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The Wolley Manuscripts, Matlock
A Major Collection of pre 1828 Pedigrees, Charters, Documents, Deeds & Wills
  Volumes 6687 to 6690
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Volume 6687

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume within Matlock:
cotton-mill-Mason-Pingle Riber Seniorfield Willersley-Castle Willersley-manor
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Brackenfield Crich Cromford-cotton-mill Cromford-manor Darley-church Holmesfield Nottingham Nottingham-messuage Portsmouth Preston Roadnook Tansley Tideswell Wakebridge Wessington 'Wigwall'-Hall Wigwell Wirksworth Wirksworth-the-free-school-and-almshouses

6687 ff.109-113
Abstract title to manors of Cromford and Willersley 1732-1782, with pedigree of DARCY, later DAWES, later LASCELLES family on f.110, and notes on the life of Sir Richard ARKWRIGHT, the building of Willersley Castle, fire there in 1791, the building of cotton mills at Cromford and at Mason Pingle in Matlock and pedigree of Sir Richard's descendants, on f.112d. Abstract of lease by John MILLER of Nottingham to Richard ARKWRIGHT and David THORNLEY of Nottingham merchants and John SMALLEY of Preston, merchant, of messuage in Nottingham (position described in detail) for 99 years, 1 Dec. 1769 and of ARKWRIGHT's assignment to Thos. SIMPSON of Nottingham brewer
2 Feb., 1792. f.113 (uc/chlsl)
6687 ff.114-8
Copy of partition of estates of Henry WIGLEY the younger of 'Wigwall' esq. deceased between Anne ROSELL of Wigwall' widow (one third) who had Wirksworth property, John STATHAM of Tideswell gent. and wife Bridget (one third) who had 'Wigwall' Hall with gardens, paddocks, mill etc. and other property in Wigwell and Wirksworth, and Michael BURTON of Holmesfield esq. and wife Mary (one third) who had property in Wirksworth, including a shop, and Matlock, subject to payment of annuity or rent charge of £10 to the free school and almshouses in Wirksworth. Anne, Bridget and Mary were the sisters and co-heirs of Henry WIGLEY. Many tenants' names given.
2 Sep. 1702. (uc/chlsl)
6687 ff.150-153
Probate of will of and the will of Katherine COLUMBELL, 8th of January, 14 Charles II. To be buried by her husband, John COLUMBELL, in the church of Darley. All the children to be brought up and educated "in the true Protestant Religion and not in the Romish or Papist Religion." Her brother, Dixy HICKMAN, of Portsmouth, to be sole guardian of Roger COLUMBELL, her son, and of the other children. Dixy HICKMAN, in conjunction with Mary COLUMBELL, her daughter, to be executors. Special bequests to her three daughters, Mary, Anne, and Katherine, and also to her sister, Rosamund GRANTHAM, and her daughter Fraunces, "If it should please God that the Grooves and Mynerall workes shall prove very beneficiall and prosperous." William WOLLEY, of Riber, her "honored cousin", to be "overseer" of her will. If her daughter Mary married without the consent of her uncle Dixy, she was to cease to be an executor.
[There are other COLUMBELL papers in this section but not listed here; this reference is included because of William WOLLEY] (DASJ 1913, pp.174-5)
6687 ff.157-8
Will of Henry WIGLEY, of Seniorfield, Matlock, 20 Charles II. Bequeaths to his elder son, Anthony, his Brackenfield estate ; to his younger son, Joshua, all his lands in the parish of Wirksworth ; to his daughter Hannah £300 ; to his daughter Lydia, £200; to his daughter Elizabeth, £200; and to his wife, Millicent, every other part and parcel of his goods, "if shee keepe herselfe in my name, butt if shee doe marry again after my decease, then shee shall have but one Third part of the same." (DASJ 1913, p.175)
6687 ff.159-161
Suit of Samuel SPATEMAN, of Roadnook, and Millicent his wife, against the daughters of Henry WIGLEY, 7 William III. (DASJ 1913, p.175)
[see previous reference]
6687 ff.255-75
Suit of George POLE with German POLE, of Wakebridge, and Margaret, his wife, as to lands at Wakebridge, Matlock, Tansley, Crich, and Wessington. (DASJ 1913, p.176)
[16thc] (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6688

Surnames in this volume:

Places in this volume within Matlock:

6688 ff.5-6
Suit of William PLATTS with John BENNETT and others to a messuage in Matlock, 1713. (DASJ 1913, p.176)
1713/4 (uc/chlsl)
6688 ff.7-9
Suit of Thomas JACKSON with T. SPENCER and others as to an estate at Matlock, 27 George II. (DASJ 1913, p.176)
to [1743] (uc/chlsl)
6688 ff.202-5
Brief for the complainant, John CHAPPELL Rector of Matlock, upon a feigned action against Robert WARD jun. and others defendants concerning tithe of lead ore, with on f.202 a note which may refer to this case.
[?1670's] (uc/chlsl)
Volume 6689

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
free-school-the manor-of Masson-or-Common-Wood Riber
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Ashover Duchy-of-Lancaster Bonsall Brampton-Moor-Hall Carnfield Chesterfield Codgrave Cowley Cutthorpe Derby Derwent London Milthorpe Norton Overton Stanton Tansley Tideswell 'Wannesley'-NTT

6689 ff.41-43
Account of John STATHAM as executor of W. WOLLEY, of Riber.
1669 - 72. (DASJ 1913, p.180)
6689 ff.47-8
The answer of Thomas GREAVES gent. and wife Elizabeth two of the defendants to a bill of complaint of Mary WINTER widow, a daughter of John CHAPPELL senior clerk, in a case ultimately arising out of Anthony WOLLEY's bequest of £5 p.a. towards the maintenance of the free school at Matlock.
Jan 1734/5 (uc/chlsl)
6689 ff.204-239
Suit against William MADDER, Anthony WOLLEY, and others as to lands at Matlock. (DASJ 1913, p.180)
to [1576] (uc/chlsl)
6689 ff.240-252
Copy of articles of agreement made between 1. John MIDDLETON of 'Wannesley', co. Nottingham, esq., Arthur MOORE of Milthorpe gent., Richard SENIOR of Cowley gent., George HEATHCOTE of Cutthorpe gent 2. many named persons, copyholders of the manor of Matlock 3. several persons acting on behalf of infant copyholders of the manor, reciting sale by 4 citizens of London on 9 Nov. last [1628] for £622 16s 8d to party 1. of the manor of Matlock, paying rent to the King through general receiver of the Duchy of Lancaster, of £16 10s 3d, and reciting that purchase of money was collected and paid by 2. and 3. according to the rate of each copyholder's annual rent, that 1. are to hold the manor to the use of 2. and 3., the division of rents, profits etc. to be in proportion of the rents paid by each copyholder (further details particularly relating to the infant copyholders), arrangements for payment of rent to Crown, conversion of copyholds to freeholds, appointment of new trustees with schedule of copyholders and rents paid by them. (ff.250-1)
- Jan 1 (sic - should be 5) Charles I 1629/30 (uc/chlsl)
6689 ff.253-4
Copy of grant by 1. Arthur MORE of Milthorpe gent. and Richard SENIOR of Cowley gent., to 2. Edward GILL of Norton gent., William BACH of Stanton gent., Walter WHALLEY of Codgrave., co. Nottingham and Robert son and heir of Arthur MOORE, of the manor of Matlock to hold to the same uses as MORE and SENIOR held it.
11 September 1650. (uc/chlsl)
6689 ff.255-9
Draft articles of agreement between 1. lords of the manor of Matlock (named) and 2. Thomas STATHAM of Tansley gent. who is to enjoy the profits of the manor for 21 years, with articles concerning rent, building of cottages on commons and wastes by the overseers of the poor, digging and carrying away of peat, turves, heath, wood, stone etc., STATHAM to obtain mines of lead and duties of hot and cope etc.
168- (uc/chlsl)
6689 ff.260
Letters of attorney (witnessed, but not signed by owners of manor) from the owners of the manor of Matlock as lords of the manor to William HODGKINSON of Overton in Ashover gent. and Joshua HAYWARD of Chesterfield gent. (also entitled to shares in the manor) appointing them to demand of John STATHAM esq. the evidences (title deeds) to the manor and an account of money he has received which belongs to the lords of the manor, reciting that STATHAM has been their steward for many years and has got the title deeds into his possession, is claiming to be sole lord of the manor and has received rents for which he refuses to account.
22 Aug 1712 (uc/chlsl)
6689 ff.261-2
Draft conveyance by William BACH of Stanton esq. to Henry BALGAY of Derwent esq. Robert REVELL of Carnfield esq., Godfrey WATKINSON of Brampton Moor Hall gent. and ? MOWER of ? gent of manor of Matlock in trust as BACH held it.
1692 (uc/chlsl)
6689 ff.263-5
Draft lease by William BACH of Stanton gent. to William TURNER of Derby gent. and Thomas STATHAM of Tideswell gent. of manor of Matlock 1688. Note 'never executed'. (uc/chlsl)
6689 ff.266-270
Papers in dispute between Bonsall and Matlock particularly concerning Masson or Common Wood and the boundaries between the parishes.
17 March 1704/5 (uc/chlsl)
6689 ff.271-2
Brief for defendants in case between John KENDALL pl. and Thomas WILDGOOSE and George WRIGHT arising out of dispute over payment of toll on cattle purchased by KENDALL, a beast [cattle] jobber, in 1768, at the annual fair in Matlock kept by the lords of the manor on 9 May.
27 July 1771. (uc/chlsl)
6689 ff.333-345 [Cox has ff. 333-344]
Abstract of a title to a Matlock messuage. (DASJ 1913, p.181)
1671-1784 (date from uc/chlsl)
Volume 6690

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume
Bonsall Bonsall-charity-school Chaddesden Nether-Locko Snitterton-manor South-House-Grange Spondon Spondon-manor Upper-Locko

6690 ff.165-170
[ff.146-199. "Abstract of the Title of William Drury LOWE Esqr. to the Manor of Spondon with its Members and to Estates in Spondon, Chaddesden, Nether Locko, South House Grange and Upper Locko".]
There are references also to charity school at Bonsall and to property (no details) in Matlock and Bonsall, 1729-1737 (ff.165-170) and to 1/2* manor of Snitterton (f.167) (uc/chlsl)