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Dec 2021 Additions to:
1. Hall's "Days in Derbyshire", 1863. There are two new pages and a lengthy addition to a third page to this Victorian guide, as well as a number of new images.
Nov 2021 New page:
1. Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1950-1966 (7): Boden, Briddon, Coleman, Farmer, Greatorex, Hall & Co., Holmes, Oliver, Manchester Store, Marchant Brooks, Matlock Building Supplies, Rawson, Rowell, Smith, Spark. More from Maureen Smith's collection.
Additions to:
1. Matlock & Matlock Bath: Inspiration of Poets. Six more poems added.
2. Matlock Bath: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1955. Temple Hotel added.
Oct 2021 New pages, with images from the Maureen Smith collection:
1. Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Fifth & Sixth Formers 1943-1946. Three photos of pupils. The fifth form girls were photographed with their teacher. With names.
2. Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Sports Teams 1944-1946. Three photos of female tennis players. With names.
Additions to:
1. Matlock Bath: Rider Point, Via Gellia. A fourth postcard has been added, making it 5 images in total. Plus there are additions to the accompanying text.
2. The Pig of Lead Inn, Via Gellia, Matlock Bath, 1903. A slightly earlier image has been added.
3. Matlock: Hall Leys, Tennis, Boating Lake & Paddling Pool, late 1930s to 1950s. Now includes information about the Matlock tennis tournament of 1946.
4. Matlock's Schools in Earlier Times. The cover of the Bailean has been added to the Ernest Bailey's section (from the Maureen Smith collection). Plus details of the initial impact of WW2 on the school.
5. Matlock & Matlock Bath: Inspiration of Poets. A Visit to St. Giles' Churchyard, Matlock, Easter Sunday, 1974 added.
Sep 2021 Additions to:
1. Nos. 1 and 2 South Parade, Matlock Bath, 1906. Another, slightly later, image added.
2. Masson Mill from Harp Edge, about 1900. A coloured image added, as well as info about the people who lived at South End at this time.
3. Matlock's Schools in Earlier Times. Info about changes in education, including non-fee paying places and and Matlock's School Board between 1891-1901+ added under "Key Milestones". Also more about the British School in Matlock.
Aug 2021 New page:
1. Matlock Bath Amateur Players, 1930s. The group performed comedies and farce in the early 1930s at the Parochial Hall, the Grand Pavilion and elsewhere.
Jul 2021 New page:
1. Matlock Carnival, 1937 - Queen Crowning Ceremony on Causeway Lane. The actress Marie Ney crowned the Queen. With thanks to the Lynch family.
Additions to:
1. Matlock Dale: Heath Bank, around 1900. A Lynch family photo of the house, circa 1919, has been added and the page updated.
2. Matlock & Matlock Bath: People of the Past. A short biography of J. J. Lynch, by Nick Lynch, is now included.
Jun 2021 New pages:
1. Matlock Bank: The Duke of Wellington and the Hascarlane Toll Bar, 1892. Late eighteenth century or early nineteenth century building that became an inn. Unique view of the former toll house, that was about to be demolished. With members of the Smith family. A second photo, from the early 1940s, is included for comparison. Older photo from the Maureen Smith collection, with many thanks.
2. Matlock Green and Riber Castle, 1911. A party to celebrate the Coronation of George V on John Else's field. We can also see Malthouse Row and the former Corn Mill. Image from the Maureen Smith collection.

3. Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, 1947, 1948 and 1949. Photographs of either the whole cast or chorus of the first three of Matlock and District Amateur Operatic Society's post World War Two productions - The Geisha Girl, Goodnight Vienna and Merrie England. Images from the Bernice Stoddart collection. Theatre tickets from the Maureen Smith collection.

4. Lists Through the Centuries: The Seventeenth Century: Thomas Johns' Will - Bible Recipients, 1668 - he gifted 40 bibles to Matlock people in his will.
Additions to:
1. MI, with photo, for WW2 casualty Roy Wherrett and his parents. From the Maureen Smith collection.
2. Matlock: Starkholmes, Sheffield Works Societies' Convalescent Home. A more recent photo of the property has been added. With thanks to the Lynch family.
May 2021 New page:
1. Matlock Bath: The Devonshire Hotel & North Parade, 1870s. Carte de Visite of the southern end of North Parade, showing the streetside view of the hotel and mostly early Victorian buildings on the opposite side of the road.
Additions to:
1. Matlock Bath: River Derwent & the Devonshire Hotel, 1890. A high quality albumen photo of buildings reminiscent of Venice on the riverbank of the Derwent in Matlock Bath replaces a miniview. Re-written.
2. Rockside Hydro, Matlock : Kitchen Staff & Waitresses, 1920-25. Page re-named as an early 1920s photo of ten young waitresses (and a slightly older man) has been added.
Apr 2021 New pages:
In the section covering Matlock St Giles' Church Marriages:
1. Witnesses to Marriages (1800 - 1816)
2. Witnesses to Marriages (1817 - 1828)
3. Witnesses to Marriages (1829 - 1837)
Over 1600 more names have been added.
With very grateful thanks to Susan Tomlinson for continuing to transcribe the marriage witnesses up until Civil Registration was introduced in 1837. The additions contain some really interesting names and Susan's help has proved invaluable.

More from Mike's collection:
4. Lists Through the Centuries: The Seventeenth Century: Collection for poor relief, June 1665. A collection from the parishioners of the Bank in the reign of Charles II to provide relief for the poor of the parish.
5. Lists Through the Centuries: The Eighteenth Century: Statute Labour, 1761. Every inhabitant was required to help the parish maintain its roads. Surveyor list of persons liable to do statute work.

From the Maureen Smith collection:
6. Matlock: Ernest Bailey Secondary School Prospectus, 1930s. A booklet that would have been given to prospective pupils or their parents.
7. Matlock: Starkholmes & the Coronation of King George VI, 1937. Starkholmes decided to hold its own celebrations on Coronation Day.
8. Matlock: Starkholmes VE Day Celebration / Welcome Home, 1945. Neighbours welcoming home a Prisoner of War at the end of WW2.

And from the Bernice Stoddart collection:
9. Matlock Carnival, September 1935. Mrs. Pawley crowned the Carnival Queen. The Queen and her two attendants were nominated by Mill owners.
Addition to:
1. Unveiling Matlock Bath's War Memorial. A little about the cost has been added.
2. Miscellaneous Memorials and Inscriptions in the Matlocks. A description of a plaque to Rev. Bellamy of Glenorchy has been found in a newspaper.
3. Matlock Dale: The Weir and the High Tor Tunnel. Coloured postcard added.
Mar 2021 New pages:
From the Mike Spencer collection:
1. Lists Through the Centuries : The Seventeenth Century: Charles II's Poll Tax, 1678 to fund a war against the French King. Many names, including some of wives.
2. Lists Through the Centuries: The Eighteenth Century - Association of the Inhabitants of the Parishes of Ashover, Bonsall, Darley, & Matlock, For the Prosecution of Felons, &c., 1799.
**Please note that a number of files in the Lists section of the website have been renamed so they are in chronological order.**

From the Maureen Smith collection:
3. Matlock: Training College Brochure (Rockside & Chatsworth), about 1946-47. A booklet that would have been sent to prospective students not long after the college opened.
4. Matlock: Training College Life - The First Student Intake, 1946-8. Some of the activities, both educational and social, of the first intake to the newly opened college.

From the Bernice Stoddart collection:
5. Matlock Bath: Angelina Woodiwiss Meets the Marquess of Hartington. This Upper Wood resident had donned on antique silk dress for the occasion.
1. Matlock: Bank Road (7), 1901-1905. A second postcard and more information about Yew Tree House.
2. The War Memorials. Some of the deceased soldiers' names were included in Matlock's Absent Voter's List (1918). They have all now been included.
3. Scarthin Nick : Staffordshire Row & Chapel Hill, 1905. Additional information.
4. Starkholmes ARP Wardens, about 1940. Additional names, with thanks to Grenville Smith.
5. Strays, Surnames N. Burial and MI for W. H. Nixon, one time vicar of All Saints'. With thank to Rosemary Lockie.

From the Maureen Smith collection:
6. Lists Through the Centuries: The Nineteenth Century: Matlock Cricket Club, 1857 - 1900. Photographs of a medal awarded to W. Hursthouse for the highest number of catches in 1897.
7. A number of MI's have been added, some with images. See MI surname Indexes for BEDDINGTON, BODEN, COOPER, CROFT, STEELEY, WILDGOOSE. The Wildgoose grave is commemorates the WW1 War casualty Ernest Henry.
8. Canon Kewley & His Sisters. A letter sent by Rev Kewley has been found inside a pocket testament sent to Arnold Hursthouse during WW1. Further information about the former Rector and his family has been added as well.

From the Bernice Stoddart collection:
9. Matlock Bath: North Parade, 1920s. Three new images and additional info.
10. Matlock Bath: South Parade, 1920s. Now includes a photo of a Spa Service charabanc or bus.
Feb 2021 New pages:
From the Maureen Smith collection:
1. Matlock: Chatsworth Hydro "Tariff Souvenir" Brochure, about 1931-2. Early 1930s 16 page souvenir published by the hydro's new owners.
2. Matlock Council School about 1904. A photograph of 39 junior age pupils by W. N. Statham
3. Matlock Council School, 1936 - Junior School (1), Group D. With many names.
4. Matlock Council School, 1938 - Group B. With many names.
1. Bank Road & the Steep-Gradient Tramway. Six additional images. The page has been re-organised and there is a considerable amount of new material.
2. Matlock : General Views of Matlock Bank and Bridge, 1911-14. For some years the Hall Lees has a pierrot stage.

Additions, from the Maureen Smith collection, to:
1. MIs St. Giles' Church, Matlock : in the Churchyard, areas I - M. MI for Isaac Smith and 4 children.
2. MIs St. Giles' Church, Matlock : in the Churchyard, areas E - H. MI for Wherrett.
3. Memorial Cards, surnames S-W. For Hannah and Thomas Wooding.
4. Matlock: The Park and Tram Shelter. A postcard from before WW2 has been added.
Jan 2020 New page:
From the Maureen Smith collection:
1. Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Multi-view. Jackson and Sons postcard dating from early twentieth century, with five images of the hydro.
Additions, from the Maureen Smith collection, to:
1. Matlock: Bottom of Bank Road & The Lido. A W. N. Statham photo of attendees at the opening ceremony in 1938.
2. Matlock: Hall Leys, Boating Lake. A fifth postcard added, showing the newly opened lake.
3. Matlock: Riber Hall, 1926 - 1939. A second drawing of the Hall, and the owners in the first half of the twentieth century. It was also a museum for a time. Also a postcard back from Susan Tomlinson's collection has been added to this page.
4. Matlock: Rockside - Teacher Training College, 1945-88. A photograph of Rockside is now included.
5. Matlock Bath: The Fish Pond (1), 1911 - 14. Black and white card published in 1914 from Maureen's collection and a coloured version of the same image, from the Ann Andrews collection. The page has been rewritten.
6. Matlock Bath: The Fish Pond, late 1920s. A second image has been added, that was produced in both sepia and black and white.
7. Matlock Bath: Fluor Spar Cavern, Heights of Jacob. A rare image, of "Jacob's Cave", has been added.
8. Matlock Bath: Lover's Walk, Riverside Path. Postcard from the Nottingham Publishers C & A Lewis, who produced a large number of photographic cards in the 1920s.
9. The Promenade, Matlock Bath. Now includes an early picture of the tufa fountain that was removed when the road was widened.
10. Matlock Dale: St. John's Church, Cliff Road (1). Undated black and white photo of the church.