor of Wakebridge, Wakebridge Hall, lands etc. in Crich, Matlock and Ashover, 1771. The POLE family was later MORPHY as one pedigree shows. (uc/chlsl)
6670 f.253
Number of houses in Matlock, sub-divided into 8 areas, giving total of 520, of which 20 were unoccupied in 1799. The resulting figure of 500 has been multiplied by 5 [? as estimate of population]. Probably by Adam WOLLEY. (uc/chlsl)
6670 f.[254]-255
Total acreages of Matlock old inclosed commonable lands, of commons, of Ashover inclosed commonable lands, with breakdown of Matlock fyines, f.[253] and total of acreages of 14 places (for Cromford, acreages in ?ownership of Mr. ARKWRIGHT and Mr. EVANS are given also) and of 5 townships. (uc/chlsl)
6670 f.278
Notes from lease and release by John STATHAM of Tansley gent. executor of W. WOLLEY of Riber esq. to John COCKAYNE of Matlock gent. of a cottage in Lime tree Lane, Matlock, 28, 29 Jan. 25 Ch.II [1674] and conveyance by John COCKAYNE of Matlock yeoman and Mary his mother, widow, to John CARDER of Matlock husbandman, of 'sd' cottage.
1705. (uc/chlsl)
6670 f.278d
Short pedigree of COCKAYNE family, 3 generations beginning with John of the Limtree Lane, Matlock, lead merchant, buried 1693.
17th - 18th c. (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6671

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Derwent-River High-Tor-Wood Lumbs-Mill Lumbs-Smelting-Mills Masson Matlock-Bath-House Matlock-Bridge paper-mill the-Decoy
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Alfreton Ashover Cromford Cromford-manor-of Cromford-smelting-house-or-lead-mill Ricrofts-the Derby-county Holme-Pierrepont-NTT Lords-Meadow-the Newland-manor-of [p. of Alfreton] Northedge-Farm-Ashover Orton-Longueville-HUN Peacock-Inn-near-Alfreton Willersley Willersley-manor-of Wirksworth

6671 ff.94-98
Detailed account of Sir Richard ARKWRIGHT's inventions, written by C. HURT, junr., in 1806. (DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.92)
6671 ff.134-6
Copy of partition made between Robert PIERREPONT of Holme Pierrepont, co. Nottingham, esq. and wife Gertrude, a daughter and co-heir of Henry TALBOT esq. decd. 3rd son of George late Earl of SHREWSBURY, and Thomas HOLCROFTE of Orton Longueville, co. Huntingdon esq. and Mary his wife, another of Henry TALBOT's daughters and co-heirs, of the manors of Cromford and Willersley, and properties in Cromford, Willersley, Wirksworth and Matlock (Cromford and Wirksworth to HOLCROFTES, Matlock and Willersley to PIERREPONTS, except that the Lords Meadow, the Ricrofts and smelting house or lead mill in Cromford and Wirksworth to PIERREPONTS)
15 Feb 13 Ja.I [1616]. With description of surviving seals. [1616] (uc/chlsl)
6671 ff.154-157
Printed particulars of sale at the Peacock Inn near Alfreton, on 24th April 1804, of the manor of Newland, in Alfreton parish, and of 400 acres in Alfreton, Ashover, and adjoining parishes. The manor of Newland, with 188 acres, to William KIRKLAND, the tenant. Northedge Farm, Ashover, with 134 acres, was sold to Mr. John NUTTALL, of Matlock, for £3,745. (DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.99)
6671 ff.310-313
Abstract of deeds and papers relative to the manor of Matlock, 1628 - 1788. Include deeds relating to Lumbs Mill in 17thc., Matlock Bath-House 1727 or 1727/8, calamy 1767, 1774, liberty to build mills and water wheels adjoining the Derwent upon the Masson at or near the Decoy, 1767, liberty to erect water wheels on E. of Derwent adjoining High Tor Wood and near Matlock Bridge for unwatering mines 1769, liberty to convey water to paper mill 1772, Lumbs Smelting Mills 1778, individual houses.
[1628 - 1788] (uc/chlsl)
6671 ff.314-318
Census returns of houses, persons, and occupations in parishes or townships of co. Derby (? 1800) (DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.107)
[Note: this has not been checked to see if Matlock names are included]
Volume 6672

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume
Derby-county-of London St.-Martin's-Ludgate

6672 ff.205-7
Abstract of title of Mr. Stephen WALL of Matlock's freehold and copyhold estate in Matlock, 1683-1750. Endorsed 8 March 1750/1. (uc/chlsl)
6672 ff.266-267
Will of Edmund JOHNS of Matlock, citizen and haberdasher of London. Body to be buried at Matlock. Five pounds to poor of Matlock, and like sum to poor of St. Martin's, Ludgate. To Mr. SHELMERDINE, minister of Matlock, 20/-, and 20/- more to preach at his funeral; 1656, proved 1663. Inventory of testator's goods at Matlock, 1663, of some interest. (DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.114)
6672 ff.268-296
Schedule of fines due to the Crown from divers manors, messuages, lands, tenements, and hereditaments throughout the county of Derby, 12 Charles I. (DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.114)
[Note: this has not been checked to see if Matlock names are included]
Volume 6673

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Brownswood Hasker Whitfield
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Alderwasley Ashford Beeley Boothays Boulton-co.-Derby Callow Chesterfield Darley Farlington [co. Southampton]Flagg Great-Morley Harthey Hassop Hopwell Little-Morley Monyash Pentrich Priestcliff Ripley Roadnook Rowland Saddington-co.-Leicester Snitterton Snitterton-manor-of Stanton Taddington Wensley Wirksworth

6673 f.38
[Notes relative to Snitterton] general (uc/chlsl)
6673 f.39
[Notes relative to Snitterton] descent of manor (uc/chlsl)
6673 f.42
[Notes relative to Snitterton] rental of all that Mr. SACHEVERELL makes of his lordship of Snitterton
1586 (uc/chlsl)
6673 f.43
[Notes relative to Snitterton]
extract from conveyance by Thomas SMITH of Farlington co. Southampton esq. to Henry PEACH of property in Harthey, Ripley and Pentrich, 1710, with notes re SMITH's financial troubles, mortgage of Snitterton, Matlock, Wensley and Darley Estate, contract to sell half manor of Snitterton to John THORNHILL of Stanton gent and William SORESBY of Chesterfield gent. and purchase by Henry ALDRICH clerk of part of Snitterton estate 1712. (uc/chlsl)
6673 f.43d
[Notes relative to Snitterton] Short SMITH pedigree (uc/chlsl)
6673 f.44
[Notes relative to Snitterton] translation from letters patent granting George ROLLESTON the manors of Morley, Hopwell, Snitterton, Callow and Boulton, co. Derby and Saddington, co. Leicester, lands etc in many places in Derbyshire, formerly possesssions of John SACHEVERELL esq. and forfeited to the Queen
27 Jan 15 Eliz [1573] (uc/chlsl)
6673 f.45
[Notes relative to Snitterton] note concerning connection of Blanche Queen of NAVARRE with Snitterton (uc/chlsl)
6673 f.45d
[Notes relative to Snitterton] concerning SACHEVERELL connection with manor of Snitterton
15th-17th c (uc/chlsl)
6673 ff.62-3
Copy of schedule of title deeds relating to an estate called Hasker in Matlock parish belonging to William and John MILNES (involving successively SAVILE, GILBERT, NIGHTINGALE and MILNES). 1664/5-1799 Signed Peter NIGHTINGALE. (uc/chlsl)
6673 ff.71-2
Copy of bargain and sale by John SPATEMAN of Roadnook esq. to Thomas HODES and William WILSON of Wirksworth and Charles HANSON of Alderwasley, yeoman, of messuages, cottages, etc. in Brownswood and Whitfield, parish Matlock, ?30 May 1700. With copy of endorsed abstract of title deeds relating to the premises.
14thc-1700 (uc/chlsl)
6673 ff.231-232
Abstract of Mr WOLLEY's title to Boothays. (DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.116)
Volume 6674

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Leedham's-Hotel Cuckoostone-Dale [Matlock]-farm Horse-Shoe, Matlock-Green
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Bonsall Darley Tansley

6674 ff.57-58
Grant of arms to Sir Richard ARKWRIGHT, 1787. (DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.118)
6674 f.113d [200d]
Printed notice on behalf of the lords of the manor of Matlock to quit premises held of or belonging to the lords. No addressee.
1 Sep. 1810 (uc/chlsl)
6674 f.173d
Draft of letter written by A. W[OLLEY] jun. On behalf of Mr. HIGGINS threatening legal action over non-performance of agreement concerning a farm the addressee lately held of Mr. HIGGINS in Matlock and Darley. Written from Matlock 16 May 1794. (uc/chlsl)
6674 f.180
Note concerning ? collection of Land Tax in Tansley and Matlock (uc/chlsl)
[Note: 6674 f.180d. Not catalogued. (uc/chlsl)
6674 f.188d
Printed notice of sale by auction at the sign of the Horse Shoe, Matlock Green, on 22 Feb. 1809, of 5 freehold closes in Cuckoostone Dale, parish of Matlock with recently erected barn, 22 Feb. 1809. Printed by COTES, Wirksworth ; auctioneer Geo. SMITH. (uc/chlsl)
6674 ff.200-207
Pedigrees - of ARKWRIGHT of Cromford ... (DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.124)
[Other surnames, but none of Matlock]
6674 ff.210-221
Pedigrees ... of WOLLEY of Riber and of SOWTER. (DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.125)
[Other surnames, but none of Matlock]
6674 f.218d
Printed advertisement of auction at Leedham's Hotel, Matlock Bath, on 27 Nov. 1809 of freehold and copyhold estates in Bonsall. To be sold by Mr. JACKSON. Mention of Mr. BRITTLEBANK, solicitor. Printer, COTES, Wirksworth. (uc/chlsl)
6674 f.221d
Extracts from Matlock parish registers, particularly relating to COCKAYNE or COCKIN(G) family, 17th-18thc. and to WIGLEY family, 17thc. (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6675

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Allen-Hill the-Bath Boghwod Bough-Wood Buntings-Farm 'del-Cumbis' [?Coumbs in Matlock] Free-School Riber-Hall the-Coumbs Senior-Field Town-the Willersley
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Aldwark Ashover Bonsall Both-De-La Bradbourne Chelmorton Clements-Inn-London Cromford Eggington Fernily-de-la Hilton-Chapel Hognaston Lea Marston Marston-on-Dove Middleton Morley Morley-Smalley-Chapel-in-Morley-parish Overton Newton-Solney Scropton Snitterton Snitterton-Chantry-of Spinkhill Wakebridge Wakebruge Wensley Whittington Winster-Chapel-and-Chapel-Yard Wormhill

6675 ff.2-3
Notes from grants of property by the Crown, some of it being former Chantry property. Includes Chantry of Snitterton and its lands in Matlock, Wensley, Bonsall and Snitterton, lands in Hognaston and Middleton, Winster Chapel and Chapel Yard; lands etc. in Morley, Smalley Chapel in Morley parish, Hilton Chapel and lands in Scropton and Marston ; lands in Ashover, Chelmorton and Wormhill, Newton Solney, Eggington ; Aldwark and Bradbourne.
n.d. and 3-4 Eliz. [1561-2] (uc/chlsl)
6675 ff.4-27
Brief accounts, carefully prepared, of Ashover with its diverse halls, Bonsall, Matlock, ... Cromford ...
(DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.126)
6675 ff.13-15
Notes on the history of Matlock, including notes on the manor, Willersley, the Coumbs, Bough Wood, Riber Hall. Includes a note that William WOLLEY esq. a member of the Marston on Dove branch of the Allen Hill WOLLEYs made collections for the history of Derbyshire formerly in the hands of Dr PEGGE of Whittington and now in the Herald's College. (uc/chlsl)
6675 f.183
Printed Rules and Orders of Matlock Free School made 2 August 1814. (J. COTES, Printer and Bookbinder, Wirksworth) (uc/chlsl)
Broad sheet of printed rules and orders of Matlock Free School, founded by Anthony WOLLEY and George SPATEMAN, made by the Trustees, 2nd August 1814. (DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.128)
6675 f.184
Printed catalogue of cattle, horses, household furniture, etc., on the premises of late Mr. Mathew STONE of Snitterton, to be sold 27 November, 1809. Furniture included "Pillion with new blue velveteen cloth".
(DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.128)
6675 f.202-204
Presentations to Matlock, 1423-1570. (DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.129)
6675 f.208
2[?] extracts from a parish register relating to CHAPPELL and WILD families, one of whom John CHAPPELL (d.1687) was Rector 1669-1728 [possibly relates to Matlock] (uc/chlsl)
6675 ff.209-217
WOLLEY family, collections of
6675 f.215
Surrender by Adam WOLLEY of messuage called Buntings Farm and lands (names given) in Matlock to use of Adam until his marriage with Millicent daughter of Henry WIGLEY of Senior Field, Matlock, and then to use of Adam and Millicent for their lives (and further uses recited), at court baron 6 May 1672 (uc/chlsl)
6675 f.222-243
Pedigrees of ... NIGHTINGALE of Lea ... (DASJ Vol XXXIV, p.129)
6675 f.228
Letter from J. Odingsells LEEKE to Joseph BANKS esq. at Overton [Ashover parish] about a meeting "at the bath" to take a surrender to Mr. HODGKINSON ; BANKS will esteem that a better place than the Town [? Matlock] by reason of the accommodation ; with opinion as to where a surrender may be taken.
13 May 1739. (uc/chlsl)
6675 ff.245-7
Letters to Mr. George SOWTER at Matlock Bridge from Thomas LEACROFT at Clements Inn, London, 1719-1720 ? concerning dispute over deceased Anthony WALKER's property in Matlock. (uc/chlsl)
6675 ff.283-6
Papers relating to "Jonathan etc HILLs" case against PIDCOCKE for the estate Matlock. The estate had belonged to John MARTIN and his son John, both of whom died in 1672. Notes go back to 1646 and include a pedigree of MARTIN and related HOLE and PIDCOCK(E) families.
17th-[18thc] (uc/chlsl)
6675 f.393d
demise by Geoffrey son of Richard de DETHEC to Geoffrey son of Robert de DETHEC of right in tenement 'del Cumbis' [?Coumbs in Matlock] and De la Both and tenement de la Fernily'.
n.d. (uc/chlsl)
6675 ff.394d-395
Pedigree of POLE of Wakebridge and Spinkhill, 17th - 18thc. and of descendants of Mary POLE by her marriage with _ KILLINGBECK and Edward MORPHY, with note that her grandson Edmund MORPHY sold Wakebridge and remainder of his estates in Matlock to Peter NIGHTINGALE esq. of Lea. (uc/chlsl)
6675 f.397
copy of main part of gift by Thomas POLE of Wakebruge to Ralph his son and heir of parcel of pasture land in Boghwod in the territory of Matlok (detailed position given)
n.d. (uc/chlsl)