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Jun 2024 New Pages:
1. Matlock Bank. Path to Lumsdale, early 20th century. Edwardian postcard and recent photos of the path, which has replacement steps. With thanks to Grenville Smith for the photos and notes.
2. Matlock & Matlock Bath Lists: Lists Through the Centuries: Removal Orders, 1712-1789. Individuals could be returned to their parish of legal settlement when they needed or were likely to need parish relief.
Additions to:
1. Matlock Bath: South Parade Stereoviews, by two early photographers. A stereo by John Latham has been added and it show some changes were underway.
2. Matlock Bath: Steps and Woodland Walk on Lovers' Walks. External links to a late seventeenth century and an early eighteenth century image of the tufa alcove and addtional notes.
May 2024 New Pages:
1. Matlock: Dale Road & Moore's Bakery. Peter and Eliza Moore arrived on Wellington Street about 1846. Their son set up his own bakery and his descendants continued the family firm until 1973. Includes the cafe they ran in Whitworth Park.
Apr 2024 New Pages:
1. Matlock: Willersley Castle, 1836. Attractive engraving of Willersley and the relatively newly roadway blasted through Scarthin Rock, from an original drawing by Thomas Allom.
2. Tor Hill House, Dale Road, Matlock Bath, 1915. Built by Thomas Robinson in 1830 and later the home of barytes manufacturer F. W. Stevens, who developed a small quarry on its land. Eventually bought by Eliza Pearson, who changed its name, and remained with the Pearson family years. The quarry was only used for a short time, but in 1966 a landslip and rock fall caused irreparable damage to houses built in it. With thanks to Grenville Smith for the landslip articles used.
Additions to:
1. The Murder of Martha Morrall, 26 March 1891. A few more newspaper reports have been added to this very sad story.
2. Two images from from 'The Beauties of England and Wales have been greatly improved:
(a) Willersley Castle and
(b) "The Beauties of England and Wales" Part 2
3. Matlock Bath: High Tor by Thomas Allom, about 1836 now includes a quotation from the book where it was first published.
4. Matlock Bath: High Tor, Switzerland View. Includess more on the 1966 landslip.
Mar 2024 New Pages:
None to date
Additions to:
1. Names on Matlock's War Memorial : WW1, Surnames K - W. Three images of George Arthur Moore, known as Arthur. With thanks to Peter Cook.
Feb 2024 New Pages:
Additions to:
1. Matlock: Snitterton Hall, 1909. Second image, a view of the front through the stone gateway, added.
2. Matlock: Starkholmes Sunday School Picnic, about 1920/1. Jenny Dines has sent some additional names.