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Part of a PCC Will of a Matlock resident

Information below is organised by:
SURNAME, Christian Name(s), Date of Probate, Abode
Surnames S
SAXTON George of Matlock Bath in the parish of Matlock 1844 16 May (Lich).
Written 12 Mar 1842.
Mentions son George Withers Saxton, my partner in trade; daughters Eliza and Harriet Saxton who now reside with me.
Wits: Joseph Boden, Joshua Jepson.
Execs Solomon Cadman Saxton of Sutton Coldfield Clerk and George Withers Saxton Innkeeper.
SAXTON Mary Matlock widow 1803 2 May (Lich)
Adm Bond: George Saxton, Adam Wolley and John Nuttall all of Matlock gentlemen.
George Saxton lawful son.
SCOTT Elizabeth, Wife of Matlock Bath 1800 24 Apr (PCC)
SCOTT Reverend Jonathan, Minister of the Gospel of Matlock Bath 1807 20 Nov (PCC)
SHAW George Matlock Bank Stone Mason 1853 15 Apr (Lich)
Died 30 Apr 1852
Mentions loving wife Mary; dwelling houses etc on Matlock Bank; son George Augustus and daughters Ellen Jane and Sarah Eliza.
Wits John Amatt, Thomas Wall.
Execs Mary Shaw widow, John Smedley, George Wright but Smedley and Wright appointed Notary Public instead.
Probate to Mary Shaw after the others renounced.
SIMPSON Samuel of Matlock 1834 05 July (PCC)
SKIDMORE Samuel of Matlock hosier 1812 17 Oct (Lich).
Written 19 Nov 1909.
Mentions wife Elizabeth; friend Anthony Debanke of Matlock papermaker; nephew William Longden of Manchester hosier; close or parcel of land in Wirksworth in possession of Daniel Ogden; son Joshua Annable Skidmore [a minor] and his maintenance and education; nephew John Skidmore who now lives with me; all the children of my late brother Stephen who are still living; my brothers and sisters William, Peter, Joshua, Grace Hamilton and Mary Blackwell
Wits William Barker, William King, Chas. Wild.
Execs Anthony Debanke and William Longden.
Testator died 19 Mar 1812.
SMEDLEY Maria Ellen of Lea Bridge 19 Feb 1848 (PCC) (also given as Ashover) DDR: Exec Mary Smedley same place.
Left the following charitable bequests: Church Missionary Society, 50l.; British and Foreign Bible Society, 50l. free of legal duty; 10s. to the poor of the township of Lea and a like sum to the poor of Holloway.
She died 26 Dec 1847.
SMEDLEY Peter of Matlock Bath Petrifactioner 1851 17 Oct (Lich)
Mentions son William land at Bolehill, daur Mary Ann Houlgate, son Thomas estate at Bonsall and his share in the Cumberland Cavern, wife Alice Smedley.
Wits Richard Richardson, George Walker
Execs son Thomas Smedley of Matlock Bath and friend William Stone of Cromford.
SMEDLEY Thomas Matlock Bath Innkeeper 9 Apr 1840 (Lich)
Messuages Cottages Lands Tenements hereditaments and real estate, plus personal estate, to wife Jane.
Wits John Broadfoot of Matlock Bath Tea Dealer, George Radfirth of Matlock Bath Postboy, Jas C Newbold Clerk to James Milnes, Solrs, Mat
Executrix Jane Smedley
Testator died 10 Nov 1939
SMEDLEY William Matlock Bath Petrifactioner 1818 15 Oct (Lich)
Son Peter and Alice his wife dwelling house garden and shop at the foot of the zigzag. Son John Smedley. Son in law James Pearson the Grass Plot and dwelling house (with wife Ann) plus the Green and the yard or grass plot to its side; children of James and Ann; g daur Mary Ann, daur of Peter; son Thomas; son in law and daughter John Walker and his wife Elizabeth; son William Smedley; son John Smedley and wife Ellen house dwelling house and turning shop, eastwardly end of garden on the zigzag previously devised to son Peter; estate title and right to the Cumberland Cavern to John and Peter.
Wits Adam Walker, William Beeton, Jas MacQueen
Execs William Stone joiner and John Skidmore Paper Manufacturer, both of Matlock Bath
SMITH Francis Yeoman of Riborrough [Riber] par of Matlock 1663 June 3 (Lich)
[note: the outside of this will shows the parish as Shirland]
Written 22 Mar 1663
Mentions: William Wolley of Riborrough 20 shilling pieces of Gould to buy him a ring; Mr. Anthonie Wolley 10 shillings; daughter Anne the wife of Edward Parkes; Elizabeth wife of William Towle £10; Frances wife of Robert Webster £20; son in law Robert Parkes 1 piece of Gould; Anne Parkes his wife 5s; servants of Riborrough 30s to be divided among them as Mr Wolley pleaseth; Elizabeth wife of Rowland Ragge 10s; Elizabeth Bingham 5s; rest of goods and chattels between the children of Edward Parkes and Henry the son of Robert Parkes.
Wits: Robert Parkes, Elizabeth Parkes [mark]; Thomas Huntington [mark].
Exec: Edward Parkes.
Inv: praised by John Sherbrooke, Robert Parkes.
SMITH George of Matlock 1842 (Lich)
DDR: Exec William Smith, Ashton nr Birmingham
SMITH Henry, vicar of Matlock 1640 (Lich)
SMITH Joshua of Matlock Bath 1850. DDR: Exec Wm. Smith, same place. Reg.2 fo.467 (Lich)
SMITH Mary of Matlock 1854. DDR: Exec George Young, same place & others (Lich)
SMITH Samuel of Matlock Bank 1843. DDR: Exec William Smith, same place (Lich)
SMYTH John, Bachelor of Physic of Matlock Bath 1816 17 June (PCC)
SOWTER Elizabeth, Widow of Matlock Adm 1797 19 Aug (Lich/DDR) Under 300L
Exec Peter Brown otpo Matlock, brother
SOWTER George of Matlock Batchlor 1738 21 Dec (Lich)
Deceased "dying without father and mother"
Adm to John Sowter of Matlock, grocer, brother. John Wolley yeoman of Matlock and William Green of Lichfield also on the bond
SOWTER George of Matlock Chandler 1761 7 May (Lich)
Mentions son John; candlehouse and garding; dwelling house ... now in possession of William Stone; wife Anne; dwelling house ... now in possession of William Barker; daur Rebecca wife of Samuel Parker; daur Mary wife of Joseph Hill; daur Hannah Sowter; son George Sowter.
Wits John Wolley, Samuel Watts, Joseph King
Exec John Sowter
SOWTER John of Matlock 1778
- also see Wolley Manuscripts v.6696 ff.171-2 -
SPENCER Edmund of High Leas Matlock 1635 inv (DRO)
SPENCER Richard of Matlock 1707 (DRO)
SPENCER Robert of Matlock 1681 (DRO)
SPENCER Timothy Yeoman of Matlock 1814 (Lich). DDR: Exec Timothy Spencer of Moreton
SPENCER Timothy of Matlock 1842 (Lich). DDR: Exec Timothy Taylor of Riber
STATHAM George Cordwainer Matlock 1851 11 Apr (Lich)
Mentions Elizabeth widow of late son Joseph; daur Elizabeth Bunting; g daur Ann Statham (daur of deceased daur Mary Statham); house, shop and appurtenances to sons Joshua and George.
Wits Thomas Walker, William Bratby.
Execs friends Solomon Statham and Nathan Statham, both shopkeepers of Matlock.
STATHAM Joseph Farmer Matlock 1790 18 Oct (Lich)
Mentions loving wife Ann; children Elizabeth, Sarah, Thomas, Ann, John, Charles.
Wits: Henry Cutts, John Astley.
Execs Timothy Taylor of Castle Top p. Matlock farmer and Henry Fielding of Riber farmer. Execs later renounced to Ann Statham, widow and relict.
STATHAM Samuel Matlock 1850 19 Apr (Lich)
Mentions wife Sarah; if dies or re-marries to son William.
Wits George Statham, William Buxton.
Execs: Sarah Statham of Matlock and William Statham.
STONE James of Matlock 1811 02 May (Lich/DDR) Under 100L
Execs: Ann Stone and Samuel Stone both otpo Matlock.
Benef: Samuel Stone Son All real and personal estates (at his wife's decease) subject to payment of legacies viz:
William Stone Son £20; Thomas Stone Son £20; Ruth Banks Daur £20; Sarah Wigley Daur £20.
STONE Lydia, Widow of Matlock 1839 15 Feb (PCC)
STONE William, Carpenter of Matlock 1808 21 Apr (Lich/DDR) Under 300L
Exec William Street otpo Wirksworth
Benef: William Stone Son
All residue & Remainder of his personal Estate & Effects paying thereout within 12 months next after his wife's decease. £30 unto his son in law John Bradley
SWETTENHAM Mary of late of Wood End, Matlock 1833 30 Sept (Lich)
Wife of James Swettenham. Mentions Indenture of Settlement on her marriage dated 5th April 1809; brother John Brown; friend Philip Hubbersty; brother in law Charles Walker, Little Parker Street, St. Michael's, Coventry, watch maker and Sarah his wife; brother in law Humphrey Marshall, the Hollins, p. Crich and wife Alice.
Wits Mary Lees, Edwd. Collinsosn.
Exec Philip Hubbersty
Surnames T
TAYLOR Aaron of Matlock Yeoman Adm 1754 30 Oct (Lich)
Adm bond to Mary Taylor of Matlock widow, George Hole of Matlock Yeoman, George Annable of Cromford Baker.
Adm grant to Mary Taylor Widow.
Appraised by George Hole, John Wolley.
This is a true copy ... examined by John Wolley Junr, John Wolley: senor.
TAYLOR Antony Harston (Hearthstone) p. Matlock Yeoman 1699 12 Apr (Lich)
Mentions Loving son John; youngest daur Susannah; other two daurs Hannah Knowles and Sarah Storer; son Samuel; every gradchild I have.
Wits Sampson Heydon, Troath Oates; Henry Flint.
Exec son John.
Inv praised by Henry Flint, John Heydon, George Taylor.
TAYLOR George of Matlock Yeoman 1685 Oct 27 (Lich)
Mentions son George; son Adam; daur Grace; daur Elizabeth; Anne my now loving wife; son John; groves and parts of groves and meares of ground ... within Willersley p. Matlock; son Jonathan Taylor.
Wits Anthony Taylor, Ruth Spencer, Henry Flint.
Exec son John full and sole executor.
Inv of George Taylor of Riber appraised by Henry Statham, George Killer, Francis Wild, Anthony Sowter.
TAYLOR George Matlock Yeoman 12 Oct 1774 (Lich)
Bond John Taylor of Matlock Yeoman and James Spencer Baker of Matlock.
George was a bachelor without parents and John was his lawful brother.
TAYLOR Henry of Matlock Adm 1739 13 Apr (Lich)
Oath sworn by Elizabeth Taylor widow als Nuttall now wife of George Nuttall.
TAYLOR John of Matlock Yeoman 1674 May 11
Mentions sons George and Anthony and one house and barne in Ryber; son John and house and land at Ryber; son William; son Anthony house and land at Tansley; Elizabeth Bakewell of Derbie, daur of Ralph Bown late of Matlock; cottage house and close at Matlock Bank (Hen? Landes); loving wife Grace; tuition of son William; if wife dies sisters Troath and Anne to take charge of him; for daughters Elizabeth, Dorothy, Troath and Anne.
Wits Francis Allen, George Willcockson.
Execs sons George and Anthony.
Inv appraised by Samson Heyden, John Statham, John Corkine, George Wood, John Bullas.
TAYLOR John Matlock 1749 12 Apr (Lich)
Bond George Taylor Yeoman of Matlock (lawful son) and John Wolley Yeoman of Matlock
Inv 25 March 1748/9 praised by John Wolley, John Oxpring.
TAYLOR John Riber p. Matlock farmer bachelor Adm 1822 28 Aug (Lich)
Affidavit - Mary Haynes of Heathstone itpo Matlock wife of Francis Haynes farmer, sister of John.
TAYLOR John of Hill Top p. Matlock, farmer 1842 12 Oct (Lich)
Mentions youngest son George; closes called the Rye Field (now Upper and Nether Rye fields), the Stone Butts, the Hollin acre, the Paddock and other land in the Lows; allotment bought from John Gregory, now in occupation of widow Weston; freehold cottages near the Cliff occupied by Joseph Ball and adam Simpson; daur Ann; daur Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Holmes of Darley Bridge, butcher; son Timothy; daur Mary, wife of Samuel Bennett of Long Eaton publican.
Wits James Milnes of Matlock solicitor, Jas C Newbold his clerk.
Execs two sons Timothy and George, both farmers.
Testator died 9 Aug 1842.
TAYLOR Thomas the elder of Matlock yeoman 1704 18 Apr (Lich)
Will written 6 Feb 1703[/4]
Mentions Elizabeth my now loving wife; son Thomas; Edward? Taylor; May wife of Joseph Mulbomack?; Elizabeth wife of Isac Higton
Wits: Allis Oxley, Henry Oxley, Adam Wolley
Exec Thomas Taylor
Inv 19 Feb 1703/4 praised by John Keeling, Adam Wolley
TAYLOR Thomas Matlock 1731 (Lich)
Will written 9 Jul 1731
Mentions son George Taylor; dwelling house at Harston; lands Yew Croft, Calf Croft, Praise close, new Close; son Thomas Taylor and his six children; son James Taylor; son Aran Taylor; dwelling house at Matlock Town in possession of John Knowls to son James; lead mines between all four sons; profit sheep which Pall? Higton hath for all these years to George; George and Aran share in manor of Matlock
Wits Jane Weston, John Allsop, John Wolley
Exec loving son Aran Taylor
Inv 7 Aug 1731 praised by John Hole, Timothy Renshaw, Richard Gregore.
TAYLOR Timothy of Castle Top, Matlock Farmer 1820 19 Apr (Lich)
Mentions dear wife Theodocia; two sons Joseph and William; worthy Landlord Richard Arkwright Esquire; daur Mary Haynes; two friends Joseph Clark of South Normanton farmer and William Goodall of Crich Mercer.
Wits Jas Swettenham, Ann Holmes
Execs Joseph Clarke and William Goodall.
Testator died in 1819.
TAYLOR Timothy of Bough Wood p. Matlock farmer 1854 20 Oct (Lich)
Written 14 Feb 1846.
Mentions wife Rebecca; son Samuel; wife Rebecca and son John to have the farm I now occupy under Willm. Nightingale; daur Mary Ann; son Timothy; daur Susanna.
Wits Hugh Gray and Thomas Woodfield
Execs son Samuel Taylor of Duffield and George Staley of Cromford Grocer
Testator died 17 May 1754.
TEMPLE Millicent Wife of Matlock 1655 20 Nov (PCC)
TIMPERLAY Rebecca, Widow of Matlock 1802 22 Apr (Lich/DDR)
Exec Gilderry Glossop nephew, Robert Tatlow son in law
Benef: Gilderry Glossop, Francis Anthony, nephews - £200 equally between them after the death of Testator's daur Mary Tatlow. In case they should die in their minority and unmarried.
TIPPING Peter of Hall Dale Matlock Miner 1814 28 Apr (lich).
Written 5 Sep 1811.
Mentions copyhold estate already surrendered to beloved wife Hannah; son Peter; two closes - the near Jenkins Flatts and the Far Jenkins Flatts in Matlock; two daughters Hannah and Betty; two sons Robert and John.
Wits Robt Hobson Bonsall, Roger Cotterell Snitterton, Mary Brace Wirksworth.
Execs wife Hannah and son Peter.
Testator died Janry last.
TIPPING Thomas of Matlock Yeoman 1619 21 June (Lich)
Mentions Roger Columbell of Brimington; brother's daughter ---; Mr. Henry Poole of Danlbie? gentleman; the poor of the parish; kinsman George Tipping of Matlock; Auster Riddinge or Auston Riddinge, parish of Matlock [this land mentioned in the Wolley Manuscripts, see Places].
Wits Robert Evans, Henry Taylor, John Taylor, Robert Orme
Inv praysed 14 June 1619 by Henry Taylor, Willm Wright, Godfraye Tippinge and Henry Peerson.
Exec Roger Columbell.
TIPPINGE Peter of Matlock Yeoman 1635/6 23 Feb
Written 18 Nov 1635.
Mentions wife Elizabeth; brother in law William Bowne; sister Dorothy Homes; sister Maria Tipping; brother Robert Tipping; Auster Riddinge or Auston Riddinge, parish of Matlock [this land mentioned in the Wolley Man>uscripts, see Places].
Wits Thomas Johns, James Ragg, Elizabeth Tipping.
Inv 24 Nov 1635 praised by Henry Statham, William Bennett, Peter Tipping, Rowland Beastall.
Exec Robert Tipping.
TRICKETT John, Gentleman of Matlock 1857 22 Aug (PCC)
- Gukutils Transcript -
TURNER John Matlock Bank 1832 3 May
Affidavit sworn 3 May 1832: Thomas Bunting of Matlock Bank schoolmaster appeared personally
Written 1 Mar 1832
Mentions grandson Thomas Bunting; nieces Ann Musgrove, Mary Turner and Elizabeth Turner; sons and daughter of late brother James Turner; nephews John, Samuel, James and Edward Turner and niece Mary Person sons and daughter of my late brother Samuel Turner; children of late nephew Anthony Turner.
Execs: Thomas Bunting; Adam Rawson
Wits: Adam Rowson, William Lowe, James Woodhouse
Testator died 17th March 1831 [sic, he was buried in 1832]
TURNER Peter of Matlock, Mill right 1767 20 Oct
Mentions 20s to the poore of Matlock for 8 years after his decease; Ringers and Singers of Matlock.
Wits Benj Towdrow Junr, Ann Shepherd, John Gregory, jun.
Exec George Talor the younger of Matlock.
Inv [undated] praised by Isaac Allsop, John Taylor.
TURNER Samuel of Matlock Bank Breeches-maker 1753 17 May (Lich)
Written 14 Aug 1751.
Mentions daur Elizabeth Cadman; daur Sarah Walker, daur Troth Holmes; daur Anne Gregory; daur Mary Beresford; daur Jane Hole; lands and tenements in Matlock; son John; beloved son Joseph Turner.
Wits Mordecai Badsley, John Blackwell, Elizabeth Badsley
Execs son Joseph and Richard Hole of Edlestone.
Inv 29 Dec 1752 praised by Mordecai Badsley, John Wolley. Examined by John Wolley, John Wolley junr.
TURNER Wm of Riber, parish of Matlock Mill right 1726 28 Apr (Lich)
Written 12 Oct 1725
Mentions loving wife Elizabeth; son Peter and his heirs; Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah, sisters of Peter; son John. Son William noted in the margin.
Wits Francis Jaques, George Jonson; Fra Walker.
Exec now loving wife Elizabeth.
Inv 29 Oct 1725 Praised by Willm Walker, John Taylor, Fra Walker.
TWIGG Priscilla Matlock 1856 10 Apr (Lich)
DDR: John G. Collingham & others.
Surnames U
None at present
Surnames V
VALLANCE John Spar and Marble Manufacturer of Matlock Bath 1854 20 Sept Exec Henry Vallance of 20 Essex St [London] (PCC)


  Adm - Grant of Letters of Administration for those dying intestate - with no will.
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Benef - Beneficiaries/ Legatees - those who inherit
(DDR) - Death Duty Registers (of Lichfield Wills) held at TNA Death. See Places to find and obtain wills of Matlock people (look under P.C.C. for DDR's).
(DRO) - Copies at Derbyshire Record Office, from information researched by Michael Spencer of Matlock
Exec(s) - Executor(s) / Executrix - people who administer the estate
f. or ff. - folio or folios
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Inv   Inventory
(PCC) - Prerogative Court of Canterbury
L - e.g. 100L - 100 GBP or £
(Lich) - Lichfield Joint Record Office
Includes extracts from "Calendars of Lichfield Wills and Administrations, 1516-1652", (1892) ed. W.P.W. Phillimore, Index Library, British Record Society, London from the book at the FRC (now closed).
Few entries give abode, so there will be other Matlock names that haven't been identified. Confusingly, there are some wills for Maxtock, WAR listed in the book of early Wills & Administrations, but these are not included
of Matlock - of the parish of Matlock in the County of Derby
otpo - of the parish of
p. - parish of
v. - volume
Wits - Witnesses